cyclin d


Summary: A cyclin subtype that is specific for CYCLIN-DEPENDENT KINASE 4 and CYCLIN-DEPENDENT KINASE 6. Unlike most cyclins, cyclin D expression is not cyclical, but rather it is expressed in response to proliferative signals. Cyclin D may therefore play a role in cellular responses to mitogenic signals.

Top Publications

  1. Yeo C, Kang W, Seong S, Cho S, Lee H, Yoon Y, et al. Neuromedin B and its receptor silencing suppresses osteoclast generation by modulating precursor proliferation via M-CSF/c-Fms/D-type cyclins. Exp Cell Res. 2017;359:112-119 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, our study demonstrates that the NMB/NMBR axis plays a pivotal role in osteoclast generation by modulating the proliferation and survival of osteoclast lineage cells. ..
  2. Volm M, Koomagi R, Rittgen W. Clinical implications of cyclins, cyclin-dependent kinases, RB and E2F1 in squamous-cell lung carcinoma. Int J Cancer. 1998;79:294-9 pubmed
    ..It was essentially better than the information given by a single factor. ..
  3. Sumner E, Chawla A, Cororaton A, Koblinski J, Kovi R, Love I, et al. Transforming activity and therapeutic targeting of C-terminal-binding protein 2 in Apc-mutated neoplasia. Oncogene. 2017;36:4810-4816 pubmed publisher
    ..CtBP2 is thus a druggable transforming oncoprotein critical for the evolution of neoplasia driven by Apc mutation. ..
  4. Romero Pozuelo J, Demetriades C, Schroeder P, Teleman A. CycD/Cdk4 and Discontinuities in Dpp Signaling Activate TORC1 in the Drosophila Wing Disc. Dev Cell. 2017;42:376-387.e5 pubmed publisher
    ..We thereby characterize the spatial distribution of TORC1 activity in a developing organ. ..
  5. Carlson B, Dubay M, Sausville E, Brizuela L, Worland P. Flavopiridol induces G1 arrest with inhibition of cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) 2 and CDK4 in human breast carcinoma cells. Cancer Res. 1996;56:2973-8 pubmed
    ..b>Cyclin D and CDK4 levels were not different at 3 hr, but cyclin D levels and CDK4 kinase activity decreased thereafter...
  6. Tremain R, Marko M, Kinnimulki V, Ueno H, Bottinger E, Glick A. Defects in TGF-beta signaling overcome senescence of mouse keratinocytes expressing v-Ha-ras. Oncogene. 2000;19:1698-709 pubmed
    ..does not block the induction of p53 and p19ARF, but the level of p21waf1, a p53 target gene, is reduced in cyclin D/cdk4 and cyclin E/cdk2 complexes...
  7. Dozier C, Mazzolini L, Cénac C, Froment C, Burlet Schiltz O, Besson A, et al. CyclinD-CDK4/6 complexes phosphorylate CDC25A and regulate its stability. Oncogene. 2017;36:3781-3788 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus our results identify cyclinD-CDK4/6 complexes as novel regulators of CDC25A stability during G1 phase, generating a negative feedback loop allowing control of the G1/S transition. ..
  8. Ueno M, Nishiguchi T, Takeshita S, Yamaguchi K, Oda T. Effects of alginate oligomer on the expression of cell cycle- and stress-related genes in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2017;81:1254-1260 pubmed publisher
    ..AO at 2.5 mg/mL induced increase in expression levels of cyclin A, cyclin B, and cyclin D in C. reinhardtii. CuSO4 at 100 ?M suppressed the growth of C. reinhardtiin, and AO at 2...
  9. Kim W, Jang Y, Yang J, Chung J. Spatial Activation of TORC1 Is Regulated by Hedgehog and E2F1 Signaling in the Drosophila Eye. Dev Cell. 2017;42:363-375.e4 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrated that Hedgehog (Hh) signaling regulates TORC1 through E2F1 and the cyclin D/Cdk4 complex in the SMW, and this regulation is independent from insulin and amino acid signaling pathways...