calbindin 2


Summary: A calbindin protein that is differentially expressed in distinct populations of NEURONS throughout the vertebrate and invertebrate NERVOUS SYSTEM, and modulates intrinsic neuronal excitability and influences LONG-TERM POTENTIATION. It is also found in LUNG, TESTIS, OVARY, KIDNEY, and BREAST, and is expressed in many tumor types found in these tissues. It is often used as an immunohistochemical marker for MESOTHELIOMA.

Top Publications

  1. Gander J, Gotzos V, Fellay B, Schwaller B. Inhibition of the proliferative cycle and apoptotic events in WiDr cells after down-regulation of the calcium-binding protein calretinin using antisense oligodeoxynucleotides. Exp Cell Res. 1996;225:399-410 pubmed
    ..We conclude that calretinin levels have an impact on the progression of the cell cycle of WiDr cells. ..
  2. Cicchetti F, Gould P, Parent A. Sparing of striatal neurons coexpressing calretinin and substance P (NK1) receptor in Huntington's disease. Brain Res. 1996;730:232-7 pubmed
    ..It also demonstrates the selective sparing of these chemospecific striatal neurons in Huntington's disease. ..
  3. Fortin M, Marchand R, Parent A. Calcium-binding proteins in primate cerebellum. Neurosci Res. 1998;30:155-68 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, calretinin appears to be a particularly reliable molecular maker for all the neuronal elements associated with the granular layer in the primate cerebellum. ..
  4. Hosp J, Strüber M, Yanagawa Y, Obata K, Vida I, Jonas P, et al. Morpho-physiological criteria divide dentate gyrus interneurons into classes. Hippocampus. 2014;24:189-203 pubmed
  5. Perez V, Lopez D, Boixadera E, Ibernon M, Espinal A, Bonet J, et al. Comparative differential proteomic analysis of minimal change disease and focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. BMC Nephrol. 2017;18:49 pubmed publisher
    ..These biomarkers would reduce the number of misdiagnoses, avoiding unnecessary or inadequate treatments. ..
  6. Wang X, Hong H, Brown D, Sanchez J, Wang Y. Distinct Neural Properties in the Low-Frequency Region of the Chicken Cochlear Nucleus Magnocellularis. Eneuro. 2017;4: pubmed publisher
  7. Różycka A, Liguz Lecznar M. The space where aging acts: focus on the GABAergic synapse. Aging Cell. 2017;16:634-643 pubmed publisher
  8. Zhao J, Zhu X, Shrubsole M, Ness R, Hibler E, Cai Q, et al. Interactions between calcium intake and polymorphisms in genes essential for calcium reabsorption and risk of colorectal neoplasia in a two-phase study. Mol Carcinog. 2017;56:2258-2266 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings, if confirmed, may provide a new avenue for the personalized prevention of colorectal adenoma and cancer. ..
  9. Micello D, Bossi A, Marando A, Dainese E, Sessa F, Capella C. Expression of calretinin in high-grade hormone receptor-negative invasive breast carcinomas: correlation with histological and molecular subtypes. Virchows Arch. 2017;471:13-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Calretinin expression is most common in high-grade IBCs with histological medullary features, type II IDC-NST and BL phenotype, and is associated with high neoplastic proliferative index. ..

More Information


  1. Ishino Y, Yetman M, Sossi S, Steinecke A, Hayano Y, Taniguchi H. Regional Cellular Environment Shapes Phenotypic Variations of Hippocampal and Neocortical Chandelier Cells. J Neurosci. 2017;37:9901-9916 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, our study suggests that local cortical environment shapes the phenotypes of regional IN variants, which may be required for unique circuit operations in distinct cortical regions. ..
  2. Sang Q, Young H. Chemical coding of neurons in the myenteric plexus and external muscle of the small and large intestine of the mouse. Cell Tissue Res. 1996;284:39-53 pubmed