Summary: A chimeric monoclonal antibody that functions as an ANTINEOPLASTIC AGENT through its binding to the EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR RECEPTOR, where it prevents the binding and signaling action of cell growth and survival factors.

Top Publications

  1. Linden O, Stenberg L, Kjellen E. Regression of cervical spinal cord compression in a patient with chordoma following treatment with cetuximab and gefitinib. Acta Oncol. 2009;48:158-9 pubmed publisher
  2. Mancuso A, Sollami R, Recine F, Cerbone L, Macciomei M, Leone A. Patient with colorectal cancer with heterogeneous KRAS molecular status responding to cetuximab-based chemotherapy. J Clin Oncol. 2010;28:e756-8 pubmed publisher
  3. Levi F, Karaboué A, Saffroy R, Desterke C, Boige V, Smith D, et al. Pharmacogenetic determinants of outcomes on triplet hepatic artery infusion and intravenous cetuximab for liver metastases from colorectal cancer (European trial OPTILIV, NCT00852228). Br J Cancer. 2017;117:965-973 pubmed publisher
    The hepatic artery infusion (HAI) of irinotecan, oxaliplatin and 5-fluorouracil with intravenous cetuximab achieved outstanding efficacy in previously treated patients with initially unresectable liver metastases from colorectal cancer...
  4. Nishimura G, Shiono O, Sano D, Yabuki K, Arai Y, Chiba Y, et al. Efficacy and safety of postoperative bio-chemoradiotherapy using cetuximab and docetaxel for high-risk head and neck cancer patients in Japan. Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 2017;80:203-207 pubmed publisher
    To confirm the efficacy and safety of cetuximab and docetaxel in postoperative radiotherapy for high-risk head and neck cancer patients who cannot to be administered high-dose cisplatin...
  5. Eke I, Zscheppang K, Dickreuter E, Hickmann L, Mazzeo E, Unger K, et al. Simultaneous β1 integrin-EGFR targeting and radiosensitization of human head and neck cancer. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2015;107: pubmed publisher
    ..Targeting of β1 integrin and EGFR with monoclonal inhibitory antibodies (AIIB2 and cetuximab, respectively) was combined with x-ray irradiation...
  6. Schmaltz H, Borel C, Ciftci S, Takeda Raguin C, Debry C, Schultz P, et al. Induction chemotherapy before surgery for unresectable head and neck cancer. B-ENT. 2016;12:29-32 pubmed
    ..underwent induction chemotherapy with docetaxel, cisplatin, and 5-fluorouricil or paclitaxel, carboplatin, and cetuximab. Over 80% of patients responded to induction chemotherapy...
  7. Kohrt H, Colevas A, Houot R, Weiskopf K, Goldstein M, Lund P, et al. Targeting CD137 enhances the efficacy of cetuximab. J Clin Invest. 2014;124:2668-82 pubmed publisher
    Treatment with cetuximab, an EGFR-targeting IgG1 mAb, results in beneficial, yet limited, clinical improvement for patients with head and neck (HN) cancer as well as colorectal cancer (CRC) patients with WT KRAS tumors...
  8. Cervantes A. Exploring better strategies for EGFR antibodies in colon cancer. Lancet Oncol. 2014;15:549-50 pubmed publisher
  9. Rades D, Maderer A, Panzner A, Hunold P, Sivanathan V, Schmidberger H, et al. Phase I Study of Definitive Radio-chemotherapy with Cisplatin, 5-Fluorouracil and Cetuximab for Unresectable Locally Advanced Esophageal Cancer. Anticancer Res. 2017;37:2703-2708 pubmed
    ..with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and cisplatin for unresectable esophageal cancer may be improved with the addition of cetuximab. This phase I study aimed to define the maximum tolerated dose of 5-FU when combined with cisplatin, cetuximab ..

More Information


  1. Brown T, Banks M, Hughes B, Lin C, Kenny L, Bauer J. Randomised controlled trial of early prophylactic feeding vs standard care in patients with head and neck cancer. Br J Cancer. 2017;117:15-24 pubmed publisher
    ..No serious adverse events were reported. The early intervention did not improve outcomes, but poor adherence to nutrition recommendations impacted on potential outcomes. ..
  2. Harrington K, Ferris R, Blumenschein G, Colevas A, Fayette J, Licitra L, et al. Nivolumab versus standard, single-agent therapy of investigator's choice in recurrent or metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (CheckMate 141): health-related quality-of-life results from a randomised, phase 3 trial. Lancet Oncol. 2017;18:1104-1115 pubmed publisher
    ..n=121) of methotrexate (40-60 mg/m2 of body surface area), docetaxel (30-40 mg/m2), or cetuximab (250 mg/m2 after a loading dose of 400 mg/m2) until disease progression, intolerable ..
  3. Duwe G, Knitter S, Pesthy S, Beierle A, Bahra M, Schmelzle M, et al. Hepatotoxicity following systemic therapy for colorectal liver metastases and the impact of chemotherapy-associated liver injury on outcomes after curative liver resection. Eur J Surg Oncol. 2017;43:1668-1681 pubmed publisher
  4. Morelli M, Kopetz S. Hurdles and complexities of codon 13 KRAS mutations. J Clin Oncol. 2012;30:3565-7 pubmed publisher
  5. Bogowicz M, Riesterer O, Ikenberg K, Stieb S, Moch H, Studer G, et al. Computed Tomography Radiomics Predicts HPV Status and Local Tumor Control After Definitive Radiochemotherapy in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2017;99:921-928 pubmed publisher
    ..78) and indicated that HPV-positive tumors have a more homogenous CT density distribution. Heterogeneity of HNSCC tumor density, quantified by CT radiomics, is associated with LC after radiochemotherapy and HPV status. ..
  6. Modest D, Ricard I, Stintzing S, Fischer von Weikersthal L, Decker T, Kiani A, et al. Evaluation of survival across several treatment lines in metastatic colorectal cancer: Analysis of the FIRE-3 trial (AIO KRK0306). Eur J Cancer. 2017;84:262-269 pubmed publisher
    ..OS analyses (stratified by treatment with FOLFIRI plus either cetuximab or bevacizumab) were performed according to time intervals as well as using a Cox model to define changes of ..
  7. Gollins S, West N, Sebag Montefiore D, Myint A, Saunders M, Susnerwala S, et al. Preoperative chemoradiation with capecitabine, irinotecan and cetuximab in rectal cancer: significance of pre-treatment and post-resection RAS mutations. Br J Cancer. 2017;117:1286-1294 pubmed publisher
    The influence of EGFR pathway mutations on cetuximab-containing rectal cancer preoperative chemoradiation (CRT) is uncertain...
  8. Kajitani T, Makiyama A, Arita S, Shimokawa H, Oda H, Shirakawa T, et al. Anti-Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Antibody Readministration in Chemorefractory Metastatic Colorectal Cancer. Anticancer Res. 2017;37:6459-6468 pubmed
    ..Readministration of anti-epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) antibody for metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) after disease progression remains to be determined...
  9. Schubert M, Bergmann R, Forster C, Sihver W, Vonhoff S, Klussmann S, et al. Novel Tumor Pretargeting System Based on Complementary l-Configured Oligonucleotides. Bioconjug Chem. 2017;28:1176-1188 pubmed publisher
    ..of a new l-ONs based pretargeting system using the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) specific antibody cetuximab (C225) as target-seeking component is presented...
  10. Bzymek K, Ma Y, Avery K, Horne D, Williams J. Meditope-Fab interaction: threading the hole. Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun. 2017;73:688-694 pubmed publisher
    Meditope, a cyclic 12-residue peptide, binds to a unique binding side between the light and heavy chains of the cetuximab Fab...
  11. Nath N, Flemming R, Godat B, Urh M. Development of NanoLuc bridging immunoassay for detection of anti-drug antibodies. J Immunol Methods. 2017;450:17-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Advantages of the NanoLuc bridging immunoassay are highlighted by using Trastuzumab and Cetuximab as model drugs and developing assays for detection of anti-Trastuzumab antibodies (ATA) and anti-Cetuximab ..
  12. Bauml J, Seiwert T, Pfister D, Worden F, Liu S, Gilbert J, et al. Pembrolizumab for Platinum- and Cetuximab-Refractory Head and Neck Cancer: Results From a Single-Arm, Phase II Study. J Clin Oncol. 2017;35:1542-1549 pubmed publisher
    ..no approved treatments for recurrent/metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma refractory to platinum and cetuximab. In the single-arm, phase II KEYNOTE-055 study, we evaluated pembrolizumab, an anti-programmed death 1 receptor ..
  13. Mendelsohn J, Baselga J. The EGF receptor family as targets for cancer therapy. Oncogene. 2000;19:6550-65 pubmed
    ..A series of phase III studies with these antibodies and direct tyrosine kinase inhibitors are ongoing or planned, and will further address the role of these active anti-receptor agents in the treatment of patients with cancer. ..
  14. Jerzak K, Berry S, Ko Y, Earle C, Chan K. Cetuximab plus irinotecan versus panitumumab in patients with refractory metastatic colorectal cancer in Ontario, Canada. Int J Cancer. 2017;140:2162-2167 pubmed publisher
    ..In Ontario, Canada, universal public funding is available for either cetuximab plus irinotecan (Cmab?+?I) combination therapy or panitumumab (Pmab) monotherapy, only in patients with ..
  15. Qian M, Qian D, Jing H, Li Y, Ma C, Zhou Y. Combined cetuximab and celecoxib treatment exhibits a synergistic anticancer effect on human oral squamous cell carcinoma in vitro and in vivo. Oncol Rep. 2014;32:1681-8 pubmed
    ..was to evaluate the potency of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) pathway inhibition achieved by combining cetuximab (CET), an anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody, and celecoxib (CXB), a cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor, in oral ..
  16. Hede K. Gastric cancer: trastuzumab trial results spur search for other targets. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2009;101:1306-7 pubmed publisher
  17. Lugakingira M, Pytynia K, Kolokythas A, Miloro M. Primary intraosseous carcinoma of the mandible: case report and review of the literature. J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2010;68:2623-9 pubmed publisher
  18. Shigeta K, Hayashida T, Hoshino Y, Okabayashi K, Endo T, Ishii Y, et al. Expression of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Detected by Cetuximab Indicates Its Efficacy to Inhibit In Vitro and In Vivo Proliferation of Colorectal Cancer Cells. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e66302 pubmed publisher
    b>Cetuximab is a chimeric mouse-human monoclonal antibody that targets the human epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)...
  19. Okita R, Shimizu K, Nojima Y, Yukawa T, Maeda A, Saisho S, et al. Lapatinib enhances trastuzumab-mediated antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity via upregulation of HER2 in malignant mesothelioma cells. Oncol Rep. 2015;34:2864-70 pubmed
    ..from patients and evaluated for lapatinib-induced upregulation of HER family receptors and trastuzumab- or cetuximab‑mediated ADCC...
  20. Wichmann G, Cedra S, Schlegel D, Kolb M, Wiegand S, Boehm A, et al. Cilengitide and Cetuximab Reduce Cytokine Production and Colony Formation of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells Ex Vivo. Anticancer Res. 2017;37:521-527 pubmed
    To analyze ex vivo effects of combined targeting of the epidermal growth factor-receptor (EGFR) by cetuximab (E) plus ?V?3 and ?V?5 integrins by cilengitide (Cil) on colony formation of epithelial cells (CFec) and release of ..
  21. Feinstein T, Gibson M, Argiris A. Cetuximab-induced aseptic meningitis. Ann Oncol. 2009;20:1609-10 pubmed publisher
  22. Geißler A, Geißler M, Kottmann D, Lutz L, Fichter C, Fritsch R, et al. ATM mutations and E-cadherin expression define sensitivity to EGFR-targeted therapy in colorectal cancer. Oncotarget. 2017;8:17164-17190 pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we investigated response of 7 CRC cell lines (Caco-2, DLD1, HCT116, HT29, LS174T, RKO, SW480) to Cetuximab and correlated this to NGS-based mutation profiles, EGFR promoter methylation and EGFR expression status as well ..
  23. Kanamori M, Kurumiya Y, Mizuno K, Sekoguchi E, Kobayashi S, Fukami Y, et al. [A Case Report on a Successful Resection after FOLFIRI plus Cetuximab Therapy for Unresectable Colorectal Cancer with Multiple Liver Metastases]. Gan To Kagaku Ryoho. 2017;44:417-420 pubmed
    ..Conversion therapy was administered, and the patient received 6 courses of FOLFIRI plus cetuximab therapy. Alopecia and grade 1 eruption were observed as adverse effects of the chemotherapy...
  24. Alvarado D, Ligon G, Lillquist J, Seibel S, Wallweber G, Neumeister V, et al. ErbB activation signatures as potential biomarkers for anti-ErbB3 treatment in HNSCC. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0181356 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate that cetuximab treatment primarily inhibits the ERK signaling pathway and KTN3379, an anti-ErbB3 monoclonal antibody, inhibits ..
  25. Magnes T, Melchardt T, Weiss L, Mittermair C, Neureiter D, Klieser E, et al. Prognostic score in patients with recurrent or metastatic carcinoma of the head and neck treated with cetuximab and chemotherapy. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0180995 pubmed publisher
    ..This retrospective monocenter analysis includes 128 patients with recurrent or metastatic SCCHN treated with cetuximab alone or in combination with polychemotherapy as first line therapy...
  26. Valverde A, Peñarando J, Cañas A, Lopez Sanchez L, Conde F, Guil Luna S, et al. The addition of celecoxib improves the antitumor effect of cetuximab in colorectal cancer: role of EGFR-RAS-FOXM1-?- catenin signaling axis. Oncotarget. 2017;8:21754-21769 pubmed publisher
    ..celecoxib improved the antitumor efficacy in colorectal cancer (CRC) of the monoclonal anti-EGFR antibody cetuximab. The addition of celecoxib augmented the efficacy of cetuximab to inhibit cell proliferation and to induce ..
  27. Atreya C, Corcoran R, Kopetz S. Expanded RAS: refining the patient population. J Clin Oncol. 2015;33:682-5 pubmed publisher
  28. Macy M, Kieran M, Chi S, Cohen K, Macdonald T, Smith A, et al. A pediatric trial of radiation/cetuximab followed by irinotecan/cetuximab in newly diagnosed diffuse pontine gliomas and high-grade astrocytomas: A Pediatric Oncology Experimental Therapeutics Investigators' Consortium study. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2017;64: pubmed publisher
    ..The combination of cetuximab and irinotecan was demonstrated to be safe and tolerable in a previous pediatric phase 1 combination study...
  29. Boshoff C, Posner M. Targeting EGFR in head and neck cancer: a decade of progress. Nat Clin Pract Oncol. 2009;6:123 pubmed publisher
  30. Lu Y, Zhao X, Liu Q, Li C, Graves Deal R, Cao Z, et al. lncRNA MIR100HG-derived miR-100 and miR-125b mediate cetuximab resistance via Wnt/?-catenin signaling. Nat Med. 2017;23:1331-1341 pubmed publisher
    ..To generate cetuximab-resistant cells, we exposed cetuximab-sensitive colorectal cancer cells to cetuximab in three-dimensional ..
  31. Shinozaki E, Yoshino T, Yamazaki K, Muro K, Yamaguchi K, Nishina T, et al. Clinical significance of BRAF non-V600E mutations on the therapeutic effects of anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody treatment in patients with pretreated metastatic colorectal cancer: the Biomarker Research for anti-EGFR monoclonal Antibodies by Comprehens. Br J Cancer. 2017;117:1450-1458 pubmed publisher
    ..However, it is unclear whether BRAF mutations other than BRAFV600E (BRAFnon-V600E mutations) contribute to anti-EGFR antibody resistance...
  32. Boerner J. Role of Src family kinases in acquired resistance to EGFR therapies in cancer. Cancer Biol Ther. 2009;8:704-6 pubmed
  33. Klinghammer K, Otto R, Raguse J, Albers A, Tinhofer I, Fichtner I, et al. Basal subtype is predictive for response to cetuximab treatment in patient-derived xenografts of squamous cell head and neck cancer. Int J Cancer. 2017;141:1215-1221 pubmed publisher
    b>Cetuximab is the single targeted therapy approved for the treatment of head and neck cancer (HNSCC). Predictive biomarkers have not been established and patient stratification based on molecular tumor profiles has not been possible...
  34. De Roock W, Lambrechts D, Tejpar S. K-ras mutations and cetuximab in colorectal cancer. N Engl J Med. 2009;360:834; author reply 835-6 pubmed
  35. Benson A, Venook A, Bekaii Saab T, Chan E, Chen Y, Cooper H, et al. Colon cancer, version 3.2014. J Natl Compr Canc Netw. 2014;12:1028-59 pubmed
    ..Choice of therapy is based on the goals of treatment, the type and timing of prior therapy, the different efficacy and toxicity profiles of the drugs, the mutational status of the tumor, and patient preference. ..
  36. Ang K, Zhang Q, Rosenthal D, Nguyen Tan P, Sherman E, Weber R, et al. Randomized phase III trial of concurrent accelerated radiation plus cisplatin with or without cetuximab for stage III to IV head and neck carcinoma: RTOG 0522. J Clin Oncol. 2014;32:2940-50 pubmed
    Combining cisplatin or cetuximab with radiation improves overall survival (OS) of patients with stage III or IV head and neck carcinoma (HNC). Cetuximab plus platinum regimens also increase OS in metastatic HNC...
  37. Keller S, Kneissl J, Grabher Meier V, Heindl S, Hasenauer J, Maier D, et al. Evaluation of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling effects in gastric cancer cell lines by detailed motility-focused phenotypic characterization linked with molecular analysis. BMC Cancer. 2017;17:845 pubmed publisher
    ..Targeting EGFR with the inhibitory antibody cetuximab may affect the motile and invasive behavior of tumor cells...
  38. . Recommendations from the EGAPP Working Group: can testing of tumor tissue for mutations in EGFR pathway downstream effector genes in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer improve health outcomes by guiding decisions regarding anti-EGFR therapy?. Genet Med. 2013;15:517-27 pubmed publisher
    ..found that, for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) who are being considered for treatment with cetuximab or panitumumab, there is convincing evidence to recommend clinical use of KRAS mutation analysis to determine ..
  39. Ueno T, Moriwaki T, Hyodo I. [Gene mutation (KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA) and clinical benefit of anti-EGFR antibody]. Nihon Rinsho. 2011;69 Suppl 3:477-81 pubmed
  40. Hollebecque A, Bahleda R, Faivre L, Adam J, Poinsignon V, Paci A, et al. Phase I study of temsirolimus in combination with cetuximab in patients with advanced solid tumours. Eur J Cancer. 2017;81:81-89 pubmed publisher
    ..target of rapamycin (mTOR) inhibitor such as temsirolimus combined with anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody such as cetuximab. Temsirolimus (T) and cetuximab (C) were combined and escalated in cohorts of patients with advanced or ..
  41. Liu X, Guo W, Zhang W, Yin J, Zhang J, Zhu X, et al. A multi-center phase II study and biomarker analysis of combined cetuximab and modified FOLFIRI as second-line treatment in patients with metastatic gastric cancer. BMC Cancer. 2017;17:188 pubmed publisher
    To evaluate the efficacy of cetuximab combined with modified FOLFIRI (mFOLFIRI) as a second-line treatment in metastatic gastric cancer patients and to identify potential biomarkers of clinical outcomes...
  42. Maya S, Sarmento B, Lakshmanan V, Menon D, Jayakumar R. Actively targeted cetuximab conjugated gamma-poly(glutamic acid)-docetaxel nanomedicines for epidermal growth factor receptor over expressing colon cancer cells. J Biomed Nanotechnol. 2014;10:1416-28 pubmed
    ..DTXL) loaded gamma-poly (glutamic acid) (gamma-PGA) nanoparticles (Nps) conjugated with EGFR antibody (Cetuximab, CET) targeted to colon cancer cells (HT-29), highly over expressing EGFR...
  43. Cascinu S, Rosati G, Nasti G, Lonardi S, Zaniboni A, Marchetti P, et al. Treatment sequence with either irinotecan/cetuximab followed by FOLFOX-4 or the reverse strategy in metastatic colorectal cancer patients progressing after first-line FOLFIRI/bevacizumab: An Italian Group for the Study of Gastrointestinal Cancer phas. Eur J Cancer. 2017;83:106-115 pubmed publisher
    ..Our phase III study investigated the effect of introducing earlier (second-line) or later (third-line) cetuximab in patients progressed after FOLFIRI/bevacizumab first-line...
  44. Lattanzio L, Denaro N, Vivenza D, Varamo C, Strola G, Fortunato M, et al. Elevated basal antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) and high epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) expression predict favourable outcome in patients with locally advanced head and neck cancer treated with cetuximab and radiotherapy. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2017;66:573-579 pubmed publisher
    Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) may contribute to the antitumor activity of cetuximab. However, the extent of this contribution is unclear...
  45. Ma J, Yang Q, Ling Y. Rechallenge and maintenance therapy using cetuximab and chemotherapy administered to a patient with metastatic colorectal cancer. BMC Cancer. 2017;17:132 pubmed publisher
    b>Cetuximab combined with chemotherapy is one of the first-line treatments of metastatic colorectal cancer...
  46. Tao X, Lu Y, Qiu S, Wang Y, Qin J, Fan Z. AP1G1 is involved in cetuximab-mediated downregulation of ASCT2-EGFR complex and sensitization of human head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells to ROS-induced apoptosis. Cancer Lett. 2017;408:33-42 pubmed publisher
    ..We found in our current study that ASCT2 can be downregulated by cetuximab, an approved anti-EGFR therapeutic antibody, via cetuximab-induced EGFR endocytosis independently of cetuximab-..
  47. Tol J, Nagtegaal I, Punt C. BRAF mutation in metastatic colorectal cancer. N Engl J Med. 2009;361:98-9 pubmed publisher
  48. You R, Sun R, Hua Y, Li C, Li J, Zou X, et al. Cetuximab or nimotuzumab plus intensity-modulated radiotherapy versus cisplatin plus intensity-modulated radiotherapy for stage II-IVb nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Int J Cancer. 2017;141:1265-1276 pubmed publisher
    To compare intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) with cisplatin (CDDP) versus cetuximab (CTX) and nimotuzumab (NTZ) for Stage II-IVb Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC)...
  49. Nagovskiy N, Agarwal M, Allerton J. Cetuximab-induced aseptic meningitis. J Thorac Oncol. 2010;5:751 pubmed publisher
  50. Demurtas L, Puzzoni M, Giampieri R, Ziranu P, Pusceddu V, Mandolesi A, et al. The role of primary tumour sidedness, EGFR gene copy number and EGFR promoter methylation in RAS/BRAF wild-type colorectal cancer patients receiving irinotecan/cetuximab. Br J Cancer. 2017;117:315-321 pubmed publisher
    ..tumour samples from RAS/BRAF wild-type (WT) metastatic CRC patients treated with second-third-line irinotecan/cetuximab were analysed for EGFR gene copy number (GCN) and promoter methylation...
  51. Beijer Y, Koopman M, Terhaard C, Braunius W, van Es R, de Graeff A. Outcome and toxicity of radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy or cetuximab for head and neck cancer: our experience in one hundred and twenty-five patients. Clin Otolaryngol. 2013;38:69-74 pubmed publisher
  52. Corry J, Bressel M, Fua T, Herschtal A, Solomon B, Porceddu S, et al. Prospective Study of Cetuximab, Carboplatin, and Radiation Therapy for Patients With Locally Advanced Head and Neck Squamous Cell Cancer Unfit for Cisplatin. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2017;98:948-954 pubmed publisher
    ..Carboplatin-based and cetuximab-based chemoradiation regimens warrant further investigation in patients with a contraindication to cisplatin.
  53. Schork N. Personalized medicine: Time for one-person trials. Nature. 2015;520:609-11 pubmed publisher