complement c5b


Summary: The larger fragment generated from the cleavage of C5 by C5 CONVERTASE that yields COMPLEMENT C5A and C5b (beta chain + alpha' chain, the residual alpha chain, bound by disulfide bond). C5b remains bound to the membrane and initiates the spontaneous assembly of the late complement components to form C5b-8-poly-C9, the MEMBRANE ATTACK COMPLEX.

Top Publications

  1. Moskovich O, Fishelson Z. Live cell imaging of outward and inward vesiculation induced by the complement c5b-9 complex. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:29977-86 pubmed
    ..Efficient C9-AF488 vesiculation was observed in cells expressing low CD59 levels, suggesting that the protective impact of MAC elimination by vesiculation increases as the level of expression of CD59 decreases. ..
  2. Rus H, Niculescu F. The complement system in central nervous system diseases. Immunol Res. 2001;24:79-86 pubmed
    ..These findings indicate that complement activation and membrane assembly of C5b-9 play an important role in pathogenesis of central nervous system (CNS) disorders. ..
  3. Wolf Grosse S, Rokstad A, Ali S, Lambris J, Mollnes T, Nilsen A, et al. Iron oxide nanoparticles induce cytokine secretion in a complement-dependent manner in a human whole blood model. Int J Nanomedicine. 2017;12:3927-3940 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that IONPs induce complement-mediated cytokine secretion in human whole blood. ..
  4. Li W, Chen S, Ma M, Qian J, Ma X. Complement 5b-9 complex-induced alterations in human RPE cell physiology. Med Sci Monit. 2010;16:BR17-23 pubmed
  5. Hadders M, Bubeck D, Roversi P, Hakobyan S, Forneris F, Morgan B, et al. Assembly and regulation of the membrane attack complex based on structures of C5b6 and sC5b9. Cell Rep. 2012;1:200-7 pubmed publisher
    ..These results provide a structural framework for understanding MAC pore formation and regulation, processes important for fighting infections and preventing complement-mediated tissue damage. ..
  6. Thai C, Ogata R. Recombinant C345C and factor I modules of complement components C5 and C7 inhibit C7 incorporation into the complement membrane attack complex. J Immunol. 2005;174:6227-32 pubmed
    ..These results demonstrate that the interaction between the C345C domain of C5 and the FIMs of C7, which mediates reversible binding of C5 to C7 in solution, also plays an essential role in MAC formation and complement lytic activity. ..
  7. Whitington P, Vos M, Bass L, Melin Aldana H, Romero R, Roy C, et al. Humoral immune mechanism of liver injury in giant cell hepatitis with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2014;58:74-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings support B-cell-directed immunotherapy as a first-line treatment of GCH-AHA. ..
  8. Reinartz J, Hansch G, Kramer M. Complement component C7 is a plasminogen-binding protein. J Immunol. 1995;154:844-50 pubmed
    ..Based on these findings, an interaction is proposed between the complement system and the plasminogen activator system; a mechanism that may focus plasmin activity to structures that have been tagged by Ab and complement deposition. ..
  9. Siggins M, O Shaughnessy C, Pravin J, Cunningham A, Henderson I, Drayson M, et al. Differential timing of antibody-mediated phagocytosis and cell-free killing of invasive African Salmonella allows immune evasion. Eur J Immunol. 2014;44:1093-8 pubmed publisher

More Information


  1. Bradt B, Kolb W, Cooper N. Complement-dependent proinflammatory properties of the Alzheimer's disease beta-peptide. J Exp Med. 1998;188:431-8 pubmed
  2. Moskovich O, Fishelson Z. Quantification of complement C5b-9 binding to cells by flow cytometry. Methods Mol Biol. 2014;1100:103-8 pubmed publisher
    ..By using an antibody that identifies a novel antigen of the C5b-9 complex, the amount of C5b-9 complexes on cells can be quantified by flow cytometry. The detailed protocol is described in this chapter. ..
  3. Harboe M, Ulvund G, Vien L, Fung M, Mollnes T. The quantitative role of alternative pathway amplification in classical pathway induced terminal complement activation. Clin Exp Immunol. 2004;138:439-46 pubmed
  4. Kissel J, Mendell J, Rammohan K. Microvascular deposition of complement membrane attack complex in dermatomyositis. N Engl J Med. 1986;314:329-34 pubmed
    ..In addition to providing further evidence for the presence of vasculopathy in dermatomyositis, these findings suggest a primary role for complement in mediating vessel injury in the disease, particularly in its childhood form. ..
  5. Stewart J, Kolb W, Sodetz J. Evidence that C5b recognizes and mediates C8 incorporation into the cytolytic complex of complement. J Immunol. 1987;139:1960-4 pubmed
    ..They also reveal that C5b contains a specific site for interaction with beta. ..
  6. Hong J, Kurt S, Thor A. A hydrophilic dental implant surface exhibits thrombogenic properties in vitro. Clin Implant Dent Relat Res. 2013;15:105-12 pubmed publisher
    ..The conclusion that can be drawn from the results in our study is that the hydrophilic modification seems to augment the thrombogenic properties of titanium with implications for healing into bone of, that is titanium dental implants. ..
  7. Nguyen H, Galvan M, Anderson A. Characterization of early and terminal complement proteins associated with polymorphonuclear leukocytes in vitro and in vivo after spinal cord injury. J Neuroinflammation. 2008;5:26 pubmed publisher
    ..Data also suggest a role for PMNs in the local internalization or deliverance of complement and complement activation in the post-SCI environment. ..
  8. Fluiter K, Opperhuizen A, Morgan B, Baas F, Ramaglia V. Inhibition of the membrane attack complex of the complement system reduces secondary neuroaxonal loss and promotes neurologic recovery after traumatic brain injury in mice. J Immunol. 2014;192:2339-48 pubmed publisher
    ..This work identifies a novel therapeutic target for TBI and will guide the development of new therapy for patients. ..
  9. Gou S, Yuan J, Chen M, Yu F, Zhao M. Circulating complement activation in patients with anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitis. Kidney Int. 2013;83:129-37 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, systemic activation of complement by the alternative pathway takes place in human AAV. Circulating Bb might be a useful biomarker in assessing disease activity of AAV. ..
  10. Haefliger J, Tschopp J, Vial N, Jenne D. Complete primary structure and functional characterization of the sixth component of the human complement system. Identification of the C5b-binding domain in complement C6. J Biol Chem. 1989;264:18041-51 pubmed
    ..Binding studies with filter-bound C6 fragments generated by proteolysis showed that the C5b-binding domain of C6 was located in the 34-kDa carboxyl terminal fragment consisting of two short consensus repeats and two factor I modules. ..
  11. Bloch E, Morrison K, McDonald Pinkett S, Baskin S, Campbell S, Peters S, et al. The deposition of C5b-9 complexes and its precursors on E. coli J5 during complement activation enhances uptake and toxicities of gentamicin. Immunol Invest. 2008;37:245-61 pubmed publisher
    ..Since C5b and C5b6 do not form pores, we suggest that disturbances and or cracks in the outer membrane by the deposited complexes accelerates uptake of the antibiotics and enhanced killing of E. coli J5 employed in these studies. ..
  12. Riedemann N, Ward P. Complement in ischemia reperfusion injury. Am J Pathol. 2003;162:363-7 pubmed
  13. Barilla LaBarca M, Liszewski M, Lambris J, Hourcade D, Atkinson J. Role of membrane cofactor protein (CD46) in regulation of C4b and C3b deposited on cells. J Immunol. 2002;168:6298-304 pubmed
    ..However, if the alternative pathway mediates C3b deposition, then MCP's cofactor activity is sufficient to restrict complement activation. ..
  14. Cunningham P, Hack B, Ren G, Minto A, Morgan B, Quigg R. Glomerular complement regulation is overwhelmed in passive Heymann nephritis. Kidney Int. 2001;60:900-9 pubmed
    ..Crry and CD59 play an important role in restraining complement-mediated injury following subepithelial immune complex deposition; however, in PHN, their regulatory capacity is overwhelmed. ..
  15. Stewart M, Etches W, Gordon P. Antiphospholipid antibody-dependent C5b-9 formation. Br J Haematol. 1997;96:451-7 pubmed
    ..Sera with low or moderate GPL values showed varying levels of C5b-9 production. These data suggest that complement may play a key role in APA-dependent platelet activation, in vivo. ..
  16. Giroux M, Dequatre N, Zephir H, Lacour A, Vermersch P. [Polymyositis revealing a Sjogren's syndrome]. Rev Neurol (Paris). 2010;166:96-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The diagnosis of primitive Sjogren's syndrome was suspected because of the association of bilateral trigeminal neuropathy and anti-SSA and anti-Pm/Scl antibodies. ..
  17. Gao L, Zhang Y, Qiu W, Xu W, Feng X, Ren J, et al. Effects of PI3-k/Akt short hairpin RNA on proliferation, fibronectin production and synthesis of thrombospondin-1 and transforming growth factor-beta1 in glomerular mesangial cells induced by sublytic C5b-9 complexes. Cell Prolif. 2009;42:83-93 pubmed publisher
    ..The PI3-k/Akt signal pathway in these reactions, mediated by sublytic C5b-9 complexes, may play at least a partial role. ..
  18. Ronco P, Debiec H. New insights into the pathogenesis of membranous glomerulonephritis. Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens. 2006;15:258-63 pubmed
    ..This review focuses on new pathophysiologic aspects of the disease, with special emphasis on the antigenic targets of pathogenic antibodies...
  19. Bal G, Kamhieh Milz J, Sterzer V, Al samman M, Debski J, Klein O, et al. Proteomic profiling of secreted proteins for the hematopoietic support of interleukin-stimulated human umbilical vein endothelial cells. Cell Transplant. 2013;22:1185-99 pubmed publisher
    ..This study suggests a complement-mediated cross-talk between endothelial cells and HSPCs under proinflammatory conditions. ..
  20. Suankratay C, Mold C, Zhang Y, Lint T, Gewurz H. Mechanism of complement-dependent haemolysis via the lectin pathway: role of the complement regulatory proteins. Clin Exp Immunol. 1999;117:442-8 pubmed
    ..Thus, the lectin pathway of humans is particularly susceptible to the regulatory effects of C4bp and factor H, due at least in part to MBL enhancement of C4bp binding to C4b and factor H binding to C3b. ..
  21. Cataland S, Holers V, Geyer S, Yang S, Wu H. Biomarkers of terminal complement activation confirm the diagnosis of aHUS and differentiate aHUS from TTP. Blood. 2014;123:3733-8 pubmed publisher
  22. Murphy B, Kirszbaum L, Walker I, d Apice A. SP-40,40, a newly identified normal human serum protein found in the SC5b-9 complex of complement and in the immune deposits in glomerulonephritis. J Clin Invest. 1988;81:1858-64 pubmed
    ..We have identified SP-40,40 in the SC5b-9 complex of complement and have demonstrated incorporation of labeled SP-40,40 into this complex. These data suggest that SP-40,40 is an additional component of SC5b-9. ..
  23. Nilsson P, Thomas A, Bergseth G, Gustavsen A, Volokhina E, van den Heuvel L, et al. Eculizumab-C5 complexes express a C5a neoepitope in vivo: Consequences for interpretation of patient complement analyses. Mol Immunol. 2017;89:111-114 pubmed publisher
    ..These data are important for interpretation of complement analyses in patients treated with eculizumab. ..
  24. Abdel Latif M, Abdel Moneim A, El Hefnawy M, Khalil R. Comparative and correlative assessments of cytokine, complement and antibody patterns in paediatric type 1 diabetes. Clin Exp Immunol. 2017;190:110-121 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, IFN-?, IL-12 and IL-17 played an essential role in exacerbating EV+ -T1D, while C3d, sC5b -9, IL-10 and -20 displayed distinct patterns. ..
  25. Magro C, Wang X, Garrett Bakelman F, Laurence J, Shapiro L, Desancho M. The effects of Eculizumab on the pathology of malignant atrophic papulosis. Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2013;8:185 pubmed publisher
    ..Eculizumab may be used as salvage therapy in critically ill patients with thrombotic microangiopathy. ..