water resources


Summary: Environmental reservoirs of water related to natural WATER CYCLE by which water is obtained for various purposes. This includes but is not limited to watersheds, aquifers and springs.

Top Publications

  1. Grimardias D, Guillard J, Cattanéo F. Drawdown flushing of a hydroelectric reservoir on the Rhône River: Impacts on the fish community and implications for the sediment management. J Environ Manage. 2017;197:239-249 pubmed publisher
    ..Alternative flushing schedules are discussed to reduce these impacts. ..
  2. de Lira Azevêdo E, Alves R, Dias T, Molozzi J. How do people gain access to water resources in the Brazilian semiarid (Caatinga) in times of climate change?. Environ Monit Assess. 2017;189:375 pubmed publisher
    ..5%), wells (7%), waterholes (3%), bottled water (4%), and water tanks (0.5%). The water resources obtained are transported to human residences in seven different manners: actively pumped (34% of the ..
  3. Sarzaeim P, Bozorg Haddad O, Fallah Mehdipour E, Loáiciga H. Environmental water demand assessment under climate change conditions. Environ Monit Assess. 2017;189:359 pubmed publisher
    Measures taken to cope with the possible effects of climate change on water resources management are key for the successful adaptation to such change...
  4. Zhang L, Zou Z, Shan W. Development of a method for comprehensive water quality forecasting and its application in Miyun reservoir of Beijing, China. J Environ Sci (China). 2017;56:240-246 pubmed publisher
    ..It can be used as an effective approach to perform short-term comprehensive water quality prediction. ..
  5. Gao J, Christensen P, Li W. Application of the WEAP model in strategic environmental assessment: Experiences from a case study in an arid/semi-arid area in China. J Environ Manage. 2017;198:363-371 pubmed publisher
    This article investigated how the use of a water resources assessment model contributed to one of the first strategic environmental assessments (SEA) conducted for arid/semi-arid regions in China...
  6. Geng H, Chen F, Wang Z, Liu J, Xu W. Environmental management zoning for coal mining in mainland China based on ecological and resources conditions. Environ Monit Assess. 2017;189:228 pubmed publisher
    ..impacts of coal mining and regional characteristics of environment and resources, the ecological impact, water resources impact, and arable land impact are chose as the zoning indexes to construct the index system...
  7. Diakité N, Winkler M, Coulibaly J, Guindo Coulibaly N, Utzinger J, N Goran E. Dynamics of freshwater snails and Schistosoma infection prevalence in schoolchildren during the construction and operation of a multipurpose dam in central Côte d'Ivoire. Infect Dis Poverty. 2017;6:93 pubmed publisher
  8. Zhu L, Liu J, Xu S, Xie Z. Deposition behavior, risk assessment and source identification of heavy metals in reservoir sediments of Northeast China. Ecotoxicol Environ Saf. 2017;142:454-463 pubmed publisher
    ..According to the results of correlation analysis (CA) and principal components analysis (PCA), mining industries and agricultural activities within the basin were the main anthropogenic pollution sources for these heavy metals. ..
  9. Povoa P, Oehmen A, Inocêncio P, Matos J, Frazão A. Modelling energy costs for different operational strategies of a large water resource recovery facility. Water Sci Technol. 2017;75:2139-2148 pubmed publisher
    ..Specific energy cost allows the identification of time periods with potential for linking WRRF with the electric grid to optimize the treatment costs, satisfying operational goals. ..

More Information


  1. Mottes C, Lesueur Jannoyer M, Le Bail M, Guéné M, Carles C, Malézieux E. Relationships between past and present pesticide applications and pollution at a watershed outlet: The case of a horticultural catchment in Martinique, French West Indies. Chemosphere. 2017;184:762-773 pubmed publisher
    ..We prove that to avoid the past errors and decrease the risk of long-term pollution of water resources, it is urgent to reduce or stop the use of pesticides with leaching potential by changing agricultural ..
  2. Liu Y, Zhong B, Wu Z, Liang S, Qiu D, Ma X. Interruption of schistosomiasis transmission in mountainous and hilly regions with an integrated strategy: a longitudinal case study in Sichuan, China. Infect Dis Poverty. 2017;6:79 pubmed publisher
    ..The government-directed and multi-department integrated strategy is effective for interrupting the transmission of schistosomiasis in the mountainous and hilly regions of China. ..
  3. Zhang H, Sun Y, Li Y, Zhou X, Tang X, Yi P, et al. Quality assessment of groundwater from the south-eastern Arabian Peninsula. Environ Monit Assess. 2017;189:411 pubmed publisher
    Assessment of groundwater quality plays a significant role in the utilization of the scarce water resources globally and especially in arid regions...
  4. Villas Boas M, Olivera F, de Azevedo J. Assessment of the water quality monitoring network of the Piabanha River experimental watersheds in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, using autoassociative neural networks. Environ Monit Assess. 2017;189:439 pubmed publisher
    ..Regarding the monitoring locations, the most relevant is Poço Tarzan (PT) and the least is Parque Petrópolis (PP). ..
  5. Soltani S, Asghari Moghaddam A, Barzegar R, Kazemian N, Tziritis E. Hydrogeochemistry and water quality of the Kordkandi-Duzduzan plain, NW Iran: application of multivariate statistical analysis and PoS index. Environ Monit Assess. 2017;189:455 pubmed publisher
    ..Groundwater is an important resource for drinking and agricultural purposes due to the lack of surface water resources in the region...
  6. Akiyama T, Kharrazi A, Li J, Avtar R. Agricultural water policy reforms in China: a representative look at Zhangye City, Gansu Province, China. Environ Monit Assess. 2017;190:9 pubmed publisher
    b>Water resources are essential for agricultural production in the grain-producing region of China, and water shortage could significantly affect the production and international trade of agricultural products...
  7. Celik I, Tamimi L, Al Khatib I, Apul D. Management of rainwater harvesting and its impact on the health of people in the Middle East: case study from Yatta town, Palestine. Environ Monit Assess. 2017;189:271 pubmed publisher
  8. Amini A, Hesami A. The role of land use change on the sustainability of groundwater resources in the eastern plains of Kurdistan, Iran. Environ Monit Assess. 2017;189:297 pubmed publisher
    ..Groundwater levels dropped an average of 7 m, equal to 63.4 MCM reductions in volume of water in the aquifer. ..
  9. Hayat E, Baba A. Quality of groundwater resources in Afghanistan. Environ Monit Assess. 2017;189:318 pubmed publisher
    ..Also, there are different kinds of waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, and dysentery that can be seen in different parts of the country because of anthropogenic activities which continuously deteriorate groundwater. ..
  10. Renouf M, Serrao Neumann S, Kenway S, Morgan E, Low Choy D. Urban water metabolism indicators derived from a water mass balance - Bridging the gap between visions and performance assessment of urban water resource management. Water Res. 2017;122:669-677 pubmed publisher
    ..been difficult to quantify performance indicators to help identify more sustainable outcomes, especially for water resources. In this work, we advance quantitative indicators for what we refer to as the 'metabolic' features of urban ..
  11. Dubinsky J, Karunanithi A. Consumptive Water Use Analysis of Upper Rio Grande Basin in Southern Colorado. Environ Sci Technol. 2017;51:4452-4460 pubmed publisher
    ..The results from this paper are timely to the RGB community, which is currently in the process of developing strategies for sustainable water management. ..
  12. Tavakol M, Arjmandi R, Shayeghi M, Monavari S, Karbassi A. Developing an environmental water quality monitoring program for Haraz River in Northern Iran. Environ Monit Assess. 2017;189:410 pubmed publisher
    Water quality management plans are an indispensable strategy for conservation and utilization of water resources in a sustainable manner. One common industrial use of water is aquaculture...