fiber optic technology


Summary: The technology of transmitting light over long distances through strands of glass or other transparent material.

Top Publications

  1. Slavkovic Z, Stamenkovic D, Romic P, Tomic A, Milovic N, Jovanovic M, et al. The present and future of fiberoptic intubation. Vojnosanit Pregl. 2013;70:61-7 pubmed
  2. Martens H, Stark E. Extended multiplicative signal correction and spectral interference subtraction: new preprocessing methods for near infrared spectroscopy. J Pharm Biomed Anal. 1991;9:625-35 pubmed
    ..Determination of toluene in mixtures with benzene and xylene from NIR spectra with gross simulated light scattering effects is used for illustration. ..
  3. Das S, MacDonald K, Chang H, Mitzner W. A simple method of mouse lung intubation. J Vis Exp. 2013;:e50318 pubmed publisher
  4. Wang X, Wolfbeis O. Fiber-optic chemical sensors and biosensors (2008-2012). Anal Chem. 2013;85:487-508 pubmed publisher
  5. Wencel D, Abel T, McDonagh C. Optical chemical pH sensors. Anal Chem. 2014;86:15-29 pubmed publisher
  6. Agee R, Long J, Hunt J, Petroff P, Lull R, Mason A, et al. Use of 133xenon in early diagnosis of inhalation injury. J Trauma. 1976;16:218-24 pubmed
    ..The group of patients whose expected mortality lay between 40 and 59% were most notably affected. One hundred per cent (five of five) of those with inhalation injury died; only one of eight without inhalation injury died. ..
  7. Fagon J, Chastre J, Domart Y, Trouillet J, Pierre J, Darne C, et al. Nosocomial pneumonia in patients receiving continuous mechanical ventilation. Prospective analysis of 52 episodes with use of a protected specimen brush and quantitative culture techniques. Am Rev Respir Dis. 1989;139:877-84 pubmed
    ..Forty percent of all specimens yielded a polymicrobial flora with more than one potential pathogen.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS) ..
  8. Hayata Y, Kato H, Konaka C, Ono J, Takizawa N. Hematoporphyrin derivative and laser photoradiation in the treatment of lung cancer. Chest. 1982;81:269-77 pubmed
    ..One patient with severely atypical squamous metaplasia requested treatment, and complete disappearance of metaplastic atypic was obtained. ..
  9. Bainton C. Models to facilitate the learning of fiberoptic technique. Int Anesthesiol Clin. 1994;32:47-55 pubmed

More Information


  1. Masanes M, Legendre C, Lioret N, Maillard D, Saizy R, Lebeau B. Fiberoptic bronchoscopy for the early diagnosis of subglottal inhalation injury: comparative value in the assessment of prognosis. J Trauma. 1994;36:59-67 pubmed
    ..The analysis of survival curves confirmed that inhalation injury portends a bad outcome in burn patients. It was used to predict the likelihood of ARDS and death at the time of admission with a view to early specific treatment. ..
  2. Eggum J, Howard S, Goff R, Iaizzo P. Imaging of a coronary artery stent implantation within an isolated human heart. J Cardiovasc Transl Res. 2012;5:73-4 pubmed publisher
  3. Salins S, Pothapragada K, Korula G. Difficult oral intubation in acromegalic patients--a way out. J Neurosurg Anesthesiol. 2011;23:52 pubmed publisher
  4. White P, Bonacum J, Miller C. Utility of fiberoptic bronchoscopy in bone marrow transplant patients. Bone Marrow Transplant. 1997;20:681-7 pubmed
    ..The role of routine diagnostic FOB in BMT patients with pulmonary infiltrates and/or respiratory symptoms should be reevaluated. ..
  5. Apfelbaum J, Hagberg C, Caplan R, Benumof J, Berry F, Blitt C, et al. Practice guidelines for management of the difficult airway: an updated report by the American Society of Anesthesiologists Task Force on Management of the Difficult Airway. Anesthesiology. 2013;118:251-70 pubmed publisher
  6. Luchansky M, Bailey R. High-Q optical sensors for chemical and biological analysis. Anal Chem. 2012;84:793-821 pubmed publisher
  7. Barker S, Kopelman R. Development and cellular applications of fiber optic nitric oxide sensors based on a gold-adsorbed fluorophore. Anal Chem. 1998;70:4902-6 pubmed
    ..In addition, the chemical sensors have advantages such as greater stability and commercially available components. These sensors were utilized to measure nitric oxide production by BALB/c mouse macrophages. ..
  8. Park J, Kim J, Park K, Kil H. A randomized comparison of volume- and pressure-controlled ventilation in children with the i-gel: Effects on peak inspiratory pressure, oropharyngeal leak pressure, and gastric insufflation. Medicine (Baltimore). 2017;96:e6772 pubmed publisher
    ..999). When i-gel was used without a gastric tube, gastric insufflation occurred regardless of the ventilation modes, which provided different PIP. ..
  9. Mehta A, Curtis P, Scalzitti M, Meeker D. The high price of bronchoscopy. Maintenance and repair of the flexible fiberoptic bronchoscope. Chest. 1990;98:448-54 pubmed
  10. Langmore S, Schatz K, Olson N. Endoscopic and videofluoroscopic evaluations of swallowing and aspiration. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 1991;100:678-81 pubmed
    ..92 for detection of aspiration. It was concluded that the FEES is a valid and valuable tool for evaluating oropharyngeal dysphagia. Some specific patients and conditions that lend themselves to this procedure are discussed. ..
  11. Maddali M, Kandachar P, Al Hanshi S, Al Ghafri M, Valliattu J. Mechanical cause for acute left lung atelectasis after neonatal aortic arch repair with arterial switch operation: Conservative management. Ann Card Anaesth. 2017;20:252-255 pubmed publisher
    ..Fiber-optic bronchoscopy revealed vascular compression as the real culprit. The child was successfully managed conservatively. ..
  12. Wade S, Fallon J, Wise A, Shepherd R, James N, Stoddart P. Measurement of forces at the tip of a cochlear implant during insertion. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. 2014;61:1177-86 pubmed publisher
    ..The insertion experiments demonstrated a clear correlation between the applied force and collateral tissue damage. ..
  13. Russell K, Brook C, Platt M, Grillone G, Aliphas A, Noordzij J. The Benefits and Limitations of Targeted Training in Flexible Transnasal Laryngoscopy Diagnosis. JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2017;143:707-711 pubmed publisher
    ..Targeted laryngoscopy training can be used successfully in de novo learners...
  14. Foucher Lezla A, Lehousse T, Monrigal J, Granry J, Beydon L. Fibreoptic assessment of laryngeal positioning of the paediatric supraglottic airway device I-Gel. Eur J Anaesthesiol. 2013;30:441-2 pubmed publisher
  15. Deisseroth K. Controlling the brain with light. Sci Am. 2010;303:48-55 pubmed
  16. Zou T, Huang Z, Hu X, Cai G, He M, Wang S, et al. Clinical application of a novel endoscopic mask: a randomized controlled, multi-center trial in patients undergoing awake fiberoptic bronchoscopic intubation. BMC Anesthesiol. 2017;17:79 pubmed publisher
    ..Trial registration: . Registration No.: ChiCTR-TRC-13004086. Date of Registration: 8th, Sep, 2013. ..
  17. Dunagan D, Baker A, Hurd D, Haponik E. Bronchoscopic evaluation of pulmonary infiltrates following bone marrow transplantation. Chest. 1997;111:135-41 pubmed
    ..FOB should be performed only after benefits of the procedure are weighed carefully against its increased risk in this select population. ..
  18. Chiavaioli F, Gouveia C, Jorge P, Baldini F. Towards a Uniform Metrological Assessment of Grating-Based Optical Fiber Sensors: From Refractometers to Biosensors. Biosensors (Basel). 2017;7: pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, some design strategies will be proposed to develop a grating-based optical fiber sensing scheme with improved performance. ..
  19. Murtha L, McLeod D, Spratt N. Epidural intracranial pressure measurement in rats using a fiber-optic pressure transducer. J Vis Exp. 2012;: pubmed publisher
    ..Here, we present a relatively simple and accurate method to measure ICP. This method can be used across a wide range of ICP related animal models. ..
  20. Goldman H, Antonioli D. Mucosal biopsy of the esophagus, stomach, and proximal duodenum. Hum Pathol. 1982;13:423-48 pubmed
    ..They have also commented on the limitations of endoscopic biopsy with respect to its size, superficial nature, and imperfect orientation in the evaluation of some disorders. ..
  21. Zavala D. Pulmonary hemorrhage in fiberoptic transbronchial biopsy. Chest. 1976;70:584-8 pubmed
    ..Otherwise, transbronchial forceps biopsy should be performed through a rigid open-tube bronchoscopicronchoscope or performed through a rigid open-tube bronchoscope or lung tissue should be obtained via thoracotomy. ..
  22. Hunt J, Agee R, Pruitt B. Fiberoptic bronchoscopy in acute inhalation injury. J Trauma. 1975;15:641-9 pubmed
  23. Liu E, Wender R, Goldman A. The LMA CTrach in patients with difficult airways. Anesthesiology. 2009;110:941-3 pubmed publisher
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  25. Joshi S, Sciacca R, Solanki D, Young W, Mathru M. A prospective evaluation of clinical tests for placement of laryngeal mask airways. Anesthesiology. 1998;89:1141-6 pubmed
    ..Two tests that best correlated with the fiberoptic grade were the ability to generate airway pressure of 20 cm water and the ability to ventilate manually. ..
  26. McAleavey F, Michalek P. Aura-i laryngeal mask as a conduit for elective fibreoptic intubation. Anaesthesia. 2010;65:1151 pubmed publisher
  27. Burjek N, Nishisaki A, Fiadjoe J, Adams H, Peeples K, Raman V, et al. Videolaryngoscopy versus Fiber-optic Intubation through a Supraglottic Airway in Children with a Difficult Airway: An Analysis from the Multicenter Pediatric Difficult Intubation Registry. Anesthesiology. 2017;127:432-440 pubmed publisher
    ..Continuous ventilation through the supraglottic airway during fiber-optic intubation attempts may lower the incidence of hypoxemia. ..
  28. Johnson M, Peters J. Technical note: an improved method to quantify nonesterified fatty acids in bovine plasma. J Anim Sci. 1993;71:753-6 pubmed
    ..Intra- and interassay CV for the 5-microL sample volume were 3.6 and 3.7%, respectively. This modified assay provides results comparable to the standard assay yet reduces reagent and labor requirements and increases sample capacity. ..
  29. Colley P, Freund P. An aid to learning to use the fiberoptic bronchoscope for intubation. Anesth Analg. 1997;85:464-5 pubmed
  30. Gaszynski T. A combination of KingVision video-laryngoscope and flexible fibroscope for awake intubation in patient with laryngeal tumor--case report and literature review. Anaesthesiol Intensive Ther. 2015;47:433-5 pubmed publisher
  31. Luo B, Yan Z, Sun Z, Li J, Zhang L. Novel glucose sensor based on enzyme-immobilized 81° tilted fiber grating. Opt Express. 2014;22:30571-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Potentially, the proposed techniques based on 81°-TFG can be developed as sensitive, label free and micro-structural sensors for applications in food safety, disease diagnosis, clinical analysis and environmental monitoring. ..
  32. Darlong V, Biyani G, Pandey R, Baidya D, Punj C. Comparison of performance and efficacy of air-Q intubating laryngeal airway and flexible laryngeal mask airway in anesthetized and paralyzed infants and children. Paediatr Anaesth. 2014;24:1066-71 pubmed
    ..0016) as compared to flexible laryngeal mask airway. We conclude that air-Q is superior to flexible laryngeal mask airway in providing higher airway sealing pressures and better FO grade of laryngeal view in infants and children. ..
  33. Baumgardner J, Otto C, Markstaller K. Large changes in PaO2 oscillation amplitude with respiratory rate are not measurement artifact. Respir Physiol Neurobiol. 2014;195:59 pubmed publisher
  34. Lacroix G, Prunet B, Bordes J, Cabon Asencio N, Asencio Y, Gaillard T, et al. Evaluation of early mini-bronchoalveolar lavage in the diagnosis of health care-associated pneumonia: a prospective study. Crit Care. 2013;17:R24 pubmed publisher
    ..When bacteriological identification was obtained, antibiotic therapy was adapted in 100% of cases.See related letter by Sircar et al., ..
  35. Krej M, Dziuda L, Skibniewski F. A method of detecting heartbeat locations in the ballistocardiographic signal from the fiber-optic vital signs sensor. IEEE J Biomed Health Inform. 2015;19:1443-50 pubmed publisher
    ..We verified our method on recordings in a group of seven subjects. Verification included over 6000 heartbeats (82 min 47 s of recordings). The root-mean-square error of our method does not exceed 6.0 bpm. ..
  36. Takeshita S, Ueda H, Goto T, Muto D, Kakita H, Oshima K, et al. Case report of Pierre Robin sequence with severe upper airway obstruction who was rescued by fiberoptic nasotracheal intubation. BMC Anesthesiol. 2017;17:43 pubmed publisher
    ..As such, neonatologists should obtain the skill of fiberoptic intubation. ..
  37. Langley A, Mar Fan G. Teaching fibreoptic bronchoscopy using smart phones. Anaesthesia. 2014;69:793-4 pubmed publisher
  38. Holtz J, Asher S. Polymerized colloidal crystal hydrogel films as intelligent chemical sensing materials. Nature. 1997;389:829-32 pubmed
    ..We anticipate that this strategy can be used to prepare 'intelligent' materials responsive to a wide range of analytes, including viruses. ..
  39. Joo H, Rose D. The intubating laryngeal mask airway with and without fiberoptic guidance. Anesth Analg. 1999;88:662-6 pubmed
    ..For women with normal airways, both the ILMA inserted blindly and the ILMA with fiberoptic guidance are suitable alternatives to laryngoscopy for tracheal intubation. ..