culturally competent care


Summary: Health care services that are respectful of and responsive to the health beliefs, practices and cultural and linguistic needs of diverse patients. The provider and the patient each bring their individual learned patterns of language and culture to the health care experience which must be transcended to achieve equal access and quality health care.

Top Publications

  1. Trinh N, Hails K, Flaherty K, Chang T, Fava M, Yeung A. Lessons Learned: Implementation of a Culturally Focused Psychiatric Consultation Service for Latino Americans and Asian Americans. J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2015;26:792-801 pubmed publisher
    ..The CFP program highlights the challenges of implementing mental health interventions for minority populations in primary care. ..
  2. Sanossian N, Rosenberg L, Liebeskind D, Starkman S, Eckstein M, Stratton S, et al. A Dedicated Spanish Language Line Increases Enrollment of Hispanics Into Prehospital Clinical Research. Stroke. 2017;48:1389-1391 pubmed publisher
    ..The use of a dedicated Spanish language enrollment line allowed for greater enrollment of Hispanics, a population with significantly different baseline characteristics. URL: Unique identifier: NCT00059332. ..
  3. McCallum G, Morris P, Brown N, Chang A. Culture-specific programs for children and adults from minority groups who have asthma. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2017;8:CD006580 pubmed publisher
    ..However, more robust RCTs are needed to further strengthen the quality of evidence and determine the cost-effectiveness of culture-specific programs. ..
  4. Walji M, Flegel K. Healthy interpretation. CMAJ. 2017;189:E1273 pubmed publisher
  5. Cheraghi M, Manookian A, Nasrabadi A. Human dignity in religion-embedded cross-cultural nursing. Nurs Ethics. 2014;21:916-28 pubmed publisher
    ..The findings support and expand current understanding about the objective and subjective nature of dignity preservation in cross-cultural nursing. ..
  6. Lewis Fernandez R, Aggarwal N, Bäärnhielm S, Rohlof H, Kirmayer L, Weiss M, et al. Culture and psychiatric evaluation: operationalizing cultural formulation for DSM-5. Psychiatry. 2014;77:130-54 pubmed publisher
    ..For each domain of the OCF, we summarize findings from the DCCIS that led to content revision and operationalization in the CFI. The conclusion discusses training and implementation issues essential to service delivery. ..
  7. Jacobs R, Caballero J, Ownby R, Kane M. Development of a culturally appropriate computer-delivered tailored Internet-based health literacy intervention for Spanish-dominant Hispanics living with HIV. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak. 2014;14:103 pubmed publisher
  8. Byrskog U, Olsson P, Essén B, Allvin M. Being a bridge: Swedish antenatal care midwives' encounters with Somali-born women and questions of violence; a qualitative study. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2015;15:1 pubmed publisher
    ..In collaboration with social networks and other health care and social work professions, the midwife can be a bridge and contribute to increased awareness of rights and support for Somali-born women in a new society. ..
  9. Soltero E, Konopken Y, Olson M, Keller C, Castro F, Williams A, et al. Preventing diabetes in obese Latino youth with prediabetes: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. BMC Public Health. 2017;17:261 pubmed publisher
    ..NCT02615353, registered on June 8, 2016. ..

More Information


  1. Unnikrishnan R, Pradeepa R, Joshi S, Mohan V. Type 2 Diabetes: Demystifying the Global Epidemic. Diabetes. 2017;66:1432-1442 pubmed publisher
    ..Lessons learned from randomized prevention trials need to be implemented with appropriate cultural adaptations, accompanied by empowerment of the community, if the diabetes epidemic is to be slowed or halted. ..
  2. Almontaser E, Baumann S. The Syrian Refugee Crisis: What Nurses Need to Know. Nurs Sci Q. 2017;30:168-173 pubmed publisher
    ..The authors discuss the Syrian refugee crisis and the experience of being a Muslim or Arab American patient in U.S. healthcare settings. ..
  3. Zou J, Hampton M, Shade K, Kaku L. A Bone Health Intervention for Chinese Immigrants in Santa Clara County. Orthop Nurs. 2017;36:293-300 pubmed publisher
    ..Orthopaedic health providers are ideal candidates to deliver preventive care education to improve outcomes for Chinese immigrants. ..
  4. Fowler J. From staff nurse to nurse consultant: Spiritual care part 5: Confucianism. Br J Nurs. 2017;26:891 pubmed publisher
    ..John Fowler, Educational Consultant, explores the role of clinically based nurses in providing spiritual care to patients who identify with the principles of Confucianism. ..