unclassified viruses



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  1. Bichaud L, De Lamballerie X, Alkan C, Izri A, Gould E, Charrel R. Arthropods as a source of new RNA viruses. Microb Pathog. 2014;77:136-41 pubmed publisher
    ..Many of these newly discovered viruses are vectored by arthropods (arboviruses) and possess an RNA genome. This brief review will focus largely on the discovery of new arthropod-borne viruses. ..
  2. Lin Y, Zhang H, Zhao C, Liu S, Guo L. The complete genome sequence of a novel mycovirus from Alternaria longipes strain HN28. Arch Virol. 2015;160:577-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Phylogenetic analysis indicated that AlRV1-HN28 was closely related to four other unclassified viruses, which suggests that the AlRV1-HN28 isolated from Alternaria longipes may belong to a new family of dsRNA ..
  3. Garigliany M, Börstler J, Jöst H, Badusche M, Desmecht D, Schmidt Chanasit J, et al. Characterization of a novel circo-like virus in Aedes vexans mosquitoes from Germany: evidence for a new genus within the family Circoviridae. J Gen Virol. 2015;96:915-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Further investigations are needed to determine the host range, tissue tropism and transmission route(s). This report increases the current knowledge of the genetic diversity and evolution of the members of the family Circoviridae. ..
  4. Aiewsakun P, Simmonds P. The genomic underpinnings of eukaryotic virus taxonomy: creating a sequence-based framework for family-level virus classification. Microbiome. 2018;6:38 pubmed publisher
    ..Such methods are increasingly required as the vast virosphere is explored. ..
  5. Zhu H, Chen D, Zhong J, Zhang S, Gao B. A novel mycovirus identified from the rice false smut fungus Ustilaginoidea virens. Virus Genes. 2015;51:159-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Phylogenetic analysis showed that UvURV-HNND-1 is more closely related to unclassified viruses such as AlRV1 and distinct from distantly related members of the family Partitiviridae...
  6. Rima B, Collins P, Easton A, Fouchier R, Kurath G, Lamb R, et al. Problems of classification in the family Paramyxoviridae. Arch Virol. 2018;163:1395-1404 pubmed publisher
    ..Such criteria would reflect the increasingly dynamic nature of virus taxonomy even if it would require a complete revision of the current classification. ..
  7. Xu P, Song X, Yang X, Tang Z, Ren G, Lu Y. A novel single-stranded RNA virus in Nesidiocoris tenuis. Arch Virol. 2017;162:1125-1128 pubmed publisher
    ..low bootstrap values and unique genomic structure suggested that the virus is a prototype of a new type of unclassified viruses. The prevalence of N. tenuis virus 1 infection in field populations of N...
  8. Zhang W, Yang S, Shan T, Hou R, Liu Z, Li W, et al. Virome comparisons in wild-diseased and healthy captive giant pandas. Microbiome. 2017;5:90 pubmed publisher
    ..genera in Papillomaviridae family, six viruses in a proposed new Picornaviridae genus (Aimelvirus), two unclassified viruses related to posaviruses in Picornavirales order, 19 anelloviruses in four different clades of Anelloviridae ..
  9. Wang C, Wu J, Zhu X, Chen J. Complete nucleotide sequences of dsRNA2 and dsRNA7 detected in the phytopathogenic fungus Sclerotium hydrophilum and their close phylogenetic relationship to a group of unclassified viruses. Virus Genes. 2016;52:823-827 pubmed
    ..analysis of the putative proteins indicated that they are closely related to protein encoded by unclassified viruses, such as Cryphonectria parasitica bipartite mycovirus 1, Lactarius rufus RNA virus 1, Penicillium ..

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  1. Toohey Kurth K, Sibley S, Goldberg T. Metagenomic assessment of adventitious viruses in commercial bovine sera. Biologicals. 2017;47:64-68 pubmed publisher
    ..Metagenomics is useful for detecting taxonomically and genetically diverse adventitious viruses in commercial serum products, and it provides sensitive and quantitative information. ..
  2. Sievers A, Bosiek K, Bisch M, Dreessen C, Riedel J, Froß P, et al. K-mer Content, Correlation, and Position Analysis of Genome DNA Sequences for the Identification of Function and Evolutionary Features. Genes (Basel). 2017;8: pubmed publisher
    ..content and several genes in these genomes have been found, showing similarities between classified and unclassified viruses, which may be potentially useful for further taxonomic research...
  3. Atoni E, Wang Y, Karungu S, Waruhiu C, Zohaib A, Obanda V, et al. Metagenomic Virome Analysis of Culex Mosquitoes from Kenya and China. Viruses. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..57%) while in Hubei it was Herpesviridae (30%) and the Yunnan virome was dominated by an unclassified viruses group (27%)...
  4. Shahhosseini N, Lühken R, Jöst H, Jansen S, Börstler J, Rieger T, et al. Detection and characterization of a novel rhabdovirus in Aedes cantans mosquitoes and evidence for a mosquito-associated new genus in the family Rhabdoviridae. Infect Genet Evol. 2017;55:260-268 pubmed publisher
    ..advances in random amplification technologies, metagenomic surveillance expanded the number of novel, often unclassified viruses within the family Rhabdoviridae...
  5. Bartíková P, Holíková V, Kazimírová M, Štibrániová I. Tick-borne viruses. Acta Virol. 2017;61:413-427 pubmed publisher
    ..in molecular biotechnologies have led to discoveries of new TBVs and further genetic characterization of unclassified viruses resulting in changes in TBVs classification created by the International Committee for the Taxonomy of ..
  6. Wu J, Wang C, Zhu X, Chen J. Sequence analysis of double-strand RNA6 and RNA9 from the fungus Sclerotium hydrophilum. Arch Virol. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..Phylogenetic analysis revealed that dsRNA2 and dsRNA7 belong to a group of unclassified viruses. In this report, we cloned and sequenced dsRNA6 and dsRNA9 from the 10 dsRNAs...