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Honeysuckle yellow vein betasatellite


Alias: Honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic disease associated sequence, Honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic virus DNA beta, Honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic virus satellite DNA beta, Honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic virus-associated DNA beta

Top Publications

  1. Bull S, Tsai W, Briddon R, Markham P, Stanley J, Green S. Diversity of begomovirus DNA beta satellites of non-malvaceous plants in east and south east Asia. Arch Virol. 2004;149:1193-1200 pubmed
    ..This probably reflects the limited movement of begomovirus/DNA beta complexes in this region and their subsequent diversification from a common ancestor to a variety of hosts. ..
  2. Briddon R, Bull S, Amin I, Idris A, Mansoor S, Bedford I, et al. Diversity of DNA beta, a satellite molecule associated with some monopartite begomoviruses. Virology. 2003;312:106-21 pubmed
    ..Within the two clusters, DNA beta molecules showed relatedness based both on host and geographic origin. These findings strongly support coadaptation of DNA beta molecules with their respective helper begomoviruses...