Grapevine deformation virus



Top Publications

  1. Elbeaino T, Digiaro M, Ghebremeskel S, Martelli G. Grapevine deformation virus: completion of the sequence and evidence on its origin from recombination events between Grapevine fanleaf virus and Arabis mosaic virus. Virus Res. 2012;166:136-40 pubmed publisher
    The complete nucleotide (nt) sequence of Grapevine deformation virus (GDefV) RNA-1 has been determined...
  2. Ghanem Sabanadzovic N, Sabanadzovic S, Digiaro M, Martelli G. Complete nucleotide sequence of the RNA-2 of grapevine deformation and Grapevine Anatolian ringspot viruses. Virus Genes. 2005;30:335-40 pubmed
    The nucleotide sequence of RNA-2 of Grapevine Anatolian ringspot virus (GARSV) and Grapevine deformation virus (GDefV), two recently described nepoviruses, has been determined...