Daphnia galeata


Alias: Daphnia galeata G. O. Sars, 1864, Daphnia sp. 1 EZ-2008, Daphnia sp. 2 EZ-2008

Top Publications

  1. Lu Y, Johnston P, Dennis S, Monaghan M, John U, Spaak P, et al. Daphnia galeata responds to the exposure to an ichthyosporean gut parasite by down-regulation of immunity and lipid metabolism. BMC Genomics. 2018;19:932 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we provide the first molecular insights into the response of Daphnia galeata to its highly virulent and common parasite Caullerya mesnili, an ichthyosporean that infects the gut ..
  2. Spaak P, Fox J, Hairston N. Modes and mechanisms of a Daphnia invasion. Proc Biol Sci. 2012;279:2936-44 pubmed publisher
    ..We dissect the causes of invasions of Swiss lakes, north of the Alps, by Daphnia galeata (a zooplankter typical of eutrophic lakes, e.g...
  3. Yin M, Wang X, Ma X, Gießler S, Petrusek A, Griebel J, et al. Cytonuclear diversity and shared mitochondrial haplotypes among Daphnia galeata populations separated by seven thousand kilometres. BMC Evol Biol. 2018;18:130 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, our findings provide insights into the genetic population structure of a cladoceran species with extremely wide geographical range. ..
  4. Herrmann M, Henning Lucass N, Cordellier M, Schwenk K. A genotype-phenotype association approach to reveal thermal adaptation in Daphnia galeata. J Exp Zool A Ecol Integr Physiol. 2017;327:53-65 pubmed publisher
  5. Piscia R, Colombini M, Ponti B, Bettinetti R, Monticelli D, Rossi V, et al. Lifetime response of contemporary versus resurrected Daphnia galeata Sars (Crustacea, Cladocera) to Cu(II) chronic exposure. Bull Environ Contam Toxicol. 2015;94:46-51 pubmed publisher
    ..We quantified the lifetime tolerance and effects of Cu(II) exposure on Daphnia galeata in a polluted subalpine lake by comparing extant individuals with those resurrected from ephippia extracted ..
  6. Cui R, Kwak J, An Y. Comparative study of the sensitivity of Daphnia galeata and Daphnia magna to heavy metals. Ecotoxicol Environ Saf. 2018;162:63-70 pubmed publisher
    b>Daphnia galeata and Daphnia magna belong to the family Daphniidae. Daphnia galeata has a smaller body size and longer helmet than D. magna. Although D...
  7. Karabanov D, Bekker E, Shiel R, Kotov A. Invasion of a Holarctic planktonic cladoceran Daphnia galeata Sars (Crustacea: Cladocera) in the Lower Lakes of South Australia. Zootaxa. 2018;4402:136-148 pubmed publisher
    We found a Holarctic microcrustacean Daphnia galeata Sars, 1863 (Cladocera: Daphniidae) in the Lower Lakes of South Australia. This taxon was never detected in continental Australia before...
  8. Loureiro C, Cuco A, Claro M, Santos J, Pedrosa M, Gonçalves F, et al. Progressive acclimation alters interaction between salinity and temperature in experimental Daphnia populations. Chemosphere. 2015;139:126-32 pubmed publisher
    ..The phenotypic adaptability of a Daphnia galeata clone to temperature rise and salinisation was investigated in this study, by evaluating its halotolerance at ..
  9. Thielsch A, Knell A, Mohammadyari A, Petrusek A, Schwenk K. Divergent clades or cryptic species? Mito-nuclear discordance in a Daphnia species complex. BMC Evol Biol. 2017;17:227 pubmed publisher
    ..grouped at the nuclear level with widespread, well-recognized species coexisting at the same localities (Daphnia galeata, D. longispina, and D. cucullata)...

More Information


  1. Cui R, Chae Y, An Y. Dimension-dependent toxicity of silver nanomaterials on the cladocerans Daphnia magna and Daphnia galeata. Chemosphere. 2017;185:205-212 pubmed publisher
    ..In this study, important aquatic model species, Daphnia magna and Daphnia galeata, were used to assess and compare the toxic effects of silver ions (Ag+ ions) and multi-dimensional ..
  2. Cui R, Kwak J, An Y. A novel method for preventing surface film entrapment of water fleas and its application for toxicity testing with heavy metals. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2017;24:4210-4219 pubmed publisher
    Some water fleas such as Daphnia galeata and Bosmina longirostris are difficult to culture and use in ecotoxicity testing since they can easily become entrapped at the surface film...
  3. Cui R, Kim S, An Y. Polystyrene nanoplastics inhibit reproduction and induce abnormal embryonic development in the freshwater crustacean Daphnia galeata. Sci Rep. 2017;7:12095 pubmed publisher
    We assayed the toxicity of polystyrene nanoparticles (PS-NP, 52?nm) to Daphnia galeata. Survival and reproduction were significantly decreased in individuals exposed to 5?mg/L of PS-NP for 5 days, and embryos showed abnormal development, ..
  4. Mano H, Tanaka Y. Spatial difference in genetic variation for fenitrothion tolerance between local populations of Daphnia galeata in Lake Kasumigaura, Japan. Ecotoxicology. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    This study examines the spatial difference in genetic variation for tolerance to a pesticide, fenitrothion, in Daphnia galeata at field sites in Lake Kasumigaura, Japan...
  5. Herrmann M, Ravindran S, Schwenk K, Cordellier M. Population transcriptomics in Daphnia: the role of thermal selection. Mol Ecol. 2017;: pubmed publisher
    ..We compared transcriptomes among four Daphnia galeata populations and identified transcripts potentially responding to local thermal selection based on an ..
  6. Huylmans A, López Ezquerra A, Parsch J, Cordellier M. De Novo Transcriptome Assembly and Sex-Biased Gene Expression in the Cyclical Parthenogenetic Daphnia galeata. Genome Biol Evol. 2016;8:3120-3139 pubmed
    ..galeata and highly conserved among Daphnia species. ..
  7. Vavra J, Hylis M, Fiala I, Sacherova V, Vossbrinck C. Microsporidian genus Berwaldia (Opisthosporidia, Microsporidia), infecting daphnids (Crustacea, Branchiopoda): Biology, structure, molecular phylogeny and description of two new species. Eur J Protistol. 2017;61:1-12 pubmed publisher
    ..schaefernai Vávra and Larsson, 1994, parasites of Daphnia pulex Leydig, 1860 and Daphnia galeata Sars, 1863, respectively...
  8. Tokishita S, Shibuya H, Kobayashi T, Sakamoto M, Ha J, Yokobori S, et al. Diversification of mitochondrial genome of Daphnia galeata (Cladocera, Crustacea): Comparison with phylogenetic consideration of the complete sequences of clones isolated from five lakes in Japan. Gene. 2017;611:38-46 pubmed publisher
    To characterize genetic diversity and gene flow among Daphnia galeata populations, the complete nucleotide (nt) sequences of the mitochondrial (mt) DNAs of D...