Cranoglanis bouderius



Top Publications

  1. Peng Z, Wang J, He S. The complete mitochondrial genome of the helmet catfish Cranoglanis bouderius (Siluriformes: Cranoglanididae) and the phylogeny of otophysan fishes. Gene. 2006;376:290-7 pubmed publisher
    ..mitochondrial genome from the single species of the catfish family Cranoglanididae, the helmet catfish Cranoglanis bouderius, was determined using the long and accurate polymerase chain reaction (LA PCR) method...
  2. Xie S, Zhou A, Feng Y, Wang Z, Fan L, Zhang Y, et al. Effects of fasting and re-feeding on mstn and mstnb genes expressions in Cranoglanis bouderius. Gene. 2019;682:1-12 pubmed publisher
    The myostatin (mstn) and myostatinb (mstnb) gene of Cranoglanis bouderius were cloned and sequenced and their expressions under nutritional restriction were characterized...