Alias: Terfeziaceae

Top Publications

  1. Ercole E, Adamo M, Rodda M, Gebauer G, Girlanda M, Perotto S. Temporal variation in mycorrhizal diversity and carbon and nitrogen stable isotope abundance in the wintergreen meadow orchid Anacamptis morio. New Phytol. 2015;205:1308-19 pubmed publisher
    ..Anacamptis morio associated with mycorrhizal fungi belonging to Tulasnella, Ceratobasidium and a clade of Pezizaceae (Ascomycetes)...
  2. Eros Honti Z, Jakucs E. Characterization of beech ectomycorrhizae formed by species of the Pachyphloeus-Amylascus lineage. Mycorrhiza. 2009;19:337-345 pubmed publisher
    ..forms a common phylogenetic lineage with the epigeous Scabropezia and the hypogeous Amylascus, within the Pezizaceae (Ascomycota)...