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  1. Gangula P, Zhao H, Supowit S, Wimalawansa S, Dipette D, Westlund K, et al. Increased blood pressure in alpha-calcitonin gene-related peptide/calcitonin gene knockout mice. Hypertension. 2000;35:470-5 pubmed
  2. Coffey L, Weaver S. Susceptibility of Ochlerotatus taeniorhynchus and Culex nigripalpus for Eeverglades virus. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2005;73:11-6 pubmed
    ..Identification of vectors involved in enzootic EVEV transmission will assist in understanding potential changes in vector use that could accompany the emergence of epizootic or epidemic EVEV...
  3. Singh P, Wu H, Clark C, Owlia A. Annexin II binds progastrin and gastrin-like peptides, and mediates growth factor effects of autocrine and exogenous gastrins on colon cancer and intestinal epithelial cells. Oncogene. 2007;26:425-40 pubmed
    ..We have thus discovered that membrane-associated ANX II binds PG/gastrins, and partially mediates growth factor effects of the peptides...
  4. Bailey C, Hammers D, DeFord J, Dimayuga V, Amaning J, Farrar R, et al. Ishemia-reperfusion enhances GAPDH nitration in aging skeletal muscle. Aging (Albany NY). 2011;3:1003-17 pubmed
    ..We propose that tyrosine nitration enhances GAPDH degradation following I/R and that the persistent decrease of GAPDH in aged muscle is due to the prolonged increase in oxidative modification in this age group. ..
  5. Paessler S, Fayzulin R, Anishchenko M, Greene I, Weaver S, Frolov I. Recombinant sindbis/Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus is highly attenuated and immunogenic. J Virol. 2003;77:9278-86 pubmed
    ..Our findings suggest that the use of the SINV genome as a vector for expression of structural proteins derived from more pathogenic, encephalitic alphaviruses is a promising strategy for alphavirus vaccine development. ..
  6. Bhatia V, Garg N. Previously unrecognized vaccine candidates control Trypanosoma cruzi infection and immunopathology in mice. Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2008;15:1158-64 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results demonstrate the identification of novel vaccine candidates that provided protection from T. cruzi-induced immunopathology in experimental mice...
  7. Pinkaew D, Cho S, Hui D, Wiktorowicz J, Hutadilok Towatana N, Mahabusarakam W, et al. Morelloflavone blocks injury-induced neointimal formation by inhibiting vascular smooth muscle cell migration. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2009;1790:31-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose morelloflavone to be a viable oral agent for the prevention of restenosis, without compromising effects on the integrity and healing of the injured arteries. ..
  8. Lasagna Reeves C, Clos A, Midoro Hiriuti T, Goldblum R, Jackson G, Kayed R. Inhaled insulin forms toxic pulmonary amyloid aggregates. Endocrinology. 2010;151:4717-24 pubmed publisher
    ..These insulin deposits resemble the amyloid structures implicated in protein misfolding disorders, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, and could as well be deleterious in nature. ..
  9. Yadav U, Aguilera Aguirre L, Ramana K, Boldogh I, Srivastava S. Aldose reductase inhibition prevents metaplasia of airway epithelial cells. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e14440 pubmed publisher
    ..However, no effective and specific pharmacologic treatment is currently available. Here, we investigated the mechanisms by which aldose reductase (AR) regulates the mucus cell metaplasia in vitro and in vivo...

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  1. Whiteman M, Wicker J, Kinney R, Huang C, Solomon T, Barrett A. Multiple amino acid changes at the first glycosylation motif in NS1 protein of West Nile virus are necessary for complete attenuation for mouse neuroinvasiveness. Vaccine. 2011;29:9702-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Further, mutating all three of the amino acids of the NS1(130-132) glycosylation motif (NTT-QQA) along with NS1(175) and NS1(207) asparagine to alanine mutations gave the most stable and attenuated strain...
  2. Baregamian N, Song J, Chung D. Effects of oxidative stress on intestinal type I insulin-like growth factor receptor expression. Eur J Pediatr Surg. 2012;22:97-104 pubmed publisher
    ..IGF-IR-mediated activation of intracellular signaling may play a critical role during oxidative stress-induced apoptosis in NEC. ..
  3. Wanderley J, Thorpe P, Barcinski M, Soong L. Phosphatidylserine exposure on the surface of Leishmania amazonensis amastigotes modulates in vivo infection and dendritic cell function. Parasite Immunol. 2013;35:109-119 pubmed publisher
    ..This study provides new information regarding the mechanism of immune suppression in Leishmania infection. ..
  4. Lina T, Pinchuk I, House J, Yamaoka Y, Graham D, Beswick E, et al. CagA-dependent downregulation of B7-H2 expression on gastric mucosa and inhibition of Th17 responses during Helicobacter pylori infection. J Immunol. 2013;191:3838-46 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that CagA contributes to the ability of H. pylori to evade Th17-mediated clearance by modulating expression of B7-H2 and, thus, to the establishment of the H. pylori chronic infection. ..
  5. Saito H, Sherwood E, Varma T, Evers B. Effects of aging on mortality, hypothermia, and cytokine induction in mice with endotoxemia or sepsis. Mech Ageing Dev. 2003;124:1047-58 pubmed
    ..These results clearly demonstrate an age-associated increase in mortality, hypothermia, and induction of IL-6 during endotoxemia and sepsis. ..
  6. Lambert K, Curran E, Judy B, Lubahn D, Estes D. Estrogen receptor-alpha deficiency promotes increased TNF-alpha secretion and bacterial killing by murine macrophages in response to microbial stimuli in vitro. J Leukoc Biol. 2004;75:1166-72 pubmed
    ..In contrast, ERbeta-deficient PM possessed no significant difference in TNF-alpha secretion or in bacterial load when compared with WT littermates. These studies suggest that ERalpha, but not ERbeta, modulates murine PM function. ..
  7. Awasthi S, Singhal S, Srivastava S, Awasthi Y. Purification and characterization of glutathione S-transferase of murine ovary and testis. Arch Biochem Biophys. 1993;301:143-50 pubmed
    ..The substrate specificities were also significantly different for the corresponding isozymes of testis and ovary. ..
  8. Beasley D, Suderman M, Holbrook M, Barrett A. Nucleotide sequencing and serological evidence that the recently recognized deer tick virus is a genotype of Powassan virus. Virus Res. 2001;79:81-9 pubmed
    ..On the basis of these results, we suggest that DTV should be classified as a genotype of POW virus. ..
  9. Crocquet Valdes P, Diaz Montero C, Feng H, Li H, Barrett A, Walker D. Immunization with a portion of rickettsial outer membrane protein A stimulates protective immunity against spotted fever rickettsiosis. Vaccine. 2001;20:979-88 pubmed
    ..Production of IFN-gamma by antigen-exposed T-lymphocytes of DNA vaccine recipients indicated that cellular immunity had been stimulated. ..
  10. Hsieh C, Papaconstantinou J. The effect of aging on p38 signaling pathway activity in the mouse liver and in response to ROS generated by 3-nitropropionic acid. Mech Ageing Dev. 2002;123:1423-35 pubmed
  11. Sherwood E, Enoh V, Murphey E, Lin C. Mice depleted of CD8+ T and NK cells are resistant to injury caused by cecal ligation and puncture. Lab Invest. 2004;84:1655-65 pubmed
    ..These data show that mice depleted of CD8+ T and NK cells exhibit survival benefit, improved physiologic function and an attenuated proinflammatory response following CLP that is comparable to beta2M/alphaAsGM1 mice. ..
  12. Stevenson H, Jordan J, Peerwani Z, Wang H, Walker D, Ismail N. An intradermal environment promotes a protective type-1 response against lethal systemic monocytotropic ehrlichial infection. Infect Immun. 2006;74:4856-64 pubmed
  13. Wang E, Petrakova O, Adams A, Aguilar P, Kang W, Paessler S, et al. Chimeric Sindbis/eastern equine encephalitis vaccine candidates are highly attenuated and immunogenic in mice. Vaccine. 2007;25:7573-81 pubmed
    ..Upon challenge with EEEV, mice vaccinated with >10(4) PFU of the chimeric viruses were completely protected from disease. These findings support the potential use of these SIN/EEEV chimeras as safe and effective vaccines...
  14. Holbrook M, Gowen B. Animal models of highly pathogenic RNA viral infections: encephalitis viruses. Antiviral Res. 2008;78:69-78 pubmed
    ..In this review we provide a brief summary of the current status of animal models used to study highly pathogenic encephalitic RNA viruses for the development of antiviral therapeutics and vaccines. ..
  15. Sanabria M, Vargas Inchaustegui D, Xin L, Soong L. Role of natural killer cells in modulating dendritic cell responses to Leishmania amazonensis infection. Infect Immun. 2008;76:5100-9 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest differential roles of DC-NK cell cross talk at different stages of Leishmania infection and provide new insight into the interplay of components of the innate immune system during parasitic infection. ..
  16. Kaphalia B, Bhopale K, Kondraganti S, Wu H, Boor P, Ansari G. Pancreatic injury in hepatic alcohol dehydrogenase-deficient deer mice after subchronic exposure to ethanol. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2010;246:154-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, determining how this early stage of pancreatic injury advances to inflammation stage could be important for understanding the mechanism(s) of alcoholic pancreatitis. ..
  17. Hill K, Gaziova I, Harrigal L, Guerra Y, Qiu S, Sastry S, et al. Met receptor tyrosine kinase signaling induces secretion of the angiogenic chemokine interleukin-8/CXCL8 in pancreatic cancer. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e40420 pubmed publisher
  18. Sha J, Rosenzweig J, Kirtley M, van Lier C, Fitts E, Kozlova E, et al. A non-invasive in vivo imaging system to study dissemination of bioluminescent Yersinia pestis CO92 in a mouse model of pneumonic plague. Microb Pathog. 2013;55:39-50 pubmed publisher
  19. Koma T, Huang C, Kolokoltsova O, Brasier A, Paessler S. Innate immune response to arenaviral infection: a focus on the highly pathogenic New World hemorrhagic arenaviruses. J Mol Biol. 2013;425:4893-903 pubmed publisher
  20. DI Mari J, Davis R, Safirstein R. MAPK activation determines renal epithelial cell survival during oxidative injury. Am J Physiol. 1999;277:F195-203 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that cell survival in the kidney after ischemia may be dependent on ERK activation, suggesting that this pathway may be a target for therapeutic treatment in I/R injury. ..
  21. Singh P, Velasco M, Given R, Wargovich M, Varro A, Wang T. Mice overexpressing progastrin are predisposed for developing aberrant colonic crypt foci in response to AOM. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2000;278:G390-9 pubmed
    ..amidated gastrins. In conclusion, our results provide strong support for a cocarcinogenic role for nonamidated gastrins in colon carcinogenesis...
  22. Pajor A, Gangula R, Yao X. Cloning and functional characterization of a high-affinity Na(+)/dicarboxylate cotransporter from mouse brain. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2001;280:C1215-23 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, mNaDC-3 likely codes for the high-affinity Na(+)/dicarboxylate cotransporter in brain, and it has some unusual electrical properties compared with the other members of the family...
  23. Singh I, Coppenhaver D, Chopra A, Baron S. Innate gastrointestinal immunity: characterization of broadly active viral inhibitors. Antiviral Res. 2001;49:157-67 pubmed
    ..The innate nonspecific, broadly-active virus inhibitors, based on high titers and location, are considered important initial immune defense mechanisms against viral infections and thus potentially useful in medical applications. ..
  24. Diaz Montero C, Feng H, Crocquet Valdes P, Walker D. Identification of protective components of two major outer membrane proteins of spotted fever group Rickettsiae. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2001;65:371-8 pubmed
  25. Haeberle H, Nesti F, Dieterich H, Gatalica Z, Garofalo R. Perflubron reduces lung inflammation in respiratory syncytial virus infection by inhibiting chemokine expression and nuclear factor-kappa B activation. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2002;165:1433-8 pubmed
  26. Suetomi K, Rojo D, Navarro J. Identification of a signal transduction switch in the chemokine receptor CXCR1. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:31563-6 pubmed
    ..Most importantly, we identify for the first time elements of an early signal transduction switch of chemokine receptors before the activation of cytoplasmic G proteins. ..
  27. Wen J, Garg N. Oxidative modification of mitochondrial respiratory complexes in response to the stress of Trypanosoma cruzi infection. Free Radic Biol Med. 2004;37:2072-81 pubmed
    ..cruzi infection. These data also suggest involvement of the specific susceptibility of the protein subunits, and not generalized mitochondrial oxidative damage in respiratory chain impairment of chagasic hearts. ..
  28. Dharajiya N, Choudhury B, Bacsi A, Boldogh I, Alam R, Sur S. Inhibiting pollen reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase-induced signal by intrapulmonary administration of antioxidants blocks allergic airway inflammation. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2007;119:646-53 pubmed
    ..Administration of antioxidants in the airways may constitute a novel therapeutic strategy to prevent pollen induced allergic airway inflammation. ..
  29. Fang R, Ismail N, Shelite T, Walker D. CD4+ CD25+ Foxp3- T-regulatory cells produce both gamma interferon and interleukin-10 during acute severe murine spotted fever rickettsiosis. Infect Immun. 2009;77:3838-49 pubmed publisher
  30. Widman D, Ishikawa T, Winkelmann E, Infante E, Bourne N, Mason P. RepliVAX WN, a single-cycle flavivirus vaccine to prevent West Nile disease, elicits durable protective immunity in hamsters. Vaccine. 2009;27:5550-3 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that RepliVAX is capable of inducing durable protective immunity after a single dose. ..
  31. Baregamian N, Song J, Bailey C, Papaconstantinou J, Evers B, Chung D. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha and apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 control reactive oxygen species release, mitochondrial autophagy, and c-Jun N-terminal kinase/p38 phosphorylation during necrotizing enterocolitis. Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2009;2:297-306 pubmed publisher
    ..Therapies directed against mitochondria/ROS may provide important therapeutic options, as well as ameliorate intestinal epithelial cell apoptosis during NEC. ..
  32. Hou L, Jie Z, Desai M, Liang Y, Soong L, Wang T, et al. Early IL-17 production by intrahepatic T cells is important for adaptive immune responses in viral hepatitis. J Immunol. 2013;190:621-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, the highly coordinated cross talk among hepatocytes and innate and adaptive immune cells played a critical role in anti-viral immunity in hepatitis. ..
  33. Shan C, Muruato A, Nunes B, Luo H, Xie X, Medeiros D, et al. A live-attenuated Zika virus vaccine candidate induces sterilizing immunity in mouse models. Nat Med. 2017;23:763-767 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, the safety and efficacy results suggest that further development of this promising, live-attenuated ZIKV vaccine candidate is warranted. ..
  34. Papouin T, Dunphy J, Tolman M, Dineley K, Haydon P. Septal Cholinergic Neuromodulation Tunes the Astrocyte-Dependent Gating of Hippocampal NMDA Receptors to Wakefulness. Neuron. 2017;94:840-854.e7 pubmed publisher
    ..Indeed, bypassing cholinergic activity with a clinically tested ?7nAChR agonist successfully enhances NMDAR activation. VIDEO ABSTRACT. ..
  35. Zhao Z, Yang M, Azar S, Soong L, Weaver S, Sun J, et al. Viral Retinopathy in Experimental Models of Zika Infection. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2017;58:4355–4365 pubmed publisher
    ..The ocular findings in microcephalic infants may not be solely caused by ZIKV-induced impairment of neurodevelopment. ..
  36. Ito I, Asai A, Suzuki S, Kobayashi M, Suzuki F. M2b macrophage polarization accompanied with reduction of long noncoding RNA GAS5. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2017;493:170-175 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that the reduction of GAS5 RNA influenced by the NMD pathway activation leads to the M? polarization stimulated with LPS and IC in combination. ..
  37. Walker D, Hudnall S, Szaniawski W, Feng H. Monoclonal antibody-based immunohistochemical diagnosis of rickettsialpox: the macrophage is the principal target. Mod Pathol. 1999;12:529-33 pubmed
  38. Beasley D, Li L, Suderman M, Barrett A. West Nile virus strains differ in mouse neurovirulence and binding to mouse or human brain membrane receptor preparations. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2001;951:332-5 pubmed
  39. Sun J, Alison Stalls M, Thompson K, Fisher Van Houten N. Cell cycle block in anergic T cells during tolerance induction. Cell Immunol. 2003;225:33-41 pubmed
    ..Our results indicate either that tolerance is a default pathway and a secondary stimulus is required at day 3 to progress to sensitization, or that elements that limit cell cycle progression are provided for tolerance induction. ..
  40. Geary C, Akinbi H, Korfhagen T, Fabre J, Boucher R, Rice W. Increased susceptibility of purinergic receptor-deficient mice to lung infection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2005;289:L890-5 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest that purinergic receptors exert a protective role against infection of the lungs by P. aeruginosa by decreasing protein leak and enhancing proinflammatory cytokine response. ..
  41. Thangamani S, Higgs S, Ziegler S, Vanlandingham D, Tesh R, Wikel S. Host immune response to mosquito-transmitted chikungunya virus differs from that elicited by needle inoculated virus. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e12137 pubmed publisher
    ..In this report, we compared host immune responses to chikungunya virus (CHIKV) transmission by (1) mosquito bite, or (2) by needle inoculation...
  42. Christadoss P, Poussin M, Deng C. Animal models of myasthenia gravis. Clin Immunol. 2000;94:75-87 pubmed
    ..Antigen-specific tolerance and downregulation of pathogenic cytokines could achieve effective therapy of EAMG and probably MG. ..
  43. Li Q, Deng X, Singh P. Significant increase in the aggressive behavior of transgenic mice overexpressing peripheral progastrin peptides: associated changes in CCK2 and serotonin receptors in the CNS. Neuropsychopharmacology. 2007;32:1813-21 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that an upregulation of the CCK response system and 5-HT(1A)R in the hypothalamus of Tg/Tg mice may mediate the alterations in the observed behaviors of these mice. ..
  44. Ismail N, Crossley E, Stevenson H, Walker D. Relative importance of T-cell subsets in monocytotropic ehrlichiosis: a novel effector mechanism involved in Ehrlichia-induced immunopathology in murine ehrlichiosis. Infect Immun. 2007;75:4608-20 pubmed
    ..Our data demonstrate a novel mechanism of immunopathology in which CD8(+) T cells mediate Ehrlichia-induced toxic shock, which is associated with IL-10 overproduction and CD4(+) T-cell apoptosis. ..
  45. Robinson J, Telepnev M, Zudina I, Bouyer D, Montenieri J, Bearden S, et al. Evaluation of a Yersinia pestis mutant impaired in a thermoregulated type VI-like secretion system in flea, macrophage and murine models. Microb Pathog. 2009;47:243-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Further study of the virulence of the T6SS mutant in murine bubonic and inhalation plague models revealed no attenuation in comparison with the parental CO92 strain. ..
  46. Gallay P, Chatterji U, Kirchhoff A, Gandarilla A, Gunawardana M, Pyles R, et al. Prevention of vaginal and rectal HIV transmission by antiretroviral combinations in humanized mice. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0184303 pubmed publisher
  47. RODRIGUEZ RIVERA J, Denner L, Dineley K. Rosiglitazone reversal of Tg2576 cognitive deficits is independent of peripheral gluco-regulatory status. Behav Brain Res. 2011;216:255-61 pubmed publisher
  48. Carter K, Post D, Papaconstantinou J. Differential expression of the mouse alpha 1-acid glycoprotein genes (AGP-1 and AGP-2) during inflammation and aging. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1991;1089:197-205 pubmed
    ..These studies set the stage for future experiments to determine the mechanisms by which the different alpha 1-acid glycoprotein genes are regulated during the acute-phase response and how aging affects these regulatory processes. ..
  49. Kobayashi M, Fujita K, Katakura T, Utsunomiya T, Pollard R, Suzuki F. Inhibitory effect of glycyrrhizin on experimental pulmonary metastasis in mice inoculated with B16 melanoma. Anticancer Res. 2002;22:4053-8 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that GR inhibits the pulmonary metastases of B16 melanoma through the regulation of tumor-associated Th2 cells. ..
  50. Wang G, Wang J, Ma H, Ansari G, Khan M. N-Acetylcysteine protects against trichloroethene-mediated autoimmunity by attenuating oxidative stress. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. 2013;273:189-95 pubmed publisher
    ..These results provide further support to a role of oxidative stress in TCE-induced autoimmune response. Attenuation of TCE-induced autoimmunity in mice by NAC provides an approach for preventive and/or therapeutic strategies. ..
  51. Liu D, Wen J, Liu J, Li L. The roles of free radicals in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: reactive oxygen species and elevated oxidation of protein, DNA, and membrane phospholipids. FASEB J. 1999;13:2318-28 pubmed
    ..Liu, D., Wen, J., Liu, J., Li, L. The roles of free radicals in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: reactive oxygen species and elevated oxidation of protein, DNA, and membrane phospholipids. ..
  52. Beasley D, Li L, Suderman M, Barrett A. Mouse neuroinvasive phenotype of West Nile virus strains varies depending upon virus genotype. Virology. 2002;296:17-23 pubmed
    ..Virus isolated in North America was found to be highly neuroinvasive with a lack of age-related resistance to infection in mice normally associated with mosquito-borne flaviviruses. ..
  53. Dai B, Saada N, Echetebu C, Dettbarn C, Palade P. A new promoter for alpha1C subunit of human L-type cardiac calcium channel Ca(V)1.2. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2002;296:429-33 pubmed
    ..The putative promoter exhibits 69% homology to its rat counterpart and displays functional promoter activity when transfected into heart cells in culture in luciferase-expressing constructs. ..
  54. Toliver Kinsky T, Varma T, Lin C, Herndon D, Sherwood E. Interferon-gamma production is suppressed in thermally injured mice: decreased production of regulatory cytokines and corresponding receptors. Shock. 2002;18:322-30 pubmed
    ..We conclude that burn-associated suppression of IFN-gamma is due to deficient production of inducing factors and their receptors, leading to severe impairments in cellular IFN-gamma induction pathways. ..
  55. Enoh V, Fairchild C, Lin C, Varma T, Sherwood E. Differential effect of imipenem treatment on wild-type and NK cell-deficient CD8 knockout mice during acute intra-abdominal injury. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2006;290:R685-93 pubmed
    ..CD8KO/alphaAsGM1 mice are resistant to the systemic manifestations of cecal injury. ..
  56. Hoogerwerf W. Prokineticin 1 inhibits spontaneous giant contractions in the murine proximal colon through nitric oxide release. Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2006;18:455-63 pubmed
    ..PKR1 and its natural ligand, prokineticin 1 may be important for modulation of colonic motility. ..
  57. Rychahou P, Jackson L, Silva S, Rajaraman S, Evers B. Targeted molecular therapy of the PI3K pathway: therapeutic significance of PI3K subunit targeting in colorectal carcinoma. Ann Surg. 2006;243:833-42; discussion 843-4 pubmed
    ..Selective targeting of PI3K pathway components may enhance the effects of standard chemotherapeutic agents and provide novel adjuvant treatment of selected colorectal cancers. ..
  58. Chen L, Li J, Silva S, Jackson L, Zhou Y, Watanabe H, et al. PKD3 is the predominant protein kinase D isoform in mouse exocrine pancreas and promotes hormone-induced amylase secretion. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:2459-71 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings reveal a novel distinction between the exocrine and endocrine cells of the pancreas and further identify PKD3 as a signaling molecule that promotes hormone-stimulated amylase secretion...
  59. Tuzun E, Huda R, Christadoss P. Complement and cytokine based therapeutic strategies in myasthenia gravis. J Autoimmun. 2011;37:136-43 pubmed publisher
  60. Gorchakov R, Wang E, Leal G, Forrester N, Plante K, Rossi S, et al. Attenuation of Chikungunya virus vaccine strain 181/clone 25 is determined by two amino acid substitutions in the E2 envelope glycoprotein. J Virol. 2012;86:6084-96 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that the attenuation of strain 181/clone 25 is mediated by two point mutations, explaining the phenotypic instability observed in human vaccinees and also in our studies. ..
  61. Torres A, Cieza R, Rojas López M, Blumentritt C, Souza C, Johnston R, et al. In vivo bioluminescence imaging of Escherichia coli O104:H4 and role of aerobactin during colonization of a mouse model of infection. BMC Microbiol. 2012;12:112 pubmed publisher
    ..coli O104:H4 colonization properties, and the murine model can become a rapid way to evaluate bacterial factors associated with fitness and/or colonization during E. coli O104:H4 infections. ..
  62. Deng C, Goluszko E, Christadoss P. Fas/Fas ligand pathway, apoptosis, and clonal anergy involved in systemic acetylcholine receptor T cell epitope tolerance. J Immunol. 2001;166:3458-67 pubmed
    ..The findings implicate the possible role of Fas-/Fas ligand-mediated apoptosis and the resulting clonal anergy as the mechanisms of high dose AChR alpha 146--162 peptide-induced tolerance on CD4 cells. ..
  63. Alam T, An M, Papaconstantinou J. Differential expression of three C/EBP isoforms in multiple tissues during the acute phase response. J Biol Chem. 1992;267:5021-4 pubmed
    ..Thus, the C/EBP isoforms exhibit differential mechanisms in their responses to LPS in various tissues and are likely to play an important role in mediating the transcriptional activation of genes involved in the acute phase response. ..
  64. Domiati Saad R, Ogle E, Justement L. Administration of anti-CD45 mAb specific for a B cell-restricted epitope abrogates the B cell response to a T-dependent antigen in vivo. J Immunol. 1993;151:5936-47 pubmed
    ..These results provide evidence to support the conclusion that CD45 is an important regulatory molecule that is involved in the control of B cell activation in vivo. ..
  65. Cobb S, Wood T, Tessarollo L, Velasco M, Given R, Varro A, et al. Deletion of functional gastrin gene markedly increases colon carcinogenesis in response to azoxymethane in mice. Gastroenterology. 2002;123:516-30 pubmed
  66. Smith D, Aguilar P, Coffey L, Gromowski G, Wang E, Weaver S. Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus transmission and effect on pathogenesis. Emerg Infect Dis. 2006;12:1190-6 pubmed
    ..No differences in survival were detected, regardless of the dose or infection route...
  67. Johnson A, Chu C, Milligan G. Effector CD4+ T-cell involvement in clearance of infectious herpes simplex virus type 1 from sensory ganglia and spinal cords. J Virol. 2008;82:9678-88 pubmed publisher
  68. Bowick G, Spratt H, Hogg A, Endsley J, Wiktorowicz J, Kurosky A, et al. Analysis of the differential host cell nuclear proteome induced by attenuated and virulent hemorrhagic arenavirus infection. J Virol. 2009;83:687-700 pubmed publisher
    ..This study provides a number of differentially expressed targets for further research and suggests that key events in pathogenesis may be established early in infection...
  69. Song J, Wolf S, Wu X, Finnerty C, Gauglitz G, Herndon D, et al. Starvation-induced proximal gut mucosal atrophy diminished with aging. JPEN J Parenter Enteral Nutr. 2009;33:411-6 pubmed publisher
    ..05). Gut mucosal kinetics change with age and have lower rates of apoptosis and greater mucosal mass; the character of starvation-induced atrophy is diminished with aging. ..
  70. Khajanchi B, Sha J, Kozlova E, Erova T, Suarez G, Sierra J, et al. N-acylhomoserine lactones involved in quorum sensing control the type VI secretion system, biofilm formation, protease production, and in vivo virulence in a clinical isolate of Aeromonas hydrophila. Microbiology. 2009;155:3518-31 pubmed publisher
    ..hydrophila. Together, our data suggest that AHL-mediated QS modulates the virulence of A. hydrophila SSU by regulating the T6SS, metalloprotease production and biofilm formation...
  71. Welte T, Aronson J, Gong B, Rachamallu A, Mendell N, Tesh R, et al. V?4+ T cells regulate host immune response to West Nile virus infection. FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol. 2011;63:183-92 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, V?4(+) cells suppress V?1(+) cell expansion via TGF-? and increase IL-10 level during WNV infection, which together may lead to higher viremia and enhanced brain inflammation. ..
  72. Tsalkova T, Mei F, Li S, Chepurny O, Leech C, Liu T, et al. Isoform-specific antagonists of exchange proteins directly activated by cAMP. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012;109:18613-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Isoform-specific EPAC pharmacological probes are highly desired and will be valuable tools for dissecting the biological functions of EPAC proteins and their roles in various disease states. ..
  73. Goluszko E, Deng C, Poussin M, Christadoss P. Tumor necrosis factor receptor p55 and p75 deficiency protects mice from developing experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis. J Neuroimmunol. 2002;122:85-93 pubmed
    ..We thus demonstrate the genetic evidence for the role of TNF receptor p55 and p75 in EAMG pathogenesis, and their requirement for the generation of anti-AChR IgG antibodies. ..
  74. Warder D, Keherly M. Ciz1, Cip1 interacting zinc finger protein 1 binds the consensus DNA sequence ARYSR(0-2)YYAC. J Biomed Sci. 2003;10:406-17 pubmed
    ..The potential activities of Ciz1, including those involved in brain tumorigenesis, are discussed. ..
  75. Tammali R, Ramana K, Singhal S, Awasthi S, Srivastava S. Aldose reductase regulates growth factor-induced cyclooxygenase-2 expression and prostaglandin E2 production in human colon cancer cells. Cancer Res. 2006;66:9705-13 pubmed
  76. Aguilar P, Robich R, Turell M, O Guinn M, Klein T, Huaman A, et al. Endemic eastern equine encephalitis in the Amazon region of Peru. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2007;76:293-8 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that humans are exposed but do not develop apparent infection with EEEV because of poor infectivity and/or avirulence of South American strains. ..
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    ..These results indicate that sepsis stemming from P. aeruginosa burn-wound infection is accelerated by burn-induced Gr-1(+)CD11b(+) cells with abilities to suppress antimicrobial peptide production by epidermal keratinocytes...
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