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  1. Mahan K, Downey M, Weinfeld G. Autogenous bone graft interpositional arthrodesis for the correction of flail toe. A retrospective analysis of 22 procedures. J Am Podiatr Med Assoc. 2003;93:167-73 pubmed
    ..Overall success using the authors' procedure was 82%. Complications occurred in three patients, with one of the grafts showing complete resorption and two requiring additional surgical intervention owing to nonunion and malunion of toes...
  2. Lichtenstein G, Deren J, Katz S, Lewis J, Kennedy A, Ware J. Bowman-Birk inhibitor concentrate: a novel therapeutic agent for patients with active ulcerative colitis. Dig Dis Sci. 2008;53:175-80 pubmed
    ..22). No severe adverse events were observed. This trial suggests a potential benefit over placebo for both achieving clinical response and induction of remission in patients with active ulcerative colitis without apparent toxicity. ..
  3. Wiedemer N, Harden P, Arndt I, Gallagher R. The opioid renewal clinic: a primary care, managed approach to opioid therapy in chronic pain patients at risk for substance abuse. Pain Med. 2007;8:573-84 pubmed
    ..To measure the impact of a structured opioid renewal program for chronic pain run by a nurse practitioner (NP) and clinical pharmacist in a primary care setting...
  4. Thase M, Pritchett Y, Ossanna M, Swindle R, Xu J, Detke M. Efficacy of duloxetine and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: comparisons as assessed by remission rates in patients with major depressive disorder. J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2007;27:672-6 pubmed
  5. Shah C, Ho A, Regillo C, Fineman M, Vander J, Brown G. Short-term outcomes of 25-gauge vitrectomy with silicone oil for repair of complicated retinal detachment. Retina. 2008;28:723-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Sutureless 25-gauge PPV with silicone oil is a relatively safe and comparable alternative to 20-gauge PPV with silicone oil for repair of complicated retinal detachment. ..
  6. Schnoll R, Patterson F, Wileyto E, Tyndale R, Benowitz N, Lerman C. Nicotine metabolic rate predicts successful smoking cessation with transdermal nicotine: a validation study. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2009;92:6-11 pubmed publisher
    ..38, t[355]=-3.09, p<.05). These data support the value of the 3-HC/cotinine ratio as a biomarker to predict success with transdermal nicotine for smoking cessation. ..
  7. Lichtenstein G, Bengtsson B, Hapten White L, Rutgeerts P. Oral budesonide for maintenance of remission of Crohn's disease: a pooled safety analysis. Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2009;29:643-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Budesonide treatment for up to 1 year is well-tolerated in CD patients, with an AE profile similar to placebo and only rare occurrences of clinically important AEs associated with systemic GCSs. ..
  8. Gardner J, Evans K, Musiek A, Rook A, Kim E. Update on treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Curr Opin Oncol. 2009;21:131-7 pubmed publisher
    ..There remains a continued impetus to develop and amass experience with new therapeutic options for CTCL, particularly for patients with advanced stage and treatment-refractory disease. ..
  9. Kozin S, Boardman M, Chafetz R, Williams G, Hanlon A. Arthroscopic treatment of internal rotation contracture and glenohumeral dysplasia in children with brachial plexus birth palsy. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2010;19:102-10 pubmed publisher
    ..The purpose of the study was to assess the ability of arthroscopic anterior release, +/- tendon transfers to maintain shoulder joint alignment in children with brachial plexus palsy, and to assess their outcome after arthroscopic reduction...

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  1. Bishay V, Crino P, Wein A, Malkowicz S, Trerotola S, Soulen M, et al. Embolization of giant renal angiomyolipomas: technique and results. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2010;21:67-72 pubmed publisher
    ..Although recurrence was infrequent, additional treatment may be necessary and giant renal AMLs should be followed up with serial imaging studies. ..
  2. Metz D, Fulda G, Olsen K, Monyak J, Simonson S, Sostek M. Intravenous esomeprazole pharmacodynamics in critically ill patients. Curr Med Res Opin. 2010;26:1141-8 pubmed publisher
  3. Commander L, Seif A, Insogna I, Rheingold S. Salvage therapy with nelarabine, etoposide, and cyclophosphamide in relapsed/refractory paediatric T-cell lymphoblastic leukaemia and lymphoma. Br J Haematol. 2010;150:345-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Our experience supports the safety of giving AraG as salvage therapy in synchrony with etoposide and cyclophosphamide, although neurological toxicity must be closely monitored. ..
  4. Hoke D, Jafari S, Orozco F, Ong A. Tibial shaft stress fractures resulting from placement of navigation tracker pins. J Arthroplasty. 2011;26:504.e5-8 pubmed publisher
    ..As a result, we use smaller-diameter self-tapping and self-drilling pins routinely and avoid placement of pins in the diaphysis and ensure that pins are inserted in different plains during insertion into metaphysis. ..
  5. Nangunoori R, Maloney Wilensky E, Stiefel M, Park S, Andrew Kofke W, Levine J, et al. Brain tissue oxygen-based therapy and outcome after severe traumatic brain injury: a systematic literature review. Neurocrit Care. 2012;17:131-8 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the potentially large incremental value of PbtO2-based therapy provides justification for a randomized clinical trial. ..
  6. Lancaster K, SCHOENTHALER A, Midberry S, Watts S, Nulty M, Cole H, et al. Rationale and design of Faith-based Approaches in the Treatment of Hypertension (FAITH), a lifestyle intervention targeting blood pressure control among black church members. Am Heart J. 2014;167:301-7 pubmed publisher
    ..If successful, this trial will provide an alternative and culturally appropriate model for HTN control through evidence-based lifestyle modification delivered in churches by lay health advisors. ..
  7. Stanic S, Paulus R, Timmerman R, Michalski J, Barriger R, Bezjak A, et al. No clinically significant changes in pulmonary function following stereotactic body radiation therapy for early- stage peripheral non-small cell lung cancer: an analysis of RTOG 0236. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2014;88:1092-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Poor baseline PFT alone should not be used to exclude patients with early stage lung cancer from treatment with SBRT. ..
  8. Boersma L, Burke M, Neuzil P, Lambiase P, Friehling T, Theuns D, et al. Infection and mortality after implantation of a subcutaneous ICD after transvenous ICD extraction. Heart Rhythm. 2016;13:157-64 pubmed publisher
    ..The S-ICD is a suitable alternative for TV-ICD patients whose devices are explanted for any reason. Postimplantation risk of infection remains low even in patients whose devices were explanted for prior TV-ICD infection. ..
  9. Kannan U, Ecker B, Choudhury R, Dempsey D, Williams N, Dumon K. Laparoscopic hand-assisted versus robotic-assisted laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: experience of 103 consecutive cases. Surg Obes Relat Dis. 2016;12:94-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Early results of our experience with RALSG indicate low perioperative complication rates and comparable weight loss with LASG. The concept of a stepwise education model needs further validation with larger studies. ..
  10. Tarlock K, Alonzo T, Gerbing R, Raimondi S, Hirsch B, Sung L, et al. Gemtuzumab Ozogamicin Reduces Relapse Risk in FLT3/ITD Acute Myeloid Leukemia: A Report from the Children's Oncology Group. Clin Cancer Res. 2016;22:1951-7 pubmed publisher
    ..08), and higher TRM (19% vs. 7%;P= 0.08). CD33 targeting with HCT consolidation may be an important therapeutic strategy in high-riskFLT3/ITD AML and its efficacy and associated toxicity warrant further investigation. ..
  11. Vivino F, Minerva P, Huang C, Orlin S. Corneal melt as the initial presentation of primary Sjögren's syndrome. J Rheumatol. 2001;28:379-82 pubmed
    ..This case highlights the potential for primary SS to present with serious ocular complications despite lack of a priori sicca symptoms, as well as the importance of immunosuppressive therapy in the treatment of this complication. ..
  12. Rickels K, Rynn M. Pharmacotherapy of generalized anxiety disorder. J Clin Psychiatry. 2002;63 Suppl 14:9-16 pubmed
    ..Remission rates are still only about 40%, signifying the need for improved treatment interventions. ..
  13. Viscusi E. Emerging techniques in the management of acute pain: epidural analgesia. Anesth Analg. 2005;101:S23-9 pubmed
    ..Data from recent clinical studies are presented. ..
  14. Gitlin L, Winter L, Dennis M, Corcoran M, Schinfeld S, Hauck W. A randomized trial of a multicomponent home intervention to reduce functional difficulties in older adults. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2006;54:809-16 pubmed
    ..A multicomponent intervention targeting modifiable environmental and behavioral factors results in life quality improvements in community-dwelling older people who had functional difficulties, with most benefits retained over a year. ..
  15. Amsterdam J, Shults J. Comparison of short-term venlafaxine versus lithium monotherapy for bipolar II major depressive episode: a randomized open-label study. J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2008;28:171-81 pubmed publisher
    ..Results from this study suggest that AD monotherapy with venlafaxine may be an effective initial therapy for BP II MDE with a low hypomanic switch rate. ..
  16. Plastaras J, Glatstein E, Schuster S. Commentary: let the tail wag the dog: the case for radioimmunotherapy of low-grade follicular lymphoma. Oncologist. 2008;13:655-6 pubmed publisher
  17. Bergman M. Assessing adequate treatment response in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Clin Ther. 2009;31:1219-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Early evidence of treatment effect may serve to improve clinical outcomes, including remission, and help define and align treatment goals in patients with RA. ..
  18. Koenig A, Thase M. First-line pharmacotherapies for depression - what is the best choice?. Pol Arch Med Wewn. 2009;119:478-86 pubmed
  19. Edmunds L. Managing fibrinolysis without aprotinin. Ann Thorac Surg. 2010;89:324-31 pubmed publisher
  20. Razeghinejad M, Sawchyn A, Katz L. Fixed combinations of dorzolamide-timolol and brimonidine-timolol in the management of glaucoma. Expert Opin Pharmacother. 2010;11:959-68 pubmed publisher
    ..The clinician must make an individualized assessment of the medication's risk-benefit profile for each patient. ..
  21. Thayu M, Denson L, Shults J, Zemel B, Burnham J, Baldassano R, et al. Determinants of changes in linear growth and body composition in incident pediatric Crohn's disease. Gastroenterology. 2010;139:430-8 pubmed publisher
    ..05), and lipopolysaccharide binding protein (P<.05) levels were associated with increases in height-Z. Immune-mediated mechanisms contribute to growth and body composition deficits in CD. Therapies should target these deficits. ..
  22. Malhotra B, Evans T, Weiss J, Eaby B, Stonehouse Lee S, Sherry V, et al. Carboplatin/pemetrexed/bevacizumab in the treatment of patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: a single-institution experience. Clin Lung Cancer. 2010;11:192-7 pubmed publisher
  23. Khanmoradi K, Knorr J, Feyssa E, Parsikia A, Jawa P, Dinh D, et al. Evaluating safety and efficacy of rabbit antithymocyte globulin induction in elderly kidney transplant recipients. Exp Clin Transplant. 2013;11:222-8 pubmed publisher
  24. Teachey D, Hunger S. Predicting relapse risk in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Br J Haematol. 2013;162:606-20 pubmed publisher
    ..This review will describe the clinical, biological, and response-based features known to predict relapse risk in childhood ALL, including those currently used and those likely to be used in the near future to risk-stratify therapy. ..
  25. Brown D, Bell M, Rhodes L. Power of treatment success definitions when the Canine Brief Pain Inventory is used to evaluate carprofen treatment for the control of pain and inflammation in dogs with osteoarthritis. Am J Vet Res. 2013;74:1467-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Results indicated the CBPI can be used as an outcome measure in clinical trials to evaluate new pain treatments when it is desirable to evaluate success in individual dogs rather than overall mean or median scores in a test population. ..
  26. Anari J, Mehta S, Ahn J, Kneeland B. The Utility of Digital Tomosynthesis to the Practicing Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon: A Case Series. J Orthop Trauma. 2016;30:e59-63 pubmed publisher
    ..DTS has the potential to be of significant value in the detection and follow-up of fractures. Diagnostic Level IV. See Instructions for Authors for a complete description of levels of evidence. ..
  27. Taghavi S, Jayarajan S, Komaroff E, Mangi A. Right ventricular assist device results in worse post-transplant survival. J Heart Lung Transplant. 2016;35:236-41 pubmed publisher
    ..The requirement of a RVAD in addition to a LVAD before orthotopic heart transplantation is associated with worse post-transplant outcomes and increased mortality. ..
  28. Vendetti N, Bryan M, Zaoutis T, Damianos A, Fisher B. Comparative effectiveness of fungicidal vs. fungistatic therapies for the treatment of paediatric candidaemia. Mycoses. 2016;59:173-8 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggest that both agents can be considered definitive therapy for paediatric candidaemia. The results should be interpreted with caution given the small sample size. Larger cohort studies are needed. ..
  29. Gaballah M, Shi J, Kukreja K, Raffini L, Tarango C, Keller M, et al. Endovascular Thrombolysis in the Management of Iliofemoral Thrombosis in Children: A Multi-Institutional Experience. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2016;27:524-30 pubmed publisher
    ..Variable results were seen with two scales to assess PTS, suggesting an acute need for standardization of outcome measurement in children. ..
  30. Vaccaro A, Patel T, Fischgrund J, Anderson D, Truumees E, Herkowitz H, et al. A pilot study evaluating the safety and efficacy of OP-1 Putty (rhBMP-7) as a replacement for iliac crest autograft in posterolateral lumbar arthrodesis for degenerative spondylolisthesis. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2004;29:1885-92 pubmed
    ..Importantly, there were no apparent adverse consequences related to the use of the OP-1 Putty implant in this patient population. ..
  31. Liacouras C, Spergel J, Ruchelli E, Verma R, Mascarenhas M, Semeao E, et al. Eosinophilic esophagitis: a 10-year experience in 381 children. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2005;3:1198-206 pubmed
    ..Medications such as corticosteroids are effective; however, upon withdrawal, EoE recurs. The removal of dietary antigens significantly improved clinical symptoms and esophageal histology in 98% of patients. ..
  32. Kabiri H, Domingo O, Tzarnas C. Agenesis of the gallbladder. Curr Surg. 2006;63:104-6 pubmed
    ..The authors describe a case of a 23-year-old patient with gallbladder agenesis and a large choledochal calculus and without jaundice at presentation. A review of the literature is presented...
  33. Abboud J, Silverberg D, Glaser D, Ramsey M, Williams G. Arthroscopy effectively treats ganglion cysts of the shoulder. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2006;444:129-33 pubmed
    ..However, there were no differences in outcome when comparing the group that had decompression with the group that had decompression and labral repair for an associated superior labral anterior posterior tear...
  34. Parish L, Jorizzo J, Breton J, Hirman J, Scangarella N, Shawar R, et al. Topical retapamulin ointment (1%, wt/wt) twice daily for 5 days versus oral cephalexin twice daily for 10 days in the treatment of secondarily infected dermatitis: results of a randomized controlled trial. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2006;55:1003-13 pubmed
    ..9% for retapamulin and 89.7% for cephalexin. Retapamulin ointment 1% (bid) for 5 days was as effective as oral cephalexin (bid) for 10 days in treatment of patients with SID, and was well tolerated. ..
  35. Raikin S, Ahmad J, Pour A, Abidi N. Comparison of arthrodesis and metallic hemiarthroplasty of the hallux metatarsophalangeal joint. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2007;89:1979-85 pubmed
    ..The objective of this study was to compare the long-term clinical and radiographic outcomes of a metallic hemiarthroplasty with those of arthrodesis for the treatment of this condition...
  36. Ehlers J, Fintak D, Gupta O, Regillo C, Fineman M, Ho A. Pegaptanib for choroidal neovascularization in treatment-naïve exudative age-related macular degeneration. Ophthalmic Surg Lasers Imaging. 2007;38:371-7 pubmed
    ..9 average line loss in patients when all lesions were considered. Small lesions responded favorably, with 15% of patients gaining more than 3 lines of VA. Larger lesions had an increased risk of progression and poor visual outcome. ..
  37. Messe S, Bavaria J, Mullen M, Cheung A, Davis R, Augoustides J, et al. Neurologic outcomes from high risk descending thoracic and thoracoabdominal aortic operations in the era of endovascular repair. Neurocrit Care. 2008;9:344-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Risk of death or neurologic disability can be estimated based on factors known prior to surgery. ..
  38. Adamo R, Saad W, Brown D. Management of nephrostomy drains and ureteral stents. Tech Vasc Interv Radiol. 2009;12:193-204 pubmed publisher
    ..An algorithm for placement and management is included. ..
  39. Daniel E, Thorne J, Newcomb C, Pujari S, Kaçmaz R, Levy Clarke G, et al. Mycophenolate mofetil for ocular inflammation. Am J Ophthalmol. 2010;149:423-32.e1-2 pubmed publisher
    ..To evaluate mycophenolate mofetil as a single noncorticosteroid immunosuppressive treatment for noninfectious ocular inflammatory diseases...
  40. Thom S, Bhopale V, Milovanova T, Hardy K, Logue C, Lambert D, et al. Plasma biomarkers in carbon monoxide poisoning. Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2010;48:47-56 pubmed publisher
  41. Pontinen T, Khanmoradi K, Kumar A, Kudsi H, Cheng Kung S, Chewaproug D, et al. Horseshoe kidneys: an underutilized resource in kidney transplant. Exp Clin Transplant. 2010;8:74-8 pubmed
    ..We also performed a review of the literature of horseshoe kidneys with the hope of raising awareness of the necessity and promise of such transplants. ..
  42. Podolsky E, Rottman S, Curcillo P. Single port access (SPA) cholecystectomy: two year follow-up. JSLS. 2009;13:528-35 pubmed publisher
    ..We present the SPA cholecystectomy as an alternative to multi-port cholecystectomy. In the first 2 years, SPA surgery has evolved into a technique easily taught and performed without the restrictions of new equipment or added cost. ..
  43. Harrop J, Sharan A, Ratliff J, Prasad S, Jabbour P, Evans J, et al. Impact of a standardized protocol and antibiotic-impregnated catheters on ventriculostomy infection rates in cerebrovascular patients. Neurosurgery. 2010;67:187-91; discussion 191 pubmed publisher
    ..The use of antibiotic-impregnated catheters resulted in a significant reduction of ventriculostomy infections and is recommended in the adult neurosurgical population. ..
  44. Ertel A, Dean J, Rui H, Liu C, Witkiewicz A, Knudsen K, et al. RB-pathway disruption in breast cancer: differential association with disease subtypes, disease-specific prognosis and therapeutic response. Cell Cycle. 2010;9:4153-63 pubmed
  45. Kumanyika S, Fassbender J, Phipps E, Tan Torres S, Localio R, Morales K, et al. Design, recruitment and start up of a primary care weight loss trial targeting African American and Hispanic adults. Contemp Clin Trials. 2011;32:215-24 pubmed publisher
    ..The study will have particular relevance to African Americans and women. ..
  46. Zalta A. A meta-analysis of anxiety symptom prevention with cognitive-behavioral interventions. J Anxiety Disord. 2011;25:749-60 pubmed
    ..Implications of current findings are discussed with attention to existing gaps in the literature. ..
  47. Schwartz M, Rome J, Gillespie M, Whitehead K, Harris M, Fogel M, et al. Relation of left ventricular end diastolic pressure to right ventricular end diastolic volume after operative treatment of tetralogy of fallot. Am J Cardiol. 2012;109:417-22 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings support the theory that RV dilation may impair LV diastolic function and that LV parameters may also be important to consider in determining timing of pulmonary valve replacement. ..
  48. Rihn J, Harrod C, Albert T. Revision cervical spine surgery. Orthop Clin North Am. 2012;43:123-36, ix-x pubmed publisher
    ..This article provides the spine care provider with an understanding of how to appropriately evaluate and manage the most common cervical conditions that require revision cervical spine surgery. ..
  49. Mortazavi S, O Neil J, Zmistowski B, Parvizi J, Purtill J. Repeat 2-stage exchange for infected total hip arthroplasty: a viable option?. J Arthroplasty. 2012;27:923-6.e1 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that if infection can be adequately controlled after repeat resection of the joint prosthesis, reimplantation is a reasonable option. ..
  50. Su S, Scott W, Allen M, Darling G, Decker P, McKenna R, et al. Patterns of survival and recurrence after surgical treatment of early stage non-small cell lung carcinoma in the ACOSOG Z0030 (ALLIANCE) trial. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2014;147:747-52: Discussion 752-3 pubmed publisher
    ..We evaluated survival and patterns of recurrence after surgical resection for early stage lung cancer from the American College of Surgeons Oncology Group Z0030/Alliance trial...
  51. Costanzo M, Negoianu D, Jaski B, Bart B, Heywood J, Anand I, et al. Aquapheresis Versus Intravenous Diuretics and Hospitalizations for Heart Failure. JACC Heart Fail. 2016;4:95-105 pubmed publisher
    ..More patients in the AUF group experienced special interest or serious product-related adverse event. Due to the trial's untimely termination, additional AUF investigation is warranted. ..
  52. Kaczkurkin A, Asnaani A, Alpert E, Foa E. The impact of treatment condition and the lagged effects of PTSD symptom severity and alcohol use on changes in alcohol craving. Behav Res Ther. 2016;79:7-14 pubmed publisher
    ..These results support the relationship between greater PTSD symptoms leading to greater alcohol craving and suggest that reducing PTSD symptoms may be beneficial to reducing craving in those with co-occurring PTSD/SUD. ..
  53. Aronson P, Reilly A, Paessler M, Kersun L. Burkitt lymphoma involving the clivus. J Pediatr Hematol Oncol. 2008;30:320-1 pubmed publisher
    ..Increased tumor burden is associated with complications such as tumor lysis syndrome, and recognition of unusual presentations is important for timely management. We report 3 patients with BL involving the clivus at diagnosis...
  54. Valencia I, Piñol Ripoll G, Khurana D, Hardison H, Kothare S, Melvin J, et al. Efficacy and safety of lamotrigine monotherapy in children and adolescents with epilepsy. Eur J Paediatr Neurol. 2009;13:141-5 pubmed publisher
    ..No patient had Stevens-Johnson syndrome. In conclusion, LTG was effective and well-tolerated as monotherapy in children and adolescents for both focal and generalized epilepsies. ..
  55. Lo Re V, Amorosa V, Localio A, O Flynn R, Teal V, Dorey Stein Z, et al. Adherence to hepatitis C virus therapy and early virologic outcomes. Clin Infect Dis. 2009;48:186-93 pubmed publisher
    ..Decreases in HCV load became greater when patients with > or =85% adherence to their regimen continued to receive their recommended weight-based ribavirin dosage. ..
  56. Epperson C, TOLL B, Wu R, Amin Z, Czarkowski K, Jatlow P, et al. Exploring the impact of gender and reproductive status on outcomes in a randomized clinical trial of naltrexone augmentation of nicotine patch. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2010;112:1-8 pubmed publisher
    ..When used in conjunction with nicotine replacement therapy, naltrexone dose may be important in women. ..
  57. Quon H, Cohen M, Montone K, Ziober A, Wang L, Weinstein G, et al. Transoral robotic surgery and adjuvant therapy for oropharyngeal carcinomas and the influence of p16 INK4a on treatment outcomes. Laryngoscope. 2013;123:635-40 pubmed publisher
    ..446, P = .277, P = .643, respectively). p16(INK4a) was not prognostic in resectable OPSCC when treated with an initial TORS approach. ..
  58. Diaz Ledezma C, Higuera C, Parvizi J. Success after treatment of periprosthetic joint infection: a Delphi-based international multidisciplinary consensus. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2013;471:2374-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Level V, therapeutic study. See Guidelines for Authors for a complete description of levels of evidence. ..
  59. Pandey N, Chittams J, Trerotola S. Outpatient placement of subcutaneous venous access ports reduces the rate of infection and dehiscence compared with inpatient placement. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2013;24:849-54 pubmed publisher
    ..02). Port placement in an outpatient setting results in longer infection-free survival for a wide variety of placement indications. ..
  60. O Byrne M, Gillespie M, Shinohara R, Dori Y, Rome J, Glatz A. Cost comparison of Transcatheter and Operative Pulmonary Valve Replacement (from the Pediatric Health Information Systems Database). Am J Cardiol. 2016;117:121-6 pubmed publisher
    ..0001) were greater for S-PVR. Risks of both 7- and 30-day readmission were not significantly different. In conclusion, short-term costs of TC-PVR and S-PVR are not significantly different after adjustment. ..
  61. Ciuleanu T, Bazin I, Lungulescu D, Miron L, Bondarenko I, Deptala A, et al. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase II study to assess the efficacy and safety of mapatumumab with sorafenib in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. Ann Oncol. 2016;27:680-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on these results, further development of the combination of mapatumumab and sorafenib in HCC is not planned. ..
  62. Vaccaro A, Venger B, Kelleher P, Singh K, Carrino J, Albert T, et al. Use of a bioabsorbable anterior cervical plate in the treatment of cervical degenerative and traumatic disk disruption. Orthopedics. 2002;25:s1191-9; discussion s1199 pubmed
    ..The results of this preliminary study indicate that bioresorbable anterior cervical plating for single-level anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion is both safe and effective. ..
  63. Pingpank J, Sasson A, Hanlon A, Friedman C, Ridge J. Tumor above the spinal accessory nerve in papillary thyroid cancer that involves lateral neck nodes: a common occurrence. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2002;128:1275-8 pubmed
    ..quot;Skip" metastases and cancer above the spinal accessory nerve are common. Neck dissections should include all node stations likely to be involved because selective node excision is likely to leave metastatic disease in situ. ..
  64. Lange B, Dinndorf P, Smith F, Arndt C, Barnard D, Feig S, et al. Pilot study of idarubicin-based intensive-timing induction therapy for children with previously untreated acute myeloid leukemia: Children's Cancer Group Study 2941. J Clin Oncol. 2004;22:150-6 pubmed
    ..004). Remission induction, survival, and event-free survival rates were not significantly different from those of CCG-2891. In CCG-2941, excessive toxicity and withdrawals outweighed potential benefits of early response with IDA. ..
  65. Reiter A, Lewis J, Rawlinson J, Gracis M. Hemisection and partial retention of carnassial teeth in client-owned dogs. J Vet Dent. 2005;22:216-26 pubmed
    ..It was concluded that resection of a portion of a tooth can be a useful treatment for periodontally and/or endodontically involved carnassial teeth that are affected individually or located adjacent to a jaw fracture in dogs...
  66. Cahill S, Foa E, Hembree E, Marshall R, Nacash N. Dissemination of exposure therapy in the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder. J Trauma Stress. 2006;19:597-610 pubmed
    ..In this article, the authors review extant evidence on the reasons that therapists do not use these treatments and recent research on the dissemination of efficacious treatments of PTSD. ..
  67. Kim S, Linton J, Kolasinski S. Successful treatment of new onset Wegener's granulomatosis with IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin) during pregnancy: a case report. Mod Rheumatol. 2008;18:177-80 pubmed publisher
    ..In the English literature, prior to this report, there have been de novo cases of WG in pregnant women that were diagnosed and treated during pregnancy and three cases of WG treated successfully with IVIG during pregnancy. ..
  68. Reich D, Hong J. Current status of donation after cardiac death liver transplantation. Curr Opin Organ Transplant. 2010;15:316-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Donor and recipient selection criteria, perioperative factors and surgical technique are each critical aspects of DCD LTX. It is important to continue to develop this field so that more DCD LTX can be safely performed. ..
  69. Osterman M. Mucosal healing in inflammatory bowel disease. J Clin Gastroenterol. 2013;47:212-21 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the use of mucosal healing as a therapeutic endpoint in inflammatory bowel disease is in its early stages, as a number of issues limit its application to routine clinical practice. ..
  70. Fraietta J, Beckwith K, Patel P, Ruella M, Zheng Z, Barrett D, et al. Ibrutinib enhances chimeric antigen receptor T-cell engraftment and efficacy in leukemia. Blood. 2016;127:1117-27 pubmed publisher
    ..Our studies demonstrate that improved T-cell function may also contribute to the efficacy of ibrutinib in CLL. These trials were registered at as #NCT01747486, #NCT01105247, and #NCT01217749. ..
  71. Vaccaro A, Madigan L, Bauerle W, Blescia A, Cotler J. Early halo immobilization of displaced traumatic spondylolisthesis of the axis. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2002;27:2229-33 pubmed
    ..Type II fractures with an angulation of greater than or equal to 12 degrees may require an extended period of traction to ensure adequate long-term fracture alignment. ..
  72. Khurana D, Kothare S, Valencia I, Melvin J, Legido A. Levetiracetam monotherapy in children with epilepsy. Pediatr Neurol. 2007;36:227-30 pubmed
    ..Levetiracetam monotherapy appeared to be effective and well tolerated in this group of children with epilepsy and warrants further investigation in a well-controlled, prospective study. ..
  73. Shah J, Jakubowiak A, O Connor O, Orlowski R, Harvey R, Smith M, et al. Phase I Study of the Novel Investigational NEDD8-Activating Enzyme Inhibitor Pevonedistat (MLN4924) in Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma or Lymphoma. Clin Cancer Res. 2016;22:34-43 pubmed publisher
    ..Pevonedistat demonstrated anticipated pharmacodynamic effects in the clinical setting, a tolerable safety profile, and some preliminary evidence that may be suggestive of the potential for activity in relapsed/refractory lymphoma. ..
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