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Experts and Doctors on wasps in Durham, North Carolina, United States


Locale: Durham, North Carolina, United States
Topic: wasps

Top Publications

  1. Hwang R, Zhong L, Xu Y, Johnson T, Zhang F, Deisseroth K, et al. Nociceptive neurons protect Drosophila larvae from parasitoid wasps. Curr Biol. 2007;17:2105-2116 pubmed publisher
    ..The nociception behavior of Drosophila melanagaster larvae includes an innately encoded directional preference. Nociception behavior is elicited by the ecologically relevant sensory stimulus of parasitoid wasp attack. ..
  2. Robertson J, Tsubouchi A, Tracey W. Larval defense against attack from parasitoid wasps requires nociceptive neurons. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e78704 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, the class IV neurons allow for a nociceptive behavioral response to a naturally occurring predator of Drosophila. ..