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  1. Ivker R, Woosley J, Briggaman R. Calciphylaxis in three patients with end-stage renal disease. Arch Dermatol. 1995;131:63-8 pubmed
    ..Calciphylaxis should be included in the differential diagnosis of panniculitis and vasculitis. It is important to diagnose promptly, as early treatment may prevent progression. ..
  2. Kawakita D, Lee Y, Turati F, Parpinel M, Decarli A, Serraino D, et al. Dietary fiber intake and head and neck cancer risk: A pooled analysis in the International Head and Neck Cancer Epidemiology consortium. Int J Cancer. 2017;141:1811-1821 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings from a multicenter large-scale pooled analysis suggest that, although in the presence of between-study heterogeneity, a greater intake of fiber may lower HNC risk. ..
  3. Hayashi P, Rockey D, Fontana R, Tillmann H, Kaplowitz N, Barnhart H, et al. Death and liver transplantation within 2 years of onset of drug-induced liver injury. Hepatology. 2017;66:1275-1285 pubmed publisher
    ..7). DILI leads directly or indirectly to fatality in 7.6% of cases; 40% of these had nonacute liver failure courses. New R ratio Hy's law better identifies risk for death compared to the original Hy's law. (Hepatology 2017;66:1275-1285). ..
  4. Sherwood A, Hill L, Blumenthal J, Adams K, Paine N, Koch G, et al. Blood pressure reactivity to psychological stress is associated with clinical outcomes in patients with heart failure. Am Heart J. 2017;191:82-90 pubmed publisher
  5. Rosenberg M, Ranapurwala S, Townes A, Bengtson A. Do black lives matter in public health research and training?. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0185957 pubmed publisher
    ..To examine whether investments made in public health research align with the health burdens experienced by white and black Americans...
  6. Korhonen M, Robinson J, Annis I, Hickson R, Bell J, Hartikainen J, et al. Adherence Tradeoff to Multiple Preventive Therapies and All-Cause Mortality After Acute Myocardial Infarction. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2017;70:1543-1554 pubmed publisher
    ..Nonadherence to ACE inhibitors/ARBs and/or statins was associated with higher mortality. ..
  7. Akinkugbe A, Avery C, Barritt A, Cole S, Lerch M, Mayerle J, et al. Do Genetic Markers of Inflammation Modify the Relationship between Periodontitis and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease? Findings from the SHIP Study. J Dent Res. 2017;96:1392-1399 pubmed publisher
    ..12 (95% CI, 0.65-1.93) for participants with serum CRP >3 mg/L. Periodontitis was positively associated with higher prevalence odds of NAFLD, and this relationship was modified by serum CRP levels. ..
  8. Bian Y, Zhang Z, Sun Z, Zhao J, Zhu D, Wang Y, et al. Vaccines targeting preS1 domain overcome immune tolerance in hepatitis B virus carrier mice. Hepatology. 2017;66:1067-1082 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that preS1 can function as a therapeutic vaccine for the control of CHB. (Hepatology 2017;66:1067-1082). ..
  9. Crawford B, Adams S, Sittler T, van den Akker J, Chan S, Leitner O, et al. Multi-gene panel testing for hereditary cancer predisposition in unsolved high-risk breast and ovarian cancer patients. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2017;163:383-390 pubmed publisher
    ..The identification of women with multiple pathogenic mutations has important implications for family testing. ..

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  1. Davy Mendez T, Eron J, Zakharova O, Wohl D, Napravnik S. Increased Persistence of Initial Treatment for HIV Infection With Modern Antiretroviral Therapy. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2017;76:111-115 pubmed publisher
    ..Initiating ART with an INSTI-containing regimen was associated with lower rates of regimen discontinuation and virologic failure. ..
  2. White A, Weinberg C, Park Y, D Aloisio A, Vogtmann E, Nichols H, et al. Sleep characteristics, light at night and breast cancer risk in a prospective cohort. Int J Cancer. 2017;141:2204-2214 pubmed publisher
    ..21, 95% CI: 0.98-1.50). In our study, most sleep characteristics, including sleep duration, were not associated with an increased risk although higher risk was observed for some markers of inadequate or poor quality sleep. ..
  3. Anderson C, Engel S, Weaver M, Zevallos J, Nichols H. Birth rates after radioactive iodine treatment for differentiated thyroid cancer. Int J Cancer. 2017;141:2291-2295 pubmed publisher
    ..82, 1.23). In our observational cohort, treatment with RAI was not associated with a reduced birth rate. Our findings add to the evidence available for counseling thyroid cancer patients with concerns about future fertility. ..
  4. Saxena V, Khungar V, Verna E, Levitsky J, Brown R, Hassan M, et al. Safety and efficacy of current direct-acting antiviral regimens in kidney and liver transplant recipients with hepatitis C: Results from the HCV-TARGET study. Hepatology. 2017;66:1090-1101 pubmed publisher
    ..2 mg/dL, absence of cirrhosis, and hepatic decompensation predicted SVR at 12 weeks. Six episodes of acute rejection (n = 2 KT, 4 LT) occurred, during hepatitis C virus treatment in 4 and after cessation of treatment in 2...
  5. Dowd J, Bosch J, Steptoe A, Jayabalasingham B, Lin J, Yolken R, et al. Persistent Herpesvirus Infections and Telomere Attrition Over 3 Years in the Whitehall II Cohort. J Infect Dis. 2017;216:565-572 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that exposure to infectious agents should be an important consideration in future studies of telomere dynamics. ..
  6. Maharshak N, Plevy S. A Crohn's disease patient who does not respond to infliximab: what is next?. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2011;9:1033-8 pubmed publisher
  7. Guo A, Bowling J, Bartram J, Kayser G. Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Rural Health-Care Facilities: A Cross-Sectional Study in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2017;97:1033-1042 pubmed publisher
    ..Our research points to a lack of basic WaSH services in rural HCFs in regions of sub-Saharan Africa, which poses a threat to the health of patients and health-care workers in these settings. ..
  8. Stinchcombe T, Cella D. Does maintenance pemetrexed maintain quality of life?. Lancet Oncol. 2012;13:224-5 pubmed publisher
  9. Harlow S, Linet M. Agreement between questionnaire data and medical records. The evidence for accuracy of recall. Am J Epidemiol. 1989;129:233-48 pubmed
  10. Liang J, Le T, Edwards D, Tayo B, Gaulton K, Smith J, et al. Single-trait and multi-trait genome-wide association analyses identify novel loci for blood pressure in African-ancestry populations. PLoS Genet. 2017;13:e1006728 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study provides new evidence for genes related to hypertension susceptibility, and the need to study African-ancestry populations in order to identify biologic factors contributing to hypertension...
  11. Muffly L, Pasquini M, Martens M, Brazauskas R, Zhu X, Adekola K, et al. Increasing use of allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation in patients aged 70 years and older in the United States. Blood. 2017;130:1156-1164 pubmed publisher
    ..0002) as adverse factors. Over the past decade, utilization and survival after allogeneic transplant have increased in patients ?70 years. Select adults ?70 years with hematologic malignancies should be considered for transplant. ..
  12. Versace A, Sharma V, Bertocci M, Bebko G, Iyengar S, Dwojak A, et al. Using machine learning and surface reconstruction to accurately differentiate different trajectories of mood and energy dysregulation in youth. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0180221 pubmed publisher
    ..This approach has potential to identify patterns of neural markers of future clinical course. ..
  13. Zhang X, Olson D, Le P, Lin F, Fleischman D, DAVIS R. The Association Between Glaucoma, Anxiety, and Depression in a Large Population. Am J Ophthalmol. 2017;183:37-41 pubmed publisher
    ..The likelihood of having anxiety and depression along with glaucoma did not change with age (P = .088, P = .736). There was a statistically significant association between glaucoma and each of anxiety and depression. ..
  14. Quach A, Levine M, Tanaka T, Lu A, Chen B, Ferrucci L, et al. Epigenetic clock analysis of diet, exercise, education, and lifestyle factors. Aging (Albany NY). 2017;9:419-446 pubmed publisher
  15. Bluth K, Eisenlohr Moul T. Response to a mindful self-compassion intervention in teens: A within-person association of mindfulness, self-compassion, and emotional well-being outcomes. J Adolesc. 2017;57:108-118 pubmed publisher
    ..Implications of these findings are that this program has potential in decreasing stress and increasing resilience and positive risk-taking. Future studies with a control group need to be conducted to confirm these findings. ..
  16. Kershaw K, Robinson W, Gordon Larsen P, Hicken M, Goff D, Carnethon M, et al. Association of Changes in Neighborhood-Level Racial Residential Segregation With Changes in Blood Pressure Among Black Adults: The CARDIA Study. JAMA Intern Med. 2017;177:996-1002 pubmed publisher
    ..This study adds to the small but growing body of evidence that policies that reduce segregation may have meaningful health benefits. ..
  17. Shorter J, Odet F, Aylor D, Pan W, Kao C, Fu C, et al. Male Infertility Is Responsible for Nearly Half of the Extinction Observed in the Mouse Collaborative Cross. Genetics. 2017;206:557-572 pubmed publisher
    ..These results help clarify the factors that drove strain extinction in the CC, reveal the genetic regions associated with poor fertility in the CC, and serve as a resource to further study mammalian infertility. ..
  18. Pahel B, Vann W, Divaris K, Rozier R. A Contemporary Examination of First and Second Permanent Molar Emergence. J Dent Res. 2017;96:1115-1121 pubmed publisher
    ..Future research should further elucidate these associations with detailed eruption data and examine the implications of this variation for clinical care. ..
  19. Roarty K, Pfefferle A, Creighton C, Perou C, Rosen J. Ror2-mediated alternative Wnt signaling regulates cell fate and adhesion during mammary tumor progression. Oncogene. 2017;36:5958-5968 pubmed publisher
  20. Takada M, Zhang W, Suzuki A, Kuroda T, Yu Z, Inuzuka H, et al. FBW7 Loss Promotes Chromosomal Instability and Tumorigenesis via Cyclin E1/CDK2-Mediated Phosphorylation of CENP-A. Cancer Res. 2017;77:4881-4893 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, our results revealed a pathway that cyclin E1/CDK2 activation coupled with FBW7 loss promotes CIN and tumor progression via CENP-A-mediated centromere dysfunction. Cancer Res; 77(18); 4881-93. ©2017 AACR. ..
  21. Mbulawa Z, Wilkin T, Goeieman B, Jong E, Michelow P, Swarts A, et al. Prevalence of Anal Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Performance of Cepheid Xpert and Hybrid Capture 2 (hc2) HPV Assays in South African HIV-Infected Women. Am J Clin Pathol. 2017;148:148-153 pubmed publisher
    ..1, 95% CI: 1.4-12, P = .01) and HPV51/59 (OR: 2.8, 95% CI: 1.1-7.6, P = .04) were independently associated with anal HSIL. Xpert HPV typing is a promising anal screening test in HIV-infected women that performs similarly to hc2. ..
  22. Hurt C, Powers K. Self-testing for HIV and its impact on public health. Sex Transm Dis. 2014;41:10-2 pubmed publisher
  23. Reddy N, Greer J, Morgan D, Chen H, Park S, Richards K. A phase II randomized study of lenalidomide or lenalidomide and rituximab as maintenance therapy following standard chemotherapy for patients with high/high-intermediate risk diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Leukemia. 2017;31:241-244 pubmed publisher
  24. Bahleda R, Grilley Olson J, Govindan R, Barlesi F, Greillier L, Perol M, et al. Phase I dose-escalation studies of roniciclib, a pan-cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, in advanced malignancies. Br J Cancer. 2017;116:1505-1512 pubmed publisher
    ..4% for patients with SCLC (n=33), and 33.3% for patients with CDK-related tumour mutations (n=6). Roniciclib demonstrated an acceptable safety profile and moderate DCR in 3 days on/4 days off schedule. ..
  25. Pecaut M, Mao X, Bellinger D, Jonscher K, Stodieck L, Ferguson V, et al. Is spaceflight-induced immune dysfunction linked to systemic changes in metabolism?. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0174174 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the clear link between immune function and metabolism in many ground-based diseases, we propose a similar link may be involved in spaceflight-induced decrements in immune and metabolic function. ..
  26. Matsushita K, Kwak L, Hyun N, Bessel M, Agarwal S, Loehr L, et al. Community burden and prognostic impact of reduced kidney function among patients hospitalized with acute decompensated heart failure: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study Community Surveillance. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0181373 pubmed publisher
    ..However, most previous reports were from a single hospital, limiting their generalizability. Also, contemporary data using new equation for estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) are needed...
  27. Bohnsack J, Patel V, Morrow A. Ethanol Exposure Regulates Gabra1 Expression via Histone Deacetylation at the Promoter in Cultured Cortical Neurons. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2017;363:1-11 pubmed publisher
  28. Peters L, Perrigoue J, Mortha A, Iuga A, Song W, Neiman E, et al. A functional genomics predictive network model identifies regulators of inflammatory bowel disease. Nat Genet. 2017;49:1437-1449 pubmed publisher
  29. Busso D, McLaughlin K, Brueck S, Peverill M, Gold A, Sheridan M. Child Abuse, Neural Structure, and Adolescent Psychopathology: A Longitudinal Study. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2017;56:321-328.e1 pubmed publisher
    ..Identifying predictive biomarkers of vulnerability following childhood maltreatment may uncover neurodevelopmental mechanisms linking environmental experience with the onset of psychopathology. ..
  30. Ng M, Graff M, Lu Y, Justice A, Mudgal P, Liu C, et al. Discovery and fine-mapping of adiposity loci using high density imputation of genome-wide association studies in individuals of African ancestry: African Ancestry Anthropometry Genetics Consortium. PLoS Genet. 2017;13:e1006719 pubmed publisher
    ..Trans-ethnic meta-analyses further improved fine mapping of putative causal variants in loci shared between the African and European ancestry populations. ..
  31. Shih Y, Islam T, Hore S, Sarwar G, Shahriar M, Yunus M, et al. Associations between prenatal arsenic exposure with adverse pregnancy outcome and child mortality. Environ Res. 2017;158:456-461 pubmed publisher
    ..78, 4.68) in relation to prenatal arsenic exposure. Prospective studies should continue to evaluate prenatal and early life health effects of arsenic exposure and arsenic remediation strategies for women of child-bearing age. ..
  32. Winkler T, Justice A, Cupples L, Kronenberg F, Kutalik Z, Heid I. Approaches to detect genetic effects that differ between two strata in genome-wide meta-analyses: Recommendations based on a systematic evaluation. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0181038 pubmed publisher
    ..Our recommendations provide tangible guidelines for future GWAMAs that aim at identifying between-strata differences. A better understanding of such effects will help pinpoint the underlying mechanisms. ..
  33. Louie M, Spencer J, Wheeler S, Ellis V, Toubia T, Schiff L, et al. Comparison of the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system, hysterectomy, and endometrial ablation for heavy menstrual bleeding in a decision analysis model. Int J Gynaecol Obstet. 2017;139:121-129 pubmed publisher
    ..Findings were robust in probabilistic sensitivity analysis. Levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system and hysterectomy outperformed endometrial ablation for treatment of AUB. ..
  34. Lee A, Kozuki N, Cousens S, Stevens G, Blencowe H, Silveira M, et al. Estimates of burden and consequences of infants born small for gestational age in low and middle income countries with INTERGROWTH-21st standard: analysis of CHERG datasets. BMJ. 2017;358:j3677 pubmed publisher
    ..Increased efforts are required to improve the quality of care for and survival of these high risk infants in low and middle income countries. ..
  35. Coleman W, Anders C. Discerning Clinical Responses in Breast Cancer Based On Molecular Signatures. Am J Pathol. 2017;187:2199-2207 pubmed publisher
    ..This review describes the molecular classification of breast cancer and the use of predictive/prognostic molecular signatures for guiding treatment decisions in breast cancer patients. ..
  36. LaCroix A, Rillamas Sun E, Buchner D, Evenson K, Di C, Lee I, et al. The Objective Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease Health in Older Women (OPACH) Study. BMC Public Health. 2017;17:192 pubmed publisher identifier NCT00000611 . Registered 27 October 1999. ..
  37. Melvin J, Scheller E, Noël C, Cotter P. New Insight into Filamentous Hemagglutinin Secretion Reveals a Role for Full-Length FhaB in Bordetella Virulence. MBio. 2015;6: pubmed publisher
  38. Wang Y, Chen S, Karnezis A, Colborne S, Santos N, Lang J, et al. The histone methyltransferase EZH2 is a therapeutic target in small cell carcinoma of the ovary, hypercalcaemic type. J Pathol. 2017;242:371-383 pubmed publisher
    ..Copyright © 2017 Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ..
  39. Moshayedi H, Omofoye O, Yap E, Oyekunle T, Sasaki Adams D, Solander S. Factors Affecting the Obliteration Rate of Intracranial Aneurysms Treated with a Single Pipeline Embolization Device. World Neurosurg. 2017;104:205-212 pubmed publisher
    ..The presence of a branching artery arising from the aneurysm neck is highly predictive of incomplete occlusion after treatment with a single PED. ..
  40. Basch E, Pugh S, Dueck A, Mitchell S, Berk L, Fogh S, et al. Feasibility of Patient Reporting of Symptomatic Adverse Events via the Patient-Reported Outcomes Version of the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (PRO-CTCAE) in a Chemoradiotherapy Cooperative Group Multicenter Clinical Trial. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2017;98:409-418 pubmed publisher
    ..The observed causes of missing data may be obviated by allowing patients to self-report electronically between visits, and by using central compliance monitoring. These approaches are being incorporated into ongoing studies. ..
  41. Bright H, Babata K, Allred E, Erdei C, Kuban K, Joseph R, et al. Neurocognitive Outcomes at 10 Years of Age in Extremely Preterm Newborns with Late-Onset Bacteremia. J Pediatr. 2017;187:43-49.e1 pubmed publisher
    ..The motor domain was unaffected. Extremely low gestational age newborns who had definite late bacteremia during postnatal weeks 2-4 are at heightened risk of neurocognitive limitations at age 10 years. ..
  42. Smithson S, Pignone M. Screening Adults for Depression in Primary Care. Med Clin North Am. 2017;101:807-821 pubmed publisher
    ..Collaborative care models are evidence-based approaches to depression treatment and follow-up that can be feasibly initiated in the primary care setting. ..
  43. Tin A, Scharpf R, Estrella M, Yu B, Grove M, Chang P, et al. The Loss of GSTM1 Associates with Kidney Failure and Heart Failure. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2017;28:3345-3352 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest GSTM1 function is a potential treatment target for the prevention of kidney and heart failure. ..
  44. Jensen B, Patterson C. Heart factory or fiction?: cardiac progenitor cells and regeneration. Circulation. 2013;128:2181-2 pubmed publisher
  45. Timberlake D, Nikitin D, Johnson N, Altekruse S. A longitudinal study of smokeless tobacco use and mortality in the United States. Int J Cancer. 2017;141:264-270 pubmed publisher
    ..The study's findings contribute to the ongoing dialogue on tobacco harm reduction and the US FDA's evaluation of Modified Risk Tobacco Product applications submitted by American SLT manufacturers. ..
  46. Mooney A, Gottert A, Khoza N, Rebombo D, Hove J, Suárez A, et al. Men's Perceptions of Treatment as Prevention in South Africa: Implications for Engagement in HIV Care and Treatment. AIDS Educ Prev. 2017;29:274-287 pubmed publisher
    ..Pairing TasP information with alternative testing options may increase engagement among men reluctant to be seen at clinics. ..
  47. Stiegel M, Pleil J, Sobus J, Stevens T, Madden M. Linking physiological parameters to perturbations in the human exposome: Environmental exposures modify blood pressure and lung function via inflammatory cytokine pathway. J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2017;80:485-501 pubmed publisher intervention grouping strategies. Ultimately, it may become possible to predict a physiological (systemic) response based upon cellular-level (in vitro) observations. ..
  48. Clarke Pearson D. Clinical practice. Screening for ovarian cancer. N Engl J Med. 2009;361:170-7 pubmed publisher
  49. Meshnick S. Malaria control: tortoises and hares. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2015;92:885-6 pubmed publisher
  50. Lipton R, Buse D, Adams A, Varon S, Fanning K, Reed M. Family Impact of Migraine: Development of the Impact of Migraine on Partners and Adolescent Children (IMPAC) Scale. Headache. 2017;57:570-585 pubmed publisher
  51. Nelson J, Hanson L, Keller K, Carson S, Cox C, Tulsky J, et al. The Voice of Surrogate Decision-Makers. Family Responses to Prognostic Information in Chronic Critical Illness. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2017;196:864-872 pubmed publisher
    ..Information from clinicians about the expected course of the patient's illness is relevant and important for decision-making by surrogates for chronically critically ill patients on mechanical ventilation...
  52. Hladunewich M, Beanlands H, Herreshoff E, Troost J, Maione M, Trachtman H, et al. Provider perspectives on treatment decision-making in nephrotic syndrome. Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2017;32:i106-i114 pubmed publisher
    ..Future development and use of shared learning platforms may support the integration of best available evidence, patient/family preferences and exchange of information at a pace that is unconstrained by the outpatient clinic schedule. ..
  53. Day F, Thompson D, Helgason H, Chasman D, Finucane H, Sulem P, et al. Genomic analyses identify hundreds of variants associated with age at menarche and support a role for puberty timing in cancer risk. Nat Genet. 2017;49:834-841 pubmed publisher
    ..In aggregate, our findings highlight the complexity of the genetic regulation of puberty timing and support causal links with cancer susceptibility. ..
  54. Graff M, Scott R, Justice A, Young K, Feitosa M, BARATA L, et al. Genome-wide physical activity interactions in adiposity - A meta-analysis of 200,452 adults. PLoS Genet. 2017;13:e1006528 pubmed publisher
  55. Davies M, Saiag P, Robert C, Grob J, Flaherty K, Arance A, et al. Dabrafenib plus trametinib in patients with BRAFV600-mutant melanoma brain metastases (COMBI-MB): a multicentre, multicohort, open-label, phase 2 trial. Lancet Oncol. 2017;18:863-873 pubmed publisher
    ..These results provide evidence of clinical benefit with dabrafenib plus trametinib and support the need for additional research to further improve outcomes in patients with melanoma brain metastases. Novartis. ..
  56. McClatchie T, Meredith M, Ouédraogo M, Slow S, Lever M, Mann M, et al. Betaine is accumulated via transient choline dehydrogenase activation during mouse oocyte meiotic maturation. J Biol Chem. 2017;292:13784-13794 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, betaine accumulation is a previously unsuspected physiological process during mouse oocyte meiotic maturation whose underlying mechanism is the transient activation of CHDH. ..
  57. Foster J, Le Rademacher J, Feliciano J, Gajra A, Seisler D, DeMatteo R, et al. Comparative "nocebo effects" in older patients enrolled in cancer therapeutic trials: Observations from a 446-patient cohort. Cancer. 2017;123:4193-4198 pubmed publisher
    ..Adverse events are equally common in older and younger cancer patients who are exposed to nocebo and thus require the same degree of clinical consideration regardless of age. Cancer 2017;123:4193-4198. © 2017 American Cancer Society. ..
  58. Aiello A, Jayabalasingham B, Simanek A, Diez Roux A, Feinstein L, Meier H, et al. The impact of pathogen burden on leukocyte telomere length in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis. Epidemiol Infect. 2017;145:3076-3084 pubmed publisher
    ..Future research is needed to confirm these novel findings in larger longitudinal samples...
  59. Giuliano A, Ballman K, McCall L, Beitsch P, Brennan M, Kelemen P, et al. Effect of Axillary Dissection vs No Axillary Dissection on 10-Year Overall Survival Among Women With Invasive Breast Cancer and Sentinel Node Metastasis: The ACOSOG Z0011 (Alliance) Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA. 2017;318:918-926 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings do not support routine use of axillary lymph node dissection in this patient population based on 10-year outcomes. Identifier: NCT00003855. ..
  60. Bonadonna L, Saunders M, Zegarra R, Evans C, Alegria Flores K, Guio H. Why wait? The social determinants underlying tuberculosis diagnostic delay. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0185018 pubmed publisher
    ..In high-burden settings, more human and material resources are required to promote tuberculosis case-finding initiatives, reduce tuberculosis associated stigma and address the social determinants underlying diagnostic delay. ..
  61. Mandel R, Marmion D, Kirik D, Chu Y, Heindel C, McCown T, et al. Novel oligodendroglial alpha synuclein viral vector models of multiple system atrophy: studies in rodents and nonhuman primates. Acta Neuropathol Commun. 2017;5:47 pubmed publisher
    ..These data support the concept that this vector can provide novel rodent and nonhuman primate models of MSA. ..
  62. Taylor S, Madanitsa M, Thwai K, Khairallah C, Kalilani Phiri L, van Eijk A, et al. Minimal Impact by Antenatal Subpatent Plasmodium falciparum Infections on Delivery Outcomes in Malawian Women: A Cohort Study. J Infect Dis. 2017;216:296-304 pubmed publisher
    ..falciparum infections were not associated with adverse delivery outcomes. The association of patent infections at enrollment with low birth weight suggests the importance of preventing P. falciparum infection early in pregnancy. ..
  63. Holmes G, Fraher E. Developing Physician Migration Estimates for Workforce Models. Health Serv Res. 2017;52 Suppl 1:529-545 pubmed publisher
    ..Models can be used to estimate specialty-specific migration patterns for more accurate workforce modeling, including simulations to model the effect of policy changes. ..
  64. Dimian A, Botteron K, Dager S, Elison J, Estes A, Pruett J, et al. Potential Risk Factors for the Development of Self-Injurious Behavior among Infants at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder. J Autism Dev Disord. 2017;47:1403-1415 pubmed publisher
    ..A pattern of persistent SIB over this period was associated with a diagnosis of autism and poorer cognitive and adaptive outcomes. ..
  65. Thomas C, Henry W, Cuiffo B, Collmann A, Marangoni E, Benhamo V, et al. Pentraxin-3 is a PI3K signaling target that promotes stem cell-like traits in basal-like breast cancers. Sci Signal. 2017;10: pubmed publisher
    ..Our results thus reveal PTX3 as a newly identified PI3K-regulated biomarker and a potential therapeutic target in BLBC. ..
  66. Hodonsky C, Jain D, Schick U, Morrison J, Brown L, McHugh C, et al. Genome-wide association study of red blood cell traits in Hispanics/Latinos: The Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos. PLoS Genet. 2017;13:e1006760 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these results reinforce the importance of genetic study of diverse ancestral populations, in particular Hispanics/Latinos. ..
  67. Liu X, Agerbo E, Li J, Meltzer Brody S, Bergink V, Munk Olsen T. Depression and Anxiety in the Postpartum Period and Risk of Bipolar Disorder: A Danish Nationwide Register-Based Cohort Study. J Clin Psychiatry. 2017;78:e469-e476 pubmed publisher
    ..Clinically, when antidepressant monotherapy is ineffective or the individual woman experiences persistent and concerning symptoms, health professionals should consider a possible bipolar spectrum disorder. ..
  68. Ferrara J, Smith C, Sheets J, Reddy P, Serody J. Altered homeostatic regulation of innate and adaptive immunity in lower gastrointestinal tract GVHD pathogenesis. J Clin Invest. 2017;127:2441-2451 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, novel therapies that might restore homeostasis in the GI tract during GVHD are highlighted. ..
  69. Ribeiro A, Azcarate Peril M, Cadenas M, Butz N, Paster B, Chen T, et al. The oral bacterial microbiome of occlusal surfaces in children and its association with diet and caries. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0180621 pubmed publisher
  70. Gruber J, Bowman N, BECKER DREPS S, Reyes Y, Belson C, Michaels K, et al. Risk Factors for Norovirus Gastroenteritis among Nicaraguan Children. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2017;97:937-943 pubmed publisher
    ..Further research is needed to understand household transmission of norovirus in low- and middle-income countries and the potential impact of hand sanitizer use. ..
  71. Anderson W, Ha J, Couper D, O Neal W, Barr R, Bleecker E, et al. Variability in objective and subjective measures affects baseline values in studies of patients with COPD. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0184606 pubmed publisher
  72. Ma R, Popkin B. Intergenerational diabetes and obesity-A cycle to break?. PLoS Med. 2017;14:e1002415 pubmed publisher
    ..Ronald Ma and Barry Popkin discuss the urgent need and challenges to reduce intergenerational transmission of obesity and diabetes...
  73. Byrne C, Ursin G, Martin C, Peck J, Cole E, Zeng D, et al. Mammographic Density Change With Estrogen and Progestin Therapy and Breast Cancer Risk. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2017;109: pubmed publisher
    ..Doctors should evaluate changes in mammographic density with women who initiate estrogen plus progestin therapy and discuss the breast cancer risk implications. ..
  74. Engel L, Kwok R, Miller A, Blair A, Curry M, McGrath J, et al. The Gulf Long-Term Follow-Up Study (GuLF STUDY): Biospecimen collection at enrollment. J Toxicol Environ Health A. 2017;80:218-229 pubmed publisher
  75. McDermott M, Tian L, Wunderink R, Kalhan R, Kibbe M, Greenland P, et al. Pulmonary hospitalizations and ischemic heart disease events in patients with peripheral artery disease. Vasc Med. 2017;22:218-224 pubmed publisher
    ..Future study should examine whether hospitalization for pulmonary events warrants increased surveillance or potential intervention to prevent IHD events in PAD. ..
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