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  1. Reichman W, Coyne A, Borson S, Negron A, Rovner B, Pelchat R, et al. Psychiatric consultation in the nursing home. A survey of six states. Am J Geriatr Psychiatry. 1998;6:320-7 pubmed
  2. Miyao T, Woychik N. RNA polymerase subunit RPB5 plays a role in transcriptional activation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1998;95:15281-6 pubmed
    ..These studies demonstrate that there are multiple activation targets in RNA polymerase II and that RPB5 and the CTD have similar roles in activation. ..
  3. Johnson W. DNA polymorphism-diet-cofactor-development hypothesis and the gene-teratogen model for schizophrenia and other developmental disorders. Am J Med Genet. 1999;88:311-23 pubmed
    ..A new study design is suggested for identifying teratogenic loci...
  4. Fiedler N, Kelly McNeil K, Mohr S, Lehrer P, Opiekun R, Lee C, et al. Controlled human exposure to methyl tertiary butyl ether in gasoline: symptoms, psychophysiologic and neurobehavioral responses of self-reported sensitive persons. Environ Health Perspect. 2000;108:753-63 pubmed
  5. Sysko R, Walsh B, Fairburn C. Eating Disorder Examination-Questionnaire as a measure of change in patients with bulimia nervosa. Int J Eat Disord. 2005;37:100-6 pubmed
    ..There is substantial variability in agreement for individual patients, but on average, the EDE and EDE-Q will yield similar assessments of eating disorder symptoms and change in symptoms over time. ..
  6. Dryer R, Covey L. A novel NF-kappa B-regulated site within the human I gamma 1 promoter requires p300 for optimal transcriptional activity. J Immunol. 2005;175:4499-507 pubmed
    ..Together these data support a model whereby CREB and multiple NF-kappaB complexes bind to the Igamma1 promoter and recruit p300. CD40 signals induce p300-dependent changes that result in optimal Igamma1 promoter activity. ..
  7. Wang L, Rajan H, Pitman J, McKeown M, Tsai C. Histone deacetylase-associating Atrophin proteins are nuclear receptor corepressors. Genes Dev. 2006;20:525-30 pubmed
  8. Richardson J, Caudle W, Guillot T, Watson J, Nakamaru Ogiso E, Seo B, et al. Obligatory role for complex I inhibition in the dopaminergic neurotoxicity of 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP). Toxicol Sci. 2007;95:196-204 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, combined with reports of a complex I defect in Parkinson's disease (PD) patients, the present study affirms the utility of MPTP in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying dopaminergic neurodegeneration in PD. ..
  9. Song M, Kiledjian M. 3' Terminal oligo U-tract-mediated stimulation of decapping. RNA. 2007;13:2356-65 pubmed
    ..These data suggest that following post-transcriptional oligo uridylation of an mRNA or mRNA fragment, the U-tract has the capacity to specifically stimulate 5' end decapping to expedite mRNA decay. ..

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  1. Morgan T, White H, Mun E. Changes in drinking before a mandated brief intervention with college students. J Stud Alcohol Drugs. 2008;69:286-90 pubmed
  2. Zhang J, Herrup K. Cdk5 and the non-catalytic arrest of the neuronal cell cycle. Cell Cycle. 2008;7:3487-90 pubmed
    ..The shift in sub-cellular location is accompanied by cell cycle re-entry and neuronal death. This "new" function of Cdk5 raises cautions in the design of Cdk5-directed drugs for the therapy of neurodegenerative diseases. ..
  3. Völker J, Klump H, Breslauer K. DNA energy landscapes via calorimetric detection of microstate ensembles of metastable macrostates and triplet repeat diseases. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008;105:18326-30 pubmed publisher
  4. Newmark H, Yang K, Kurihara N, Fan K, Augenlicht L, Lipkin M. Western-style diet-induced colonic tumors and their modulation by calcium and vitamin D in C57Bl/6 mice: a preclinical model for human sporadic colon cancer. Carcinogenesis. 2009;30:88-92 pubmed publisher
  5. Lu Yao G, Albertsen P, Moore D, Shih W, Lin Y, DiPaola R, et al. Outcomes of localized prostate cancer following conservative management. JAMA. 2009;302:1202-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This may be due, in part, to additional lead time, overdiagnosis related to PSA testing, grade migration, or advances in medical care. ..
  6. Saybolt M, Alter S, Dos Santos F, Calello D, Rynn K, Nelson D, et al. Naloxone in cardiac arrest with suspected opioid overdoses. Resuscitation. 2010;81:42-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Due to low rates of return of spontaneous circulation and survival during cardiac arrest, any potential intervention leading to rhythm improvement is a reasonable treatment modality. ..
  7. Savla R, Taratula O, Garbuzenko O, Minko T. Tumor targeted quantum dot-mucin 1 aptamer-doxorubicin conjugate for imaging and treatment of cancer. J Control Release. 2011;153:16-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Data obtained demonstrate a high potential of the proposed conjugate in treatment of multidrug resistant ovarian cancer. ..
  8. Lee T, Kantarjian H, Ma W, Yeh C, Giles F, Albitar M. Effects of clinically relevant MPL mutations in the transmembrane domain revealed at the atomic level through computational modeling. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e23396 pubmed publisher
    ..Hence, caution should be exercised when interpreting experimental evidence based on rigid models of cytokine receptors or similar systems. ..
  9. Sheihet L, Garbuzenko O, Bushman J, Gounder M, Minko T, Kohn J. Paclitaxel in tyrosine-derived nanospheres as a potential anti-cancer agent: in vivo evaluation of toxicity and efficacy in comparison with paclitaxel in Cremophor. Eur J Pharm Sci. 2012;45:320-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The findings reported here confirm that the NSP formulation is an efficient method for PTX administration with significant increase in maximum tolerated dose, offering possible clinical implications in the treatment of breast tumors. ..
  10. Mazari P, Argaw T, Valdivieso L, Zhang X, Marcucci K, Salomon D, et al. Comparison of the convergent receptor utilization of a retargeted feline leukemia virus envelope with a naturally-occurring porcine endogenous retrovirus A. Virology. 2012;427:118-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Through a panel of receptor chimeras and point mutations, this area was also found to be responsible for the differential usage of the PoPAR receptor between CP and PERV-A. ..
  11. Martino J, Wall B, Mastrantoni E, Wilimczyk B, La Cava S, Degenhardt K, et al. Metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 (Grm1) is an oncogene in epithelial cells. Oncogene. 2013;32:4366-76 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings imply a possible role for glutamate signaling apparatus in RCC cell growth, and that the glutamatergic system may be a therapeutic target in RCC. ..
  12. Wu Y, Zhang Y, Wang M, Li Q, Qu Z, Shi V, et al. Downregulation of HER3 by a novel antisense oligonucleotide, EZN-3920, improves the antitumor activity of EGFR and HER2 tyrosine kinase inhibitors in animal models. Mol Cancer Ther. 2013;12:427-37 pubmed publisher
  13. Brunetti L, Kagan L, Forrester G, Aleksunes L, Lin H, Buyske S, et al. Cefoxitin Plasma and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Concentration in Patients Undergoing Sleeve Gastrectomy. Clin Ther. 2016;38:204-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Current dosing strategies for cefoxitin in obese surgical patients may be inadequate, and there is an urgent need to define the appropriate dosage. ..
  14. Wong V, Dong H, Liang X, Bai L, Jiang Z, Guo Y, et al. Rh2E2, a novel metabolic suppressor, specifically inhibits energy-based metabolism of tumor cells. Oncotarget. 2016;7:9907-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Those findings suggest that Rh2E2 possesses a novel and safe anti-metabolic agent for cancer patients by specific reduction of energy-based metabolism in cancer cells. ..
  15. Graff M, Scott R, Justice A, Young K, Feitosa M, BARATA L, et al. Genome-wide physical activity interactions in adiposity - A meta-analysis of 200,452 adults. PLoS Genet. 2017;13:e1006528 pubmed publisher
  16. Yang S, Jan Y, Mishin V, Heck D, Laskin D, Laskin J. Diacetyl/l-Xylulose Reductase Mediates Chemical Redox Cycling in Lung Epithelial Cells. Chem Res Toxicol. 2017;30:1406-1418 pubmed publisher
  17. Day D, Xiang J, Mo J, Li F, Chung M, Gong J, et al. Association of Ozone Exposure With Cardiorespiratory Pathophysiologic Mechanisms in Healthy Adults. JAMA Intern Med. 2017;177:1344-1353 pubmed publisher
    ..Exposure to ozone has been associated with cardiovascular mortality, but the underlying biological mechanisms are not yet understood...
  18. Ashar H, Fejzo M, Tkachenko A, Zhou X, Fletcher J, Weremowicz S, et al. Disruption of the architectural factor HMGI-C: DNA-binding AT hook motifs fused in lipomas to distinct transcriptional regulatory domains. Cell. 1995;82:57-65 pubmed
    ..These results, identifying a gene rearranged in a benign neoplastic process that does not proceed to a malignancy, suggest a role for HMGI-C in adipogenesis and mesenchyme differentiation. ..
  19. Lim J, Langer J. Cloning and characterization of a bovine alpha interferon receptor. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1993;1173:314-9 pubmed
    ..Covalent crosslinking of radiolabeled HuIFN-alpha A and -alpha B demonstrates that the complex of [32P]HuIFN with the BoIFN-alpha R1 protein (predicted mass, 61,375) expressed in COS cells migrates as a 140-150 kDa band. ..
  20. Perez J, Jing S, Wong T. Identification of two isoforms of the Cak receptor kinase that are coexpressed in breast tumor cell lines. Oncogene. 1996;12:1469-77 pubmed
    ..The coexpression of the Cak isoforms in some epithelial cell lines suggests that heterodimer formation may be a key feature in the function of the receptor. ..
  21. Choi J, Martin C. The Saccharomyces cerevisiae FAT1 gene encodes an acyl-CoA synthetase that is required for maintenance of very long chain fatty acid levels. J Biol Chem. 1999;274:4671-83 pubmed
    ..Simultaneous disruption of FAA1 and FAA4, which encode long chain (C14-C18) fatty acyl-CoA synthetases, effectively blocks the import of long chain saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. ..
  22. Wang Z, Jiao X, Carr Schmid A, Kiledjian M. The hDcp2 protein is a mammalian mRNA decapping enzyme. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002;99:12663-8 pubmed
    ..Therefore the mammalian homologue of the yeast Dcp2 protein is an mRNA decapping enzyme demonstrated to contain intrinsic decapping activity. ..
  23. Chen X, Li N, Wang S, Wu N, Hong J, Jiao X, et al. Leukotriene A4 hydrolase in rat and human esophageal adenocarcinomas and inhibitory effects of bestatin. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2003;95:1053-61 pubmed
    ..1% (6 of 23 rats) (difference = 31.6%, 95% CI = 0.3% to 56.2%; P = .042). LTA4H overexpression appears to be an early event in esophageal adenocarcinogenesis and is a potential target for the chemoprevention of EAC. ..
  24. Abate Shen C, Banach Petrosky W, Sun X, Economides K, Desai N, Gregg J, et al. Nkx3.1; Pten mutant mice develop invasive prostate adenocarcinoma and lymph node metastases. Cancer Res. 2003;63:3886-90 pubmed
    ..We conclude that Nkx3.1(+/-); Pten(+/-) mice recapitulate key features of advanced prostate cancer and represent a useful model for investigating associated molecular mechanisms and for evaluating therapeutic approaches. ..
  25. Qu Z, Qing G, Rabson A, Xiao G. Tax deregulation of NF-kappaB2 p100 processing involves both beta-TrCP-dependent and -independent mechanisms. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:44563-72 pubmed publisher
  26. Sreenivasan P, Gittins E. Effects of low dose chlorhexidine mouthrinses on oral bacteria and salivary microflora including those producing hydrogen sulfide. Oral Microbiol Immunol. 2004;19:309-13 pubmed
    ..This investigation examined the efficacy of lower concentrations of chlorhexidine...
  27. Chen L, Madura K. Increased proteasome activity, ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes, and eEF1A translation factor detected in breast cancer tissue. Cancer Res. 2005;65:5599-606 pubmed
    ..Collectively, these findings suggest that the analysis of primary breast cancer tissue samples will be indispensable for the biochemical characterization of neoplastic growth and for the development of therapeutics. ..
  28. Gochfeld M. Framework for gender differences in human and animal toxicology. Environ Res. 2007;104:4-21 pubmed
    ..Power should be adequate, or lack of power (if inevitable) should be clearly stated. ..
  29. Qing G, Yan P, Xiao G. Hsp90 inhibition results in autophagy-mediated proteasome-independent degradation of IkappaB kinase (IKK). Cell Res. 2006;16:895-901 pubmed
    ..These findings provide the first evidence that an Hsp90 client may be degraded by a mechanism different from the proteasome pathway and establish a molecular link among Hsp90, NF-kappaB and autophagy. ..
  30. Burger J, Gochfeld M. Risk to consumers from mercury in Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) from the Aleutians: fish age and size effects. Environ Res. 2007;105:276-84 pubmed
    ..Only 4% of the Pacific cod samples had mercury levels above 0.5 ppm, the action level promulgated by many states and countries, and none were above the 1 ppm action level of the U.S. FDA. ..
  31. Kostyukova A. Tropomodulins and tropomodulin/tropomyosin interactions. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2008;65:563-9 pubmed
    ..Differences in tropomyosin affinity for the two binding sites in tropomodulin may regulate its correct positioning at the pointed end as well as effectiveness of capping the actin filament. ..
  32. Pan M, Kalie E, Scaglione B, Raveche E, Schreiber G, Langer J. Mutation of the IFNAR-1 receptor binding site of human IFN-alpha2 generates type I IFN competitive antagonists. Biochemistry. 2008;47:12018-27 pubmed publisher
    ..e., they are type I IFN antagonists. These prototype IFN antagonists can be developed further for possible therapeutic use in systemic lupus erythematosus, and analogous molecules can be designed for use in animal models. ..
  33. Hitchcock Degregori S. Tropomyosin: function follows structure. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2008;644:60-72 pubmed
  34. Cai C, Weisleder N, Ko J, Komazaki S, Sunada Y, Nishi M, et al. Membrane repair defects in muscular dystrophy are linked to altered interaction between MG53, caveolin-3, and dysferlin. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:15894-902 pubmed publisher
  35. McCarthy D, Piasecki T, Jorenby D, Lawrence D, Shiffman S, Baker T. A multi-level analysis of non-significant counseling effects in a randomized smoking cessation trial. Addiction. 2010;105:2195-208 pubmed publisher
    ..Smoking cessation counseling may work by supporting confidence about quitting and reducing perceived difficulty quitting. Counseling did not affect other targets that protect against relapse. ..
  36. Davis R, Liu Q. Complex primary afferents: What the distribution of electrophysiologically-relevant phenotypes within the spiral ganglion tells us about peripheral neural coding. Hear Res. 2011;276:34-43 pubmed publisher
  37. Lukić S, Chen K. Human piRNAs are under selection in Africans and repress transposable elements. Mol Biol Evol. 2011;28:3061-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, our results elucidate the function and evolution of piRNAs in humans and highlight the utility of population genomics analysis for studying this rapidly evolving genetic system...
  38. Tsai Y, Pestka S, Wang L, Runnels L, Wan S, Lyu Y, et al. Interferon-? signaling contributes to Ras transformation. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e24291 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results demonstrate for the first time that the type I IFN, IFN-?, contributes to Ras transformation and support the notion that oncogene-induced cytokines play important roles in oncogene transformation. ..
  39. Shen X, Chen J, Li J, Kofler J, Herrup K. Neurons in Vulnerable Regions of the Alzheimer's Disease Brain Display Reduced ATM Signaling. Eneuro. 2016;3: pubmed publisher
    ..This previously unknown role for the ATM kinase in AD pathogenesis suggests that the failure of ATM function may be an important contributor to the death of neurons in AD individuals. ..
  40. Acton T, Zhong H, Vershon A. DNA-binding specificity of Mcm1: operator mutations that alter DNA-bending and transcriptional activities by a MADS box protein. Mol Cell Biol. 1997;17:1881-9 pubmed
    ..This result suggests that the degree of DNA bending is important for transcriptional activation by Mcm1. ..
  41. Escobar J. Does simple "reassurance" work in patients with medically unexplained physical symptoms?. PLoS Med. 2006;3:e313 pubmed
  42. Vega S, Liu E, Patel P, Kulesa A, Carlson A, Ma Y, et al. High-content imaging-based screening of microenvironment-induced changes to stem cells. J Biomol Screen. 2012;17:1151-62 pubmed
    ..Taken together, high-content imaging of structurally sensitive proteins can be used as a tool to identify stem cell phenotypes at the single-cell level across a diverse range of culture conditions and microenvironments. ..
  43. Kurys G, Ambroziak W, Pietruszko R. Human aldehyde dehydrogenase. Purification and characterization of a third isozyme with low Km for gamma-aminobutyraldehyde. J Biol Chem. 1989;264:4715-21 pubmed
    ..B., and Fredericks, J. (1959) J. Biol. Chem. 234, 2145-2150) but never from a mammalian organism. ..
  44. Shiekhattar R, Mermelstein F, Fisher R, Drapkin R, Dynlacht B, Wessling H, et al. Cdk-activating kinase complex is a component of human transcription factor TFIIH. Nature. 1995;374:283-7 pubmed
    ..Both Cak complexes, as well as recombinant Cak, phosphorylate a CTD peptide. Finally, TFIIH was shown to phosphorylate both Cdc2 and Cdk2, suggesting that there could be a link between transcription and the cell cycle machinery. ..
  45. Schaar D, Sieber B, Sherwood A, Dean D, Mendoza G, Ramakrishnan L, et al. Multiple astrocyte transcripts encode nigral trophic factors in rat and human. Exp Neurol. 1994;130:387-93 pubmed
    ..To begin assessing the biologic significance of multiple transcript expression we characterized the actions of COS-expressed GDNF and ATF-1 cDNAs.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS) ..
  46. Thakur S, Lin H, Tseng W, Kumar S, Bravo R, Foss F, et al. Rearrangement and altered expression of the NFKB-2 gene in human cutaneous T-lymphoma cells. Oncogene. 1994;9:2335-44 pubmed
    ..Rearrangement of the NFKB-2 gene was also detected in DNA from two patients with CTCL. Rearrangement and overexpression of the NFKB-2 gene may contribute to the genesis of a subset of T-cell malignancies. ..
  47. Kotenko S, Izotova L, Pollack B, Muthukumaran G, Paukku K, Silvennoinen O, et al. Other kinases can substitute for Jak2 in signal transduction by interferon-gamma. J Biol Chem. 1996;271:17174-82 pubmed
    ..The results may suggest that the Jaks do not contribute to the specificity of signal transduction in the Jak-Stat pathway to the same degree as Stats. ..
  48. Colognato H, MacCarrick M, O Rear J, Yurchenco P. The laminin alpha2-chain short arm mediates cell adhesion through both the alpha1beta1 and alpha2beta1 integrins. J Biol Chem. 1997;272:29330-6 pubmed
  49. Ricketts M, Poretz R, Manowitz P. The R496H mutation of arylsulfatase A does not cause metachromatic leukodystrophy. Hum Mutat. 1998;12:238-9 pubmed
    ..It is therefore concluded that the R496H mutation of ARSA does not negatively influence the activity of ARSA and is not a cause of MLD. ..
  50. Wen Y, Shatkin A. Transcription elongation factor hSPT5 stimulates mRNA capping. Genes Dev. 1999;13:1774-9 pubmed
    ..Consistent with capping enzyme binding, TFIIH-phosphorylated CTD stimulated guanylylation, and this increase was not additive with hSPT5. ..
  51. Zhang J, Tamilarasu N, Hwang S, Garber M, Huq I, Jones K, et al. HIV-1 TAR RNA enhances the interaction between Tat and cyclin T1. J Biol Chem. 2000;275:34314-9 pubmed
    ..We conclude that TAR RNA nucleates the formation of the Tat.P-TEFb complex through an induced fit mechanism. ..
  52. Nakagawa S, Huibregtse J. Human scribble (Vartul) is targeted for ubiquitin-mediated degradation by the high-risk papillomavirus E6 proteins and the E6AP ubiquitin-protein ligase. Mol Cell Biol. 2000;20:8244-53 pubmed
  53. Nishioka K, Rice J, Sarma K, Erdjument Bromage H, Werner J, Wang Y, et al. PR-Set7 is a nucleosome-specific methyltransferase that modifies lysine 20 of histone H4 and is associated with silent chromatin. Mol Cell. 2002;9:1201-13 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these results support the hypothesis that methylation of H4 lysine 20 maintains silent chromatin, in part, by precluding neighboring acetylation on the H4 tail. ..
  54. Ryazanova L, Dorovkov M, Ansari A, Ryazanov A. Characterization of the protein kinase activity of TRPM7/ChaK1, a protein kinase fused to the transient receptor potential ion channel. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:3708-16 pubmed
    ..Considering intracellular ion concentrations, our results suggest that, among divalent metal ions, only Mg(2+) can directly modulate TRPM7/ChaK1 kinase activity in vivo. ..
  55. Li M, Stollar V. Alphaviruses and apoptosis. Int Rev Immunol. 2004;23:7-24 pubmed
    ..Experimental results point to the involvement of both the mitochondrial and the death receptor pathways. To date, there are no reports implicating the ER stress pathway. ..
  56. Gallistel C. The importance of proving the null. Psychol Rev. 2009;116:439-53 pubmed publisher
    ..They pose 3 common experimental questions: (a) Are 2 means the same? (b) Is performance at chance? (c) Are factors additive? ..
  57. Liu H, Brannon A, Reddy A, Alexe G, Seiler M, Arreola A, et al. Identifying mRNA targets of microRNA dysregulated in cancer: with application to clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma. BMC Syst Biol. 2010;4:51 pubmed publisher
    ..Putative mRNA targets of microRNA identified from seed sequence matches are available in many databases. However, such matches have a high false positive rate and cannot identify tissue specificity of regulation...
  58. Azarova A, Lin R, Tsai Y, Liu L, Lin C, Lyu Y. Genistein induces topoisomerase IIbeta- and proteasome-mediated DNA sequence rearrangements: Implications in infant leukemia. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2010;399:66-71 pubmed publisher
  59. Lukić S, Hey J. Demographic inference using spectral methods on SNP data, with an analysis of the human out-of-Africa expansion. Genetics. 2012;192:619-39 pubmed publisher
    ..The estimated time of founding of a human population outside of Africa was 52,000 years (95% confidence interval: 36,000-80,800 years). ..
  60. Das K, Arnold E. HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and antiviral drug resistance. Part 1. Curr Opin Virol. 2013;3:111-8 pubmed publisher
  61. Parhi A, Xiang A, Bauman J, Patel D, Vijayan R, Das K, et al. Phenyl substituted 3-hydroxypyridin-2(1H)-ones: inhibitors of influenza A endonuclease. Bioorg Med Chem. 2013;21:6435-46 pubmed publisher
    ..The SAR and the binding mode of these 3-hydroxypyridin-2-ones provide a basis for developing a new class of anti-influenza drugs. ..
  62. Cantore R, Petrou I, Lavender S, Santarpia P, Liu Z, Gittins E, et al. In situ clinical effects of new dentifrices containing 1.5% arginine and fluoride on enamel de- and remineralization and plaque metabolism. J Clin Dent. 2013;24 Spec no A:A32-44 pubmed
  63. Reka A, Chen G, Jones R, Amunugama R, Kim S, Karnovsky A, et al. Epithelial-mesenchymal transition-associated secretory phenotype predicts survival in lung cancer patients. Carcinogenesis. 2014;35:1292-300 pubmed publisher
    ..These results demonstrate that integrative analysis of the critical biological process of EMT provides mechanism-based and clinically relevant biomarkers with significant prognostic value. ..
  64. Lioy P, Gennings C, Hauser R, Koch H, Kortenkamp A. Changing trends in phthalate exposures. Environ Health Perspect. 2014;122:A264 pubmed publisher
  65. Nabet B, Qiu Y, Shabason J, Wu T, Yoon T, Kim B, et al. Exosome RNA Unshielding Couples Stromal Activation to Pattern Recognition Receptor Signaling in Cancer. Cell. 2017;170:352-366.e13 pubmed publisher
    ..Corroborated by evidence from patient tumors and blood, these results demonstrate that regulation of RNA unshielding couples stromal activation with deployment of RNA DAMPs that promote aggressive features of cancer. VIDEO ABSTRACT. ..
  66. Tashiro M, Tejero R, Zimmerman D, Celda B, Nilsson B, Montelione G. High-resolution solution NMR structure of the Z domain of staphylococcal protein A. J Mol Biol. 1997;272:573-90 pubmed publisher
    ..Hydrogen-bonded N-cap and C-cap formation is observed for all three helices of the Z domain; these capping interactions appear to be highly conserved in the five homologous domains of SpA...
  67. Woodbury D, Schwarz E, Prockop D, Black I. Adult rat and human bone marrow stromal cells differentiate into neurons. J Neurosci Res. 2000;61:364-70 pubmed
    ..Consequently, adult marrow stromal cells can be induced to overcome their mesenchymal commitment and may constitute an abundant and accessible cellular reservoir for the treatment of a variety of neurologic diseases. ..
  68. Lin L, Sohar I, Lackland H, Lobel P. The human CLN2 protein/tripeptidyl-peptidase I is a serine protease that autoactivates at acidic pH. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:2249-55 pubmed
    ..These data indicate that the CLN2 gene product is synthesized as an inactive proenzyme that is autocatalytically converted to an active serine protease. ..
  69. Volpe A, Petrone M, Prencipe M, DeVizio W. The efficacy of a dentifrice with caries, plaque, gingivitis, tooth whitening and oral malodor benefits. J Clin Dent. 2002;13:55-8 pubmed
  70. Buyske S, Williams T, Mars A, Stenroos E, Ming S, Wang R, et al. Analysis of case-parent trios at a locus with a deletion allele: association of GSTM1 with autism. BMC Genet. 2006;7:8 pubmed
    ..Both analyses support (p = 0.046 for the proposed test, p = 0.028 for the case-control analysis) an association of the homozygous GSTM1 deletion genotype with autism. ..
  71. Arnold L, Bachmann G, Rosen R, Rhoads G. Assessment of vulvodynia symptoms in a sample of US women: a prevalence survey with a nested case control study. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2007;196:128.e1-6 pubmed
    ..Lifetime chronic vulvar pain was less prevalent in this national sample of women than previous data suggest and was correlated with several comorbid chronic medical conditions and substantial reduction in self-reported quality of life. ..
  72. Kozak M. Lessons (not) learned from mistakes about translation. Gene. 2007;403:194-203 pubmed
    ..I explain why new assays, devised to rule out splicing in tests with dicistronic vectors, are not valid and why experiments with IRESs are not a good way to investigate the mechanism whereby microRNAs inhibit translation. ..
  73. Kumar G, Garnova E, Reagin M, Vidali A. Improved multiple displacement amplification with phi29 DNA polymerase for genotyping of single human cells. Biotechniques. 2008;44:879-90 pubmed publisher
    ..We suggest that the method described in this report is suitable for WGA from single cells, the product of which can be subsequently used for many applications, such as preimplantation genetic analysis (PGD). ..
  74. Menza M, Dobkin R, Marin H, Mark M, Gara M, Buyske S, et al. A controlled trial of antidepressants in patients with Parkinson disease and depression. Neurology. 2009;72:886-92 pubmed publisher
    ..The trial suggests that depression in patients with PD is responsive to treatment and raises questions about the relative efficacy of dual reuptake inhibitors and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. ..
  75. Arora S, Wang X, Keenan S, Andaya C, Zhang Q, Peng Y, et al. Novel microtubule polymerization inhibitor with potent antiproliferative and antitumor activity. Cancer Res. 2009;69:1910-5 pubmed publisher
    ..p. Taken together, our results suggest that T115 is a potential drug candidate for cancer chemotherapy. ..
  76. Prokopenko O, Mirochnitchenko O. Ischemia-reperfusion-inducible protein modulates cell sensitivity to anticancer drugs by regulating activity of efflux transporter. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2009;296:C1086-97 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that hIRIP expression can regulate cargo assembly and function of efflux transporters, including P-glycoprotein, which mediates one of the most common mechanisms of the multidrug resistance. ..
  77. Benayed R, Choi J, MATTESON P, Gharani N, Kamdar S, Brzustowicz L, et al. Autism-associated haplotype affects the regulation of the homeobox gene, ENGRAILED 2. Biol Psychiatry. 2009;66:911-7 pubmed publisher
    ..These data indicate that the A-C haplotype is functional and, together with the association and LD mapping results, supports EN2 as a likely ASD susceptibility gene and the A-C haplotype as a possible risk allele. ..
  78. Sesti F, Liu S, Cai S. Oxidation of potassium channels by ROS: a general mechanism of aging and neurodegeneration?. Trends Cell Biol. 2010;20:45-51 pubmed publisher
    ..We argue that oxidation of K(+) channels by ROS is a common theme in the aging brain and suggest directions for future experimentation. ..
  79. Aramini J, Tubbs J, Kanugula S, Rossi P, Ertekin A, Maglaqui M, et al. Structural basis of O6-alkylguanine recognition by a bacterial alkyltransferase-like DNA repair protein. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:13736-41 pubmed publisher
    ..NMR relaxation data reveal a role for conformational plasticity in the guanine-lesion recognition cavity. Our results provide further evidence for the conserved role of ATLs in this primordial mechanism of DNA repair. ..
  80. Lerapetritou M, Georgopoulos P, Roth C, Androulakis L. Tissue-level modeling of xenobiotic metabolism in liver: An emerging tool for enabling clinical translational research. Clin Transl Sci. 2009;2:228-37 pubmed publisher
  81. Heiman G, Kamberakis K, Gill R, Kalachikov S, Pedley T, Hauser W, et al. Evaluation of depression risk in LGI1 mutation carriers. Epilepsia. 2010;51:1685-90 pubmed publisher
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