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Top Publications

  1. Martinez J, Cunha L, Park S, Yang M, Lu Q, Orchard R, et al. Noncanonical autophagy inhibits the autoinflammatory, lupus-like response to dying cells. Nature. 2016;533:115-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, defects in LAP, rather than canonical autophagy, can cause SLE-like phenomena, and may contribute to the pathogenesis of SLE. ..
  2. Li M, Li J, Zeng R, Yang J, Liu J, Zhang Z, et al. Respiratory Syncytial Virus Replication Is Promoted by Autophagy-Mediated Inhibition of Apoptosis. J Virol. 2018;92: pubmed publisher
    ..This study provides a novel insight into this virus-host interaction, which may help to exploit new antiviral treatments targeting autophagy processes. ..
  3. Woloszynek J, Kovacs A, Ohlemiller K, Roberts M, Sands M. Metabolic adaptations to interrupted glycosaminoglycan recycling. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:29684-91 pubmed publisher
    ..As the mechanism of this energy imbalance is better understood, a more targeted nutrient approach may yet prove beneficial as an adjunct therapy to traditional approaches. ..
  4. Abate G, Ruminiski P, Kumar M, Singh K, Hamzabegovic F, Hoft D, et al. New Verapamil Analogs Inhibit Intracellular Mycobacteria without Affecting the Functions of Mycobacterium-Specific T Cells. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2015;60:1216-25 pubmed publisher
    ..tuberculosis. In conclusion, KSV21 is a promising verapamil analog on which to base structure-activity relationship studies aimed at identifying more effective analogs. ..
  5. Imam S, Talley S, Nelson R, Dharan A, O CONNOR C, Hope T, et al. TRIM5α Degradation via Autophagy Is Not Required for Retroviral Restriction. J Virol. 2016;90:3400-10 pubmed publisher
    ..These data indicate that the effector functions of TRIM5α can be separated from its degradation and may have further implications for understanding the mechanisms of other TRIM family members. ..
  6. Ju J, Miller S, Hanson P, Weihl C. Impaired protein aggregate handling and clearance underlie the pathogenesis of p97/VCP-associated disease. J Biol Chem. 2008;283:30289-99 pubmed publisher
    ..Our study emphasizes the importance of protein aggregate trafficking to inclusion bodies in degenerative diseases and the therapeutic benefit of inclusion body formation. ..
  7. Miller B, Zhao Z, Stephenson L, Cadwell K, Pua H, Lee H, et al. The autophagy gene ATG5 plays an essential role in B lymphocyte development. Autophagy. 2008;4:309-14 pubmed
    ..In addition, B-1a B cells require ATG5 for their maintenance in the periphery. We conclude that ATG5 is differentially required at discrete stages of development in distinct, but closely related, cell lineages. ..
  8. Martinez J, Malireddi R, Lu Q, Cunha L, Pelletier S, Gingras S, et al. Molecular characterization of LC3-associated phagocytosis reveals distinct roles for Rubicon, NOX2 and autophagy proteins. Nat Cell Biol. 2015;17:893-906 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, we have identified molecules that distinguish LAP from canonical autophagy, thereby elucidating the importance of LAP in response to A. fumigatus infection. ..
  9. Luan S, Ilvarsonn A, Eissenberg J. The unique GGA clathrin adaptor of Drosophila melanogaster is not essential. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e45163 pubmed publisher
    ..However, GGA null flies are hypersensitive to dietary chloroquine and to starvation, implicating GGA in lysosomal function and autophagy. ..

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  1. Shrivastava S, Bhanja Chowdhury J, Steele R, Ray R, Ray R. Hepatitis C virus upregulates Beclin1 for induction of autophagy and activates mTOR signaling. J Virol. 2012;86:8705-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these results suggested that HCV induces autophagy by upregulating Beclin1 and activates mTOR signaling pathway, which in turn may promote hepatocyte growth. ..
  2. Teckman J, Perlmutter D. Retention of mutant alpha(1)-antitrypsin Z in endoplasmic reticulum is associated with an autophagic response. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2000;279:G961-74 pubmed
  3. Mancuso D, Kotzbauer P, Wozniak D, Sims H, Jenkins C, Guan S, et al. Genetic ablation of calcium-independent phospholipase A2{gamma} leads to alterations in hippocampal cardiolipin content and molecular species distribution, mitochondrial degeneration, autophagy, and cognitive dysfunction. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:35632-44 pubmed publisher
  4. Fujimoto K, Hanson P, Tran H, Ford E, Han Z, Johnson J, et al. Autophagy regulates pancreatic beta cell death in response to Pdx1 deficiency and nutrient deprivation. J Biol Chem. 2009;284:27664-73 pubmed publisher
    ..The role of autophagy should be considered in studies of pancreatic beta cell death and diabetes and as a target for novel therapeutic intervention. ..
  5. Elimam H, Papillon J, Kaufman D, Guillemette J, Aoudjit L, Gross R, et al. Genetic Ablation of Calcium-independent Phospholipase A2? Induces Glomerular Injury in Mice. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:14468-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Understanding the role of iPLA2? in glomerular pathophysiology provides opportunities for the development of novel therapeutic approaches to glomerular injury and proteinuria. ..
  6. Cadwell K, Patel K, Komatsu M, Virgin H, Stappenbeck T. A common role for Atg16L1, Atg5 and Atg7 in small intestinal Paneth cells and Crohn disease. Autophagy. 2009;5:250-2 pubmed
    ..Thus, one role for the autophagy pathway in CD pathogenesis is through selective effects on the biology and specialized properties of Paneth cells. ..
  7. Cadwell K, Liu J, Brown S, Miyoshi H, Loh J, Lennerz J, et al. A key role for autophagy and the autophagy gene Atg16l1 in mouse and human intestinal Paneth cells. Nature. 2008;456:259-63 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, ATG16L1, and probably the process of autophagy, have a role within the intestinal epithelium of mice and Crohn's disease patients by selective effects on the cell biology and specialized regulatory properties of Paneth cells. ..
  8. Cotter D, d Avignon D, Wentz A, Weber M, Crawford P. Obligate role for ketone body oxidation in neonatal metabolic homeostasis. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:6902-10 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate the critical metabolic roles of ketone bodies in neonatal metabolism and suggest that distinct tissues exhibit specific metabolic responses to loss of ketone body oxidation. ..
  9. Korom M, Wylie K, Wang H, Davis K, Sangabathula M, Delassus G, et al. A proautophagic antiviral role for the cellular prion protein identified by infection with a herpes simplex virus 1 ICP34.5 mutant. J Virol. 2013;87:5882-94 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results demonstrate that PrP is critical for inducing autophagy in astrocytes in response to HSV-1 infection and suggest that PrP positively regulates autophagy in the mouse CNS. ..
  10. Virgin H, Levine B. Autophagy genes in immunity. Nat Immunol. 2009;10:461-70 pubmed publisher
    ..This review summarizes phenotypes that result from the inactivation of autophagy genes in the immune system and discusses the pleiotropic functions of autophagy genes in immunity. ..
  11. Zhao Z, Thackray L, Miller B, Lynn T, Becker M, Ward E, et al. Coronavirus replication does not require the autophagy gene ATG5. Autophagy. 2007;3:581-5 pubmed
    ..We conclude that neither ATG5 nor an intact autophagic pathway re required for MHV replication or release. ..
  12. Chen B, Longtine M, Nelson D. Hypoxia induces autophagy in primary human trophoblasts. Endocrinology. 2012;153:4946-54 pubmed
    ..We conclude that there is a cross talk between autophagy and apoptosis in the placental trophoblasts; autophagy plays a prosurvival role and Atg7 has roles in both autophagy and apoptosis under hypoxia. ..
  13. Chen C, Chen H, Yeh S, Vittore G, Ho T. Autophagy is enhanced and floral development is impaired in AtHVA22d RNA interference Arabidopsis. Plant Physiol. 2009;149:1679-89 pubmed publisher
    ..Potential mechanisms of this suppression and the roles of abscisic acid-induced HVA22 expression in vegetative and reproductive tissues are discussed. ..
  14. Chen H, Wang L, Wang W, Cheng C, Zhang Y, Zhou Y, et al. ELABELA and an ELABELA Fragment Protect against AKI. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2017;28:2694-2707 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, our results suggest that ELA32 and ELA11 may be therapeutic candidates for treating AKI. ..