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Locale: College Park, Maryland, United States
Topic: reactive oxygen species

Top Publications

  1. Pal S, Wu L. Guts and glory: balancing microbes and the immune response. Dev Cell. 2005;8:1-2 pubmed
    ..In this issue of Developmental Cell, Ha et al. demonstrate a central role of a redox balance in microbial interactions in the fruit fly gut. ..
  2. Kish A, Kirkali G, Robinson C, Rosenblatt R, Jaruga P, Dizdaroglu M, et al. Salt shield: intracellular salts provide cellular protection against ionizing radiation in the halophilic archaeon, Halobacterium salinarum NRC-1. Environ Microbiol. 2009;11:1066-78 pubmed
    ..The finding that not only Mn/Fe but also the presence of halides can decrease the oxidative damage to DNA and proteins emphasizes the significance of the intracellular milieu in determining microbial radiation resistance...
  3. Zhu J, Lee B, Dellinger M, Cui X, Zhang C, Wu S, et al. A cellulose synthase-like protein is required for osmotic stress tolerance in Arabidopsis. Plant J. 2010;63:128-40 pubmed publisher
    ..The results suggest that SOS6/AtCSLD5 is not required for normal plant growth and development but has a critical role in osmotic stress tolerance and this function likely involves its regulation of ROS under stress. ..
  4. Jammes F, Yang X, Xiao S, Kwak J. Two Arabidopsis guard cell-preferential MAPK genes, MPK9 and MPK12, function in biotic stress response. Plant Signal Behav. 2011;6:1875-7 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that the regulation of stomatal apertures by MPK9 and MPK12 contributes to the first line of defense against pathogens. ..
  5. Rocourt C, Wu M, Chen B, Cheng W. The catalytic subunit of DNA-dependent protein kinase is downstream of ATM and feeds forward oxidative stress in the selenium-induced senescence response. J Nutr Biochem. 2013;24:781-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results indicate a distinct role of DNA-PKcs, in which this kinase can respond to and feed forward selenium-induced ROS formation and is placed downstream of ATM in the resultant senescence response...
  6. Mittra B, Cortez M, Haydock A, Ramasamy G, Myler P, Andrews N. Iron uptake controls the generation of Leishmania infective forms through regulation of ROS levels. J Exp Med. 2013;210:401-16 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results reveal a novel role for FeSOD activity and reactive oxygen species in orchestrating the differentiation of virulent Leishmania amastigotes in a process regulated by iron availability. ..
  7. Briken V. Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes involved in regulation of host cell death. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2013;783:93-102 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus in this chapter I will focus on the pathogen side of the equation and describe the tremendous progress that has been made in the identification and characterization of Mtb genes involved in manipulation of host cell death pathways...
  8. Guan Q, Lu X, Zeng H, Zhang Y, Zhu J. Heat stress induction of miR398 triggers a regulatory loop that is critical for thermotolerance in Arabidopsis. Plant J. 2013;74:840-51 pubmed publisher
    ..This strategy involves the down-regulation of CSD genes and their copper chaperone CCS through heat-inducible miR398. ..
  9. Peer W, Cheng Y, Murphy A. Evidence of oxidative attenuation of auxin signalling. J Exp Bot. 2013;64:2629-39 pubmed publisher
    ..This buffering of IAA oxidation would explain some growth responses observed in flavonoid-deficient mutants that cannot be explained by their established role in partially inhibiting auxin transport. ..

More Information


  1. Jeong J, Choi J, Baek S, Lee S. Reactive oxygen species mediate tolfenamic acid-induced apoptosis in human colorectal cancer cells. Arch Biochem Biophys. 2013;537:168-75 pubmed publisher
    ..Our finding indicates that ROS-mediated DNA damage and subsequent activation of NF-?B and ATF3 expression plays a significant role in TA-induced apoptosis in human colorectal cancer cells. ..
  2. Shah S, Nolan R, Davis E, Stokin G, Niesman I, Canto I, et al. Examination of potential mechanisms of amyloid-induced defects in neuronal transport. Neurobiol Dis. 2009;36:11-25 pubmed publisher
    ..ROS and membrane permeability are also unlikely to be responsible for fibril-mediated toxicity. Collectively, our results indicate that multiple initiating factors converge upon pathways of defective transport. ..
  3. Jammes F, Song C, Shin D, Munemasa S, Takeda K, Gu D, et al. MAP kinases MPK9 and MPK12 are preferentially expressed in guard cells and positively regulate ROS-mediated ABA signaling. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2009;106:20520-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these results provide genetic evidence that MPK9 and MPK12 function downstream of ROS to regulate guard cell ABA signaling positively. ..