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Top Publications

  1. Botos I, Wlodawer A. Proteins that bind high-mannose sugars of the HIV envelope. Prog Biophys Mol Biol. 2005;88:233-82 pubmed
    ..This review summarizes, principally from a structural point of view, the current state of knowledge about these high-mannose binding proteins and their mode of sugar binding. ..
  2. Raviv Y, Viard M, Bess J, Chertova E, Blumenthal R. Inactivation of retroviruses with preservation of structural integrity by targeting the hydrophobic domain of the viral envelope. J Virol. 2005;79:12394-400 pubmed
    ..Targeting the lipid domain of biological membranes with hydrophobic alkylating compounds could be used as a general approach for inactivation of enveloped viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms for vaccine application. ..
  3. Rulli S, Hibbert C, Mirro J, Pederson T, Biswal S, Rein A. Selective and nonselective packaging of cellular RNAs in retrovirus particles. J Virol. 2007;81:6623-31 pubmed
    ..In contrast, signal recognition particle RNA was present at the same level in Psi- and Psi+ particles; a minor fraction of this RNA was weakly associated with genomic RNA in Psi+ MLV particles. ..
  4. Kumar V, Malhotra S. Synthesis of nucleoside-based antiviral drugs in ionic liquids. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2008;18:5640-2 pubmed publisher
    ..The ionic liquids were proved to be better solvents for all the nucleoside in terms of solubility and reaction medium as compared to conventional molecular solvents. ..
  5. An P, Winkler C. Host genes associated with HIV/AIDS: advances in gene discovery. Trends Genet. 2010;26:119-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Multidisciplinary approaches integrating genetic epidemiology to systems biology will be required to fully understand virus-host interactions to effectively combat HIV/AIDS. ..
  6. Apps R, Qi Y, Carlson J, Chen H, Gao X, Thomas R, et al. Influence of HLA-C expression level on HIV control. Science. 2013;340:87-91 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, high HLA-C expression had a deleterious effect in Crohn's disease, suggesting a broader influence of HLA expression levels in human disease. ..
  7. Desimmie B, Delviks Frankenberrry K, Burdick R, Qi D, Izumi T, Pathak V. Multiple APOBEC3 restriction factors for HIV-1 and one Vif to rule them all. J Mol Biol. 2014;426:1220-45 pubmed publisher
  8. Billeskov R, Wang Y, Solaymani Mohammadi S, Frey B, Kulkarni S, Andersen P, et al. Low Antigen Dose in Adjuvant-Based Vaccination Selectively Induces CD4 T Cells with Enhanced Functional Avidity and Protective Efficacy. J Immunol. 2017;198:3494-3506 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggest that potent adjuvants, such as cationic adjuvant formulation 09, render low-dose vaccination a feasible and promising approach for generating high-avidity T cells through vaccination. ..
  9. Uldrick T, Wang V, O Mahony D, Aleman K, Wyvill K, Marshall V, et al. An interleukin-6-related systemic inflammatory syndrome in patients co-infected with Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus and HIV but without Multicentric Castleman disease. Clin Infect Dis. 2010;51:350-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Patients with KSHV-MCD develop fevers, wasting, hypoalbuminemia, cytopenias, and hyponatremia that are related to overproduction of KSHV-encoded viral interleukin (IL)-6 (vIL-6) and human IL-6 (hIL-6)...

More Information


  1. Keele B, Estes J. Barriers to mucosal transmission of immunodeficiency viruses. Blood. 2011;118:839-46 pubmed publisher
    ..Understanding the initial events of infection, before systemic spread, could provide insights into strategies for reducing acquisition or ameliorating clinical outcome. ..
  2. Maldarelli F, Wu X, Su L, Simonetti F, Shao W, Hill S, et al. HIV latency. Specific HIV integration sites are linked to clonal expansion and persistence of infected cells. Science. 2014;345:179-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings show that HIV integration sites can play a critical role in expansion and persistence of HIV-infected cells. ..