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  1. Mosharafa A, Foster R, Bihrle R, Koch M, Ulbright T, Einhorn L, et al. Does retroperitoneal lymph node dissection have a curative role for patients with sex cord-stromal testicular tumors?. Cancer. 2003;98:753-7 pubmed
  2. Hardin B, Lowe M, Bhakta D, Groh W. Heart rate variability declines with increasing age and CTG repeat length in patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1. Ann Noninvasive Electrocardiol. 2003;8:227-32 pubmed
    ..25, P<0.001). The LF/HF ratio increased as the patient aged (0.5 per decade, CI: 0.1, 0.9, r=0.13, P=0.03). In DM1 patients a decline in HRV is observed as the patient ages and CTG repeat length increases. ..
  3. Houck W, Abonour R, Vance G, Einhorn L. Secondary leukemias in refractory germ cell tumor patients undergoing autologous stem-cell transplantation using high-dose etoposide. J Clin Oncol. 2004;22:2155-8 pubmed
    ..Other factors, including the use of platinum agents, may also have a role in leukemogenesis in this patient population. ..
  4. Cheng L, Thomas A, Roth L, Zheng W, Michael H, Karim F. OCT4: a novel biomarker for dysgerminoma of the ovary. Am J Surg Pathol. 2004;28:1341-6 pubmed
    ..OCT4 may aid in the detection of small foci of metastatic dygerminoma in extraovarian sites and may also help distinguish dysgerminoma from other primary and metastatic tumors of the ovary...
  5. Lahm T, Crisostomo P, Markel T, Wang M, Lillemoe K, Meldrum D. The critical role of vascular endothelial growth factor in pulmonary vascular remodeling after lung injury. Shock. 2007;28:4-14 pubmed
  6. Bruno C, Fulford A, Potts J, McClintock R, Jones R, Cacucci B, et al. Serum markers of bone turnover are increased at six and 18 months after Roux-en-Y bariatric surgery: correlation with the reduction in leptin. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2010;95:159-66 pubmed publisher
    ..Weight loss after bariatric surgery is associated with long-term increase in serum markers of bone turnover. The increase in NTX is related to the decrease in leptin, which may signal caloric restriction to the skeleton. ..
  7. Cheng L, Roth L, Zhang S, Wang M, Morton M, Zheng W, et al. KIT gene mutation and amplification in dysgerminoma of the ovary. Cancer. 2011;117:2096-103 pubmed publisher
    ..The purpose of this study was to analyze alterations of the KIT gene in a large series of dysgerminomas and correlate the findings with clinicopathological parameters...
  8. Ma K, Xiao A, Park S, Glenn L, Jackson L, Barot T, et al. 12-Lipoxygenase Inhibitor Improves Functions of Cytokine-Treated Human Islets and Type 2 Diabetic Islets. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2017;102:2789-2797 pubmed publisher
    ..The study suggests that the blockade of the 12-LO pathway may serve as a target for both form of diabetes and provides the basis for further study of this small molecule inhibitor in vivo. ..
  9. Andersson N, Auerswald G, Barnes C, Carcao M, Dunn A, Fijnvandraat K, et al. Intracranial haemorrhage in children and adolescents with severe haemophilia A or B - the impact of prophylactic treatment. Br J Haematol. 2017;179:298-307 pubmed publisher
    ..Children on regular, frequent prophylaxis have a low risk of ICH compared to those using non-frequent or no prophylaxis. ..

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  1. Lv J, Zhang H, Wong M, Jardine M, Hladunewich M, Jha V, et al. Effect of Oral Methylprednisolone on Clinical Outcomes in Patients With IgA Nephropathy: The TESTING Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA. 2017;318:432-442 pubmed publisher
    ..Guidelines recommend corticosteroids in patients with IgA nephropathy and persistent proteinuria, but the effects remain uncertain...
  2. Carroll A, Downs S, Marrero D. What adolescents with type I diabetes and their parents want from testing technology: a qualitative study. Comput Inform Nurs. 2007;25:23-9 pubmed
    ..The reported needs of this end-user group can help others to leverage maximally the capabilities of new and existing technology to care for children managing chronic disease. ..
  3. Agrawal V, Stinson M. Arthroscopic grafting of greater tuberosity cyst and rotator cuff repair. Arthroscopy. 2007;23:904.e1-3 pubmed
    ..Because our arthroscopic rotator cuff protocol uses a tension-band technique with placement of suture anchors distal and lateral to the rotator cuff footprint, we are subsequently able to proceed with routine rotator cuff repair. ..
  4. Mosher C, Hanna N, Jalal S, Fakiris A, Einhorn L, Birdas T, et al. Support service use and interest in support services among lung cancer patients. Lung Cancer. 2013;82:162-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the lack of interest in mental health services among patients who are not receiving them, efforts are needed to enhance palatability of services and identify and reduce barriers to evidence-based service use. ..
  5. Day F, Ruth K, Thompson D, Lunetta K, Pervjakova N, Chasman D, et al. Large-scale genomic analyses link reproductive aging to hypothalamic signaling, breast cancer susceptibility and BRCA1-mediated DNA repair. Nat Genet. 2015;47:1294-1303 pubmed publisher
    ..Mendelian randomization analyses supported a causal effect of later ANM on breast cancer risk (∼6% increase in risk per year; P = 3 × 10(-14)), likely mediated by prolonged sex hormone exposure rather than DDR mechanisms. ..
  6. Matis B, Cochran M, Eckert G, Carlson T. The efficacy and safety of a 10% carbamide peroxide bleaching gel. Quintessence Int. 1998;29:555-63 pubmed
    ..Transient tissue and tooth sensitivity, noted in some patients, resolved after treatment was completed. The product tested is an effective and safe tooth-whitening agent. ..
  7. Howard T, Swofford J, Wagner D, Sherman S, Lehman G. Quality of life after bilateral thoracoscopic splanchnicectomy: long-term evaluation in patients with chronic pancreatitis. J Gastrointest Surg. 2002;6:845-52; discussion 853-4 pubmed
    ..Bilateral thoracoscopic splanchnicectomy appears to work best in patients who have had no prior operative or endoscopic interventions. ..
  8. Bennett S, Oldridge N, Eckert G, Embree J, Browning S, Hou N, et al. Comparison of quality of life measures in heart failure. Nurs Res. 2003;52:207-16 pubmed
    ..The LHFQ and SF-12 were easier and took less time to administer than the CHQ. While all three instruments were reliable and valid, the CHQ and LHFQ were more sensitive than the SF-12 in detecting clinically important changes over time. ..
  9. Alborn W, Prince M, Konrad R. Relationship of apolipoprotein A5 and apolipoprotein C3 levels to serum triglycerides in patients with type 2 diabetes. Clin Chim Acta. 2007;378:154-8 pubmed
    ..ApoC3 levels are strongly positively correlated with triglycerides in these patients. ..
  10. Salyers M, Godfrey J, Mueser K, Labriola S. Measuring illness management outcomes: a psychometric study of clinician and consumer rating scales for illness self management and recovery. Community Ment Health J. 2007;43:459-80 pubmed
    ..The results suggest the IMR Scales have adequate psychometric properties and may be useful in treatment planning and assessing recovery in individuals with severe mental illness. ..
  11. Bangs M, Jin L, Zhang S, Desaiah D, Allen A, Read H, et al. Hepatic events associated with atomoxetine treatment for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Drug Saf. 2008;31:345-54 pubmed
    ..Atomoxetine should be discontinued in patients with jaundice or laboratory evidence of liver injury and should not be restarted. ..
  12. Ichikawa S, Koller D, Curry L, Lai D, Xuei X, Pugh E, et al. Identification of a linkage disequilibrium block in chromosome 1q associated with BMD in premenopausal white women. J Bone Miner Res. 2008;23:1680-8 pubmed publisher
  13. Yi P, Rehmel J, Cassidy K, Hadden C, Campanale K, Patel N, et al. Disposition and metabolism of LY2452473, a selective androgen receptor modulator, in humans. Drug Metab Dispos. 2012;40:2354-64 pubmed publisher
    ..An in vitro phenotyping approach indicated that CYP3A4 was the largest contributor to LY2452473 depletion. ..
  14. Xu Monette Z, Zhang S, Li X, Manyam G, Wang X, Xia Y, et al. p63 expression confers significantly better survival outcomes in high-risk diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and demonstrates p53-like and p53-independent tumor suppressor function. Aging (Albany NY). 2016;8:345-65 pubmed
    ..In summary, p63 has p53-like and p53-independent functions and favorable prognostic impact, however this protective effect can be abolished by TP53 mutations. ..
  15. Eppley B, Hollier L, Stal S. Hydroxyapatite cranioplasty: 2. Clinical experience with a new quick-setting material. J Craniofac Surg. 2003;14:209-14 pubmed
    ..Infection occurred in 3 patients (5%) which was treated by removing the HA cranioplastic material. This faster-setting HA material offers similar cranioplastic benefits as other materials but with an accelerated intraoperative set time...
  16. Habegger K, Penque B, Sealls W, Tackett L, Bell L, Blue E, et al. Fat-induced membrane cholesterol accrual provokes cortical filamentous actin destabilisation and glucose transport dysfunction in skeletal muscle. Diabetologia. 2012;55:457-67 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest a novel cholesterolgenic-based mechanism of FA-induced membrane/cytoskeletal disorder and insulin resistance. ..
  17. Williamson S, Eble J, Cheng L, Grignon D. Clear cell papillary renal cell carcinoma: differential diagnosis and extended immunohistochemical profile. Mod Pathol. 2013;26:697-708 pubmed publisher
    ..Branched tubules, small papillae, and the immunohistochemical and molecular profiles aid in distinguishing these tumors from clear cell renal cell carcinoma and multilocular cystic renal cell carcinoma. ..
  18. Tu W, Eckert G, Hannon T, Liu H, Pratt L, Wagner M, et al. Racial differences in sensitivity of blood pressure to aldosterone. Hypertension. 2014;63:1212-8 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, aldosterone sensitivity is a significant determinant of BP in young blacks. Although its role in establishing the risk of hypertension is not known, it could be as relevant as the actual level of aldosterone. ..
  19. Reger M, Zollinger T, Liu Z, Jones J, Zhang J. Urinary phytoestrogens and cancer, cardiovascular, and all-cause mortality in the continuous National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Eur J Nutr. 2016;55:1029-40 pubmed publisher
    ..This is one of the first studies that used urinary phytoestrogens as biomarkers of their dietary intake to evaluate the effect of these bioactive compounds on the risk of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease. ..
  20. King A, Hasin D, O Connor S, McNamara P, Cao D. A Prospective 5-Year Re-examination of Alcohol Response in Heavy Drinkers Progressing in Alcohol Use Disorder. Biol Psychiatry. 2016;79:489-98 pubmed publisher
    ..While there are multiple pathways to development of a disorder as complex as AUD, maintenance of alcohol stimulatory and rewarding effects may play an important role in the continuation and progression of alcohol addiction. ..
  21. Sandrasegaran K, Rydberg J, Tann M, Hawes D, Kopecky K, Maglinte D. Benefits of routine use of coronal and sagittal reformations in multi-slice CT examination of the abdomen and pelvis. Clin Radiol. 2007;62:340-7 pubmed
    ..Radiologists should consider the routine review of at least one additional plane to the axial series in the interpretation of abdomino-pelvic CT studies. ..
  22. Bond G, Salyers M, Dincin J, Drake R, Becker D, Fraser V, et al. A randomized controlled trial comparing two vocational models for persons with severe mental illness. J Consult Clin Psychol. 2007;75:968-82 pubmed
    ..0% for IPS and 33.7% for DPA. However, IPS and DPA did not differ on paid employment outcomes. The authors conclude that IPS is more effective than DPA in achieving competitive employment, but not paid employment. ..
  23. Rajesh A, Sandrasegaran K, Jennings S, Maglinte D, McHenry L, Lappas J, et al. Comparison of capsule endoscopy with enteroclysis in the investigation of small bowel disease. Abdom Imaging. 2009;34:459-66 pubmed publisher
    ..Barium-carbon dioxide enteroclysis and CT enteroclysis have similar diagnostic yields for small bowel disease compared to capsule endoscopy. Barium methylcellulose has an inferior diagnostic yield. ..
  24. Kongkam P, Wagner D, Sherman S, Fogel E, Whittaker S, Watkins J, et al. Intrathecal narcotic infusion pumps for intractable pain of chronic pancreatitis: a pilot series. Am J Gastroenterol. 2009;104:1249-55 pubmed publisher
    ..ITNP offers the advantages of reversibility, lower total narcotic dose, and the pancreas remaining intact...
  25. Freeman R, Van Woerkom J, Vyverberg A, Ascioti A. The effect of a multidisciplinary thoracic malignancy conference on the treatment of patients with esophageal cancer. Ann Thorac Surg. 2011;92:1239-42; discussion 1243 pubmed publisher
    ..While the ultimate goal of treatment is to improve patient survival, the surrogate variables examined in this review indicate that patients with esophageal cancer benefit from being evaluated in a prospective, multidisciplinary manner. ..
  26. Mohamed S, Johnson G, Chen P, Hicks P, Davis L, Yoon J, et al. Effect of Antidepressant Switching vs Augmentation on Remission Among Patients With Major Depressive Disorder Unresponsive to Antidepressant Treatment: The VAST-D Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA. 2017;318:132-145 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the small effect size and adverse effects associated with aripiprazole, further analysis including cost-effectiveness is needed to understand the net utility of this approach. Identifier: NCT01421342. ..
  27. Sandrasegaran K, Kopecky K, Rajesh A, Lappas J. Proximal small bowel intussusceptions in adults: CT appearance and clinical significance. Abdom Imaging. 2004;29:653-7 pubmed
    ..Proximal small bowel intussusceptions are likely to be transient and nonobstructive and unlikely to have a significant lead point. ..
  28. Hull M, Warfel K. Urachal cystadenoma with abundant glycogen: ultrastructural study. Ultrastruct Pathol. 1994;18:499-502 pubmed
    ..Nuclei had pleomorphic contours. An intact basal lamina was present. A similar urachal cystadenoma has not been described...
  29. Porter D, Barrill E, Oneacre K, May B. The effects of duration and frequency of Achilles tendon stretching on dorsiflexion and outcome in painful heel syndrome: a randomized, blinded, control study. Foot Ankle Int. 2002;23:619-24 pubmed
    ..The data suggest that both sustained and intermittent Achilles tendon stretching exercises were effective nonsurgical treatments for painful heel syndrome. ..
  30. Brown J, Ruzmetov M, Minnich D, Vijay P, Edwards C, Uhlig P, et al. Surgical management of scimitar syndrome: an alternative approach. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2003;125:238-45 pubmed
    ..The aim of this study was to present an alternative approach to the surgical correction of scimitar syndrome...
  31. Buran C, Sawin K, Brei T, Fastenau P. Adolescents with myelomeningocele: activities, beliefs, expectations, and perceptions. Dev Med Child Neurol. 2004;46:244-52 pubmed
    ..This might explain why so many individuals with myelomeningocele are underemployed and are not living independently as young adults...
  32. Katona T, Neubauer B, Iversen P, Zhang S, Baldridge L, Cheng L. Elevated expression of angiogenin in prostate cancer and its precursors. Clin Cancer Res. 2005;11:8358-63 pubmed
  33. Shahriari A, Rodefeld M, Turrentine M, Brown J. Caval division technique for sinus venosus atrial septal defect with partial anomalous pulmonary venous connection. Ann Thorac Surg. 2006;81:224-9; discussion 229-30 pubmed
    ..Caval division for treatment of high PAPVC appears to be safe and is associated with low morbidity and mortality. The Warden procedure is an effective surgical option for patients undergoing correction of high PAPVC. ..
  34. Alborn W, Cao G, Careskey H, Qian Y, Subramaniam D, Davies J, et al. Serum proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin type 9 is correlated directly with serum LDL cholesterol. Clin Chem. 2007;53:1814-9 pubmed
    ..PCSK9 is present in human serum, likely not associated with specific lipoprotein particles. The circulating concentrations of human PCSK9 are directly correlated with LDL and total cholesterol concentrations. ..
  35. Kroenke K, Strine T, Spitzer R, Williams J, Berry J, Mokdad A. The PHQ-8 as a measure of current depression in the general population. J Affect Disord. 2009;114:163-73 pubmed publisher
    ..The PHQ-8 is a useful depression measure for population-based studies, and either its diagnostic algorithm or a cutpoint > or = 10 can be used for defining current depression. ..
  36. Unger R, Amstutz S, Seo D, Huffman M, Rex D. Willingness to undergo split-dose bowel preparation for colonoscopy and compliance with split-dose instructions. Dig Dis Sci. 2010;55:2030-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Acceptance of and compliance with split-dose bowel preparations is high and should not be a deterrent to prescribing split-dose preparations for colonoscopy. ..
  37. Stauffer V, Case M, Kinon B, Conley R, Ascher Svanum H, Kollack Walker S, et al. Early response to antipsychotic therapy as a clinical marker of subsequent response in the treatment of patients with first-episode psychosis. Psychiatry Res. 2011;187:42-8 pubmed publisher
    ..As had been seen in the treatment of patients with chronic schizophrenia, early non-response was a robust predictor of subsequent non-response in the treatment of patients with first-episode psychosis. ..
  38. Tirkes T, Sandrasegaran K, Patel A, Hollar M, Tejada J, Tann M, et al. Peritoneal and retroperitoneal anatomy and its relevance for cross-sectional imaging. Radiographics. 2012;32:437-51 pubmed publisher
    ..The peritoneal ligaments, mesenteries, and omenta also serve as boundaries for disease processes and as conduits for the spread of disease...
  39. Kesler K, Patel J, Kruter L, Birdas T, Rieger K, Okereke I, et al. The "growing teratoma syndrome" in primary mediastinal nonseminomatous germ cell tumors: criteria based on current practice. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2012;144:438-43 pubmed publisher
    ..Criteria for the growing teratoma syndrome in patients with primary mediastinal nonseminomatous germ cell tumors have not been well established according to current practice...
  40. Puskarich M, Kline J, Watts J, Shirey K, Hosler J, Jones A. Early alterations in platelet mitochondrial function are associated with survival and organ failure in patients with septic shock. J Crit Care. 2016;31:63-7 pubmed publisher
    ..04, P = .02), but not with L/P ratio. Differences in platelet mitochondrial function between survivors and nonsurvivors are present very early in the hospital course and are associated with organ failure and lactate. ..
  41. Durkin M, Connolly P, Wheat L. Comparison of radioimmunoassay and enzyme-linked immunoassay methods for detection of Histoplasma capsulatum var. capsulatum antigen. J Clin Microbiol. 1997;35:2252-5 pubmed
    ..974). The EIA is an acceptable alternative to the RIA for measuring Histoplasma antigen levels in urine specimens. ..
  42. Kinon B, Basson B, Gilmore J, Tollefson G. Long-term olanzapine treatment: weight change and weight-related health factors in schizophrenia. J Clin Psychiatry. 2001;62:92-100 pubmed
    ..The association between weight change and changes in cholesterol as well as changes in diastolic blood pressure was statistically significant but not considered clinically relevant based on the ranges observed. ..
  43. Taskonak B, Sertgoz A. Two-year clinical evaluation of lithia-disilicate-based all-ceramic crowns and fixed partial dentures. Dent Mater. 2006;22:1008-13 pubmed
    ..Single unit Empress 2 all-ceramic crowns exhibited a satisfactory clinical performance over 2-year period. Furthermore, the high fracture rate of Empress 2 FPDs limits the usage of Empress 2 for the fabrication of all-ceramic FPD. ..
  44. Cheng L, Zhang S, MacLennan G, Poulos C, Sung M, Beck S, et al. Interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis of chromosome 12p abnormalities is useful for distinguishing epidermoid cysts of the testis from pure mature teratoma. Clin Cancer Res. 2006;12:5668-72 pubmed
    ..FISH identification of i(12p) and/or 12p overrepresentation in routinely processed surgical specimens is a useful ancillary diagnostic tool in distinguishing testicular epidermoid cysts from teratoma. ..
  45. Considine R, Premkumar A, Reynolds J, Sebring N, Ricks M, Sumner A. Adiponectin and leptin in African Americans. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2008;16:428-34 pubmed publisher
    ..The relationship of adiponectin and leptin to body fat content and distribution in AA is dependent on sex. Although VAT and insulin sensitivity are significant determinants of adiponectin, VAT and percent body fat determine leptin. ..
  46. Garringer H, Malekpour M, Esteghamat F, Mortazavi S, Davis S, Farrow E, et al. Molecular genetic and biochemical analyses of FGF23 mutations in familial tumoral calcinosis. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2008;295:E929-37 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, the majority of the COOH-terminal tail of FGF23 is not required for protein secretion but is required for full bioactivity. ..
  47. Boye K, Matza L, Walter K, Van Brunt K, Palsgrove A, Tynan A. Utilities and disutilities for attributes of injectable treatments for type 2 diabetes. Eur J Health Econ. 2011;12:219-30 pubmed publisher
    ..The vignette-based SG approach was feasible and useful for assessing added utility or disutility of injection-related attributes associated with treatments for type 2 diabetes. ..
  48. Liu Seifert H, Ascher Svanum H, Osuntokun O, Jen K, Gomez J. Change in level of productivity in the treatment of schizophrenia with olanzapine or other antipsychotics. BMC Psychiatry. 2011;11:87 pubmed publisher identifier NCT00088049; NCT00036088. ..
  49. Lockett A, Van Demark M, Gu Y, Schweitzer K, Sigua N, Kamocki K, et al. Effect of cigarette smoke exposure and structural modifications on the ?-1 Antitrypsin interaction with caspases. Mol Med. 2012;18:445-54 pubmed publisher
    ..These data indicate a specific inhibitory effect of A1AT on executioner caspases, which is profoundly attenuated by active exposure to cigarette smoking and is dependent on the protein RCL, but is not affected by the PiZZ mutation. ..
  50. Bandy R, Ottoni Wilhelm M. Family structure and income during the stages of childhood and subsequent prosocial behavior in young adulthood. J Adolesc. 2012;35:1023-34 pubmed publisher
    ..The results did not seem to describe African-American young adults. Keeping this qualification in mind, the results suggest that adolescence is a sensitive stage in the development of charitable giving and volunteering. ..
  51. Hummer T, Hulvershorn L, Karne H, Gunn A, Wang Y, Anand A. Emotional response inhibition in bipolar disorder: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study of trait- and state-related abnormalities. Biol Psychiatry. 2013;73:136-43 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest distinct trait- and state-related neural abnormalities during response inhibition in bipolar disorder, with implications for future research and treatment. ..
  52. Liaquat H, Rohn E, Rex D. Prophylactic clip closure reduced the risk of delayed postpolypectomy hemorrhage: experience in 277 clipped large sessile or flat colorectal lesions and 247 control lesions. Gastrointest Endosc. 2013;77:401-7 pubmed publisher
    ..A randomized, prospective trial of clipping large polypectomy sites is warranted. ..
  53. Sultan A, Kreutz R. Variations in Clinical Presentation, Risk Factors, Treatment, and Prognosis of Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection. J Invasive Cardiol. 2015;27:363-9 pubmed
    ..Three of the 6 patients undergoing medical management after the initial presentation had recurrence within the same hospitalization. ..
  54. Lah M, Niranjan T, Srikanth S, Holloway L, Schwartz C, Wang T, et al. A distinct X-linked syndrome involving joint contractures, keloids, large optic cup-to-disc ratio, and renal stones results from a filamin A (FLNA) mutation. Am J Med Genet A. 2016;170A:881-90 pubmed publisher
    ..The syndrome affecting the family shares phenotypic overlap with other syndromes caused by FLNA mutations, but appears to be a distinct phenotype, likely representing a unique genetic syndrome. ..
  55. Oliver K, Brady W, Birrer M, Gershenson D, Fleming G, Copeland L, et al. An evaluation of progression free survival and overall survival of ovarian cancer patients with clear cell carcinoma versus serous carcinoma treated with platinum therapy: An NRG Oncology/Gynecologic Oncology Group experience. Gynecol Oncol. 2017;147:243-249 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, treatment effect was influenced by histology. ..
  56. Mosharafa A, Foster R, Leibovich B, Bihrle R, Johnson C, Donohue J. Is post-chemotherapy resection of seminomatous elements associated with higher acute morbidity?. J Urol. 2003;169:2126-8 pubmed
    ..However, resection is still possible with acceptable morbidity when indicated in appropriately selected patients. ..
  57. Pfaeffle R, Savage J, Hunter C, Palme C, Ahlmann M, Kumar P, et al. Four novel mutations of the LHX3 gene cause combined pituitary hormone deficiencies with or without limited neck rotation. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2007;92:1909-19 pubmed
    ..This study extends the known molecular defects and range of phenotypes found in LHX3-associated diseases. ..
  58. Farrell J, Shaw I, Webber M. A schema-focused approach to group psychotherapy for outpatients with borderline personality disorder: a randomized controlled trial. J Behav Ther Exp Psychiatry. 2009;40:317-28 pubmed publisher
    ..At the end of treatment, 94% of SFT-TAU compared to 16% of TAU no longer met BPD diagnosis criteria (p<.001). This study supports group SFT as an effective treatment for BPD that leads to recovery and improved overall functioning. ..
  59. Khashab M, Watkins J, McHenry L, Lazzell Pannell L, Schmidt S, Sherman S, et al. Frequency of sphincter of Oddi dysfunction in patients with previously normal sphincter of Oddi manometry studies. Endoscopy. 2010;42:369-74 pubmed publisher
    ..The aim of this study was to determine the frequency of SOD in persistently symptomatic patients with previously normal SOM studies...
  60. DeWitt J, Emerson R, Sherman S, Al Haddad M, McHenry L, Cote G, et al. Endoscopic ultrasound-guided Trucut biopsy of gastrointestinal mesenchymal tumor. Surg Endosc. 2011;25:2192-202 pubmed publisher
    ..In this cohort, EUS-TCB provided diagnostic histology and IC for 79 and 97% of the patients, respectively. For the initial biopsy of GIMT, EUS-TCB may be considered an acceptable alternative to EUS-FNA. ..
  61. Timoney P, Stansfield B, Whitehead R, Lee H, Nunery W. Eyelid lacerations secondary to caesarean section delivery. Ophthalmic Plast Reconstr Surg. 2012;28:e90-2 pubmed publisher
    ..This case demonstrates the need to inform expectant mothers of the intrinsic risks of periorbital trauma during the birthing process that may result in visual loss through either ambylopia and/or globe injury. ..
  62. Rogol A. Clinical and humanistic aspects of growth hormone deficiency and growth-related disorders. Am J Manag Care. 2011;17 Suppl 18:eS4-10 pubmed
    ..In adults, many side effects can be managed with dose titration at the initiation of treatment and dose reduction if side effects occur. ..
  63. Freeman R, Ascioti A, Giannini T, Mahidhara R. Analysis of unsuccessful esophageal stent placements for esophageal perforation, fistula, or anastomotic leak. Ann Thorac Surg. 2012;94:959-64; discussion 964-5 pubmed publisher
    ..These potential contraindications should be considered when developing a treatment plan for individual patients and may prompt traditional operative repair as initial therapy. ..
  64. Ladegaard N, Videbech P, Lysaker P, Larsen E. The course of social cognitive and metacognitive ability in depression: Deficit are only partially normalized after full remission of first episode major depression. Br J Clin Psychol. 2016;55:269-86 pubmed publisher
    ..Treatment was pharmacological and non-manualized psychotherapy, the effects of which were not controlled for. Sample sizes were modest, which must caution against generalization of the results. ..
  65. Smit E, Moro Sibilot D, Carpeño J, Lesniewski Kmak K, Aerts J, Villatoro R, et al. Cisplatin and carboplatin-based chemotherapy in the first-line treatment of non-small cell lung cancer: Analysis from the European FRAME study. Lung Cancer. 2016;92:35-40 pubmed publisher
  66. Huang S, Feng C, Chen L, Huang Z, Zhou X, Li B, et al. Molecular Mechanisms of Mild and Severe Pneumonia: Insights from RNA Sequencing. Med Sci Monit. 2017;23:1662-1673 pubmed
    ..CONCLUSIONS S100A9 and S100A12 may have a role in the pathogenesis of pneumonia: S100A9 and CXCL1 may contribute solely in mild pneumonia, and CCL5 and CXCL11 may contribute in severe pneumonia. ..
  67. Chen C, Biller J, Willing S, Lopez A. Ischemic stroke after using over the counter products containing ephedra. J Neurol Sci. 2004;217:55-60 pubmed
    ..People who take over the counter Ephedra products that claim to boost weight loss, increase energy, or bolster physical performance are at risk of adverse events including ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes...
  68. Roberts W, Engen D, Schneider P, Hohlt W. Implant-anchored orthodontics for partially edentulous malocclusions in children and adults. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. 2004;126:302-4 pubmed
  69. Bearden C, Agarwal A, Book B, Vieira C, Sidner R, Ochs H, et al. Rituximab inhibits the in vivo primary and secondary antibody response to a neoantigen, bacteriophage phiX174. Am J Transplant. 2005;5:50-7 pubmed
    ..RIT decreases antibody production and isotype switching to neoantigens and might be useful to prevent antibody response to therapeutic drugs and to newly transplanted organs. ..
  70. Murrell J, Ghetti B, Cochran E, Macias Islas M, Medina L, Varpetian A, et al. The A431E mutation in PSEN1 causing familial Alzheimer's disease originating in Jalisco State, Mexico: an additional fifteen families. Neurogenetics. 2006;7:277-9 pubmed
  71. Shariati A, Maceda J, Hale D. High-fiber diet for treatment of constipation in women with pelvic floor disorders. Obstet Gynecol. 2008;111:908-13 pubmed publisher
    ..Reducing the incidence and severity of straining in constipated women may help a risk factor for the onset, progression, or recurrence of prolapse. ..
  72. Al Haddad M, Savabi M, Sherman S, McHenry L, LeBlanc J, Cramer H, et al. Role of endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration with flow cytometry to diagnose lymphoma: a single center experience. J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2009;24:1826-33 pubmed publisher
    ..EUS-FNA is sensitive and specific for the diagnosis of suspected lymphoma. Confirmatory or further testing should be performed when EUS-FNA with or without FC is indeterminate and or non-diagnostic. ..
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    ..Implications regarding a lack of developmentally focused research on adolescent and young adult testicular cancer survivorship are discussed, along with recommendations for new research. ..
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