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  1. Asensio V, Campbell I. Chemokine gene expression in the brains of mice with lymphocytic choriomeningitis. J Virol. 1997;71:7832-40 pubmed
    ..The pattern of chemokine gene expression in LCM may profoundly influence the characteristic phenotype and response of leukocytes in the brain and contribute to the immunopathogenesis of this fatal CNS infection. ..
  2. Gunn T, Inui T, Kitada K, Ito S, Wakamatsu K, He L, et al. Molecular and phenotypic analysis of Attractin mutant mice. Genetics. 2001;158:1683-95 pubmed
  3. Peng L, Payne A. AP-2 gamma and the homeodomain protein distal-less 3 are required for placental-specific expression of the murine 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase VI gene, Hsd3b6. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:7945-54 pubmed
  4. Liu M, Sims D, Calarco P, Talbot P. Biochemical heterogeneity, migration, and pre-fertilization release of mouse oocyte cortical granules. Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 2003;1:77 pubmed
    ..The observations indicate that the functions of the cortical granules are more complex than previously realized and include events occurring prior to gamete membrane fusion. ..
  5. Saito A, Hayashi T, Okuno S, Nishi T, Chan P. Modulation of proline-rich akt substrate survival signaling pathways by oxidative stress in mouse brains after transient focal cerebral ischemia. Stroke. 2006;37:513-7 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that overexpression of SOD1 may affect the PRAS pathway after tFCI by reducing the direct oxidative reaction to pPRAS after reperfusion injury. ..
  6. Colohan A, Ghostine S, Esposito D. Exploring the limits of survivability: rational indications for decompressive craniectomy and resection of cerebral contusions in adults. Clin Neurosurg. 2005;52:19-23 pubmed
  7. Kang Y, Kim S, Shimada S, Otsuka M, Seit Nebi A, Kwon B, et al. Cell surface 4-1BBL mediates sequential signaling pathways 'downstream' of TLR and is required for sustained TNF production in macrophages. Nat Immunol. 2007;8:601-9 pubmed
    ..Our results indicate that two different TLR4 complexes sequentially form and selectively control early and late TNF production. ..
  8. Lehwald N, Tao G, Jang K, Papandreou I, Liu B, Liu B, et al. ?-Catenin regulates hepatic mitochondrial function and energy balance in mice. Gastroenterology. 2012;143:754-764 pubmed publisher
    ..Reagents that alter Wnt-?-catenin signaling might be developed as a useful new therapeutic strategy for treatment of liver disease. ..
  9. Warden M, Selimbeyoglu A, Mirzabekov J, Lo M, Thompson K, Kim S, et al. A prefrontal cortex-brainstem neuronal projection that controls response to behavioural challenge. Nature. 2012;492:428-32 pubmed publisher
    ..These results may be of importance in understanding the neural circuitry underlying normal and pathological patterns of action selection and motivation in behaviour. ..

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  1. Bilezikjian L, Corrigan A, Blount A, Chen Y, Vale W. Regulation and actions of Smad7 in the modulation of activin, inhibin, and transforming growth factor-beta signaling in anterior pituitary cells. Endocrinology. 2001;142:1065-72 pubmed
    ..Smad7 blocked rFS(rin3)-Luc activation by activin A or Alk4(T>D). Together, these results point to a role of Smad7 in modulating activin/TGF beta signaling in the pituitary. ..
  2. Kalo M, Yu H, Pasquale E. In vivo tyrosine phosphorylation sites of activated ephrin-B1 and ephB2 from neural tissue. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:38940-8 pubmed
    ..1999) Biochemistry 38, 14396-14408) are also phosphorylated in retinal tissue. Our data underline the complexity of ephrin-Eph bidirectional signaling by implicating many tyrosine phosphorylation sites of the ligand-receptor complex. ..
  3. McCormick F. Cancer-specific viruses and the development of ONYX-015. Cancer Biol Ther. 2003;2:S157-60 pubmed
    ..Here, I summarize issues relating to selectivity of this agent and its clinical potential. Based on clinical data and new basic discoveries, several approaches are suggested to improve the efficacy of this agent in the clinic. ..
  4. Nowotny T, Zhigulin V, Selverston A, Abarbanel H, Rabinovich M. Enhancement of synchronization in a hybrid neural circuit by spike-timing dependent plasticity. J Neurosci. 2003;23:9776-85 pubmed
    ..One functional role of STDP might therefore be to facilitate synchronization or entrainment of nonidentical neurons. ..
  5. Lyamin O, Mukhametov L, Siegel J. Relationship between sleep and eye state in Cetaceans and Pinnipeds. Arch Ital Biol. 2004;142:557-68 pubmed
  6. Calabrese B, Halpain S. Essential role for the PKC target MARCKS in maintaining dendritic spine morphology. Neuron. 2005;48:77-90 pubmed
    ..Thus, MARCKS is a key factor in the maintenance of dendritic spines and contributes to PKC-dependent morphological plasticity. ..
  7. Lee S, Zhao H, Maier C, Steinberg G. The protective effect of early hypothermia on PTEN phosphorylation correlates with free radical inhibition in rat stroke. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2009;29:1589-600 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, ROS inhibition maintained levels of p-PTEN after stroke. Together, these findings suggest that phosphorylation levels of PTEN are closely associated with the protective effect of early hypothermia against stroke. ..
  8. Le J, Tran T, Bui I, Wang M, Vo A, Adler Shohet F. Time to initiation of antifungal therapy for neonatal candidiasis. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2013;57:2550-5 pubmed publisher
    ..94 weeks (95% CI, 0.70 to 0.98; P < 0.001). The TIA was not associated with all-cause mortality, disseminated candidiasis, and postinfection length of hospital stay. ..
  9. Calderwood D, Yan B, de Pereda J, Alvarez B, Fujioka Y, Liddington R, et al. The phosphotyrosine binding-like domain of talin activates integrins. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:21749-58 pubmed
    ..These resemblances suggest that the activation of integrins requires the presence of a beta turn at NPX(Y/F) motifs conserved in integrin beta cytoplasmic domains. ..
  10. Aoka Y, Johnson F, Penta K, Hirata Ki K, Hidai C, Schatzman R, et al. The embryonic angiogenic factor Del1 accelerates tumor growth by enhancing vascular formation. Microvasc Res. 2002;64:148-61 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these data suggest that Del1 acts as an angiogenic factor in the context of solid tumor formation and that this increase in vascularization accelerates tumor growth through decreased apoptosis. ..
  11. Hashimoto M, Sagara Y, Langford D, Everall I, Mallory M, Everson A, et al. Fibroblast growth factor 1 regulates signaling via the glycogen synthase kinase-3beta pathway. Implications for neuroprotection. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:32985-91 pubmed
    ..Taken together these results suggest that neuroprotective effects of FGF1 might involve inactivation of GSK3beta by a pathway involving activation of the PI3K-Akt cascades. ..
  12. Wang J, Boxer L. Regulatory elements in the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene 3'-enhancers induce c-myc deregulation and lymphomagenesis in murine B cells. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:12766-73 pubmed
    ..Our studies demonstrate that the IgH 3'-enhancers play an important role in c-myc deregulation and B cell lymphomagenesis in vivo. ..
  13. Ye X, Hama K, Contos J, Anliker B, Inoue A, Skinner M, et al. LPA3-mediated lysophosphatidic acid signalling in embryo implantation and spacing. Nature. 2005;435:104-8 pubmed
    ..These data identify LPA3 receptor-mediated signalling as having an influence on implantation, and further indicate linkage between LPA signalling and prostaglandin biosynthesis...
  14. Davis C, Tabarean I, Gaidarova S, Behrens M, Bartfai T. IL-1beta induces a MyD88-dependent and ceramide-mediated activation of Src in anterior hypothalamic neurons. J Neurochem. 2006;98:1379-89 pubmed
  15. Munger L, Wiggins S, Hildebrand J. North Pacific right whale up-call source levels and propagation distance on the southeastern Bering Sea shelf. J Acoust Soc Am. 2011;129:4047-54 pubmed publisher
    ..Obtaining distances to animals and acoustic detection range is a step toward using long-term passive acoustic recordings to estimate abundance for this critically endangered whale population. ..
  16. Ko S, Nauta A, Morrison S, Zhou H, Zimmermann A, Gurtner G, et al. Antimycotic ciclopirox olamine in the diabetic environment promotes angiogenesis and enhances wound healing. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e27844 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings offer a promising new topical pharmacologic therapy for the treatment of diabetic wounds. ..
  17. Lacey C, Bryant A, Brill J, Huguenard J. Enhanced NMDA receptor-dependent thalamic excitation and network oscillations in stargazer mice. J Neurosci. 2012;32:11067-81 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that, in stg, a trafficking defect in synaptic AMPARs in RTN cells leads to a compensatory increase in synaptic NMDARs and enhanced thalamic excitability. ..
  18. Johnson N, Jeremias A, Zimmermann F, Adjedj J, Witt N, Hennigan B, et al. Continuum of Vasodilator Stress From Rest to Contrast Medium to Adenosine Hyperemia for Fractional Flow Reserve Assessment. JACC Cardiovasc Interv. 2016;9:757-767 pubmed publisher
    ..Yet FFR remains the reference standard for diagnostic certainty as even cFFR reached only ∼85% agreement. ..
  19. Sun R, Hu Z, Sottoriva A, Graham T, Harpak A, Ma Z, et al. Between-region genetic divergence reflects the mode and tempo of tumor evolution. Nat Genet. 2017;49:1015-1024 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings have broad implications for how human tumors progress, how they accumulate intratumoral heterogeneity, and ultimately how they may be more effectively treated...
  20. Feng L, Sun W, Xia Y, Tang W, Chanmugam P, Soyoola E, et al. Cloning two isoforms of rat cyclooxygenase: differential regulation of their expression. Arch Biochem Biophys. 1993;307:361-8 pubmed
    ..Thus, the two COX isoforms were differentially expressed, and COX-2 was selectively induced in response to inflammatory stimuli in rats. ..
  21. Allsopp R, Cheshier S, Weissman I. Telomere shortening accompanies increased cell cycle activity during serial transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells. J Exp Med. 2001;193:917-24 pubmed
    ..Together, these data show that telomeres shorten during division of HSCs in vivo, and are consistent with the hypothesis that telomere shortening may limit the replicative capacity of HSCs. ..
  22. Maher P. Phorbol esters inhibit fibroblast growth factor-2-stimulated fibroblast proliferation by a p38 MAP kinase dependent pathway. Oncogene. 2002;21:1978-88 pubmed
    ..These data indicate that the effects of TPA treatment on cellular function are not only cell type but also stimulus specific and are dependent upon the distinct pathways activated downstream of each stimulus. ..
  23. Knowles L, Axelrod F, Browne C, Smith J. A fatty acid synthase blockade induces tumor cell-cycle arrest by down-regulating Skp2. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:30540-5 pubmed
    ..Altogether, the findings of the study reveal unappreciated links between fatty acid synthase and ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis of cell-cycle regulatory proteins. ..
  24. Lyamin O, Pryaslova J, Lance V, Siegel J. Animal behaviour: continuous activity in cetaceans after birth. Nature. 2005;435:1177 pubmed
    ..Our findings indicate either that sleep behaviour may not have the developmental and life-sustaining functions attributed to it, or that alternative mechanisms may have evolved in cetaceans. ..
  25. Yachi P, Ampudia J, Zal T, Gascoigne N. Altered peptide ligands induce delayed CD8-T cell receptor interaction--a role for CD8 in distinguishing antigen quality. Immunity. 2006;25:203-11 pubmed
    ..Our findings indicate that the T cell translates antigen recognition into T cell responses by differential recruitment of CD8 to the TCR. ..
  26. Herman M, Kang S, Lee S, James P, Rivier C. Systemic administration of alcohol to adult rats inhibits leydig cell activity: Time course of effect and role of nitric oxide. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2006;30:1479-91 pubmed
  27. Arkush K, Edes H, McBride A, Adkison M, Hedrick R. Persistence of Piscirickettsia salmonis and detection of serum antibodies to the bacterium in white seabass Atractoscion nobilis following experimental exposure. Dis Aquat Organ. 2006;73:131-9 pubmed
    ..salmonis may persist among white seabass following infection, and thus provide a potential reservoir of infection contributing to transmission both within and between fish species in the marine environment...
  28. Lyons D, Parker K, Zeitzer J, Buckmaster C, Schatzberg A. Preliminary evidence that hippocampal volumes in monkeys predict stress levels of adrenocorticotropic hormone. Biol Psychiatry. 2007;62:1171-4 pubmed
    ..68, p = .010). These findings support clinical reports that small hippocampi may be a risk factor for impaired regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in humans with stress-related psychiatric disorders. ..
  29. Ehrlich J, Manche E. Regression of effect over long-term follow-up of conductive keratoplasty to correct mild to moderate hyperopia. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2009;35:1591-6 pubmed publisher
    ..To evaluate the long-term efficacy and stability of conductive keratoplasty (CK) for low to moderate hyperopia...
  30. Popper S, Gordon A, Liu M, Balmaseda A, Harris E, Relman D. Temporal dynamics of the transcriptional response to dengue virus infection in Nicaraguan children. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2012;6:e1966 pubmed publisher
    ..Some of these differential features may predict the outcome of DENV infection. ..
  31. Tatarkiewicz K, Sablan E, Polizzi C, Villescaz C, Parkes D. Long-term metabolic benefits of exenatide in mice are mediated solely via the known glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2014;306:R490-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Differential exenatide plasma levels in Glp1r(+/+) versus Glp1r(-/-) mice suggest that GLP-1R may play an important role in plasma clearance of exenatide and potentially other GLP-1-related peptides. ..
  32. Shen Y, Hsia R. Ambulance diversion associated with reduced access to cardiac technology and increased one-year mortality. Health Aff (Millwood). 2015;34:1273-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Policy makers may wish to consider creating a policy to specifically manage certain time-sensitive conditions that require technological intervention during periods of ambulance diversion. ..
  33. Fujioka K, Kalish F, Wong R, Stevenson D. Inhibition of heme oxygenase activity using a microparticle formulation of zinc protoporphyrin in an acute hemolytic newborn mouse model. Pediatr Res. 2016;79:251-7 pubmed publisher
    ..No significant increases in liver and brain HO-1 protein, promoter activity, and mRNA were observed. ZnPP-Lipid is effective and thus has potential for treating neonatal hyperbilirubinemia due to hemolysis. ..
  34. Marshall D, Tringale K, Connor M, PUNGLIA R, Recht A, Hattangadi Gluth J. Nature of Medical Malpractice Claims Against Radiation Oncologists. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2017;98:21-30 pubmed publisher
    ..Insights into the nature of liability claims against radiation oncologists may help direct efforts to improve quality of care and minimize the risk of being sued. ..
  35. Carmel H, Hunter M. Staff injuries from inpatient violence. Hosp Community Psychiatry. 1989;40:41-6 pubmed
    ..The usefulness of the methodology in analyzing patterns of staff injury from inpatient violence is discussed. ..
  36. Singer M, Kaiser D. Ectopic production of guanosine penta- and tetraphosphate can initiate early developmental gene expression in Myxococcus xanthus. Genes Dev. 1995;9:1633-44 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that M. xanthus cells can assess their nutritional status by monitoring the internal availability of amino acids through (p)ppGpp levels. ..
  37. Van Gelder R, Bae H, Palazzolo M, Krasnow M. Extent and character of circadian gene expression in Drosophila melanogaster: identification of twenty oscillating mRNAs in the fly head. Curr Biol. 1995;5:1424-36 pubmed
    ..The per gene can therefore influence the expression of genes other than itself, but for many rhythmically expressed genes, per functions in conjunction with external inputs to control their daily expression patterns. ..
  38. Smith K, Rhee J, Naumovski L, Cleary M. Disrupted differentiation and oncogenic transformation of lymphoid progenitors in E2A-HLF transgenic mice. Mol Cell Biol. 1999;19:4443-51 pubmed
    ..We conclude that E2a-Hlf disrupts the differentiation of T-lymphoid progenitors in vivo, leading to profound postnatal thymic depletion and rendering B- and T-cell progenitors susceptible to malignant transformation. ..
  39. Deryugina E, Ratnikov B, Postnova T, Rozanov D, Strongin A. Processing of integrin alpha(v) subunit by membrane type 1 matrix metalloproteinase stimulates migration of breast carcinoma cells on vitronectin and enhances tyrosine phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:9749-56 pubmed
    ..Regulation of integrin maturation and functionality may be an important role of MT1-MMP in tumor cells. ..
  40. Roh J, Chang C, Bhalla A, Klein C, Hsu S. Intermedin is a calcitonin/calcitonin gene-related peptide family peptide acting through the calcitonin receptor-like receptor/receptor activity-modifying protein receptor complexes. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:7264-74 pubmed
  41. Boyden E, Zhang F, Bamberg E, Nagel G, Deisseroth K. Millisecond-timescale, genetically targeted optical control of neural activity. Nat Neurosci. 2005;8:1263-8 pubmed
    ..This technology allows the use of light to alter neural processing at the level of single spikes and synaptic events, yielding a widely applicable tool for neuroscientists and biomedical engineers. ..
  42. Sumner M, Elliott Eller M, Weidner G, Daubenmier J, Chew M, Marlin R, et al. Effects of pomegranate juice consumption on myocardial perfusion in patients with coronary heart disease. Am J Cardiol. 2005;96:810-4 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, daily consumption of pomegranate juice may improve stress-induced myocardial ischemia in patients who have CHD. ..
  43. Howell B, Kim T, Cheer A, Dwyer H, Saloner D, Chuter T. Computational fluid dynamics within bifurcated abdominal aortic stent-grafts. J Endovasc Ther. 2007;14:138-43 pubmed
    ..The forces on a stent-graft are also affected by the pressure within the aneurysm sac, which depends on stent-graft performance. ..
  44. Friedberg M, Silverman N. The systolic to diastolic duration ratio in children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome: a novel Doppler index of right ventricular function. J Am Soc Echocardiogr. 2007;20:749-55 pubmed
    ..Patients with HLHS have an increased S/D ratio as a result of a shortened D and prolonged S. Measurement of the S/D duration ratio using Doppler flow is a novel method to augment assessment of global RV function in HLHS. ..
  45. Kwon Y, Hara C, Knize M, Hwang M, Venkateswaran K, Wheeler E, et al. Magnetic bead based immunoassay for autonomous detection of toxins. Anal Chem. 2008;80:8416-23 pubmed publisher
    ..This versatile assay can be easily modified with the appropriate antibodies to detect a wide range of toxins and other proteins. ..
  46. Fayer M, Moilanen D, Wong D, Rosenfeld D, Fenn E, Park S. Water dynamics in salt solutions studied with ultrafast two-dimensional infrared (2D IR) vibrational echo spectroscopy. Acc Chem Res. 2009;42:1210-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The results demonstrate that water interacting with ions has slower hydrogen-bond dynamics than pure water, but the slowing is a factor of 3 or 4 rather than orders of magnitude...
  47. Waseda K, Miyazawa A, Ako J, Hasegawa T, Tsujino I, Sakurai R, et al. Intravascular ultrasound results from the ENDEAVOR IV trial: randomized comparison between zotarolimus- and paclitaxel-eluting stents in patients with coronary artery disease. JACC Cardiovasc Interv. 2009;2:779-84 pubmed publisher
    ..There was a relatively lower neointima-free frame ratio in ZES, suggesting a greater extent of neointimal coverage. (The ENDEAVOR IV Clinical Trial: A Trial of a Coronary Stent System in Coronary Artery Lesions; NCT00217269). ..
  48. Parast M, Yu H, Ciric A, Salata M, Davis V, Milstone D. PPARgamma regulates trophoblast proliferation and promotes labyrinthine trilineage differentiation. PLoS ONE. 2009;4:e8055 pubmed publisher
  49. Matsui T, Tsuruta H, Johnson J. Balanced electrostatic and structural forces guide the large conformational change associated with maturation of T = 4 virus. Biophys J. 2010;98:1337-43 pubmed publisher
    ..A titration curve for the LCC was generated that showed that the virtual pK(a) (i.e., the composite of all titratable residues that contribute to the LCC) is 5.8. ..
  50. Hecht I, Kessler D, Levine H. Transient localized patterns in noise-driven reaction-diffusion systems. Phys Rev Lett. 2010;104:158301 pubmed
    ..Our work is motivated by a recent biological example showing transiently excited cell membrane regions. ..
  51. Chung C, Hao E, Piran R, Keinan E, Levine F. Pancreatic ?-cell neogenesis by direct conversion from mature ?-cells. Stem Cells. 2010;28:1630-8 pubmed publisher
  52. Chu V, Bhattacharya S, Nomoto A, Lin J, Zaidi S, Oberley T, et al. Persistent expression of hepatitis C virus non-structural proteins leads to increased autophagy and mitochondrial injury in human hepatoma cells. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e28551 pubmed publisher
    ..The population doubling time and cyclin D1 level were also comparable to that of control cells. Finally, the cytopathic effects of core protein appeared to focus on the mitochondria without remarkable disturbances in the cytosol...
  53. Helble T, D Spain G, Hildebrand J, Campbell G, Campbell R, Heaney K. Site specific probability of passive acoustic detection of humpback whale calls from single fixed hydrophones. J Acoust Soc Am. 2013;134:2556-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Under certain conditions, the probability of detection can be estimated with uncertainties sufficiently small to allow for accurate density estimates. ..
  54. Sawka Verhelle D, Escoubet Lozach L, Fong A, Hester K, Herzig S, Lebrun P, et al. PE-1/METS, an antiproliferative Ets repressor factor, is induced by CREB-1/CREM-1 during macrophage differentiation. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:17772-84 pubmed
    ..Inhibition of CREB function also results in reduced expression of CD54 and impaired cell adhesion. Taken together, these findings reveal new roles of CREB-1/CREM-1 as regulators of macrophage differentiation. ..
  55. Natarajan P, Forte T, Chu B, Phillips M, Oram J, Bielicki J. Identification of an apolipoprotein A-I structural element that mediates cellular cholesterol efflux and stabilizes ATP binding cassette transporter A1. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:24044-52 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that a specific structural element possessing a linear array of acidic residues spanning two apoA-I amphipathic alpha-helices is required to mediate cholesterol efflux and stabilize ABCA1...
  56. Kim D, Murovic J, Tiel R, Kline D. Management and outcomes in 318 operative common peroneal nerve lesions at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. Neurosurgery. 2004;54:1421-8; discussion 1428-9 pubmed
    ..Useful function was achieved in 27 (75%) of 36 patients with grafts less than 6 cm in length and in only 88 (44%) of 202 patients with grafts greater than 6 cm in length. ..
  57. Galko M, Krasnow M. Cellular and genetic analysis of wound healing in Drosophila larvae. PLoS Biol. 2004;2:E239 pubmed
    ..Cell biological and molecular parallels to vertebrate wound healing lead us to speculate that wound healing is an ancient response that has diversified during evolution. ..
  58. Ikehara Y, Ikehara S, Paulson J. Negative regulation of T cell receptor signaling by Siglec-7 (p70/AIRM) and Siglec-9. J Biol Chem. 2004;279:43117-25 pubmed
    ..The combined results demonstrate that both Siglec-7 and Siglec-9 are capable of negative regulation of TCR signaling and that ligand binding is required for optimal activity. ..
  59. Sherwood N, Sun Q, Xue M, Zhang B, Zinn K. Drosophila spastin regulates synaptic microtubule networks and is required for normal motor function. PLoS Biol. 2004;2:e429 pubmed
  60. Chan M, Stalder M, Lam T, Tye T, Borie D, Morris R. Use of echocardiography to assess function of hDAF-transgenic pig cardiac xenografts. Transplant Proc. 2005;37:1923-5 pubmed
    ..Echocardiography has, therefore, the potential to detect and treat early rejection episodes of heterotopic heart xenografts in nonhuman primates. This may help to achieve longer graft survival. ..
  61. Lepper P, D Spain G. Measurement and modeling of the acoustic field near an underwater vehicle and implications for acoustic source localization. J Acoust Soc Am. 2007;122:892-905 pubmed
    ..Matched field processing techniques quantify the source localization capabilities for both measurements and numerical modeling output. ..
  62. Brill J, Huguenard J. Sequential changes in AMPA receptor targeting in the developing neocortical excitatory circuit. J Neurosci. 2008;28:13918-28 pubmed publisher
  63. Wu J, Abraham M, Kraitchman D. Current perspectives on imaging cardiac stem cell therapy. J Nucl Med. 2010;51 Suppl 1:128S-136S pubmed publisher
  64. Fischer N, Infante E, Ishikawa T, Blanchette C, Bourne N, Hoeprich P, et al. Conjugation to nickel-chelating nanolipoprotein particles increases the potency and efficacy of subunit vaccines to prevent West Nile encephalitis. Bioconjug Chem. 2010;21:1018-22 pubmed publisher
  65. Phelan S, Wing R, Loria C, Kim Y, Lewis C. Prevalence and predictors of weight-loss maintenance in a biracial cohort: results from the coronary artery risk development in young adults study. Am J Prev Med. 2010;39:546-54 pubmed publisher
    ..Interventions to promote weight-loss maintenance may benefit from targeting increased physical activity and emotional support and decreased sugar-sweetened soft drink consumption. ..
  66. Zhu Y, Colak T, Shenoy M, Liu L, Pai R, Li C, et al. Nerve growth factor modulates TRPV1 expression and function and mediates pain in chronic pancreatitis. Gastroenterology. 2011;141:370-7 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings emphasize a key role for NGF in pancreatic pain and highlight the role it plays in the modulation of TRPV1 expression and activity in CP. ..
  67. Thielges M, Chung J, Axup J, Fayer M. Influence of histidine tag attachment on picosecond protein dynamics. Biochemistry. 2011;50:5799-805 pubmed publisher
  68. Myers J, Gujja P, Neelagaru S, Hsu L, Burkhoff D. Noninvasive measurement of cardiac performance in recovery from exercise in heart failure patients. Clinics (Sao Paulo). 2011;66:649-56 pubmed
    ..Estimating cardiac output in recovery from exercise may provide added insight into the cardiovascular status of patients with heart failure. ..
  69. Alharazneh A, Luk L, Huth M, Monfared A, Steyger P, Cheng A, et al. Functional hair cell mechanotransducer channels are required for aminoglycoside ototoxicity. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e22347 pubmed publisher
    ..Results suggest that limiting permeation of AGs through MET channel or preventing their entry into endolymph are potential therapeutic targets for preventing hair cell death and hearing loss. ..
  70. Lipman S, Daniels K, Cohen S, Carvalho B. Labor room setting compared with the operating room for simulated perimortem cesarean delivery: a randomized controlled trial. Obstet Gynecol. 2011;118:1090-4 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings imply that perimortem cesarean delivery during actual arrest would require more than 5 minutes and should be performed in the labor room rather than relocating to the operating room. ..
  71. Wei D, Ren C, Chen X, Zhao H. The chronic protective effects of limb remote preconditioning and the underlying mechanisms involved in inflammatory factors in rat stroke. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e30892 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, LRP executes long-term protective effects against stroke and may block brain injury by inhibiting activities of the galectin-9/Tim-3 pathway, iNOS, and nitrotyrosine. ..
  72. Lieberman D, Rex D, Winawer S, Giardiello F, Johnson D, Levin T. Guidelines for colonoscopy surveillance after screening and polypectomy: a consensus update by the US Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer. Gastroenterology. 2012;143:844-857 pubmed publisher
  73. Margeridon Thermet S, Svarovskaia E, Babrzadeh F, Martin R, Liu T, Pacold M, et al. Low-level persistence of drug resistance mutations in hepatitis B virus-infected subjects with a past history of Lamivudine treatment. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2013;57:343-9 pubmed publisher
    ..001). The likelihood of detecting a LAM resistance mutation was significantly increased using UDPS compared to Sanger sequencing and was inversely associated with the time since LAM discontinuation...
  74. Tipirneni Sajja A, Loeffler R, Oesingmann N, Bissler J, Song R, McCarville B, et al. Measurement of glomerular filtration rate by dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging using a subject-specific two-compartment model. Physiol Rep. 2016;4: pubmed publisher
  75. Amsallem M, Boulate D, Aymami M, Guihaire J, Selej M, Huo J, et al. Load Adaptability in Patients With Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. Am J Cardiol. 2017;120:874-882 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, allometric modeling enables quantification of the proportionality of RV load adaptation but offers small incremental prognostic value to RV end-systolic dimension in PAH. ..
  76. Drain P, Dubin A, Aldrich R. Regulation of Shaker K+ channel inactivation gating by the cAMP-dependent protein kinase. Neuron. 1994;12:1097-109 pubmed
    ..Since a cell's integrative characteristics can be determined by the rate of inactivation of its voltage-dependent channels, modulation of these rates by phosphorylation is likely to have functional consequences. ..
  77. Lin F, Kolluri S, Chen G, Zhang X. Regulation of retinoic acid-induced inhibition of AP-1 activity by orphan receptor chicken ovalbumin upstream promoter-transcription factor. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:21414-22 pubmed
    ..Thus, COUP-TF, through its physical interaction with AP-1, promotes anticancer effects of retinoids by potentiating their anti-AP-1 activity. ..
  78. Comoletti D, Flynn R, Jennings L, Chubykin A, Matsumura T, Hasegawa H, et al. Characterization of the interaction of a recombinant soluble neuroligin-1 with neurexin-1beta. J Biol Chem. 2003;278:50497-505 pubmed
    ..We show here that glycosylation processing of neuroligin, in addition to mRNA splicing and gene selection, contributes to the specificity of the neurexin-beta/neuroligin-1 association. ..
  79. Lindegren M, Dakos V, Gröger J, Gårdmark A, Kornilovs G, Otto S, et al. Early detection of ecosystem regime shifts: a multiple method evaluation for management application. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e38410 pubmed publisher
    ..We therefore propose a multiple method approach for early detection of ecosystem regime shifts in monitoring data that may be useful in informing timely management actions in the face of ecosystem change. ..
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