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  1. Rauch U, Gao P, Janetzko A, Flaccus A, Hilgenberg L, Tekotte H, et al. Isolation and characterization of developmentally regulated chondroitin sulfate and chondroitin/keratan sulfate proteoglycans of brain identified with monoclonal antibodies. J Biol Chem. 1991;266:14785-801 pubmed
    ..abstract truncated at 400 words) ..
  2. Cheng C, Chen C, Feng Z, Marshall A, Bardin C. Rat clusterin isolated from primary Sertoli cell-enriched culture medium is sulfated glycoprotein-2 (SGP-2). Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1988;155:398-404 pubmed
  3. Sorrentino C, Silvestrini B, Braghiroli L, Chung S, Giacomelli S, Leone M, et al. Rat prostaglandin D2 synthetase: its tissue distribution, changes during maturation, and regulation in the testis and epididymis. Biol Reprod. 1998;59:843-53 pubmed
    ..These results illustrate that PGD-S is an important molecule in testicular and epididymal function and that it is likely involved in spermatogenesis and sperm maturation. ..
  4. Liang X, Lu Y, Neubert T, Resh M. Mass spectrometric analysis of GAP-43/neuromodulin reveals the presence of a variety of fatty acylated species. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:33032-40 pubmed
    ..These data reveal the heterogeneous nature of S-acylation in vivo and illustrate the power of mass spectrometry for identification of key regulatory protein modifications. ..
  5. Zhu H, Barr G. The role of AMPA and metabotropic glutamate receptors on morphine withdrawal in infant rats. Int J Dev Neurosci. 2004;22:379-95 pubmed
    ..Thus, for the human infant patient, pharmacotherapies to reduce opiate tolerance and withdrawal should focus on non-NMDA ionotropic and metabotropic receptors...
  6. Souza F, Simpson N, Raffo A, Saxena C, Maffei A, Hardy M, et al. Longitudinal noninvasive PET-based beta cell mass estimates in a spontaneous diabetes rat model. J Clin Invest. 2006;116:1506-13 pubmed
    ..These studies suggest that PET-based quantitation of VMAT2 receptors provides a noninvasive measurement of BCM that could be used to study the pathogenesis of diabetes and to monitor therapeutic interventions. ..
  7. Abaskharoun M, Bellemare M, Lau E, Margolis R. Glypican-1, phosphacan/receptor protein-tyrosine phosphatase-?/? and its ligand, tenascin-C, are expressed by neural stem cells and neural cells derived from embryonic stem cells. ASN Neuro. 2010;2:e00039 pubmed publisher
  8. Ernsberger P, Iacovitti L, Reis D. Astrocytes cultured from specific brain regions differ in their expression of adrenergic binding sites. Brain Res. 1990;517:202-8 pubmed
  9. Squires R, Saederup E. Polychlorinated convulsant insecticides potentiate the protective effect of NaCl against heat inactivation of [3H]flunitrazepam binding sites. J Neurochem. 1989;52:537-43 pubmed
    ..Protection against heat inactivation constitutes a useful tool for characterizing the various allosterically linked binding sites in neurotransmitter receptor complexes. ..

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  1. Iwaki T, Kume Iwaki A, Liem R, Goldman J. Alpha B-crystallin is expressed in non-lenticular tissues and accumulates in Alexander's disease brain. Cell. 1989;57:71-8 pubmed
    ..Therefore, alpha B-crystallin is not lens-specific and it can accumulate in large amounts in astrocytes in pathological conditions. ..
  2. Cai D, Qiu J, Cao Z, McAtee M, Bregman B, Filbin M. Neuronal cyclic AMP controls the developmental loss in ability of axons to regenerate. J Neurosci. 2001;21:4731-9 pubmed
    ..Thus, the switch from promotion to inhibition by myelin-MAG, which marks the developmental loss of regenerative capacity, is mediated by a developmentally regulated decrease in endogenous neuronal cAMP levels. ..
  3. Power J, Mayer Proschel M, Smith J, Noble M. Oligodendrocyte precursor cells from different brain regions express divergent properties consistent with the differing time courses of myelination in these regions. Dev Biol. 2002;245:362-75 pubmed
  4. Sullivan G, Apergis J, Gorman J, LeDoux J. Rodent doxapram model of panic: behavioral effects and c-Fos immunoreactivity in the amygdala. Biol Psychiatry. 2003;53:863-70 pubmed
    ..The effect of doxapram may result from activation of neurons in the amygdala. Doxapram, by inducing hyperventilation, may be a useful adjunct to existing animal anxiety models for improving validity for panic anxiety. ..
  5. Ouyang W, Wang G, Hemmings H. Isoflurane and propofol inhibit voltage-gated sodium channels in isolated rat neurohypophysial nerve terminals. Mol Pharmacol. 2003;64:373-81 pubmed
    ..Inhibition of voltage-gated Na+ channels may contribute to the presynaptic effects of general anesthetics on nerve terminal excitability and neurotransmitter release. ..
  6. Harding S, McGinnis M. Androgen receptor blockade in the MPOA or VMN: effects on male sociosexual behaviors. Physiol Behav. 2004;81:671-80 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these data suggest that androgen receptors in the MPOA are essential for copulatory performance, while androgen receptors in the VMN are important for copulation, sexual motivation, and androgen-dependent vocalizations. ..
  7. Manya H, Chiba A, Margolis R, Endo T. Molecular cloning and characterization of rat Pomt1 and Pomt2. Glycobiology. 2006;16:863-73 pubmed
    ..Coexpression studies also showed that the human and rat protein O-mannosyltransferases are interchangeable, providing further evidence for the closeness of their structures. ..
  8. Brown A, Derkits E. Prenatal infection and schizophrenia: a review of epidemiologic and translational studies. Am J Psychiatry. 2010;167:261-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, they discuss new approaches aimed at addressing current challenges in this area of research. ..
  9. McKenney R, Vershinin M, Kunwar A, Vallee R, Gross S. LIS1 and NudE induce a persistent dynein force-producing state. Cell. 2010;141:304-14 pubmed publisher
    ..These results likely explain the requirement for LIS1 and NudE in the transport of nuclei, centrosomes, chromosomes, and the microtubule cytoskeleton as well as the particular sensitivity of migrating neurons to reduced LIS1 expression. ..
  10. Festa E, Shivers K, Jenab S, Quinones Jenab V. Cocaine-induced sex differences in D1 dopamine receptor mRNA levels after acute cocaine administration. Ethn Dis. 2010;20:S1-24-7 pubmed
    ..We also hypothesize that the D1 receptor may be an important substrate in the regulation of sex differences in cocaine-induced locomotor activity. ..
  11. Meng F, Abedini A, Plesner A, Verchere C, Raleigh D. The flavanol (-)-epigallocatechin 3-gallate inhibits amyloid formation by islet amyloid polypeptide, disaggregates amyloid fibrils, and protects cultured cells against IAPP-induced toxicity. Biochemistry. 2010;49:8127-33 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, EGCG offers an interesting lead structure for further development of inhibitors of IAPP amyloid formation and compounds that disaggregate IAPP amyloid. ..
  12. Kapoor A, Simmonds P, Lipkin W. Discovery and characterization of mammalian endogenous parvoviruses. J Virol. 2010;84:12628-35 pubmed publisher
  13. Chaung W, Wu R, Ji Y, Wang Z, Dong W, Cheyuo C, et al. Peripheral administration of human adrenomedullin and its binding protein attenuates stroke-induced apoptosis and brain injury in rats. Mol Med. 2011;17:1075-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, human AM/AMBP-1 has the ability to reduce stroke-induced brain injury in rats. AM/AMBP-1 can be developed as a novel therapeutic agent for patients with ischemic stroke. ..
  14. Kanda V, Lewis A, Xu X, Abbott G. KCNE1 and KCNE2 provide a checkpoint governing voltage-gated potassium channel ?-subunit composition. Biophys J. 2011;101:1364-75 pubmed publisher
    ..The KCNE1/2-enforced checkpoint ensures N-type ?-subunits only reach the cell surface as part of intra-subfamily mixed-? complexes, thereby governing channel composition, inactivation rate, and-by extension-cellular excitability. ..
  15. Grosberg L, Chen B, Hillman E. Simultaneous multiplane in vivo nonlinear microscopy using spectral encoding. Opt Lett. 2012;37:2967-9 pubmed publisher
    ..We demonstrate that this approach can allow simultaneous in vivo imaging of fluorescence in two planes within the living rodent cortex, and of second harmonic generation in fresh tissue. ..
  16. Wagner M, Campos Bilderback S, Chowdhury M, Flores B, Lai X, Myslinski J, et al. Proximal Tubules Have the Capacity to Regulate Uptake of Albumin. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2016;27:482-94 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results suggest that a regulated PT cell albumin uptake system can respond rapidly to different physiologic conditions to minimize alterations in serum albumin level. ..
  17. Twomey E, Yelshanskaya M, Grassucci R, Frank J, Sobolevsky A. Channel opening and gating mechanism in AMPA-subtype glutamate receptors. Nature. 2017;549:60-65 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings provide a framework for understanding gating across the family of ionotropic glutamate receptors and the role of AMPA receptors in excitatory neurotransmission. ..
  18. Synetos D, Dabeva M, Warner J. The yeast ribosomal protein S7 and its genes. J Biol Chem. 1992;267:3008-13 pubmed
    ..The splicing of the introns is efficient. Either RPS7A or RPS7B will support growth. However, deletion of both genes is lethal. RPS7A maps distal to CDC11 on chromosome X, and RPS7B maps distal to CUP1 on chromosome VIII. ..
  19. Choy H, McLaughlin M, Feigelson P. Nuclear factors from expressing tissues interact in vitro with a rat alpha-2u globulin gene intron. J Biol Chem. 1989;264:1754-9 pubmed
    ..The findings suggest that the third intron of an alpha 2u globulin gene contains sites that interact with tissue-specific factors to establish the potential for hormonal and developmental control of expression. ..
  20. Riabowol K, Draetta G, Brizuela L, Vandre D, Beach D. The cdc2 kinase is a nuclear protein that is essential for mitosis in mammalian cells. Cell. 1989;57:393-401 pubmed
    ..p13 was more evenly distributed between the nucleus and cytoplasm. These observations demonstrate that cdc2 is a nuclear and centrosomal protein that is required for mitosis in mammalian cells. ..
  21. Goldman Wohl D, Chan E, Baird D, Heintz N. Kv3.3b: a novel Shaw type potassium channel expressed in terminally differentiated cerebellar Purkinje cells and deep cerebellar nuclei. J Neurosci. 1994;14:511-22 pubmed
    ..3b K+ channel function is restricted to terminally differentiated Purkinje cells, and that analysis of the mechanisms governing its expression in vivo and in vitro can reveal molecular mechanisms governing Purkinje cell differentiation. ..
  22. Chang C, Wang W, Bardin C. Postcoital use of anordrin and RU 486 for prevention of implantation in the rat. Contraception. 1993;47:413-9 pubmed
    ..Progesterone and estradiol levels in serum collected 24 h after treatment were not significantly different from those of controls.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS) ..
  23. Samy E, Li J, Grima J, Lee W, Silvestrini B, Cheng C. Sertoli cell prostaglandin D2 synthetase is a multifunctional molecule: its expression and regulation. Endocrinology. 2000;141:710-21 pubmed
    ..In view of its dual biological properties, a study of its regulation and physiology will yield new insights into understanding its role in the testis. ..
  24. Cordeiro P, Lee J, Mastorakos D, Hu Q, Pinto J, Santamaria E. Prevention of ischemia-reperfusion injury in a rat skin flap model: the role of mast cells, cromolyn sodium, and histamine receptor blockade. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2000;105:654-9 pubmed
    ..This protective effect is not seen with cromolyn sodium. The protective effect of antihistamines on flap necrosis might be related to the decrease in neutrophils and, possibly, mast cells within the flap. ..
  25. Lamprecht R, Farb C, LeDoux J. Fear memory formation involves p190 RhoGAP and ROCK proteins through a GRB2-mediated complex. Neuron. 2002;36:727-38 pubmed
    ..Thus, the p190 RhoGAP/ROCK pathway, which regulates the morphology of dendrites and axons during neural development, plays a central role, through a GRB2-mediated molecular complex, in fear memory formation in the lateral amygdala. ..
  26. Du G, Huang P, Liang B, Frohman M. Phospholipase D2 localizes to the plasma membrane and regulates angiotensin II receptor endocytosis. Mol Biol Cell. 2004;15:1024-30 pubmed
  27. Dobrenis K, Chang H, Pina Benabou M, Woodroffe A, Lee S, Rozental R, et al. Human and mouse microglia express connexin36, and functional gap junctions are formed between rodent microglia and neurons. J Neurosci Res. 2005;82:306-15 pubmed
  28. Shirvalkar P, Rapp P, Shapiro M. Bidirectional changes to hippocampal theta-gamma comodulation predict memory for recent spatial episodes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010;107:7054-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The results suggest that TGC accompanies memory retrieval in the hippocampus and that patterned brain stimulation may inform therapeutic strategies for cognitive disorders. ..
  29. Zhou Z, Akinbiyi T, Xu L, Ramcharan M, Leong D, Ros S, et al. Tendon-derived stem/progenitor cell aging: defective self-renewal and altered fate. Aging Cell. 2010;9:911-5 pubmed publisher
  30. Nowotschin S, Ferrer Vaquer A, Hadjantonakis A. Imaging mouse development with confocal time-lapse microscopy. Methods Enzymol. 2010;476:351-77 pubmed publisher
  31. Akaneya Y, Sohya K, Kitamura A, Kimura F, Washburn C, Zhou R, et al. Ephrin-A5 and EphA5 interaction induces synaptogenesis during early hippocampal development. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e12486 pubmed publisher
  32. Piserchio A, Warthaka M, Devkota A, Kaoud T, Lee S, Abramczyk O, et al. Solution NMR insights into docking interactions involving inactive ERK2. Biochemistry. 2011;50:3660-72 pubmed publisher
    ..These results demonstrate the feasibility of solution NMR techniques for a comprehensive analysis of docking interactions in a full-length ERK/MAP kinase. ..
  33. Mijares D, Kulkarni A, Lewis K, Yao F, Xi Q, Tannous S, et al. Oral bone loss induced by mineral deficiency in a rat model: effect of a synthetic bone mineral (SBM) preparation. Arch Oral Biol. 2012;57:1264-73 pubmed publisher
    ..SBM, administered orally, may have the potential as an osteoporosis therapeutic agent in minimizing or preventing alveolar bone loss induced by mineral deficiency. ..
  34. Scherer J, Yi J, Vallee R. PKA-dependent dynein switching from lysosomes to adenovirus: a novel form of host-virus competition. J Cell Biol. 2014;205:163-77 pubmed publisher
    ..This arrangement provides a novel means to fine tune transport of these organelles in response to infection as well as to developmental and physiological cues. ..
  35. Chen J, Paredes W, van Praag H, Lowinson J, Gardner E. Presynaptic dopamine release is enhanced by 5-HT3 receptor activation in medial prefrontal cortex of freely moving rats. Synapse. 1992;10:264-6 pubmed
  36. Bruschi S, West K, Crabb J, Gupta R, Stevens J. Mitochondrial HSP60 (P1 protein) and a HSP70-like protein (mortalin) are major targets for modification during S-(1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethyl)-L-cysteine-induced nephrotoxicity. J Biol Chem. 1993;268:23157-61 pubmed
    ..These studies indicate that mitochondrial heat shock proteins are major targets for modification by reactive metabolites of TFEC. The implications of these data in relation to the nephrotoxicity of cysteine conjugates are discussed. ..
  37. Song L, Fricker L. Cloning and expression of human carboxypeptidase Z, a novel metallocarboxypeptidase. J Biol Chem. 1997;272:10543-50 pubmed
    ..5 and is inhibited by active site-directed inhibitors of metallocarboxypeptidases. In summary, CPZ is a novel metallocarboxypeptidase that is active toward substrates with C-terminal basic amino acids. ..
  38. Wang H, Stucky A, Liu J, Shen C, Trocme Thibierge C, Morain P. Dissociating beta-amyloid from alpha 7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor by a novel therapeutic agent, S 24795, normalizes alpha 7 nicotinic acetylcholine and NMDA receptor function in Alzheimer's disease brain. J Neurosci. 2009;29:10961-73 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that the Abeta-alpha7nAChR interaction may be an upstream pathogenic event in AD and demonstrate that some recovery of neuronal channel activities may be achieved in AD brains by removing Abeta from alpha7nAChRs. ..
  39. Nguyen P, Lin C, Allori A, Schachar J, Ricci J, Saadeh P, et al. Scaffold-based rhBMP-2 therapy in a rat alveolar defect model: implications for human gingivoperiosteoplasty. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2009;124:1829-39 pubmed publisher
    ..The rhBMP-2 added a small but significant histomorphometric osteogenic advantage to the hydroxyapatite-tricalcium phosphate scaffold. ..
  40. Kelemen E, Fenton A. Coordinating different representations in the hippocampus. Neurobiol Learn Mem. 2016;129:50-9 pubmed publisher
  41. Fakhrai H, Maines M. Expression and characterization of a cDNA for rat kidney biliverdin reductase. Evidence suggesting the liver and kidney enzymes are the same transcript product. J Biol Chem. 1992;267:4023-9 pubmed
    ..7-6.9 range and NADPH at pH 8.5-8.7. The findings suggest that the liver and kidney enzymes are the products of the same transcript(s) and that their microheterogeneity may reflect tissue-specific post-translational modifications. ..
  42. Wang Y, Tate S. Oligomeric structure of a renal cystine transporter: implications in cystinuria. FEBS Lett. 1995;368:389-92 pubmed
    ..Our data suggest that the heterodimer is the minimal functional unit of NBAT-mediated amino acid transport and that the NBAT-associated 50 kDa protein could play a role in cystinuria. ..
  43. Li L, Chin L, Greengard P, Copeland N, Gilbert D, Jenkins N. Localization of the synapsin II (SYN2) gene to human chromosome 3 and mouse chromosome 6. Genomics. 1995;28:365-6 pubmed
  44. Fu Y, Cao Y, Hertzberg K, Grieninger G. Fibrinogen alpha genes: conservation of bipartite transcripts and carboxy-terminal-extended alpha subunits in vertebrates. Genomics. 1995;30:71-6 pubmed
  45. Klauck T, Xu X, Mousseau B, Jaken S. Cloning and characterization of a glucocorticoid-induced diacylglycerol kinase. J Biol Chem. 1996;271:19781-8 pubmed
    ..Heterogeneity among DGK family members indicates that individual DGKs may have unique functions. ..
  46. Frindt G, Palmer L, Windhager E. Feedback regulation of Na channels in rat CCT. IV. Mediation by activation of protein kinase C. Am J Physiol. 1996;270:F371-6 pubmed
    ..The results support the view that the downregulation caused by ouabain involves the Ca(2+)-dependent phosphorylation of the channel itself or of proteins regulating the channel. ..
  47. Winkler C, Kittelberger A, Schwartz G. Expression of carbonic anhydrase IV mRNA in rabbit kidney: stimulation by metabolic acidosis. Am J Physiol. 1997;272:F551-60 pubmed
    ..It is likely that the regulation of CA IV mRNA and activity is relevant to the kidney's adaptation to CMA. ..
  48. Bibb J, Chen J, Taylor J, Svenningsson P, Nishi A, Snyder G, et al. Effects of chronic exposure to cocaine are regulated by the neuronal protein Cdk5. Nature. 2001;410:376-80 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that changes in Cdk5 levels mediated by DeltaFosB, and resulting alterations in signalling involving D1 dopamine receptors, contribute to adaptive changes in the brain related to cocaine addiction. ..
  49. Riedel C, Levy O, Carrasco N. Post-transcriptional regulation of the sodium/iodide symporter by thyrotropin. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:21458-63 pubmed
  50. Chang W, Webster D, Salam A, Gruber D, Prasad A, Eiserich J, et al. Alteration of the C-terminal amino acid of tubulin specifically inhibits myogenic differentiation. J Biol Chem. 2002;277:30690-8 pubmed
    ..These results show that the identity of the C-terminal residue of alpha-tubulin modulates microtubule activity, possibly because binding to or signaling from modified microtubules is required for the myogenic program. ..
  51. Rodrigues S, Bauer E, Farb C, Schafe G, LeDoux J. The group I metabotropic glutamate receptor mGluR5 is required for fear memory formation and long-term potentiation in the lateral amygdala. J Neurosci. 2002;22:5219-29 pubmed
    ..Collectively, the results of this study indicate that mGluR5 in the LA plays a crucial role in fear conditioning and in plasticity at synapses involved in fear conditioning. ..
  52. Frindt G, McNair T, Dahlmann A, Jacobs Palmer E, Palmer L. Epithelial Na channels and short-term renal response to salt deprivation. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2002;283:F717-26 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, the channels are necessary to achieve minimal rates of Na excretion during more chronic Na deprivation. ..
  53. Hwang Y, Bakr S, Ellery C, Oates P, Ramasamy R. Sorbitol dehydrogenase: a novel target for adjunctive protection of ischemic myocardium. FASEB J. 2003;17:2331-3 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, these data identify SDH as a novel target for adjunctive cardioprotective interventions. ..
  54. Nomura T, Chang H, Lu R, Hankin J, Murphy R, Schuster V. Prostaglandin signaling in the renal collecting duct: release, reuptake, and oxidation in the same cell. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:28424-9 pubmed
    ..Our data are consistent with a new model that offers significant new mechanisms for the fine control of eicosanoid signaling. ..
  55. Pocai A, Lam T, Obici S, Gutierrez Juarez R, Muse E, Arduini A, et al. Restoration of hypothalamic lipid sensing normalizes energy and glucose homeostasis in overfed rats. J Clin Invest. 2006;116:1081-91 pubmed
  56. Klotz S, Hay I, Zhang G, Maurer M, Wang J, Burkhoff D. Development of heart failure in chronic hypertensive Dahl rats: focus on heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. Hypertension. 2006;47:901-11 pubmed
    ..These observations suggest that a volume overload sate plays an important pathophysiological role in development of heart failure despite preserved overall ventricular pump function in this model of chronic hypertension. ..
  57. Yang L, Liu G, Zakharov S, Bellinger A, Mongillo M, Marx S. Protein kinase G phosphorylates Cav1.2 alpha1c and beta2 subunits. Circ Res. 2007;101:465-74 pubmed
    ..2 current was significantly reduced by coexpression of an alanine-substituted Ca(v)1.2 beta(2a) subunit (Ser(496)). Our results identify a molecular mechanism by which cGMP-PKG regulates Ca(v)1.2 phosphorylation and function. ..
  58. Kaushik S, Cuervo A. Chaperone-mediated autophagy. Methods Mol Biol. 2008;445:227-44 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the most unequivocal method to measure CMA is by directly tracking the translocation of substrate proteins into isolated lysosomes. ..
  59. Zhao X, Bucchi A, Oren R, Kryukova Y, Dun W, Clancy C, et al. In vitro characterization of HCN channel kinetics and frequency dependence in myocytes predicts biological pacemaker functionality. J Physiol. 2009;587:1513-25 pubmed publisher
    ..These results illustrate the benefit of screening HCN constructs in spontaneously active myocyte cultures and may provide the basis for future optimization of HCN-based biological pacemakers. ..
  60. Hill M, Hunter R, McEwen B. Chronic stress differentially regulates cannabinoid CB1 receptor binding in distinct hippocampal subfields. Eur J Pharmacol. 2009;614:66-9 pubmed publisher
  61. Luther N, Cheung N, Souliopoulos E, Karampelas I, Karempelas I, Bassiri D, et al. Interstitial infusion of glioma-targeted recombinant immunotoxin 8H9scFv-PE38. Mol Cancer Ther. 2010;9:1039-46 pubmed publisher
    ..Interstitial infusion of 8H9scFv-PE38 shows potential for the treatment of hemispherical and brain stem glioma. Mol Cancer Ther; 9(4); 1039-46. (c)2010 AACR. ..
  62. Michta M, Hopcraft S, Narbus C, Kratovac Z, Israelow B, Sourisseau M, et al. Species-specific regions of occludin required by hepatitis C virus for cell entry. J Virol. 2010;84:11696-708 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, this critical region of EC2 is flanked by two conserved cysteine residues that are essential for HCV cell entry, suggesting that a subdomain of EC2 may be defined by a disulfide bond. ..
  63. Debiec J, Bush D, LeDoux J. Noradrenergic enhancement of reconsolidation in the amygdala impairs extinction of conditioned fear in rats--a possible mechanism for the persistence of traumatic memories in PTSD. Depress Anxiety. 2011;28:186-93 pubmed publisher
    ..Reconsolidation may be a useful tool in understanding the pathology of PTSD and may thus help in developing new and in modifying existing treatments of traumatic memories. ..
  64. Parathath S, Dogan S, Joaquin V, Ghosh S, Guo L, Weibel G, et al. Rat carboxylesterase ES-4 enzyme functions as a major hepatic neutral cholesteryl ester hydrolase. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:39683-92 pubmed publisher
  65. Kuge O, Dascher C, Orci L, Rowe T, Amherdt M, Plutner H, et al. Sar1 promotes vesicle budding from the endoplasmic reticulum but not Golgi compartments. J Cell Biol. 1994;125:51-65 pubmed
  66. Ho C, Chin S, Carnevale K, Liem R. Translation initiation and assembly of peripherin in cultured cells. Eur J Cell Biol. 1995;68:103-12 pubmed
    ..Taken together, these results strongly suggest that the second ATG is the preferred translation initiation codon for the peripherin gene. ..
  67. Gomes W, Kessler J. Msx-2 and p21 mediate the pro-apoptotic but not the anti-proliferative effects of BMP4 on cultured sympathetic neuroblasts. Dev Biol. 2001;237:212-21 pubmed
    ..Thus, sympathetic neuron numbers may be determined in part by factors that inhibit the proliferation and survival of neuroblasts and make them dependent upon exogenous factors for survival. ..
  68. VELISEK L, VELISKOVA J, Moshe S. Electrical stimulation of substantia nigra pars reticulata is anticonvulsant in adult and young male rats. Exp Neurol. 2002;173:145-52 pubmed
    ..The data suggest that the SNR may be a candidate site for deep brain stimulation for the treatment of epilepsy. ..
  69. Mally P, Mishra R, Gandhi S, Decastro M, Nankova B, Lagamma E. Stereospecific regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase and proenkephalin genes by short-chain fatty acids in rat PC12 cells. Pediatr Res. 2004;55:847-54 pubmed
  70. Nikulina E, Tidwell J, Dai H, Bregman B, Filbin M. The phosphodiesterase inhibitor rolipram delivered after a spinal cord lesion promotes axonal regeneration and functional recovery. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004;101:8786-90 pubmed
    ..c., as well as post-injury, it is a strong candidate as a useful therapy subsequent to spinal cord injury. ..
  71. Serganova I, Doubrovin M, Vider J, Ponomarev V, Soghomonyan S, Beresten T, et al. Molecular imaging of temporal dynamics and spatial heterogeneity of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 signal transduction activity in tumors in living mice. Cancer Res. 2004;64:6101-8 pubmed
  72. Zhou Y, Spangler R, Yuferov V, Schlussmann S, Ho A, Kreek M. Effects of selective D1- or D2-like dopamine receptor antagonists with acute "binge" pattern cocaine on corticotropin-releasing hormone and proopiomelanocortin mRNA levels in the hypothalamus. Brain Res Mol Brain Res. 2004;130:61-7 pubmed
    ..These results support a specific role for D2R in acute cocaine's effects on hypothalamic POMC gene expression. ..
  73. Shivji M, Burger S, Moncada C, Clarkson A, Merali S. Effect of nicotine on lung S-adenosylmethionine and development of Pneumocystis pneumonia. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:15219-28 pubmed
    ..We conclude that chronic nicotine treatment increases lung polyamine catabolic/anabolic cycling and/or excretion leading to increased AdoMet-consuming polyamine biosynthesis and depletion of lung AdoMet. ..
  74. Ge R, Dong Q, Sottas C, Chen H, Zirkin B, Hardy M. Gene expression in rat leydig cells during development from the progenitor to adult stage: a cluster analysis. Biol Reprod. 2005;72:1405-15 pubmed
    ..Thus, gene profiling demonstrates that postnatal development is associated with changes in the expression levels of several different clusters of genes consistent with the processes of Leydig cell growth and differentiation. ..
  75. Westphalen R, Hemmings H. Volatile anesthetic effects on glutamate versus GABA release from isolated rat cortical nerve terminals: 4-aminopyridine-evoked release. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2006;316:216-23 pubmed
  76. Boukerche H, Su Z, Emdad L, Baril P, Balme B, Thomas L, et al. mda-9/Syntenin: a positive regulator of melanoma metastasis. Cancer Res. 2005;65:10901-11 pubmed
    ..Based on its ability to directly alter metastasis, mda-9/syntenin provides a promising new focus for melanoma cancer research with potential therapeutic applications for metastatic diseases. ..
  77. Blask D, Brainard G, Dauchy R, Hanifin J, Davidson L, Krause J, et al. Melatonin-depleted blood from premenopausal women exposed to light at night stimulates growth of human breast cancer xenografts in nude rats. Cancer Res. 2005;65:11174-84 pubmed
    ..These mechanistic studies are the first to provide a rational biological explanation for the increased breast cancer risk in female night shift workers...
  78. Giraudo C, Eng W, Melia T, Rothman J. A clamping mechanism involved in SNARE-dependent exocytosis. Science. 2006;313:676-80 pubmed
    ..Cells expressing such "flipped" synaptic SNAREs fuse constitutively, but when we coexpressed complexin, fusion was blocked. Adding back calcium triggered fusion from this intermediate in the presence of synaptotagmin. ..
  79. Stiegler A, Burden S, Hubbard S. Crystal structure of the agrin-responsive immunoglobulin-like domains 1 and 2 of the receptor tyrosine kinase MuSK. J Mol Biol. 2006;364:424-33 pubmed
    ..Biochemical analyses of MuSK mutants introduced into MuSK(-/-) myotubes demonstrate that residues in this hydrophobic patch are critical for agrin-induced MuSK activation. ..
  80. Yanagida Asanuma E, Asanuma K, Kim K, Donnelly M, Young Choi H, Hyung Chang J, et al. Synaptopodin protects against proteinuria by disrupting Cdc42:IRSp53:Mena signaling complexes in kidney podocytes. Am J Pathol. 2007;171:415-27 pubmed
    ..The identification of synaptopodin as an inhibitor of Cdc42:IRSp53:Mena signaling defines a novel antiproteinuric signaling pathway and offers new targets for the development of antiproteinuric therapeutic modalities. ..
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    ..Cholinergic stimulation significantly decreased tubular necrosis in vagotomized rats after injury, implying an intact vagus nerve is not required for this renoprotective effect. ..
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