Experts and Doctors on protein isoforms in New Jersey, United States


Locale: New Jersey, United States
Topic: protein isoforms

Top Publications

  1. Jian W, Edom R, Wang D, Weng N, Zhang S. Relative quantitation of glycoisoforms of intact apolipoprotein C3 in human plasma by liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass spectrometry. Anal Chem. 2013;85:2867-74 pubmed publisher
    ..To our best knowledge, this is the first time that a systematic approach of relative quantitation of targeted intact protein glycoisoforms using LC-MS has been established and utilized in biomarker research. ..
  2. Pinto V, Minakhina S, Qiu S, Sidhaye A, Brotherton M, Suhotliv A, et al. Naturally Occurring Amino Acids in Helix 10 of the Thyroid Hormone Receptor Mediate Isoform-Specific TH Gene Regulation. Endocrinology. 2017;158:3067-3078 pubmed publisher
    ..Using domain exchanges and individual amino acid switches between THRA1 and THRB2, we identified three amino acids in helix 10 of the THRB2 ligand-binding domain that are required for negative regulation and are absent in THRA1. ..