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Topic: cell nucleolus

Top Publications

  1. Lord S, Lee H, Moerner W. Single-molecule spectroscopy and imaging of biomolecules in living cells. Anal Chem. 2010;82:2192-203 pubmed publisher
    ..This Perspective summarizes the field of live-cell imaging of single biomolecules. ..
  2. Huang M, Whang P, Lewicki P, Mitchell B. Cyclopentenyl cytosine induces senescence in breast cancer cells through the nucleolar stress response and activation of p53. Mol Pharmacol. 2011;80:40-8 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that CTP depletion and the resulting nucleolar stress response results in a senescence-like growth arrest through activation of p53, whereas cells with mutated p53 undergo differentiation or apoptotic cell death. ..
  3. Alderuccio F, Chan E, Tan E. Molecular characterization of an autoantigen of PM-Scl in the polymyositis/scleroderma overlap syndrome: a unique and complete human cDNA encoding an apparent 75-kD acidic protein of the nucleolar complex. J Exp Med. 1991;173:941-52 pubmed
    ..In addition, rabbit antibodies raised to recombinant fusion protein reacted in immunofluorescence, immunoblotting, and immunoprecipitation with the characteristic features displayed by human anti-PM-Scl sera. ..
  4. Yang J, Baserga S, Turley S, Pollard K. Fibrillarin and other snoRNP proteins are targets of autoantibodies in xenobiotic-induced autoimmunity. Clin Immunol. 2001;101:38-50 pubmed
    ..These studies suggest that the mercury-induced anti-nucleolar antibody response targets other protein components of the snoRNP particles in addition to fibrillarin...
  5. Gao H, Chen X, McGowan C. Mus81 endonuclease localizes to nucleoli and to regions of DNA damage in human S-phase cells. Mol Biol Cell. 2003;14:4826-34 pubmed
    ..Together these data support a role for Mus81 in recombination repair in higher eukaryotes. ..
  6. Westendorf J, Konstantinov K, Wormsley S, Shu M, Matsumoto Taniura N, Pirollet F, et al. M phase phosphoprotein 10 is a human U3 small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein component. Mol Biol Cell. 1998;9:437-49 pubmed
    ..This association of MPP10 with U3 snoRNA was stable to 400 mM salt and suggested that MPP10 is a component of the human U3 small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein. ..
  7. Lyman S, Gerace L, Baserga S. Human Nop5/Nop58 is a component common to the box C/D small nucleolar ribonucleoproteins. RNA. 1999;5:1597-604 pubmed
    ..Thus, hNop5/Nop58 is a common component of the box C/D snoRNPs, and joins fibrillarin as the second such component identified and characterized in metazoans. ..
  8. Blais V, Gao H, Elwell C, Boddy M, Gaillard P, Russell P, et al. RNA interference inhibition of Mus81 reduces mitotic recombination in human cells. Mol Biol Cell. 2004;15:552-62 pubmed
    ..These data provide direct evidence for a role of Mus81-Eme1 in mitotic recombination in higher eukaryotes and support the hypothesis that Mus81-Eme1 resolves Holliday junctions in vivo. ..
  9. Chang C, Clarke A, Pillus L. Suppression analysis of esa1 mutants in Saccharomyces cerevisiae links NAB3 to transcriptional silencing and nucleolar functions. G3 (Bethesda). 2012;2:1223-32 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, nuclear localization of Nab3 was altered in the esa1 mutant. Finally, posttranslational acetylation of Nab3 was detected in vivo and found to be influenced by ESA1. ..

More Information


  1. de Albuquerque C, Liang J, Gaut N, Zhou H. Molecular Circuitry of the SUMO (Small Ubiquitin-like Modifier) Pathway in Controlling Sumoylation Homeostasis and Suppressing Genome Rearrangements. J Biol Chem. 2016;291:8825-35 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings reveal distinct roles for Ulp1 and Ulp2 in controlling homeostasis of intracellular sumoylation and show that sumoylation of MCM is controlled in a subunit-specific and cell cycle dependent manner. ..
  2. Chu Q, Rathore A, Diedrich J, Donaldson C, Yates J, Saghatelian A. Identification of Microprotein-Protein Interactions via APEX Tagging. Biochemistry. 2017;56:3299-3306 pubmed publisher
  3. Luznik L, Martone M, Kraus G, Zhang Y, Xu Y, Ellisman M, et al. Localization of human immunodeficiency virus Rev in transfected and virus-infected cells. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 1995;11:795-804 pubmed
    ..Our observations are consistent with the proposed dual role of Rev in mRNA transport and splicing. ..