Experts and Doctors on disease vectors in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom


Locale: Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Topic: disease vectors

Top Publications

  1. Stevenson B, Pignatelli P, Nikou D, Paine M. Pinpointing P450s associated with pyrethroid metabolism in the dengue vector, Aedes aegypti: developing new tools to combat insecticide resistance. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2012;6:e1595 pubmed publisher
    ..P450s have been identified with the potential to confer pyrethroid resistance in Ae.aegypti. It is recommended that over expression of these enzymes should be monitored as indicators of resistance where pyrethroids are used. ..
  2. Howell A, Mugisha L, Davies J, LaCourse E, Claridge J, Williams D, et al. Bovine fasciolosis at increasing altitudes: parasitological and malacological sampling on the slopes of Mount Elgon, Uganda. Parasit Vectors. 2012;5:196 pubmed publisher