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  1. Hulo N, Sigrist C, Le Saux V, Langendijk Genevaux P, Bordoli L, Gattiker A, et al. Recent improvements to the PROSITE database. Nucleic Acids Res. 2004;32:D134-7 pubmed
    ..The latest version of PROSITE (release 18.17 of November 30, 2003) contains 1676 entries. The database is accessible at ..
  2. Chappuis F, Rijal S, Soto A, Menten J, Boelaert M. A meta-analysis of the diagnostic performance of the direct agglutination test and rK39 dipstick for visceral leishmaniasis. BMJ. 2006;333:723 pubmed
    ..9% (72.3% to 93.4%) and of the rK39 dipstick was 90.6% (66.8% to 97.9%). The diagnostic performance of the direct agglutination test and the rK39 dipstick for visceral leishmaniasis is good to excellent and seem comparable. ..
  3. Sarieddine M, Scheckenbach K, Foglia B, Maass K, Garcia I, Kwak B, et al. Connexin43 modulates neutrophil recruitment to the lung. J Cell Mol Med. 2009;13:4560-70 pubmed publisher
    ..Cx43 may therefore represent a pharmacological target in lung diseases characterized by excessive neutrophil recruitment to the airways. ..
  4. Nendaz M, Chopard P, Lovis C, Kucher N, Asmis L, Dörffler J, et al. Adequacy of venous thromboprophylaxis in acutely ill medical patients (IMPART): multisite comparison of different clinical decision support systems. J Thromb Haemost. 2010;8:1230-4 pubmed publisher
    ..This effect only partially contributes to the improvement of patient safety and more work is needed towards institution-tailored tools. ..
  5. Stenz L, Francois P, Whiteson K, Wolz C, Linder P, Schrenzel J. The CodY pleiotropic repressor controls virulence in gram-positive pathogens. FEMS Immunol Med Microbiol. 2011;62:123-39 pubmed publisher
    ..This is true for the anthrax toxins of Bacillus anthracis and the haemolysins of Staphylococcus aureus. The purpose of this review is to illustrate CodY-regulated mechanisms on virulence in major gram-positive pathogens. ..
  6. Blaudszun G, Lysakowski C, Elia N, Tramer M. Effect of perioperative systemic ?2 agonists on postoperative morphine consumption and pain intensity: systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Anesthesiology. 2012;116:1312-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Recovery times are not prolonged. Common adverse effects are bradycardia and arterial hypotension. The impact of ?2 agonists on chronic pain or hyperalgesia remains unclear because valid data are lacking. ..
  7. Carbone F, Nencioni A, Mach F, Vuilleumier N, Montecucco F. Pathophysiological role of neutrophils in acute myocardial infarction. Thromb Haemost. 2013;110:501-14 pubmed publisher
  8. Piguet C, Sterpenich V, Desseilles M, Cojan Y, Bertschy G, Vuilleumier P. Neural substrates of cognitive switching and inhibition in a face processing task. Neuroimage. 2013;82:489-99 pubmed publisher
  9. Rodriguez I. Singular expression of olfactory receptor genes. Cell. 2013;155:274-7 pubmed publisher
    ..A picture is now emerging in which odorant receptor choice and stabilization involve an escape from silencing followed by the activation of an unconventional feedback loop. ..

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  1. Jones A, Cremin I, Abdullah F, Idoko J, Cherutich P, Kilonzo N, et al. Transformation of HIV from pandemic to low-endemic levels: a public health approach to combination prevention. Lancet. 2014;384:272-9 pubmed publisher
  2. Wilde H, Lumlertdacha B, Meslin F, Ghai S, Hemachudha T. Worldwide rabies deaths prevention--A focus on the current inadequacies in postexposure prophylaxis of animal bite victims. Vaccine. 2016;34:187-189 pubmed publisher
    ..A first approach to correct this problem would be by extending provision of modern PEP to areas where human rabies is most prevalent. ..
  3. Rey F, Sunthorn H. Sharp Potential in Cavo-tricuspid Isthmus Targeted during Typical Atrial Flutter Radiofrequency Ablation. Heart Lung Circ. 2016;25:e46-7 pubmed publisher
    ..One hundred atrial EGM were retrospectively analysed. We demonstrated that recognising a sharp potential (short duration and high amplitude) is useful for quickly achieving CTI bi-directional block during typical AF ablation. ..
  4. Stagg H, Abubakar I, Brown J, Lalor M, Thomas H, Mohiyuddin T, et al. Towards better guidance on caseload thresholds to promote positive tuberculosis treatment outcomes: a cohort study. BMC Med. 2016;14:52 pubmed publisher
    ..Sensitivity analyses reducing the threshold indicated that clinical experience is pertinent even at very low average caseloads, which is encouraging for low burden settings. ..
  5. Niyibizi E, Kembi G, Lae C, Pignel R, Sologashvili T. Delayed hyperbaric oxygen therapy for air emboli after open heart surgery: case report and review of a success story. J Cardiothorac Surg. 2016;11:167 pubmed
    ..HOT should be initiated upon late awakening and/or neurologic symptoms after CPB heart surgery, after exclusion of formal counter-indications, even if the delay exceeds 48 h. ..
  6. Bertrand D, Elmslie F, Hughes E, Trounce J, Sander T, Bertrand S, et al. The CHRNB2 mutation I312M is associated with epilepsy and distinct memory deficits. Neurobiol Dis. 2005;20:799-804 pubmed
    ..Phenotypically, the mutation is associated not only with typical ADNFLE, but also with distinct deficits in memory. The cognitive problems are most obvious in tasks requiring the organization and storage of verbal information. ..
  7. Dällenbach P, Kaelin Gambirasio I, Dubuisson J, Boulvain M. Risk factors for pelvic organ prolapse repair after hysterectomy. Obstet Gynecol. 2007;110:625-32 pubmed
    ..4-1.1). Preoperative pelvic organ prolapse and other factors related to pelvic floor weakness were significantly associated with subsequent pelvic floor repair after hysterectomy. Vaginal hysterectomy was not a risk factor. II. ..
  8. Bihl F, Berger C, Chisholm J, Henry L, Bertisch B, Trojan A, et al. Cellular immune responses and disease control in acute AIDS-associated Kaposi's sarcoma. AIDS. 2009;23:1918-22 pubmed publisher
    ..These data point toward a potential role of KSHV-specific immunity in the control of AIDS-associated Kaposi's sarcoma. ..
  9. Boschi Pinto C, Bahl R, Martines J. Limited progress in increasing coverage of neonatal and child-health interventions in Africa and Asia. J Health Popul Nutr. 2009;27:755-62 pubmed
  10. Shakarishvili G, Lansang M, Mitta V, Bornemisza O, Blakley M, Kley N, et al. Health systems strengthening: a common classification and framework for investment analysis. Health Policy Plan. 2011;26:316-26 pubmed publisher
    ..Comparative analysis of financial allocations by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the GAVI Alliance for HSS, as an illustrative example of applying the proposed framework in practice, is also presented. ..
  11. Boehme C, Nicol M, Nabeta P, Michael J, Gotuzzo E, Tahirli R, et al. Feasibility, diagnostic accuracy, and effectiveness of decentralised use of the Xpert MTB/RIF test for diagnosis of tuberculosis and multidrug resistance: a multicentre implementation study. Lancet. 2011;377:1495-505 pubmed publisher
    ..40200.009), Wellcome Trust (085251/B/08/Z), and UK Department for International Development. ..
  12. Soguel L, Revelly J, Schaller M, Longchamp C, Berger M. Energy deficit and length of hospital stay can be reduced by a two-step quality improvement of nutrition therapy: the intensive care unit dietitian can make the difference. Crit Care Med. 2012;40:412-9 pubmed publisher
    ..The presence of the intensive care unit dietitian provided significant additional progression, which were related to early introduction and route of feeding, and which achieved overall better early energy balance. ..
  13. Crivello C, Kuzyk O, Rodrigues M, Friend M, Zesiger P, Poulin Dubois D. The effects of bilingual growth on toddlers' executive function. J Exp Child Psychol. 2016;141:121-32 pubmed publisher
    ..This unique longitudinal design confirms the relation between executive function and early bilingualism. ..
  14. Fluss J, Pellegrinelli J, Fokstuen S, Moutard M, Garel C, Bahi Buisson N, et al. Severe and Progressive Fetal Ventriculomegaly Leading to the Diagnosis of Periventricular Nodular Heterotopias with Good Outcome. Neuropediatrics. 2016;47:57-60 pubmed publisher
    ..Reaching a structural diagnosis was perceived as a relief for the parents and the pregnancy was continued. Neurodevelopment assessment at 3 years of age is normal with no epilepsy. ..
  15. Druce M, Hulo C, Masson P, Sommer P, Xenarios I, le Mercier P, et al. Improving HIV proteome annotation: new features of BioAfrica HIV Proteomics Resource. Database (Oxford). 2016;2016: pubmed publisher
    ..Our improved BioAfrica HIV-1 Proteome Resource fills a gap in the current knowledge of biocuration.Database URL: ..
  16. Curjuric I, Imboden M, Bridevaux P, Gerbase M, Haun M, Keidel D, et al. Common SIRT1 variants modify the effect of abdominal adipose tissue on aging-related lung function decline. Age (Dordr). 2016;38:52 pubmed publisher
    ..Genetic variation in SIRT1 might therefore affect lung function and human longevity by modifying subclinical inflammation arising from abdominal adipose tissue. ..
  17. Debbane M, Badoud D, Sander D, Eliez S, Luyten P, Vrticka P. Brain activity underlying negative self- and other-perception in adolescents: The role of attachment-derived self-representations. Cogn Affect Behav Neurosci. 2017;17:554-576 pubmed publisher
    ..We discuss our results in the framework of attachment theory and regarding their implications especially for adolescent social-emotional development and social integration. ..
  18. Robertson S, Suleiman A, Mehta F, Al Dhahry S, el Bualy M. Poliomyelitis in Oman: acute flaccid paralysis surveillance leading to early detection and rapid response to a type 3 outbreak. Bull World Health Organ. 1994;72:907-14 pubmed
    ..Because AFP surveillance detected these cases rapidly, Oman was able to carry out outbreak control measures promptly and more than 350,000 extra doses of oral poliovirus vaccine were delivered to children under 6 years of age. ..
  19. Kervaire B, Tiercy J. Sequence of a new HLA-DR allele, DRB5*0106. Eur J Immunogenet. 1997;24:225-228 pubmed publisher
    ..HLA-DRB5*0106 can be readily detected upon DR generic oligotyping, provided the two probes that mark the major DRB5 subtypes, DRB5*0101 and DRB5*02, respectively, are included in the assay. ..
  20. Jolliet P, Bulpa P, Chevrolet J. Effects of the prone position on gas exchange and hemodynamics in severe acute respiratory distress syndrome. Crit Care Med. 1998;26:1977-85 pubmed
    ..Repeated daily trials in the prone position should be considered in the management of ARDS patients with severe hypoxemia. ..
  21. Antonsson B, Kassel D, Ruchti E, Grenningloh G. Differences in phosphorylation of human and chicken stathmin by MAP kinase. J Cell Biochem. 2001;80:346-52 pubmed
    ..Phosphorylation with p34(cdc2)- and cGMP-dependent protein kinases gave almost identical phosphorylation levels in the two stathmins. ..
  22. Feraille E, Doucet A. Sodium-potassium-adenosinetriphosphatase-dependent sodium transport in the kidney: hormonal control. Physiol Rev. 2001;81:345-418 pubmed
  23. Yerly S, Quadri R, Negro F, Barbe K, Cheseaux J, Burgisser P, et al. Nosocomial outbreak of multiple bloodborne viral infections. J Infect Dis. 2001;184:369-72 pubmed
    ..HIV and HCV genotypic analyses identified a HIV monophyletic group, whereas 4 clusters of HCV sequences were identified. To our knowledge, this is the largest documented outbreak of nosocomial HIV transmission. ..
  24. Bertolote J, Fleischmann A. Suicidal behavior prevention: WHO perspectives on research. Am J Med Genet C Semin Med Genet. 2005;133C:8-12 pubmed
    ..Having recognized the need for comparable information about attempted suicide across different countries and cultures, WHO's Multisite Intervention Study on Suicidal Behaviors is presented. ..
  25. Krawczyk M, Seguín Estévez Q, Leimgruber E, Sperisen P, Schmid C, Bucher P, et al. Identification of CIITA regulated genetic module dedicated for antigen presentation. PLoS Genet. 2008;4:e1000058 pubmed publisher
  26. Vocat R, Staub F, Stroppini T, Vuilleumier P. Anosognosia for hemiplegia: a clinical-anatomical prospective study. Brain. 2010;133:3578-97 pubmed publisher
  27. Olliaro P, Seiler J, Kuesel A, Horton J, Clark J, Don R, et al. Potential drug development candidates for human soil-transmitted helminthiases. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2011;5:e1138 pubmed publisher
    ..In addition, drug resistance is a threat. It is therefore important to find alternatives...
  28. Pasche E, Gobeill J, Teodoro D, Vishnyakova D, Gaudinat A, Ruch P, et al. Using multimodal mining to drive clinical guidelines development. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2011;169:477-81 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that combining literature-based discovery with structured data mining can significantly improve effectiveness of decision-support systems for authors of clinical practice guidelines. ..
  29. Negro F. Management of chronic hepatitis B: an update. Swiss Med Wkly. 2011;141:w13264 pubmed publisher
    ..With the potent drugs currently available, however, its management and control are possible in the majority of cases. ..
  30. Getahun H, Gunneberg C, Sculier D, Verster A, Raviglione M. Tuberculosis and HIV in people who inject drugs: evidence for action for tuberculosis, HIV, prison and harm reduction services. Curr Opin HIV AIDS. 2012;7:345-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Regionally tailored measures, taking into consideration the epidemiology of these comorbidities, the policy and programmatic environment, and the infrastructure of the health system are needed. ..
  31. Kayser B, Dumont L, Lysakowski C, Combescure C, Haller G, Tramer M. Reappraisal of acetazolamide for the prevention of acute mountain sickness: a systematic review and meta-analysis. High Alt Med Biol. 2012;13:82-92 pubmed publisher
    ..The degree of efficacy of acetazolamide for the prevention of AMS is limited when the baseline risk is low, and there is some evidence of dose-responsiveness...
  32. Shah I, Ahman E. Unsafe abortion differentials in 2008 by age and developing country region: high burden among young women. Reprod Health Matters. 2012;20:169-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Efforts to make abortion safe in developing countries are also urgently needed. ..
  33. Ceroni D, Belaieff W, Kanavaki A, Della Llana R, Lascombes P, Dubois Ferriere V, et al. Possible association of Kingella kingae with infantile spondylodiscitis. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2013;32:1296-8 pubmed publisher
    ..However, detecting Kingella kingae DNA in the oropharynx provided reasonable suspicion, to our opinion, that this microorganism is responsible for the spondylodiscitis. ..
  34. Bouvet C, Lubbeke A, Bandi C, Pagani L, Stern R, Hoffmeyer P, et al. Is there any benefit in pre-operative urinary analysis before elective total joint replacement?. Bone Joint J. 2014;96-B:390-4 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that testing and treating asymptomatic urinary tract colonisation before joint replacement is unnecessary. ..
  35. Dragoman M, Sheldon W, Qureshi Z, Blum J, Winikoff B, Ganatra B. Overview of abortion cases with severe maternal outcomes in the WHO Multicountry Survey on Maternal and Newborn Health: a descriptive analysis. BJOG. 2014;121 Suppl 1:25-31 pubmed publisher
    ..This analysis affirms a number of previously observed characteristics of women with abortion-related severe morbidity and mortality, despite the fact that facility-based data on abortion-related SMO suffers a number of limitations. ..
  36. Dye C, O GARRA A. Preface. The science of infectious diseases. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2014;369:20140055 pubmed publisher
  37. Ringle A, Richardson M, Juthier F, Rousse N, Polge A, Coisne A, et al. Ross procedure is a safe treatment option for aortic valve endocarditis: Long-term follow-up of 42 patients. Int J Cardiol. 2016;203:62-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The Ross procedure in aortic valve endocarditis is an interesting alternative to prosthetic valvular replacement in a selected population, with a high rate of survival free from any cardiovascular event or medication requirement. ..
  38. Widmer M, Cuesta C, Khan K, Conde Agudelo A, Carroli G, Fusey S, et al. Accuracy of angiogenic biomarkers at ⩽20weeks' gestation in predicting the risk of pre-eclampsia: A WHO multicentre study. Pregnancy Hypertens. 2015;5:330-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Multivariable models combining sEng with clinical features slightly improved the prediction capability. Angiogenic biomarkers in first half of pregnancy do not perform well enough in predicting the later development of pre-eclampsia. ..
  39. Pattaro C, Teumer A, Gorski M, Chu A, Li M, Mijatovic V, et al. Genetic associations at 53 loci highlight cell types and biological pathways relevant for kidney function. Nat Commun. 2016;7:10023 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that genetic determinants of eGFR are mediated largely through direct effects within the kidney and highlight important cell types and biological pathways. ..
  40. Pronyk P, Nemser B, Maliqi B, Springstubb N, Sera D, Karimov R, et al. The UN Commission on Life Saving Commodities 3 years on: global progress update and results of a multicountry assessment. Lancet Glob Health. 2016;4:e276-86 pubmed publisher
    ..Governments of Norway (NORAD) and the UK (DFID). ..
  41. Jamin C, Le Lann L, Alvarez Errico D, Barbarroja N, Cantaert T, Ducreux J, et al. Multi-center harmonization of flow cytometers in the context of the European "PRECISESADS" project. Autoimmun Rev. 2016;15:1038-1045 pubmed publisher
    ..The effective multi-center harmonization enables the constitution of a workable wide flow cytometry database for the identification of specific molecular signatures in individuals with SADs. ..
  42. Strajhar P, Tonoli D, Jeanneret F, Imhof R, Malagnino V, Patt M, et al. Steroid profiling in H295R cells to identify chemicals potentially disrupting the production of adrenal steroids. Toxicology. 2017;381:51-63 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, the extended profiling and appropriate controls allow detecting chemicals that act on steroidogenesis and provide initial mechanistic evidence for prioritizing chemicals for further investigations. ..
  43. Cardenal Muñoz E, Arafah S, López Jiménez A, Kicka S, Falaise A, Bach F, et al. Mycobacterium marinum antagonistically induces an autophagic response while repressing the autophagic flux in a TORC1- and ESX-1-dependent manner. PLoS Pathog. 2017;13:e1006344 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings suggest that the infection by M. marinum activates an autophagic response that is simultaneously repressed and exploited by the bacterium to support its survival inside the MCV. ..
  44. Pepper M, Baetens D, Mandriota S, Di Sanza C, Oikemus S, Lane T, et al. Regulation of VEGF and VEGF receptor expression in the rodent mammary gland during pregnancy, lactation, and involution. Dev Dyn. 2000;218:507-24 pubmed
    ..These results point to a causal role for the VEGF ligand-receptor pairs in pregnancy-associated angiogenesis in the mammary gland, and suggest that they may also regulate vascular permeability during lactation. ..
  45. Mandriota S, Jussila L, Jeltsch M, Compagni A, Baetens D, Prevo R, et al. Vascular endothelial growth factor-C-mediated lymphangiogenesis promotes tumour metastasis. EMBO J. 2001;20:672-82 pubmed
    ..These mice frequently developed pancreatic lymph node metastases. Our findings demonstrate that VEGF-C-induced lymphangiogenesis mediates tumour cell dissemination and the formation of lymph node metastases. ..
  46. Saas P, Walker P, Quiquerez A, Chalmers D, Arrighi J, Lienard A, et al. A self-defence mechanism of astrocytes against Fas-mediated death involving interleukin-8 and CXCR2. Neuroreport. 2002;13:1921-4 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, interleukin-8 secretion and CXCR2 expression are both induced in human astrocytes after Fas stimulation, suggesting a new mechanism of self-defence against Fas-mediated death. ..
  47. Christenson J, Cohen M, Ferguson J, Freedman R, Miller M, Ohman E, et al. Trends in intraaortic balloon counterpulsation complications and outcomes in cardiac surgery. Ann Thorac Surg. 2002;74:1086-90; discussion 1090-1 pubmed
    ..Although selection bias is inherent in retrospective studies, the Benchmark Counterpulsation Outcomes Registry outcomes are in close concordance to prospective randomized studies previously reported. ..
  48. Janssens J. Aging of the respiratory system: impact on pulmonary function tests and adaptation to exertion. Clin Chest Med. 2005;26:469-84, vi-vii pubmed
    ..In spite of these changes, the respiratory system remains capable of maintaining adequate gas exchange at rest and during exertion during the entire lifespan, with only a slight decrease in Pa(O2) and no significant change in Pa(CO2). ..
  49. Humair J, Revaz S, Bovier P, Stalder H. Management of acute pharyngitis in adults: reliability of rapid streptococcal tests and clinical findings. Arch Intern Med. 2006;166:640-4 pubmed
    ..Empirical therapy in patients with 3 or 4 clinical symptoms or signs results in antibiotic overuse. ..
  50. Tomas A, Meda P, Regazzi R, Pessin J, Halban P. Munc 18-1 and granuphilin collaborate during insulin granule exocytosis. Traffic. 2008;9:813-32 pubmed publisher
  51. Pons V, Luyet P, Morel E, Abrami L, van der Goot F, Parton R, et al. Hrs and SNX3 functions in sorting and membrane invagination within multivesicular bodies. PLoS Biol. 2008;6:e214 pubmed publisher
    ..PtdIns3P thus controls the complementary functions of Hrs and SNX3 in sorting and multivesicular body biogenesis. ..
  52. Derouette J, Desplantez T, Wong C, Roth I, Kwak B, Weingart R. Functional differences between human Cx37 polymorphic hemichannels. J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2009;46:499-507 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that the differences in biophysical properties between polymorphic HCs may be responsible for inequality in ATP release between Cx37-P319 and Cx37-S319 cells, which results in differential cell adhesion. ..
  53. Montecucco F, Mach F. Statins, ACE inhibitors and ARBs in cardiovascular disease. Best Pract Res Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2009;23:389-400 pubmed publisher
    ..In this review we focus on statins, angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, and angiotensin-II receptor blockers (ARBs), updating therapeutic evidence from the last clinical trials with particular relevance to diabetic patients. ..
  54. Huttner B, Goossens H, Verheij T, Harbarth S. Characteristics and outcomes of public campaigns aimed at improving the use of antibiotics in outpatients in high-income countries. Lancet Infect Dis. 2010;10:17-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Although the most effective interventions and potential adverse outcomes remain unclear, public campaigns can probably contribute to more careful use of antibiotics in outpatients, at least in high-prescribing countries. ..
  55. Köhler T, Guanella R, Carlet J, van Delden C. Quorum sensing-dependent virulence during Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonisation and pneumonia in mechanically ventilated patients. Thorax. 2010;65:703-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Production of the QS-dependent virulence factor rhamnolipids by colonising P aeruginosa isolates is associated with development of VAP. ..
  56. Bonnefont J, Laforge T, Plastre O, Beck B, Sorce S, Dehay C, et al. Primate-specific RFPL1 gene controls cell-cycle progression through cyclin B1/Cdc2 degradation. Cell Death Differ. 2011;18:293-303 pubmed publisher
    ..Given previous reports that RFPL1 is expressed during cell differentiation, its impact on cell-cycle lengthening therefore provides novel insights into primate-specific development. ..
  57. Nathanson E, Nunn P, Uplekar M, Floyd K, Jaramillo E, Lonnroth K, et al. MDR tuberculosis--critical steps for prevention and control. N Engl J Med. 2010;363:1050-8 pubmed publisher
  58. Marq J, Hausmann S, Veillard N, Kolakofsky D, Garcin D. Short double-stranded RNAs with an overhanging 5' ppp-nucleotide, as found in arenavirus genomes, act as RIG-I decoys. J Biol Chem. 2011;286:6108-16 pubmed publisher
    ..In contrast, (5' ppp)dsRNAs with a single unpaired 5' ppp-nucleotide does not inhibit poly(I-C)-induced IFN activation, which is independent of the presence of a 5' ppp group...
  59. Mulinacci F, Capelle M, Gurny R, Drake A, Arvinte T. Stability of human growth hormone: influence of methionine oxidation on thermal folding. J Pharm Sci. 2011;100:451-63 pubmed
    ..The thermal melting of r-hGH and its oxidized products is a highly cooperative process. Methionine oxidation leads to a thermal destabilization of the whole protein folding and is not just a local destabilization. ..
  60. Souza J, Gulmezoglu A, Carroli G, Lumbiganon P, Qureshi Z. The world health organization multicountry survey on maternal and newborn health: study protocol. BMC Health Serv Res. 2011;11:286 pubmed publisher
  61. Mpinga E, Verloo H, London L, Chastonay P. Health and human rights in scientific literature: a systematic review over a decade. Health Hum Rights. 2011;13:E102-29 pubmed
    ..The publication of articles on health and human rights issues is increasing, and new topics are being addressed. Yet more evidence-based studies might be necessary to scientifically strengthen the domain. ..
  62. Beresniak A, Dupont D, Becker J, Merkesdal S. Interest of modelling in rheumatoid arthritis. Clin Exp Rheumatol. 2012;30:S96-101 pubmed
  63. Rütti S, Arous C, Nica A, Kanzaki M, Halban P, Bouzakri K. Expression, phosphorylation and function of the Rab-GTPase activating protein TBC1D1 in pancreatic beta-cells. FEBS Lett. 2014;588:15-20 pubmed publisher
    ..Knockdown of TBC1D1 in beta-cells resulted in increased basal and glucose-stimulated insulin release, decreased proliferation but no change in apoptosis. ..
  64. Lenglet S, Montecucco F, Denes A, Coutts G, Pinteaux E, Mach F, et al. Recombinant tissue plasminogen activator enhances microglial cell recruitment after stroke in mice. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2014;34:802-12 pubmed publisher
    ..This early response may take part in the higher susceptibility of rtPA-treated animals to reperfusion injury. ..
  65. Bro Jeppesen J, Kjaergaard J, Stammet P, Wise M, Hovdenes J, Åneman A, et al. Predictive value of interleukin-6 in post-cardiac arrest patients treated with targeted temperature management at 33 °C or 36 °C. Resuscitation. 2016;98:1-8 pubmed publisher
    ..High IL-6 levels were associated with increased mortality. Measuring levels of IL-6 did not provide incremental prognostic value. ..
  66. Towhidi L, Khodadadi D, Maimari N, Pedrigi R, Ip H, Kis Z, et al. Comparison between direct and reverse electroporation of cells in situ: a simulation study. Physiol Rep. 2016;4: pubmed publisher
    ..However, the model also predicts that by increasing the concentration of deliverable molecules by a factor of 2 or increasing the applied voltage by 20%, reverse transfection can be approximately as efficient as direct transfection. ..
  67. Ramírez González A, Farrell M, Menning L, Garon J, Everts H, Hampton L, et al. Implementing the Synchronized Global Switch from Trivalent to Bivalent Oral Polio Vaccines-Lessons Learned From the Global Perspective. J Infect Dis. 2017;216:S183-S192 pubmed publisher
  68. Brabin L. Sex differentials in susceptibility to lymphatic filariasis and implications for maternal child immunity. Epidemiol Infect. 1990;105:335-53 pubmed
    ..This has important implications for maternal-fetal interactions and maternal filarial infection may influence the development of immunity in children. ..
  69. Pretre R, Robert J, Mirescu D, Witzig J, Rohner A. Pathophysiology, recognition and management of pneumoretroperitoneum. Br J Surg. 1993;80:1138-40 pubmed
    ..Outcome was favourable in these three patients. The presence of air in the retroperitoneum is not dangerous but its early recognition and detection of the source are important as septic conditions may be involved. ..
  70. Masternak K, Muhlethaler Mottet A, Villard J, Zufferey M, Steimle V, Reith W. CIITA is a transcriptional coactivator that is recruited to MHC class II promoters by multiple synergistic interactions with an enhanceosome complex. Genes Dev. 2000;14:1156-66 pubmed
    ..CIITA therefore represents a paradigm for a novel type of regulatory and gene-specific transcriptional cofactor. ..
  71. Christenson J, Licker M, Kalangos A. The role of intra-aortic counterpulsation in high-risk OPCAB surgery: a prospective randomized study. J Card Surg. 2003;18:286-94 pubmed
  72. Baghdadi G. Gender and medicines: an international public health perspective. J Womens Health (Larchmt). 2005;14:82-6 pubmed
    ..Improving access to essential medicines will be possible only if countries introduce a gender perspective in their medicine policies. ..
  73. Mach F, Montecucco F, Steffens S. Cannabinoid receptors in acute and chronic complications of atherosclerosis. Br J Pharmacol. 2008;153:290-8 pubmed
    ..For these purposes, it is important to better understand the complex mechanisms of endocannabinoid signalling and potential consequences of its pharmacological modulation, as it may have both pro- and anti-atherosclerotic effects. ..
  74. von Ungern Sternberg B, Saudan S, Petak F, Hantos Z, Habre W. Desflurane but not sevoflurane impairs airway and respiratory tissue mechanics in children with susceptible airways. Anesthesiology. 2008;108:216-24 pubmed publisher
  75. Luyet P, Falguières T, Pons V, Pattnaik A, Gruenberg J. The ESCRT-I subunit TSG101 controls endosome-to-cytosol release of viral RNA. Traffic. 2008;9:2279-90 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that Tsg101, through selective interactions with its partners including Hrs and Alix, may link receptor sorting and lysosome targeting to the back-fusion process involved in viral capsid release. ..
  76. Calmy A, Hirschel B, Cooper D, Carr A. A new era of antiretroviral drug toxicity. Antivir Ther. 2009;14:165-79 pubmed
    ..We review life-threatening adverse events, adverse events of new investigational or recently marketed drugs, adverse events with a genetic component and tissue-specific adverse events of fat, heart, bone, kidney and liver. ..
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    ..The overall quality of websites on depression seems to be rather good. ..
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