Experts and Doctors on tissue and organ harvesting in Uppsala, Sweden


Locale: Uppsala, Sweden
Topic: tissue and organ harvesting

Top Publications

  1. Balaz P, Wohlfahrt P, Rokosny S, MalĂ˝ S, Bjorck M. Is It Worthwhile Treating Occluded Cold Stored Venous Allografts by Thrombolysis?. Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg. 2016;52:370-6 pubmed publisher
    ..69). Long-term results of thrombolysis of venous allograft bypasses are similar to those of autologous bypasses. Occluded cold stored venous allograft can be successfully re-opened in most cases with a favorable effect on limb salvage. ..
  2. Schollin Borg M, Michaelsson K, Rahme H. Presentation, outcome, and cause of septic arthritis after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a case control study. Arthroscopy. 2003;19:941-7 pubmed
    ..The inferior postoperative activity level noted in infected patients appeared not to be secondary to graft failure but may be related to arthrofibrosis, cartilage damage, or recurring postinfectious meniscal tears. ..
  3. Wadstrom J. Hand-assisted retroperitoneoscopic live donor nephrectomy: experience from the first 75 consecutive cases. Transplantation. 2005;80:1060-6 pubmed
    ..A combined technique-hand-assisted and retroperitoneoscopic (HARS)-reduces the risk of these life-threatening complications. In this study, we report on our experience from the first 75 consecutive HARS operations...
  4. Morrell J, Johannisson A, Dalin A, Rodriguez Martinez H. Single-layer centrifugation with Androcoll-E can be scaled up to allow large volumes of stallion ejaculate to be processed easily. Theriogenology. 2009;72:879-84 pubmed publisher
    ..The processing of an "average" stallion Equus caballus ejaculate in approximately twenty-seven 10-mL tubes (SLC-Inc) or eight 50-mL tubes (SLC-Large) is feasible, the latter being considered more practical for on-stud use. ..
  5. Wadstrom J, Biglarnia A, Gjertsen H, Sugitani A, Fronek J. Introducing hand-assisted retroperitoneoscopic live donor nephrectomy: learning curves and development based on 413 consecutive cases in four centers. Transplantation. 2011;91:462-9 pubmed publisher
    ..On the basis of our experience, we recommend the technique to increase the safety margin of LDN. ..