Experts and Doctors on tumor microenvironment in Pamplona, Navarre, Spain


Locale: Pamplona, Navarre, Spain
Topic: tumor microenvironment

Top Publications

  1. Xiang J, Sun H, Su L, Liu L, Shan J, Shen J, et al. Myocyte enhancer factor 2D promotes colorectal cancer angiogenesis downstream of hypoxia-inducible factor 1α. Cancer Lett. 2017;400:117-126 pubmed publisher
    ..HIF-1α transactivates MEF2D expression by binding to the MEF2D gene promoter. These results demonstrate that the HIF-1α/MEF2D axis can serve as a therapeutic target for the treatment of CRC. ..
  2. Castañón E, Soltermann A, López I, Román M, Ecay M, Collantes M, et al. The inhibitor of differentiation-1 (Id1) enables lung cancer liver colonization through activation of an EMT program in tumor cells and establishment of the pre-metastatic niche. Cancer Lett. 2017;402:43-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, Id1 enables both LLC and the host microenvironment for an effective liver colonization, and may represent a novel therapeutic target to avoid NSCLC liver metastasis. ..

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