Experts and Doctors on molecular evolution in Murcia, Spain


Locale: Murcia, Spain
Topic: molecular evolution

Top Publications

  1. Galián J, Proença S, Vogler A. Evolutionary dynamics of autosomal-heterosomal rearrangements in a multiple-X chromosome system of tiger beetles (Cicindelidae). BMC Evol Biol. 2007;7:158 pubmed
    ..Hence, the high frequency of these rearrangements could be a cause of the great species diversity in Cicindela. ..
  2. Gomez P, Sempere R, Elena S, Aranda M. Mixed infections of Pepino mosaic virus strains modulate the evolutionary dynamics of this emergent virus. J Virol. 2009;83:12378-87 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, mixed infections appear to be contributing to shaping the genetic structure and dynamics of PepMV populations. ..
  3. Sánchez Navarro J, Pallas V. Evolutionary relationships in the ilarviruses: nucleotide sequence of prunus necrotic ringspot virus RNA 3. Arch Virol. 1997;142:749-63 pubmed
    ..In that sense, A1MV should be considered as a true ilarvirus instead of forming a distinct group of viruses...
  4. García Castillo J, Chaves Pozo E, Olivares P, Pelegrin P, Meseguer J, Mulero V. The tumor necrosis factor alpha of the bony fish seabream exhibits the in vivo proinflammatory and proliferative activities of its mammalian counterparts, yet it functions in a species-specific manner. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2004;61:1331-40 pubmed
    ..Interestingly, sbTNF alpha was able to induce a strong proliferation of HK cells in vitro, whereas human TNF alpha did not. Conversely, sbTNF alpha was not cytotoxic for murine L929 fibroblasts. ..
  5. Cuesta A, Angeles Esteban M, Meseguer J. Cloning, distribution and up-regulation of the teleost fish MHC class II alpha suggests a role for granulocytes as antigen-presenting cells. Mol Immunol. 2006;43:1275-85 pubmed
    ..The possible involvement of the seabream MHC class II alpha gene in the fish defence and antigen presentation are discussed. ..
  6. Roca F, Mulero I, López Muñoz A, Sepulcre M, Renshaw S, Meseguer J, et al. Evolution of the inflammatory response in vertebrates: fish TNF-alpha is a powerful activator of endothelial cells but hardly activates phagocytes. J Immunol. 2008;181:5071-81 pubmed