Experts and Doctors on thrombophilia in Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands


Locale: Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands
Topic: thrombophilia

Top Publications

  1. Meijer P, Haverkate F. External quality assessment and the laboratory diagnosis of thrombophilia. Semin Thromb Hemost. 2005;31:59-65 pubmed
    ..58 x total biological variation). This study shows that a more stable performance of laboratory tests involved in the screening of thrombophilia over a prolonged period of time is necessary. ..
  2. Vossen C, Conard J, Fontcuberta J, Makris M, van der Meer F, Pabinger I, et al. Risk of a first venous thrombotic event in carriers of a familial thrombophilic defect. The European Prospective Cohort on Thrombophilia (EPCOT). J Thromb Haemost. 2005;3:459-64 pubmed
    ..The incidence of venous events in asymptomatic individuals from thrombophilic families does not exceed the risk of bleeding associated with long-term anticoagulant treatment in the literature (1-3%). ..
  3. De Visser M, Van Hylckama Vlieg A, Tans G, Rosing J, Dahm A, Sandset P, et al. Determinants of the APTT- and ETP-based APC sensitivity tests. J Thromb Haemost. 2005;3:1488-94 pubmed
  4. van Korlaar I, Vossen C, Rosendaal F, Bovill E, Naud S, Cameron L, et al. Attitudes toward genetic testing for thrombophilia in asymptomatic members of a large family with heritable protein C deficiency. J Thromb Haemost. 2005;3:2437-44 pubmed
    ..There seem to be few negative psychological consequences of knowing that one is at an increased risk for venous thrombosis, except in vulnerable individuals. ..
  5. Nossent A, Van Marion V, van Tilburg N, Rosendaal F, Bertina R, Van Mourik J, et al. von Willebrand factor and its propeptide: the influence of secretion and clearance on protein levels and the risk of venous thrombosis. J Thromb Haemost. 2006;4:2556-62 pubmed
    ..However, mainly high VWF and FVIII levels caused by increased secretion seem to be associated with thrombosis. ABO blood group influences the clearance rates of VWF rather than VWF secretion rates. ..
  6. Middeldorp S. Pregnancy failure and heritable thrombophilia. Semin Hematol. 2007;44:93-7 pubmed
    ..The role of heritable thrombophilia in pregnancy failure is reviewed, with a focus on recurrent miscarriage, in terms of epidemiology, etiology, and potential therapeutic implications. ..
  7. Middeldorp S. Thrombophilia and pregnancy complications: cause or association?. J Thromb Haemost. 2007;5 Suppl 1:276-82 pubmed
  8. Middeldorp S, van Hylckama Vlieg A. Does thrombophilia testing help in the clinical management of patients?. Br J Haematol. 2008;143:321-35 pubmed publisher
    ..Because testing for thrombophilia only serves limited purpose this should not be performed on a routine basis. ..
  9. Visser J, Ulander V, Helmerhorst F, Lampinen K, Morin Papunen L, Bloemenkamp K, et al. Thromboprophylaxis for recurrent miscarriage in women with or without thrombophilia. HABENOX: a randomised multicentre trial. Thromb Haemost. 2011;105:295-301 pubmed publisher
    ..No significant difference in live birth rate was found with enoxaparin treatment versus aspirin or a combination of both versus aspirin in women with recurrent miscarriage. ..

More Information


  1. van Rooden C, Rosendaal F, Meinders A, Van Oostayen J, van Der Meer F, Huisman M. The contribution of factor V Leiden and prothrombin G20210A mutation to the risk of central venous catheter-related thrombosis. Haematologica. 2004;89:201-6 pubmed
    ..In view of physicians' reluctance to prescribe prophylactic anticoagulant treatment in vulnerable patients, a priori determination of common inherited and acquired risk factors may form a basis to guide these treatment decisions. ..
  2. van Hylckama Vlieg A, Sandkuijl L, Rosendaal F, Bertina R, Vos H. Candidate gene approach in association studies: would the factor V Leiden mutation have been found by this approach?. Eur J Hum Genet. 2004;12:478-82 pubmed
  3. van Vliet H, Bertina R, Dahm A, Rosendaal F, Rosing J, Sandset P, et al. Different effects of oral contraceptives containing different progestogens on protein S and tissue factor pathway inhibitor. J Thromb Haemost. 2008;6:346-51 pubmed
    ..This study observed that the differences in APC resistance induced by OC containing different progestogens can at least in part be explained by different effects of OC on free protein S and TFPI. ..
  4. Pomp E, Lenselink A, Rosendaal F, Doggen C. Pregnancy, the postpartum period and prothrombotic defects: risk of venous thrombosis in the MEGA study. J Thromb Haemost. 2008;6:632-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The risk of pregnancy-associated venous thrombosis was highly increased in carriers of factor V Leiden or the prothrombin 20210A mutation. ..
  5. Ocak G, Vossen C, Verduijn M, Dekker F, Rosendaal F, Cannegieter S, et al. Risk of venous thrombosis in patients with major illnesses: results from the MEGA study. J Thromb Haemost. 2013;11:116-23 pubmed publisher
    ..All of the major illnesses reported here were associated with an increased risk of venous thrombosis. These risks were most pronounced at the time of immobilization or in the presence of thrombophilia. ..