Experts and Doctors on developmental gene expression regulation in Wako, Saitama, Japan


Locale: Wako, Saitama, Japan
Topic: developmental gene expression regulation

Top Publications

  1. Kawaguchi A, Ogawa M, Saito K, Matsuzaki F, Okano H, Miyata T. Differential expression of Pax6 and Ngn2 between pair-generated cortical neurons. J Neurosci Res. 2004;78:784-95 pubmed
    ..We suggest that pair progenitor cells contribute to the generation of neuronal diversity through cell-intrinsic heterogeneity and asymmetric division. ..
  2. Funakoshi Y, Negishi Y, Gergen J, Seino J, Ishii K, Lennarz W, et al. Evidence for an essential deglycosylation-independent activity of PNGase in Drosophila melanogaster. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e10545 pubmed publisher
    ..Pngl was shown to be inevitable for the proper developmental transition and the biochemical properties other than deglycosylation activity is important for its biological function. ..
  3. Miyasaka N, Morimoto K, Tsubokawa T, Higashijima S, Okamoto H, Yoshihara Y. From the olfactory bulb to higher brain centers: genetic visualization of secondary olfactory pathways in zebrafish. J Neurosci. 2009;29:4756-67 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, our finding of asymmetric bulbo-habenular projection renders the olfactory system an attractive model for the studies of brain asymmetry and lateralized behaviors. ..
  4. Aoto K, Shikata Y, Higashiyama D, Shiota K, Motoyama J. Fetal ethanol exposure activates protein kinase A and impairs Shh expression in prechordal mesendoderm cells in the pathogenesis of holoprosencephaly. Birth Defects Res A Clin Mol Teratol. 2008;82:224-31 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the pathogenesis of HPE is not clear. In the present study, we investigated the teratogenic mechanism of ethanol-induced brain and facial malformations in mice...
  5. Okamoto H. Yin-yang ways of controlling gene expression are now in our hands. ACS Chem Biol. 2007;2:646-8 pubmed
    ..Their dream is now coming true thanks to the transparency of the embryonic body of the zebrafish ( Danio rerio), which has made gene manipulation by photoillumination possible. ..
  6. Aruga J. The role of Zic genes in neural development. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2004;26:205-21 pubmed
    ..This association might be is a clue toward understanding of the multifunctional property of Zic proteins because Notch signaling also is implicated in the control of several developmental processes. ..
  7. Aruga J, Odaka Y, Kamiya A, Furuya H. Dicyema Pax6 and Zic: tool-kit genes in a highly simplified bilaterian. BMC Evol Biol. 2007;7:201 pubmed
    ..Dicyemids may be useful models of evolutionary body plan simplification. ..
  8. Sassa T, Aizawa H, Okamoto H. Visualization of two distinct classes of neurons by gad2 and zic1 promoter/enhancer elements in the dorsal hindbrain of developing zebrafish reveals neuronal connectivity related to the auditory and lateral line systems. Dev Dyn. 2007;236:706-18 pubmed
    ..Comparison of these projections with those from the cochlear nuclei to the inferior colliculus in mammals suggests similarities across vertebrate species. ..
  9. Aizawa H, Goto M, Sato T, Okamoto H. Temporally regulated asymmetric neurogenesis causes left-right difference in the zebrafish habenular structures. Dev Cell. 2007;12:87-98 pubmed
    ..Genetic hyperactivation and repression of Notch signaling revealed that differential timing determines both specificity and asymmetry in the neurogenesis of neural precursors for the habenular subnuclei. ..

More Information


  1. Aoki M, Mieda M, Ikeda T, Hamada Y, Nakamura H, Okamoto H. R-spondin3 is required for mouse placental development. Dev Biol. 2007;301:218-26 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest a critical role for Rspo3 in the interaction between chorion and allantois in labyrinthine development. ..
  2. Sato A, Sekine Y, Saruta C, Nishibe H, Morita N, Sato Y, et al. Cerebellar development transcriptome database (CDT-DB): profiling of spatio-temporal gene expression during the postnatal development of mouse cerebellum. Neural Netw. 2008;21:1056-69 pubmed publisher
  3. Matsunaga E, Okanoya K. Expression analysis of cadherins in the songbird brain: relationship to vocal system development. J Comp Neurol. 2008;508:329-42 pubmed publisher
    ..These patterns of song nuclei related expression suggest the possibility that cadherins are involved in the formation and maintenance of the song nuclei or neural pathways of the song system. ..
  4. Sato Y, Miyasaka N, Yoshihara Y. Hierarchical regulation of odorant receptor gene choice and subsequent axonal projection of olfactory sensory neurons in zebrafish. J Neurosci. 2007;27:1606-15 pubmed
    ..These data demonstrate two distinct modes of OR expression and suggest a model of the hierarchical regulation of OR gene choice and subsequent axonal projection in the zebrafish olfactory system. ..
  5. Meerabux J, Ohba H, Fukasawa M, Suto Y, Aoki Suzuki M, Nakashiba T, et al. Human netrin-G1 isoforms show evidence of differential expression. Genomics. 2005;86:112-6 pubmed
    ..There is also evidence of developmental regulation of these isoforms between fetal and adult brain. In conclusion, NTNG1 may use alternative splicing to diversify its function in a developmentally and tissue-specific manner. ..
  6. Matsuki T, Hori G, Furuichi T. Gene expression profiling during the embryonic development of mouse brain using an oligonucleotide-based microarray system. Brain Res Mol Brain Res. 2005;136:231-54 pubmed
    ..Moreover, we identified a novel gene that encodes a putative protein kinase, Ebr kinase, which is differentially expressed in the developing brain. ..
  7. Matsumoto K, Aoki K, Dohmae N, Takio K, Tsujimoto M. CIRP2, a major cytoplasmic RNA-binding protein in Xenopus oocytes. Nucleic Acids Res. 2000;28:4689-97 pubmed
    ..Possible implications of the highly abundant expression in oocytes of cold shock RNA-binding proteins of both eukaryotic and prokaryotic types are discussed. ..
  8. Aoto K, Nishimura T, Eto K, Motoyama J. Mouse GLI3 regulates Fgf8 expression and apoptosis in the developing neural tube, face, and limb bud. Dev Biol. 2002;251:320-32 pubmed
    ..Together, our data reveal that GLI3 limits Fgf8-expression domains in multiple tissues, through a mechanism that may include the induction or maintenance of apoptosis. ..
  9. Sadakata T, Furuichi T. Identification and mRNA expression of Ogdh, QP-C, and two predicted genes in the postnatal mouse brain. Neurosci Lett. 2006;405:217-22 pubmed
    ..High mRNA levels of d1401/Ogdh were observed in the olfactory bulb, hippocampus, cerebellum, and pons, whereas those of d1501 were detected in the granule cells of the olfactory bulb, dentate gyrus, and cerebellum. ..
  10. Bora R, Kanamori A, Hirabayashi Y. Cloning and characterization of a putative mouse acetyl-CoA transporter cDNA. Gene. 1999;238:455-62 pubmed
    ..Expression of Acatn was found to be developmentally regulated, with high expression levels during early embryonic stages, and then there was a subsequent decrease in expression levels in the later embryonic stages. ..
  11. Amo R, Aizawa H, Takahoko M, Kobayashi M, Takahashi R, Aoki T, et al. Identification of the zebrafish ventral habenula as a homolog of the mammalian lateral habenula. J Neurosci. 2010;30:1566-74 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings indicated that the lateral habenular pathways are evolutionarily conserved pathways and might control adaptive behaviors in vertebrates through the regulation of monoaminergic activities. ..
  12. Yoshiga T, Okano K, Mita K, Shimada T, Matsumoto S. cDNA cloning of acyl-CoA desaturase homologs in the silkworm, Bombyx mori. Gene. 2000;246:339-45 pubmed
    ..mori. ..
  13. Sadakata T, Furuichi T. Developmentally regulated Ca2+-dependent activator protein for secretion 2 (CAPS2) is involved in BDNF secretion and is associated with autism susceptibility. Cerebellum. 2009;8:312-22 pubmed publisher
    ..These recent studies implicate CAPS2 in autism susceptibility. Therefore, CAPS2(-/-) mice will be a useful model animal in which to study aspects of the neuropathology and behaviors characteristic of developmental disorders. ..
  14. Hoshino J, Aruga J, Ishiguro A, Mikoshiba K. Dorz1, a novel gene expressed in differentiating cerebellar granule neurons, is down-regulated in Zic1-deficient mouse. Brain Res Mol Brain Res. 2003;120:57-64 pubmed
    ..In addition, Dorz1 expression was up-regulated in cultured cells overexpressing Zic1. These results suggest that Dorz1 expression is positively regulated by Zic1 during cerebellar development. ..
  15. Aoki M, Kiyonari H, Nakamura H, Okamoto H. R-spondin2 expression in the apical ectodermal ridge is essential for outgrowth and patterning in mouse limb development. Dev Growth Differ. 2008;50:85-95 pubmed
    ..This study shows that Rspo2 is critical for maintenance of the AER and for growth and patterning in limb development. ..
  16. Miyake Y, Mizuno T, Yanagi K, Hanaoka F. Novel splicing variant of mouse Orc1 is deficient in nuclear translocation and resistant for proteasome-mediated degradation. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:12643-52 pubmed
  17. Suzuki M, Funaguma S, Kanda T, Tamura T, Shimada T. Role of the male BmDSX protein in the sexual differentiation of Bombyx mori. Evol Dev. 2005;7:58-68 pubmed
    ..Taken together with our previous data on the function of BmDSXF, we can conclude that Bmdsx is a double-switch gene at the final step in the sex-determination cascade of B. mori. ..
  18. Yamagishi T, Ozawa M, Ohtsuka C, Ohyama Goto R, Kondo T. Evx2-Hoxd13 intergenic region restricts enhancer association to Hoxd13 promoter. PLoS ONE. 2007;2:e175 pubmed
  19. Shiraishi Y, Mizutani A, Yuasa S, Mikoshiba K, Furuichi T. Differential expression of Homer family proteins in the developing mouse brain. J Comp Neurol. 2004;473:582-99 pubmed
    ..These results demonstrate that Homer family members have distinct regional, cellular, and subcellular distributions in time and space during postnatal brain development. ..
  20. Ikeda K, Watanabe M, Ichikawa T, Kobayashi T, Yano R, Kumanishi T. Distribution of prepro-nociceptin/orphanin FQ mRNA and its receptor mRNA in developing and adult mouse central nervous systems. J Comp Neurol. 1998;399:139-51 pubmed
    ..In embryonic stages, both preproN/OFQ and N/OFQ receptor mRNAs were highly and widely expressed in the mantle zone, suggesting the possible importance of N/OFQ signaling in CNS development. ..
  21. Fukuda M. Distinct developmental expression of synaptotagmin I and IX in the mouse brain. Neuroreport. 2006;17:179-82 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest that synaptotagmin IX regulates the transport of certain vesicles in the brain other than synaptic vesicles. ..