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  1. Higashi Y, Maruhashi M, Nelles L, Van de Putte T, Verschueren K, Miyoshi T, et al. Generation of the floxed allele of the SIP1 (Smad-interacting protein 1) gene for Cre-mediated conditional knockout in the mouse. Genesis. 2002;32:82-4 pubmed
  2. Kinoshita K, Yamagata T, Nozaki Y, Sugiyama M, Ikoma S, Funauchi M, et al. Blockade of IL-18 receptor signaling delays the onset of autoimmune disease in MRL-Faslpr mice. J Immunol. 2004;173:5312-8 pubmed
    ..Thus, we conclude that IL-18Ralpha signaling is critical to the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease in MRL-Faslpr mice. ..
  3. Moriuchi S, Glorioso J, Maruno M, Izumoto S, Wolfe D, Huang S, et al. Combination gene therapy for glioblastoma involving herpes simplex virus vector-mediated codelivery of mutant IkappaBalpha and HSV thymidine kinase. Cancer Gene Ther. 2005;12:487-96 pubmed
    ..1 or TOIkappaB only, PBS or PBS+GCV). These results suggest that IkappaBalphaM expression may be a safe enhancement of replication-defective HSV-based suicide gene therapy in vitro and in vivo. ..
  4. Kimura A, Naka T, Muta T, Takeuchi O, Akira S, Kawase I, et al. Suppressor of cytokine signaling-1 selectively inhibits LPS-induced IL-6 production by regulating JAK-STAT. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005;102:17089-94 pubmed
    ..These findings suggest that the JAK-STAT pathway participates in LPS-induced IL-6 production and that SOCS-1 suppresses LPS signaling by regulating JAK-STAT. ..
  5. Koizumi N, Kawabata K, Sakurai F, Watanabe Y, Hayakawa T, Mizuguchi H. Modified adenoviral vectors ablated for coxsackievirus-adenovirus receptor, alphav integrin, and heparan sulfate binding reduce in vivo tissue transduction and toxicity. Hum Gene Ther. 2006;17:264-79 pubmed
    ..We therefore succeeded in further improving the mutant Ad vector, abolishing both viral natural tropism and toxicity. This new Ad vector appears to be a fundamental vector for targeted gene delivery. ..
  6. Takahashi A, Mashimo T, Uchida I. GABAergic tonic inhibition of substantia gelatinosa neurons in mouse spinal cord. Neuroreport. 2006;17:1331-5 pubmed
  7. Kurita M, Kuwajima T, Nishimura I, Yoshikawa K. Necdin downregulates CDC2 expression to attenuate neuronal apoptosis. J Neurosci. 2006;26:12003-13 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that endogenous necdin attenuates neuronal apoptosis by suppressing the E2F1-Cdc2 system. ..
  8. Masunaga S, Kasaoka S, Maruyama K, Nigg D, Sakurai Y, Nagata K, et al. The potential of transferrin-pendant-type polyethyleneglycol liposomes encapsulating decahydrodecaborate-(10)B (GB-10) as (10)B-carriers for boron neutron capture therapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2006;66:1515-22 pubmed
    ..To evaluate GB-10-encapsulating transferrin (TF)-pendant-type polyethyleneglycol (PEG) liposomes as tumor-targeting (10)B-carriers for boron neutron capture therapy...
  9. Miyazawa M, Tsuji Kawahara S, Kanari Y. Host genetic factors that control immune responses to retrovirus infections. Vaccine. 2008;26:2981-96 pubmed publisher
    ..Recent genetic analyses have indicated that a large proportion of such exposed but uninfected individuals may share a common genetic background...

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  1. Nagayoshi H, Matsumoto A, Nishi R, Kawamoto T, Ichiba M, Matsuda T. Increased formation of gastric N(2)-ethylidene-2'-deoxyguanosine DNA adducts in aldehyde dehydrogenase-2 knockout mice treated with ethanol. Mutat Res. 2009;673:74-7 pubmed publisher
    ..This result suggests that heavy-alcohol drinking and Aldh2 deficiency might be risk factors of stomach cancer. ..
  2. Nagahara A, Nakayama M, Oka D, Tsuchiya M, Kawashima A, Mukai M, et al. SERPINE2 is a possible candidate promotor for lymph node metastasis in testicular cancer. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2010;391:1641-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Although we could not clarify how SERPINE2 promoted lymph node metastasis, it may be a promoter in the development of lymph node metastasis in the human seminoma cells in a mouse xenograft model. ..
  3. Okada M, Kita Y. Tuberculosis vaccine development: The development of novel (preclinical) DNA vaccine. Hum Vaccin. 2010;6:297-308 pubmed
  4. Shimabukuro Y, Terashima H, Takedachi M, Maeda K, Nakamura T, Sawada K, et al. Fibroblast growth factor-2 stimulates directed migration of periodontal ligament cells via PI3K/AKT signaling and CD44/hyaluronan interaction. J Cell Physiol. 2011;226:809-21 pubmed publisher
  5. Shiota M, Saiwai H, Mun S, Harada A, Okada S, Odawara J, et al. Generation of a rat monoclonal antibody specific for heat shock cognate protein 70. Hybridoma (Larchmt). 2010;29:453-6 pubmed publisher
    ..This monoclonal antibody will be useful for further studies of Hsc70, including changes in its intracellular location, binding molecules, and functions. ..
  6. Kogure A, Shiratori I, Wang J, Lanier L, Arase H. PANP is a novel O-glycosylated PILR? ligand expressed in neural tissues. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2011;405:428-33 pubmed publisher
    ..Specific O-glycan structures on PANP were found to be required for PILR recognition of this ligand. These results suggest that PANP is involved in immune regulation as a ligand of the PILR?. ..
  7. Hayashi D, Tamura A, Tanaka H, Yamazaki Y, Watanabe S, Suzuki K, et al. Deficiency of claudin-18 causes paracellular H+ leakage, up-regulation of interleukin-1?, and atrophic gastritis in mice. Gastroenterology. 2012;142:292-304 pubmed publisher
    ..Although defects in tight junction (TJ) epithelial paracellular barrier function are believed to be a primary cause of inflammation, the mechanisms responsible remain largely unknown...
  8. Kawao N, Nagai N, Tamura Y, Horiuchi Y, Okumoto K, Okada K, et al. Urokinase-type plasminogen activator and plasminogen mediate activation of macrophage phagocytosis during liver repair in vivo. Thromb Haemost. 2012;107:749-59 pubmed publisher
    ..Furthermore, u-PA plays a critical role in the induction of macrophage polarity by affecting the microenvironment at the edge of damaged tissue. ..
  9. Nakamura K, Kohda T, Shibata Y, Tsukamoto K, Arimitsu H, Hayashi M, et al. Unique biological activity of botulinum D/C mosaic neurotoxin in murine species. Infect Immun. 2012;80:2886-93 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that a unique mechanism of receptor binding of BoNT/DC may differentially regulate its biological activities in animals. ..
  10. Nakamura T, Liu Y, Nakashima H, Umehara H, Inoue K, Matoba S, et al. PGC7 binds histone H3K9me2 to protect against conversion of 5mC to 5hmC in early embryos. Nature. 2012;486:415-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This type of regulatory mechanism could be involved in DNA modifications in somatic cells as well as in early embryos. ..
  11. Jia W, Kidoya H, Yamakawa D, Naito H, Takakura N. Galectin-3 accelerates M2 macrophage infiltration and angiogenesis in tumors. Am J Pathol. 2013;182:1821-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, Gal-3 could be a potential target for the development of new treatments to inhibit tumor growth. ..
  12. Fujiwara Y, Takeshita K, Nakagawa A, Okamura Y. Structural characteristics of the redox-sensing coiled coil in the voltage-gated H+ channel. J Biol Chem. 2013;288:17968-75 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, the biochemical properties of the cytoplasmic coiled-coil domain in the Hv channel depend on the redox condition, which may play a role in redox sensing in the phagosome. ..
  13. Okamoto K, Ohashi M, Ohno K, Takeuchi A, Matsuoka E, Fujisato K, et al. Involvement of NIPSNAP1, a neuropeptide nocistatin-interacting protein, in inflammatory pain. Mol Pain. 2016;12: pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that changes in NIPSNAP1 expression may contribute to the pathogenesis of inflammatory pain. ..
  14. Saito T, Yano M, Ohki Y, Tomura M, Nakano N. Occludin Expression in Epidermal ?? T Cells in Response to Epidermal Stress Causes Them To Migrate into Draining Lymph Nodes. J Immunol. 2017;199:62-71 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, occludin expression by epidermal ?? T cells upon activation in response to epidermal stress allows them to move, which could be important for augmentation of immune responses via collaboration with other cells. ..
  15. Kanashiro M, Naritomi H, Sasaki M, Tsuji S, Miyake Y. Non-invasive 31P NMR study on the development of brain membrane of gerbils and jimpy mice, a myelin-deficient mutant. Physiol Chem Phys Med NMR. 1990;22:141-54 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, the value of T1 of the membrane component was estimated to be 0.9 sec, which was in good agreement with previously reported values for excised brain...
  16. Nakayama T, Yaoi T, Kuwajima G. Localization and subcellular distribution of N-copine in mouse brain. J Neurochem. 1999;72:373-9 pubmed
    ..Thus, N-copine may have a role as a Ca2+ sensor in postsynaptic events, in contrast to the known roles of "double C2 domain-containing proteins," including synaptotagmin I, in presynaptic events. ..
  17. Yokota T, Oritani K, Takahashi I, Ishikawa J, Matsuyama A, Ouchi N, et al. Adiponectin, a new member of the family of soluble defense collagens, negatively regulates the growth of myelomonocytic progenitors and the functions of macrophages. Blood. 2000;96:1723-32 pubmed
    ..Blood. 2000;96:1723-1732) ..
  18. Nishimoto S, Kawane K, Watanabe Fukunaga R, Fukuyama H, Ohsawa Y, Uchiyama Y, et al. Nuclear cataract caused by a lack of DNA degradation in the mouse eye lens. Nature. 2003;424:1071-4 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that DLAD is responsible for the degradation of nuclear DNA during lens cell differentiation, and that if DNA is left undigested in the lens, it causes cataracts of the nucleus lentis, blocking the light path. ..
  19. Izumi Y, Kim S, Yoshiyama M, Izumiya Y, Yoshida K, Matsuzawa A, et al. Activation of apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 in injured artery and its critical role in neointimal hyperplasia. Circulation. 2003;108:2812-8 pubmed
    ..ASK1 activation plays the key role in vascular intimal hyperplasia. ASK1 may provide the basis for the development of new therapeutic strategy for vascular diseases. ..
  20. Hanayama R, Tanaka M, Miwa K, Nagata S. Expression of developmental endothelial locus-1 in a subset of macrophages for engulfment of apoptotic cells. J Immunol. 2004;172:3876-82 pubmed
    ..These results suggest the existence of macrophage subsets that use MFG-E8 or Del-1 differently to engulf apoptotic cells. ..
  21. Yamamoto M, Okamoto T, Takeda K, Sato S, Sanjo H, Uematsu S, et al. Key function for the Ubc13 E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme in immune receptor signaling. Nat Immunol. 2006;7:962-70 pubmed
    ..Ubc13-induced activation of mitogen-activated protein kinase required, at least in part, ubiquitination of the adaptor protein IKKgamma. These results show that Ubc13 is key in the mammalian immune response. ..
  22. Yamagata T, Kinoshita K, Nozaki Y, Sugiyama M, Ikoma S, Funauchi M. Effects of pravastatin in murine collagen-induced arthritis. Rheumatol Int. 2007;27:631-9 pubmed
    ..Meanwhile, adverse reactions of pravastatin, such as peritonitis, were not detected. Pravastatin may have good prospects for treating some anti-inflammatory effects on human rheumatoid arthritis. ..
  23. Uozumi Y, Ito T, Takahashi K, Matsuda T, Mohri T, Kimura Y, et al. Myogenic induction of taurine transporter prevents dexamethasone-induced muscle atrophy. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2006;583:265-70 pubmed
  24. Yoshizawa K, Heatherly A, Malarkey D, Walker N, Nyska A. A critical comparison of murine pathology and epidemiological data of TCDD, PCB126, and PeCDF. Toxicol Pathol. 2007;35:865-79 pubmed
  25. Ohno Y, Suda K, Masuko K, Yagi H, Hashimoto Y, Masuko T. Production and characterization of highly tumor-specific rat monoclonal antibodies recognizing the extracellular domain of human L-type amino-acid transporter 1. Cancer Sci. 2008;99:1000-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Comparative immunohistochemical analyses of normal human tissues with anti-CD98 hc and anti-LAT1 revealed LAT1 to be an excellent molecular target for antibody therapy, possibly even superior to CD98 hc. ..
  26. Jin G, Hirano T, Murakami M. Combination treatment with IL-2 and anti-IL-2 mAbs reduces tumor metastasis via NK cell activation. Int Immunol. 2008;20:783-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, combining neutralizing anti-IL-2 mAbs with IL-2 may be clinically useful to effectively enhance IL-2-mediated NK cell activities. ..
  27. Gamo K, Kiryu Seo S, Konishi H, Aoki S, Matsushima K, Wada K, et al. G-protein-coupled receptor screen reveals a role for chemokine receptor CCR5 in suppressing microglial neurotoxicity. J Neurosci. 2008;28:11980-8 pubmed publisher
    ..These results may suggest that CCR5-mediated neuron-glia signaling functions to protect neurons by suppressing microglia toxicity...
  28. Isaka Y, Suzuki C, Abe T, Okumi M, Ichimaru N, Imamura R, et al. Bcl-2 protects tubular epithelial cells from ischemia/reperfusion injury by dual mechanisms. Transplant Proc. 2009;41:52-4 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, Bcl-2 augmentation protected renal tubular epithelial cells from I/R injury by suppressing autophagosomal degradation and inhibiting tubular apoptosis. ..
  29. Scumpia P, Kelly Scumpia K, Delano M, Weinstein J, Cuenca A, Al Quran S, et al. Cutting edge: bacterial infection induces hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell expansion in the absence of TLR signaling. J Immunol. 2010;184:2247-51 pubmed publisher
    ..Importantly, reduction in BM cellularity alone can reproduce HSPC expansion. These data show in vivo HSPC responses to bacterial infection are complex and not absolutely dependent upon key inflammatory signaling pathways...
  30. Kusakabe K, Abe H, Kondo T, Kato K, Okada T, Otsuki Y. DNA microarray analysis in a mouse model for endometriosis and validation of candidate factors with human adenomyosis. J Reprod Immunol. 2010;85:149-60 pubmed publisher
    ..The gene list in the present study is available for re-evaluation of past studies and provides new candidate factors potentially involved in the pathogenesis of endometriosis. ..
  31. Fujita Y, Endo S, Takai T, Yamashita T. Myelin suppresses axon regeneration by PIR-B/SHP-mediated inhibition of Trk activity. EMBO J. 2011;30:1389-401 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results thus identify a new molecular target to enhance regeneration of the injured CNS. ..
  32. Mikami N, Matsushita H, Kato T, Kawasaki R, Sawazaki T, Kishimoto T, et al. Calcitonin gene-related peptide is an important regulator of cutaneous immunity: effect on dendritic cell and T cell functions. J Immunol. 2011;186:6886-93 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that CGRP regulates several types of CHS reactions under physiological conditions and plays an important role in cutaneous immunity. ..
  33. Mizuhara N, Kuroda M, Ogita A, Tanaka T, Usuki Y, Fujita K. Antifungal thiopeptide cyclothiazomycin B1 exhibits growth inhibition accompanying morphological changes via binding to fungal cell wall chitin. Bioorg Med Chem. 2011;19:5300-10 pubmed publisher
    ..The results of the present study suggest that CTB1 induces cell wall fragility by binding to chitin, which forms the fungal cell wall. The antifungal activity of CTB1 could be explained by this chitin-binding ability. ..
  34. Hutchins A, Poulain S, Miranda Saavedra D. Genome-wide analysis of STAT3 binding in vivo predicts effectors of the anti-inflammatory response in macrophages. Blood. 2012;119:e110-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first in-depth study of the AIR by next-generation sequencing and provides an unprecedented degree of detail into this fundamental physiologic response. ..
  35. Iwahori K, Serada S, Fujimoto M, Ripley B, Nomura S, Mizuguchi H, et al. SOCS-1 gene delivery cooperates with cisplatin plus pemetrexed to exhibit preclinical antitumor activity against malignant pleural mesothelioma. Int J Cancer. 2013;132:459-71 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that SOCS-1 gene delivery has a potent antitumor effect against MPM and a potential for clinical use in combination with cisplatin plus pemetrexed. ..
  36. Morita Y, Hata K, Nakanishi M, Nishisho T, Yura Y, Yoneda T. Cyclooxygenase-2 promotes tumor lymphangiogenesis and lymph node metastasis in oral squamous cell carcinoma. Int J Oncol. 2012;41:885-92 pubmed publisher
    ..COX-2 ablation holds promise as a potential therapeutic approach for lymph node metastasis in OSCC. ..
  37. Seong J, Wang Y, Kinoshita T, Maeda Y. Implications of lipid moiety in oligomerization and immunoreactivities of GPI-anchored proteins. J Lipid Res. 2013;54:1077-91 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, this study clarifies the significance of GPI fatty acid remodeling in oligomerization of GPI-APs and provides useful information for technical studies of these cell components...
  38. Tateishi K, Yamazaki Y, Nishida T, Watanabe S, Kunimoto K, Ishikawa H, et al. Two appendages homologous between basal bodies and centrioles are formed using distinct Odf2 domains. J Cell Biol. 2013;203:417-25 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that transition fibers and distal appendages were required for ciliogenesis and subdistal appendages stabilized the centrosomal microtubules. ..
  39. Kojima Yuasa A, Yamamoto T, Yaku K, Hirota S, Takenaka S, Kawabe K, et al. 1'-Acetoxychavicol acetate ameliorates age-related spatial memory deterioration by increasing serum ketone body production as a complementary energy source for neuronal cells. Chem Biol Interact. 2016;257:101-9 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings confirm that ACA increases the serum concentrations of ?-hydroxybutyric acid and palmitic acid levels and thus these fuels might contribute to the maintenance of the cognitive performance of SAMP8 mice. ..
  40. Takegawa N, Nonagase Y, Yonesaka K, Sakai K, Maenishi O, Ogitani Y, et al. DS-8201a, a new HER2-targeting antibody-drug conjugate incorporating a novel DNA topoisomerase I inhibitor, overcomes HER2-positive gastric cancer T-DM1 resistance. Int J Cancer. 2017;141:1682-1689 pubmed publisher
    ..Notably, N87-TDMR xenograft tumor growth was prevented by DS-8201a. In conclusion, the efficacy of DS-8201a as a treatment for patients with T-DM1-resistant breast or gastric cancer merits investigation. ..
  41. Kuramochi Miyagawa S, Kimura T, Ijiri T, Isobe T, Asada N, Fujita Y, et al. Mili, a mammalian member of piwi family gene, is essential for spermatogenesis. Development. 2004;131:839-49 pubmed
    ..These data indicate that MILI is essential for the differentiation of spermatocytes. ..
  42. Takaya A, Kamio T, Masuda M, Mochizuki N, Sawa H, Sato M, et al. R-Ras regulates exocytosis by Rgl2/Rlf-mediated activation of RalA on endosomes. Mol Biol Cell. 2007;18:1850-60 pubmed
    ..These data revealed that R-Ras activates RalA on endosomes and that it thereby positively regulates exocytosis. ..
  43. Iwasaki H, Takeuchi O, Teraguchi S, Matsushita K, Uehata T, Kuniyoshi K, et al. The I?B kinase complex regulates the stability of cytokine-encoding mRNA induced by TLR-IL-1R by controlling degradation of regnase-1. Nat Immunol. 2011;12:1167-75 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data demonstrate that the IKK complex phosphorylates not only I?B?, thereby activating transcription, but also regnase-1, thereby releasing a 'brake' on IL-6 mRNA expression. ..
  44. Thomas J, Sznajder Ł, Bardhi O, Aslam F, Anastasiadis Z, Scotti M, et al. Disrupted prenatal RNA processing and myogenesis in congenital myotonic dystrophy. Genes Dev. 2017;31:1122-1133 pubmed publisher
    ..This study demonstrates that RNA misprocessing is a major pathogenic factor in CDM and provides novel mouse models to further examine roles for cotranscriptional/post-transcriptional gene regulation during development. ..
  45. Komada M, Kitamura N. Growth factor-induced tyrosine phosphorylation of Hrs, a novel 115-kilodalton protein with a structurally conserved putative zinc finger domain. Mol Cell Biol. 1995;15:6213-21 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that Hrs plays a unique and important role in the signaling pathway of growth factors. ..
  46. Ishikawa T, Nakayama Y, Tomimoto M, Niwa S, Kamiyama K, Hashiguchi S, et al. Studies on anti-MRSA parenteral cephalosporins. IV. A novel water-soluble N-phosphono type prodrug for parental administration. J Antibiot (Tokyo). 2001;54:364-74 pubmed
  47. Tomita S, Ishida M, Nakatani T, Fukuhara S, Hisashi Y, Ohtsu Y, et al. Bone marrow is a source of regenerated cardiomyocytes in doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor enhances migration of bone marrow cells and attenuates cardiotoxicity of doxorubicin under electron microscopy. J Heart Lung Transplant. 2004;23:577-84 pubmed
    ..Early administration of GCSF enhanced the migration of bone marrow cells into the heart, and attenuated the cardiotoxicity of doxorubicin. ..
  48. Kato H, Sato S, Yoneyama M, Yamamoto M, Uematsu S, Matsui K, et al. Cell type-specific involvement of RIG-I in antiviral response. Immunity. 2005;23:19-28 pubmed
    ..In contrast, plasmacytoid DCs, which produce large amounts of IFN-alpha, use the TLR system rather than RIG-I for viral detection. Taken together, RIG-I and the TLR system exert antiviral responses in a cell type-specific manner...
  49. Murakami S, Nagaya N, Itoh T, Kataoka M, Iwase T, Horio T, et al. Prostacyclin agonist with thromboxane synthase inhibitory activity (ONO-1301) attenuates bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2006;290:L59-65 pubmed
  50. Katsube T, Yamano Y, Yano Y. Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation for in vivo bactericidal effect in murine infection model. J Pharm Sci. 2008;97:1606-14 pubmed
    ..These findings suggested that the proposed PK/PD model is a good tool for predicting in vivo bactericidal effects. ..
  51. Ichikawa H, Imano M, Takeyama Y, Shiozaki H, Ohyanagi H. Involvement of osteopontin as a core protein in cholesterol gallstone formation. J Hepatobiliary Pancreat Surg. 2009;16:197-203 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that Opn is possibly involved as a core protein in the formation of cholesterol gallstones. ..
  52. Hirayama Y, Yoshimura M, Ozeki Y, Sugawara I, Udagawa T, Mizuno S, et al. Mycobacteria exploit host hyaluronan for efficient extracellular replication. PLoS Pathog. 2009;5:e1000643 pubmed publisher
  53. Hibino H, Inanobe A, Furutani K, Murakami S, Findlay I, Kurachi Y. Inwardly rectifying potassium channels: their structure, function, and physiological roles. Physiol Rev. 2010;90:291-366 pubmed publisher
    ..The crystal structure of different Kir channels is opening the way to understanding the structure-function relationships of this simple but diverse ion channel family. ..
  54. Takai S, Jin D, Miyazaki M. Chymase as an important target for preventing complications of metabolic syndrome. Curr Med Chem. 2010;17:3223-9 pubmed
    ..In this review, we propose the significance of chymase as a target to prevent complications of metabolic syndrome. ..
  55. Inanobe A, Nakagawa A, Matsuura T, Kurachi Y. A structural determinant for the control of PIP2 sensitivity in G protein-gated inward rectifier K+ channels. J Biol Chem. 2010;285:38517-23 pubmed publisher
    ..The conservation of these residues within the K(G) channel family indicates that the ionic bond is a character that maintains the channels in a closed state by controlling the PIP(2) sensitivity. ..
  56. Omoto S, Ueno M, Mochio S, Takai T, Yamashita T. Genetic deletion of paired immunoglobulin-like receptor B does not promote axonal plasticity or functional recovery after traumatic brain injury. J Neurosci. 2010;30:13045-52 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that blocking the function of PirB is not sufficient to promote axonal reorganization or functional recovery after cortical injury...
  57. Hayasaka N, Nagai N, Kawao N, Niwa A, Yoshioka Y, Mori Y, et al. In vivo diagnostic imaging using micro-CT: sequential and comparative evaluation of rodent models for hepatic/brain ischemia and stroke. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e32342 pubmed publisher
  58. Matsubayashi M, Teramoto Kimata I, Uni S, Lillehoj H, Matsuda H, Furuya M, et al. Elongation factor-1? is a novel protein associated with host cell invasion and a potential protective antigen of Cryptosporidium parvum. J Biol Chem. 2013;288:34111-20 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that C. parvum EF-1? plays an essential role in mediating host cell entry by the parasite and, as such, could be a candidate vaccine antigen against cryptosporidiosis. ..
  59. Yamazoe H, Ichikawa T, Hagihara Y, Iwasaki Y. Generation of a patterned co-culture system composed of adherent cells and immobilized nonadherent cells. Acta Biomater. 2016;31:231-240 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, our technique is useful for recreating complex tissues in order to investigate cellular interactions involving nonadherent cells. ..
  60. Kanazawa K, Imaizumi K, Mori T, Honma Y, Tojo M, Tanno Y, et al. Expression pattern of a novel death-promoting gene, DP5, in the developing murine nervous system. Brain Res Mol Brain Res. 1998;54:316-20 pubmed
    ..These expression patterns suggest that the DP5 gene may be involved in the apoptosis, if not all, of the developing nervous system. ..
  61. Kaneko M, Kawakita T, Nomoto K. Inhibition of eosinophil infiltration into the mouse peritoneal cavity by a traditional Chinese medicine, Bu-zhong-yi-qi-tang (Japanese name: Hochu-ekki-to). Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol. 1999;21:125-40 pubmed
    ..HOT also suppressed IL-5 mRNA expression. Furthermore, HOT also inhibited antigen-induced late-phase reaction (LPR) in the skin. These results suggested that HOT exhibited anti-allergic effects mainly by inhibiting Th2 cell responses. ..
  62. Sakuma T, Li Q, Jin Y, Choi L, Kim E, Ito K, et al. Cloning and expression pattern of a novel PEBP2 beta-binding protein (charged amino acid rich leucine zipper-1[Crl-1]) in the mouse. Mech Dev. 2001;104:151-4 pubmed
    ..These findings show that this novel PEBP2 beta-interacting protein is expressed mainly in subsets of neuronal cells, suggesting that Crl-1 plays some role in the developing mouse brain. ..
  63. Tanaka S, Nagamatsu G, Tokitake Y, Kasa M, Tam P, Matsui Y. Regulation of expression of mouse interferon-induced transmembrane protein like gene-3, Ifitm3 (mil-1, fragilis), in germ cells. Dev Dyn. 2004;230:651-9 pubmed
    ..The lack of any influence of the interferon-stimulable response elements on transgene expression in the germ-line suggests that interferon-mediated response is not critical for activating Ifitm3. ..
  64. Kawabata K, Sakurai F, Yamaguchi T, Hayakawa T, Mizuguchi H. Efficient gene transfer into mouse embryonic stem cells with adenovirus vectors. Mol Ther. 2005;12:547-54 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that Ad vectors can be used for basic research using ES cells and that they may be of great utility for therapeutic applications in gene-modified regenerative medicine based on ES cells. ..
  65. Miyoshi T, Maruhashi M, Van de Putte T, Kondoh H, Huylebroeck D, Higashi Y. Complementary expression pattern of Zfhx1 genes Sip1 and deltaEF1 in the mouse embryo and their genetic interaction revealed by compound mutants. Dev Dyn. 2006;235:1941-52 pubmed
    ..These findings indicate that complex synergistic interactions occur between Zfhx1 transcription factor genes during mouse embryogenesis. ..
  66. Tokuhiro K, Miyagawa Y, Yamada S, Hirose M, Ohta H, Nishimune Y, et al. The 193-base pair Gsg2 (haspin) promoter region regulates germ cell-specific expression bidirectionally and synchronously. Biol Reprod. 2007;76:407-14 pubmed
    ..This activity may be regulated by binding to the promoter sequence with germ cell-specific nuclear complex(es) without regulation via DNA methylation. ..
  67. Yabuta N, Okada N, Ito A, Hosomi T, Nishihara S, Sasayama Y, et al. Lats2 is an essential mitotic regulator required for the coordination of cell division. J Biol Chem. 2007;282:19259-71 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that Lats2 plays an essential mitotic role in coordinating accurate cytokinesis completion, governing the stabilization of other mitotic regulators. ..
  68. Abe T, Kaname Y, Hamamoto I, Tsuda Y, Wen X, Taguwa S, et al. Hepatitis C virus nonstructural protein 5A modulates the toll-like receptor-MyD88-dependent signaling pathway in macrophage cell lines. J Virol. 2007;81:8953-66 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that the expression of HCV proteins modulates the TLR signaling pathway in immune cells. ..
  69. Akiyama M, Nakamura M. Bone regeneration and neovascularization processes in a pellet culture system for periosteal cells. Cell Transplant. 2009;18:443-52 pubmed publisher
    ..Extracellular matrix synthesis in vitro and host blood flow in vivo are essential for bone regeneration. ..
  70. Saisho K, Fukuhara A, Yasuda T, Sato Y, Fukui K, Iwahashi H, et al. Glucose enhances collectrin protein expression in insulin-producing MIN6 beta cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2009;389:133-7 pubmed publisher
    ..These data indicate the involvement of mitochondrial TCA cycle intermediates, distal to pyruvate, in the regulation of collectrin protein expression in beta-cells. ..
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    ..Cerebrovascular changes and alteration in brain insulin signaling might play a pivotal role in this relationship. These findings could provide insights into this intensely debated association. ..
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