Experts and Doctors on ultrasonography in Padova, Veneto, Italy


Locale: Padova, Veneto, Italy
Topic: ultrasonography

Top Publications

  1. Oliviero F, Ramonda R, Punzi L. New horizons in osteoarthritis. Swiss Med Wkly. 2010;140:w13098 pubmed publisher
    ..Numerous new substances have been formulated and the findings of trials studying their effects are encouraging, although much has yet to be done. ..
  2. Sergi G, Trevisan C, Veronese N, Lucato P, Manzato E. Imaging of sarcopenia. Eur J Radiol. 2016;85:1519-24 pubmed publisher
    ..Dual X-ray absorptiometry thus remains the most often used technology for studying body composition, detecting quantitative changes in muscle mass with the advantages of a low radiation dose, a simple technology and a rapid assessment. ..
  3. Tregnaghi A, Dal Bosco C, Talenti E, Borsato S, Rossi C, Lumachi F, et al. Usefulness and limits of ultrasound-guided hook-wire positioning for localisation of soft tissue lesions prior to surgery. Radiol Med. 2005;110:646-54 pubmed
    ..The aim of our study was to assess the usefulness of positioning metal wires under ultrasound guidance for localising soft tissue lesions in the preoperative phase...
  4. Bolesani C, Formentin P, Pizzo V. [Hematocolpos from an imperforate hymen in children. Clinical and ultrasonic aspects]. Pediatr Med Chir. 1988;10:517-9 pubmed
    ..The images speak clearly. The primary amenorrhoea combined with abdominal colics should always suggest to the surgeon and the specialist in paediatrics the possible existence of a genital malformation...
  5. Marioni G, Rinaldi R, Staffieri C, Marchese Ragona R, Saia G, Stramare R, et al. Deep neck infection with dental origin: analysis of 85 consecutive cases (2000-2006). Acta Otolaryngol. 2008;128:201-6 pubmed
    ..9%); in 56 patients (65.9%) the infection involved more than one space. Twenty-four patients (28.2%) were treated only with intravenous antibiotic therapy; 61 patients (71.8%) required both medical and surgical procedures. ..
  6. Punzi L, Frigato M, Frallonardo P, Ramonda R. Inflammatory osteoarthritis of the hand. Best Pract Res Clin Rheumatol. 2010;24:301-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, it is probably preferable to use the double term inflammatory/erosive to better define this particular subset of HOA...
  7. Cruz Díaz D, Bergamin M, Gobbo S, Martinez Amat A, Hita Contreras F. Comparative effects of 12 weeks of equipment based and mat Pilates in patients with Chronic Low Back Pain on pain, function and transversus abdominis activation. A randomized controlled trial. Complement Ther Med. 2017;33:72-77 pubmed publisher
    ..Significant differences were observed after 12 weeks of intervention in PMG and PAG with faster improvement in PAG suggesting that, feedback provided by equipment could help in the interiorization of Pilates principles. ..