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Experts and Doctors on enterobacteriaceae in Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Locale: Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Topic: enterobacteriaceae

Top Publications

  1. Senoh M, Ghosh Banerjee J, Ramamurthy T, Colwell R, Miyoshi S, Nair G, et al. Conversion of viable but nonculturable enteric bacteria to culturable by co-culture with eukaryotic cells. Microbiol Immunol. 2012;56:342-5 pubmed publisher
    ..coli, enteropathogenic E. coli, Shigella flexneri, and Salmonella enterica were converted to the culturable state by co-culture with selected eukaryotic cells, e.g., HT-29, Caco-2, T84, HeLa, Intestine 407, and CHO cells...
  2. Banerjee R, Nath S, Ranjan A, Khamrui S, Pani B, Sen R, et al. The first structure of polarity suppression protein, Psu from enterobacteria phage P4, reveals a novel fold and a knotted dimer. J Biol Chem. 2012;287:44667-75 pubmed publisher
    ..This structure would help to explain the functional properties of the protein and can be used as a template to design a minimal peptide fragment that can be used as a drug against Rho-dependent transcription termination in bacteria...