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Experts and Doctors on patient selection in Budapest, Hungary


Locale: Budapest, Hungary
Topic: patient selection

Top Publications

  1. Langer R. Islet transplantation: lessons learned since the Edmonton breakthrough. Transplant Proc. 2010;42:1421-4 pubmed publisher
    ..New hopes were raised for patients. Modifications of the original protocol have been implemented to improve clinical results; however, islet transplantation remains an experimental procedure to date. ..
  2. Cserepes M, Ostoros G, Lohinai Z, Raso E, Barbai T, Timar J, et al. Subtype-specific KRAS mutations in advanced lung adenocarcinoma: a retrospective study of patients treated with platinum-based chemotherapy. Eur J Cancer. 2014;50:1819-1828 pubmed publisher

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