Experts and Doctors on substrate specificity in Wuppertal, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany


Locale: Wuppertal, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany
Topic: substrate specificity

Top Publications

  1. Ehlert K, Schr der W, Labischinski H. Specificities of FemA and FemB for different glycine residues: FemB cannot substitute for FemA in staphylococcal peptidoglycan pentaglycine side chain formation. J Bacteriol. 1997;179:7573-6 pubmed
    ..Although FemB has 39% identity with FemA, it cannot substitute for FemA. The FemA and FemB proteins seem to be highly specific in regard to the position of the glycine residues that they attach...
  2. Kaschabek S, Kuhn B, Müller D, Schmidt E, Reineke W. Degradation of aromatics and chloroaromatics by Pseudomonas sp. strain B13: purification and characterization of 3-oxoadipate:succinyl-coenzyme A (CoA) transferase and 3-oxoadipyl-CoA thiolase. J Bacteriol. 2002;184:207-15 pubmed