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Experts and Doctors on apoptosis in Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany


Locale: Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany
Topic: apoptosis

Top Publications

  1. Wellmann A, Fogt F, Hollerbach S, Hahne J, Koenig Hoffmann K, Smeets D, et al. Polymorphisms of the apoptosis-associated gene DP1L1 (deleted in polyposis 1-like 1) in colon cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 2010;136:795-802 pubmed publisher
    ..DP1L1 polymorphisms are associated with colon cancer and IBD. This indicates that DP1L1 plays a functional role in these conditions. Thus DP1L1 may be a diagnostic and therapeutic target for colon cancer and IBD. ..

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