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  1. Fuchs H, Bachran D, Panjideh H, Schellmann N, Weng A, Melzig M, et al. Saponins as tool for improved targeted tumor therapies. Curr Drug Targets. 2009;10:140-51 pubmed
  2. Willimsky G, Czéh M, Loddenkemper C, Gellermann J, Schmidt K, Wust P, et al. Immunogenicity of premalignant lesions is the primary cause of general cytotoxic T lymphocyte unresponsiveness. J Exp Med. 2008;205:1687-700 pubmed publisher
  3. Fuchs H, Bachran C. Targeted tumor therapies at a glance. Curr Drug Targets. 2009;10:89-93 pubmed
    ..Another targeting mechanism utilizes the activation of formerly harmless substances in the vicinity of tumor cells. This mechanism is referred to as directed enzyme prodrug therapy. ..
  4. Glauben R, Siegmund B. Molecular basis of histone deacetylase inhibitors as new drugs for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer. Methods Mol Biol. 2009;512:365-76 pubmed publisher
    ..Consequently, methods to further characterize the mechanisms involved include the direct analysis of the acetylation/deacetylation as well as the regulatory effect of histone deacetylase inhibitors on defined cell populations. ..
  5. Jungnickel H, Tentschert J, Luch A. Monitoring oxidative stress biomarkers in the lipidome: is there a roadmap for "human inspection"?. Curr Mol Med. 2012;12:716-31 pubmed
    ..Examples from recent research are given to show the progress and possibilities for the proposed model. ..
  6. Calkhoven C, Muller C, Leutz A. Translational control of gene expression and disease. Trends Mol Med. 2002;8:577-83 pubmed
    ..In addition, deregulation of translation is associated with a wide range of cancers. Current research focuses on novel therapeutic strategies that target translational control, a promising concept in the treatment of human diseases. ..
  7. Bakhiya N, Appel K. Toxicity and carcinogenicity of furan in human diet. Arch Toxicol. 2010;84:563-78 pubmed publisher
    ..As this may give rise for concern, in this review, the currently available toxicological and mechanistic data of furan are summarized and discussed with regard to its applicability in assessing the risk of furan in human diet. ..
  8. Wilkins A. The enemy within: an epigenetic role of retrotransposons in cancer initiation. Bioessays. 2010;32:856-65 pubmed publisher
    ..The hypothesis neither replaces nor invalidates other theories of cancer, in particular the somatic mutation theory, but helps clarify and unify much of the hitherto poorly integrated, complex phenomenology of cancer. ..
  9. Starker A, Saß A. [Participation in cancer screening in Germany: results of the German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Adults (DEGS1)]. Bundesgesundheitsblatt Gesundheitsforschung Gesundheitsschutz. 2013;56:858-67 pubmed publisher
    ..The analyses thus provide an important basis for health policy measures. An English full-text version of this article is available at SpringerLink as supplemental. ..

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  1. Klopfleisch R. Personalised medicine in veterinary oncology: one to cure just one. Vet J. 2015;205:128-35 pubmed publisher
    ..These data may be the start point for personalised approaches in veterinary oncology leading to better efficacy and safety of therapeutic protocols. ..
  2. Puhlmann J, Puehler F, Mumberg D, Boukamp P, Beier R. Rac1 is required for oncolytic NDV replication in human cancer cells and establishes a link between tumorigenesis and sensitivity to oncolytic virus. Oncogene. 2010;29:2205-16 pubmed publisher
    ..This study establishes Rac1 as a link between tumorigenesis and oncolytic virus sensitivity in the HaCaT multistage skin carcinogenesis model. ..
  3. Wegwarth O, Schwartz L, Woloshin S, Gaissmaier W, Gigerenzer G. Do physicians understand cancer screening statistics? A national survey of primary care physicians in the United States. Ann Intern Med. 2012;156:340-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Few correctly recognized that only reduced mortality in a randomized trial constitutes evidence of the benefit of screening. Harding Center for Risk Literacy, Max Planck Institute for Human Development. ..
  4. Klotz M, Schmid E, Steiner Hahn K, Rose T, Laube J, Roese L, et al. Preclinical evaluation of biomarkers for response monitoring to the MET inhibitor BAY-853474. Biomarkers. 2012;17:325-35 pubmed publisher
    ..IHC-based analysis of target phosphorylation in tumor biopsies is recommended in addition to testing plasma biomarkers for response monitoring. ..
  5. Berardi R, Rinaldi S, Caramanti M, Grohe C, Santoni M, Morgese F, et al. Hyponatremia in cancer patients: Time for a new approach. Crit Rev Oncol Hematol. 2016;102:15-25 pubmed publisher
    ..In this review we summarize the main causes of hyponatremia in cancer patients and its management, including the available treatment options. ..
  6. Hess Stumpp H, Haberey M, Thierauch K. PTK 787/ZK 222584, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor of all known VEGF receptors, represses tumor growth with high efficacy. Chembiochem. 2005;6:550-7 pubmed
    ..Preliminary response, time to progression, and overall survival data were promising.1 Based on these encouraging results, PTK/ZK is currently in Phase III clinical trials for metastatic colorectal cancer. ..
  7. Fischer C, Mazzone M, Jonckx B, Carmeliet P. FLT1 and its ligands VEGFB and PlGF: drug targets for anti-angiogenic therapy?. Nat Rev Cancer. 2008;8:942-56 pubmed publisher
    ..Hopefully, other agents with complementary mechanisms, such as those that target placental growth factor, will offer novel opportunities for improved treatment. ..
  8. Wienecke A, Barnes B, Lampert T, Kraywinkel K. Changes in cancer incidence attributable to tobacco smoking in Germany, 1999-2008. Int J Cancer. 2014;134:682-91 pubmed publisher
    ..Considering the increasing trends in cancer incidence and, until very recently, rising prevalence of smoking among women, it can be expected that the number of tobacco-attributable cancer cases will rise further. ..
  9. Waldner M, Strangfeld A, Aringer M. [Influence of therapy on risk of cancer in rheumatoid arthritis. Pathophysiological principles]. Z Rheumatol. 2016;75:13-21 pubmed publisher
    ..This review presents the current knowledge on the effects of the immune system on the occurrence of cancer and tries, where possible, to relate it to specific treatment options. ..
  10. Bahleda R, Grilley Olson J, Govindan R, Barlesi F, Greillier L, Perol M, et al. Phase I dose-escalation studies of roniciclib, a pan-cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor, in advanced malignancies. Br J Cancer. 2017;116:1505-1512 pubmed publisher
    ..4% for patients with SCLC (n=33), and 33.3% for patients with CDK-related tumour mutations (n=6). Roniciclib demonstrated an acceptable safety profile and moderate DCR in 3 days on/4 days off schedule. ..
  11. Raderschall E, Stout K, Freier S, Suckow V, Schweiger S, Haaf T. Elevated levels of Rad51 recombination protein in tumor cells. Cancer Res. 2002;62:219-25 pubmed
    ..Because Northern blot analysis demonstrated highly elevated Rad51 mRNA levels, we conclude that the increases in Rad51 protein and nuclear foci formation in tumor cells are the result of transcriptional up-regulation. ..
  12. Gunther T. Concentration, compartmentation and metabolic function of intracellular free Mg2+. Magnes Res. 2006;19:225-36 pubmed
    ..Intracellular Mg2+ may have a permissive role supporting the effector-induced mechanisms that are mediated by Ca2+ as a second messenger. ..
  13. Sehouli J, Loddenkemper C, Cornu T, Schwachula T, Hoffmuller U, Grützkau A, et al. Epigenetic quantification of tumor-infiltrating T-lymphocytes. Epigenetics. 2011;6:236-46 pubmed
    ..This composition is disturbed in solid tumors, indicating a fundamental mechanism of tumor immune evasion. Epigenetic quantification of T-lymphocytes serves as independent clinical parameter for outcome prognosis. ..
  14. Penack O, Buchheidt D, Christopeit M, von Lilienfeld Toal M, Massenkeil G, Hentrich M, et al. Management of sepsis in neutropenic patients: guidelines from the infectious diseases working party of the German Society of Hematology and Oncology. Ann Oncol. 2011;22:1019-29 pubmed publisher
    ..The guidelines are written for clinicians involved in care of cancer patients and focus on pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of sepsis during neutropenia. ..
  15. Mund C, Lyko F. Epigenetic cancer therapy: Proof of concept and remaining challenges. Bioessays. 2010;32:949-57 pubmed publisher
    ..Future research should be directed toward targeted enzyme inhibition and toward exploring interactions between epigenetic pathways to maximize cancer specificity. ..
  16. Nagorsen D, Thiel E. HLA typing demands for peptide-based anti-cancer vaccine. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2008;57:1903-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Further suggestions for immunogenetic laboratories and clinical tumor immunologists regarding HLA-typing for cancer vaccine trials and adoptive T cell transfer approaches are discussed. ..
  17. Bhonde M, Hanski M, Stehr J, Jebautzke B, Peiró Jordán R, Fechner H, et al. Mismatch repair system decreases cell survival by stabilizing the tetraploid G1 arrest in response to SN-38. Int J Cancer. 2010;126:2813-25 pubmed publisher
    ..These data show that the stabilization of the tetraploid G1 arrest in response to double strand breaks is a novel function of the MMR system that contributes to the lesser survival of MMR(+) cells. ..
  18. Weichert W. HDAC expression and clinical prognosis in human malignancies. Cancer Lett. 2009;280:168-76 pubmed publisher
  19. Blankenstein T, Qin Z. The role of IFN-gamma in tumor transplantation immunity and inhibition of chemical carcinogenesis. Curr Opin Immunol. 2003;15:148-54 pubmed
    ..This mechanism may primarily protect tissue from damage and simultaneously inhibit tumor development. ..
  20. Schad F, Axtner J, Happe A, Breitkreuz T, Paxino C, Gutsch J, et al. Network Oncology (NO)--a clinical cancer register for health services research and the evaluation of integrative therapeutic interventions in anthroposophic medicine. Forsch Komplementmed. 2013;20:353-60 pubmed publisher
    ..The NO provides an infrastructure to evaluate integrative interventions in AM, allows comparison to other clinical registers, and thus can contribute to health service research in this field. ..
  21. Müller G, Höpken U, Stein H, Lipp M. Systemic immunoregulatory and pathogenic functions of homeostatic chemokine receptors. J Leukoc Biol. 2002;72:1-8 pubmed
  22. Winter L, Oberacker E, Paul K, Ji Y, Oezerdem C, Ghadjar P, et al. Magnetic resonance thermometry: Methodology, pitfalls and practical solutions. Int J Hyperthermia. 2016;32:63-75 pubmed publisher
    ..Established approaches and current trends in thermal therapy hardware are surveyed with respect to potential benefits for MR thermometry. ..
  23. Gurachevsky A, Muravskaya E, Gurachevskaya T, Smirnova L, Muravsky V. Cancer-associated alteration in fatty acid binding to albumin studied by spin-label electron spin resonance. Cancer Invest. 2007;25:378-83 pubmed
    ..The ESR spectra showed significant differences between the investigated groups. These differences were most apparent in the intensities and widths of the spectral lines corresponding to the different types of albumin binding sites. ..
  24. Schoenfeld H, von Heymann C, Lau A, Krocker D, Neuner B, Schink T, et al. The effect of stress-reducing, low-dose ethanol infusion on frequency of bleeding complications in long-term alcoholic patients undergoing major surgery. Am Surg. 2007;73:192-8 pubmed
    ..In contrast, ethanol infusion in patients with tumor resections in the gastrointestinal tract could increase the risk for bleeding complications. ..
  25. Seelinger G, Merfort I, Wölfle U, Schempp C. Anti-carcinogenic effects of the flavonoid luteolin. Molecules. 2008;13:2628-51 pubmed
    ..p., intragastric application of 0.1-0.3 mg/kg/d, or as food additive in concentrations of 50 to 200 ppm. Luteolin has been shown to penetrate into human skin, making it also a candidate for the prevention and treatment of skin cancer. ..
  26. Schwartz S, Borner K, Müller K, Martus P, Fischer L, Korfel A, et al. Glucarpidase (carboxypeptidase g2) intervention in adult and elderly cancer patients with renal dysfunction and delayed methotrexate elimination after high-dose methotrexate therapy. Oncologist. 2007;12:1299-308 pubmed
    ..However, overall results are still unsatisfactory in adult and elderly patients, suggesting that earlier recognition of delayed MTX elimination and more rapid intervention are needed. ..
  27. Ott I, Gust R. Non platinum metal complexes as anti-cancer drugs. Arch Pharm (Weinheim). 2007;340:117-26 pubmed
    ..This review covers some relevant examples of preclinical and clinical research on novel non platinum metal complexes. ..
  28. Huber O, Weiske J. Beta-catenin takes a HIT. Cell Cycle. 2008;7:1326-31 pubmed
    ..Here, we summarize these findings with special emphasis on the histidine triad proteins Hint1 and Fhit and their repressive activity on the beta-catenin signaling function. ..
  29. Walther W, Petkov S, Kuvardina O, Aumann J, Kobelt D, Fichtner I, et al. Novel Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin suicide gene therapy for selective treatment of claudin-3- and -4-overexpressing tumors. Gene Ther. 2012;19:494-503 pubmed publisher
    ..This novel approach demonstrates that CPE gene transfer can be employed for a targeted suicide gene therapy of claudin-3- and -4-overexpressing tumors, leading to the rapid and efficient tumor cell killing in vitro and in vivo. ..
  30. Thieme S, Groth P. Genome Fusion Detection: a novel method to detect fusion genes from SNP-array data. Bioinformatics. 2013;29:671-7 pubmed publisher
    ..We tested a set of cell lines positive for the BCR-ABL1 fusion and prostate cancers positive for the TMPRSS2-ERG fusion. We could detect the fusions in all positive cell lines, but not in the negative controls. ..
  31. von Eichborn J, Woelke A, Castiglione F, Preissner R. VaccImm: simulating peptide vaccination in cancer therapy. BMC Bioinformatics. 2013;14:127 pubmed publisher
    ..Using the server, we could gain interesting insights into peptide vaccination that reveal the complex and patient-specific nature of peptide vaccination. ..
  32. Liu N, Rowley B, Bull C, Schneider C, Haegebarth A, Schatz C, et al. BAY 80-6946 is a highly selective intravenous PI3K inhibitor with potent p110? and p110? activities in tumor cell lines and xenograft models. Mol Cancer Ther. 2013;12:2319-30 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, BAY 80-6946 is a promising agent with differential pharmacologic and pharmacokinetic properties for the treatment of PI3K-dependent human tumors. ..
  33. Bastien E, Schneider R, Hackbarth S, Dumas D, Jasniewski J, Röder B, et al. PAMAM G4.5-chlorin e6 dendrimeric nanoparticles for enhanced photodynamic effects. Photochem Photobiol Sci. 2015;14:2203-12 pubmed publisher
    ..As a conclusion, we have demonstrated that PEGylated G4.5 PAMAM-Ce6 dendrimers may offer effective biocompatible nanoparticles for improved photodynamic treatment in a preclinical tumor model. ..
  34. Hisada Y, Alexander W, Kasthuri R, Voorhees P, Mobarrez F, TAYLOR A, et al. Measurement of microparticle tissue factor activity in clinical samples: A summary of two tissue factor-dependent FXa generation assays. Thromb Res. 2016;139:90-7 pubmed publisher
    ..These studies indicate that MP-TF activity may be a useful biomarker to identify patients with particular diseases that have an increased risk of thrombosis. ..
  35. Berndorff D, Borkowski S, Sieger S, Rother A, Friebe M, Viti F, et al. Radioimmunotherapy of solid tumors by targeting extra domain B fibronectin: identification of the best-suited radioimmunoconjugate. Clin Cancer Res. 2005;11:7053s-7063s pubmed
    ..These results indicate that ED-B fibronectin-targeted radioimmunotherapy using I-131-L19-SIP has potential to be applied to treatment of solid cancers. ..
  36. Zink A, Askling J, Dixon W, Klareskog L, Silman A, Symmons D. European biologicals registers: methodology, selected results and perspectives. Ann Rheum Dis. 2009;68:1240-6 pubmed publisher
  37. Danker K, Reutter W, Semini G. Glycosidated phospholipids: uncoupling of signalling pathways at the plasma membrane. Br J Pharmacol. 2010;160:36-47 pubmed publisher
    ..We intend to highlight the potential of glycosidated phospholipids, especially Ino-C2-PAF, as a promising new group of drugs for the treatment of hyperproliferative and migration-based skin diseases. ..
  38. Mikolajewska A, Schwartz S, Ruhnke M. Antifungal treatment strategies in patients with haematological diseases or cancer: from prophylaxis to empirical, pre-emptive and targeted therapy. Mycoses. 2012;55:2-16 pubmed publisher
  39. Rugo H, Hortobagyi G, Yao J, Pavel M, Ravaud A, Franz D, et al. Meta-analysis of stomatitis in clinical studies of everolimus: incidence and relationship with efficacy. Ann Oncol. 2016;27:519-25 pubmed publisher
    ..22)] and RADIANT-2 [HR, 0.87 (95% CI, 0.61-1.22)] but not in BOLERO-3 [HR, 1.01 (95% CI, 0.75-1.36)]. Stomatitis did not adversely affect PFS, supporting the administration of everolimus in accordance with standard management guidelines. ..
  40. Grossmann K, Rosario M, Birchmeier C, Birchmeier W. The tyrosine phosphatase Shp2 in development and cancer. Adv Cancer Res. 2010;106:53-89 pubmed publisher
  41. Jung K, Fleischhacker M, Rabien A. Cell-free DNA in the blood as a solid tumor biomarker--a critical appraisal of the literature. Clin Chim Acta. 2010;411:1611-24 pubmed publisher
  42. Bluemlein K, Grüning N, Feichtinger R, Lehrach H, Kofler B, Ralser M. No evidence for a shift in pyruvate kinase PKM1 to PKM2 expression during tumorigenesis. Oncotarget. 2011;2:393-400 pubmed
  43. Hauptmann S. A thermodynamic interpretation of malignancy: do the genes come later?. Med Hypotheses. 2002;58:144-7 pubmed
    ..Cancer could be seen as a reaction of a cell to entrap energy which reduces entropy, or, in other words, cancer may best be regarded as entropic devolution. ..
  44. Koglin N, Mueller A, Berndt M, Schmitt Willich H, Toschi L, Stephens A, et al. Specific PET imaging of xC- transporter activity using a ¹?F-labeled glutamate derivative reveals a dominant pathway in tumor metabolism. Clin Cancer Res. 2011;17:6000-11 pubmed publisher
    ..Both preclinical and clinical studies are in progress for further characterization. ..
  45. Horbelt D, Denkis A, Knaus P. A portrait of Transforming Growth Factor ? superfamily signalling: Background matters. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2012;44:469-74 pubmed publisher
    ..Strategies to target Transforming Growth Factor ? or Bone Morphogenetic Protein pathways have been developed on the basis of our current understanding and have proven a highly beneficial potential. ..
  46. Molina M, Wedepohl S, Calderón M. Polymeric near-infrared absorbing dendritic nanogels for efficient in vivo photothermal cancer therapy. Nanoscale. 2016;8:5852-6 pubmed publisher
    ..This polymeric nanocomposite generates heat after being irradiated by NIR light, thereby inducing a local hyperthermia that is used for photothermal cancer therapy in vitro and in vivo. ..
  47. Trefzer U, Herberth G, Wohlan K, Milling A, Thiemann M, Sherev T, et al. Vaccination with hybrids of tumor and dendritic cells induces tumor-specific T-cell and clinical responses in melanoma stage III and IV patients. Int J Cancer. 2004;110:730-40 pubmed
    ..Failures of clinical responses in all the cases investigated correlated with loss of antigen expression and presentation. Hybrid cell vaccination thus proves effective in inducing tumor-specific T-cell responses in cancer patients. ..
  48. Nagorsen D, Scheibenbogen C, Thiel E, Keilholz U. Immunological monitoring of cancer vaccine therapy. Expert Opin Biol Ther. 2004;4:1677-84 pubmed
  49. Gellermann J, Wlodarczyk W, Feussner A, Fähling H, Nadobny J, Hildebrandt B, et al. Methods and potentials of magnetic resonance imaging for monitoring radiofrequency hyperthermia in a hybrid system. Int J Hyperthermia. 2005;21:497-513 pubmed
    ..Under optimal conditions the temperature accuracy might be in the range of 0.5 degrees C. However a variety of developments, especially sequences and post-processing modules, are still required for the clinical routine. ..
  50. Ludemann L, Wlodarczyk W, Nadobny J, Weihrauch M, Gellermann J, Wust P. Non-invasive magnetic resonance thermography during regional hyperthermia. Int J Hyperthermia. 2010;26:273-82 pubmed publisher
    ..TmDOTMA(-) appears to be the most promising lanthanide complex because it showed a temperature imaging accuracy of <0.3 degrees C. ..
  51. Cihoric N, Tsikkinis A, Miguelez C, Strnad V, Soldatovic I, Ghadjar P, et al. Portfolio of prospective clinical trials including brachytherapy: an analysis of the database. Radiat Oncol. 2016;11:48 pubmed publisher
    ..Current investigational activities that include BT mainly focus on prostate and breast cancers. Important questions concerning the optimal usage of BT will not be answered in the near future. ..
  52. Reich G, Cornely O, Sandherr M, Kubin T, Krause S, Einsele H, et al. Empirical antimicrobial monotherapy in patients after high-dose chemotherapy and autologous stem cell transplantation: a randomised, multicentre trial. Br J Haematol. 2005;130:265-70 pubmed
    ..One patient (0.4%) died from infection. Empirical first-line therapy with MPM as well as with P/T is safe and effective in febrile episodes emerging after ASCT. Higher response rates to primary treatment can be achieved with MPM. ..
  53. Hackbarth M, Haas N, Fotopoulou C, Lichtenegger W, Sehouli J. Chemotherapy-induced dermatological toxicity: frequencies and impact on quality of life in women's cancers. Results of a prospective study. Support Care Cancer. 2008;16:267-73 pubmed
    ..Counseling of patients with women's cancers and the profile of side effects of chemotherapeutic agents should be considered before considering an adjuvant or palliative chemotherapy regimen. ..
  54. De Souto M, Costa I, de Araujo D, Ludermir T, Schliep A. Clustering cancer gene expression data: a comparative study. BMC Bioinformatics. 2008;9:497 pubmed publisher
    ..The data sets analyzed in this study are available at ..
  55. Sucker C, Michiels J, Zotz R. Causes, etiology and diagnosis of acquired von Willebrand disease: a prospective diagnostic workup to establish the most effective therapeutic strategies. Acta Haematol. 2009;121:177-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Since the optimal treatment strategy has not yet been defined for aVWD of different etiology, controlled multicenter trials aiming at the development of standardized treatment protocols are urgently needed. ..
  56. Haberland J, Bertz J, Wolf U, Ziese T, Kurth B. German cancer statistics 2004. BMC Cancer. 2010;10:52 pubmed publisher
    ..The continuous improvements in the data situation help describe cancer development in Germany. ..
  57. Jehn C, Kühnhardt D, Bartholomae A, Pfeiffer S, Schmid P, Possinger K, et al. Association of IL-6, hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis function, and depression in patients with cancer. Integr Cancer Ther. 2010;9:270-5 pubmed publisher
    ..0-1.2; P = .006) and cortisol VAR (OR = 1.3; 95%CI = 1.0-1.4; P = .02) are independently associated with depression. Depression in cancer is associated with increased plasma IL-6 concentrations and dysfunction of the HPA axis. ..
  58. Haupt A, Joberty G, Bantscheff M, Frohlich H, Stehr H, Schweiger M, et al. Hsp90 inhibition differentially destabilises MAP kinase and TGF-beta signalling components in cancer cells revealed by kinase-targeted chemoproteomics. BMC Cancer. 2012;12:38 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose a high confidence list of Hsp90 kinase clients, which provides new opportunities for targeted and combinatorial cancer treatment and diagnostic applications. ..
  59. Dassler K, Roohi F, Lohrke J, Ide A, Remmele S, Hütter J, et al. Current limitations of molecular magnetic resonance imaging for tumors as evaluated with high-relaxivity CD105-specific iron oxide nanoparticles. Invest Radiol. 2012;47:383-91 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, molecular MRI by targeted SPIOs is currently not suitable for clinical tumor imaging using routinely applicable sequences and field strength. ..
  60. Gröpper S, van der Meer E, Landes T, Bucher H, Stickel A, Goerling U. Assessing cancer-related distress in cancer patients and caregivers receiving outpatient psycho-oncological counseling. Support Care Cancer. 2016;24:2351-2357 pubmed publisher
    ..Results suggest that there is a need for more low-threshold offers of outpatient psycho-oncological counseling for caregivers. ..
  61. Kasper G, Vogel A, Klaman I, Gröne J, Petersen I, Weber B, et al. The human LAPTM4b transcript is upregulated in various types of solid tumours and seems to play a dual functional role during tumour progression. Cancer Lett. 2005;224:93-103 pubmed
  62. Weidemann H. Na/K-ATPase, endogenous digitalis like compounds and cancer development -- a hypothesis. Front Biosci. 2005;10:2165-76 pubmed
    ..Abnormal plasma DLC concentrations in cancer patients; 3. Abnormal synthesis and release of DLC in immune compromised mice; and 4. Beneficial effects of DLC in the treatment of cancer...
  63. Heinzerling L, von Baehr V, Liebenthal C, von Baehr R, Volk H. Immunologic effector mechanisms of a standardized mistletoe extract on the function of human monocytes and lymphocytes in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo. J Clin Immunol. 2006;26:347-59 pubmed
    ..The most interesting clinical long-term effect is the bystander stimulation of various memory T cells that might mediate in vivo antitumor and antiinfectious T-cell response under mistletoe-extract immunization...
  64. Boonyapakorn T, Schirmer I, Reichart P, Sturm I, Massenkeil G. Bisphosphonate-induced osteonecrosis of the jaws: prospective study of 80 patients with multiple myeloma and other malignancies. Oral Oncol. 2008;44:857-69 pubmed publisher
    ..Neither treatment with high-dose chemotherapy with autologous stem cell transplantation nor treatment with corticosteroids, thalidomide or bortezomib is a risk factor in this study...
  65. Huber O, Ménard L, Haurie V, Nicou A, Taras D, Rosenbaum J. Pontin and reptin, two related ATPases with multiple roles in cancer. Cancer Res. 2008;68:6873-6 pubmed publisher
    ..They also interact with major oncogenic actors such as beta-catenin and c-myc and regulate their oncogenic function. We only now begin to get insight into the role of Pontin and Reptin in human cancers. ..
  66. Sievers C, Billig G, Gottschalk K, Rudel T. Prohibitins are required for cancer cell proliferation and adhesion. PLoS ONE. 2010;5:e12735 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these observations suggest prohibitins play a crucial role in adhesion processes in the cell and thereby sustaining cancer cell propagation and survival. ..
  67. Hannss R, Dubiel W. COP9 signalosome function in the DDR. FEBS Lett. 2011;585:2845-52 pubmed publisher
    ..DDR is a protection against cancer and deregulation of CSN function causes cancer making it an attractive pharmacological target. Here we review current knowledge on CSN function in DDR. ..
  68. Ludemann L, Wybranski C, Seidensticker M, Mohnike K, Kropf S, Wust P, et al. In vivo assessment of catheter positioning accuracy and prolonged irradiation time on liver tolerance dose after single-fraction 192Ir high-dose-rate brachytherapy. Radiat Oncol. 2011;6:107 pubmed publisher
    ..To assess brachytherapy catheter positioning accuracy and to evaluate the effects of prolonged irradiation time on the tolerance dose of normal liver parenchyma following single-fraction irradiation with 192Ir...
  69. Petrul H, Schatz C, Kopitz C, Adnane L, McCabe T, Trail P, et al. Therapeutic mechanism and efficacy of the antibody-drug conjugate BAY 79-4620 targeting human carbonic anhydrase 9. Mol Cancer Ther. 2012;11:340-9 pubmed publisher
    ..These preclinical data collectively support the development of BAY 79-4620 for the treatment of cancer patients with CAIX overexpressing tumors. ..
  70. Blankenstein T, Coulie P, Gilboa E, Jaffee E. The determinants of tumour immunogenicity. Nat Rev Cancer. 2012;12:307-13 pubmed publisher
    ..So, what do we know about tumour immunogenicity and how might we therapeutically improve tumour immunogenicity? We asked four leading cancer immunologists around the world for their opinions on this important issue. ..
  71. Pearson A, Pfister S, Baruchel A, Bourquin J, Casanova M, Chesler L, et al. From class waivers to precision medicine in paediatric oncology. Lancet Oncol. 2017;18:e394-e404 pubmed publisher
    ..These initiatives and a mechanism of action-based approach to drug development will accelerate the delivery of new therapeutic drugs for front-line therapy for those children who have unmet medical needs. ..
  72. Walther W, Stein U, Fichtner I, Malcherek L, Lemm M, Schlag P. Nonviral in vivo gene delivery into tumors using a novel low volume jet-injection technology. Gene Ther. 2001;8:173-80 pubmed
    ..These studies demonstrate the applicability of jet injection for the efficient in vivo gene transfer into tumors for nonviral gene therapy of cancer using minimal amounts of naked DNA. ..
  73. Krauss S, Foerster J, Schneider R, Schweiger S. Protein phosphatase 2A and rapamycin regulate the nuclear localization and activity of the transcription factor GLI3. Cancer Res. 2008;68:4658-65 pubmed publisher
  74. Teichgraber U, Nagel S, Kausche S, Streitparth F, Cho C. Double-lumen central venous port catheters: simultaneous application for chemotherapy and parenteral nutrition in cancer patients. J Vasc Access. 2010;11:335-41 pubmed
    ..Potential advantages, complications, and the durations of simultaneous and single use of the catheter were assessed...
  75. Ebai T, Souza de Oliveira F, Löf L, Wik L, Schweiger C, Larsson A, et al. Analytically Sensitive Protein Detection in Microtiter Plates by Proximity Ligation with Rolling Circle Amplification. Clin Chem. 2017;63:1497-1505 pubmed publisher
    ..PLARCA offers detection of lower protein levels and increased dynamic ranges compared to ELISA. The PLARCA procedure may be adapted to routine instrumentation available in hospitals and research laboratories. ..
  76. Dimitrakopoulou V, Tsilidis K, Haycock P, Dimou N, Al Dabhani K, Martin R, et al. Circulating vitamin D concentration and risk of seven cancers: Mendelian randomisation study. BMJ. 2017;359:j4761 pubmed publisher
  77. Tremblay P, Kaiser R, Sezer O, Rosler N, Schelenz C, Possinger K, et al. Variations in the 5-hydroxytryptamine type 3B receptor gene as predictors of the efficacy of antiemetic treatment in cancer patients. J Clin Oncol. 2003;21:2147-55 pubmed
    ..However, only a small fraction of the therapeutic failure is explained by the -AAG deletion variant of the 5-HT3B receptor gene. Additional clinical and biochemical studies are needed to confirm the association. ..
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