Experts and Doctors on transforming growth factor beta receptors in Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany


Locale: Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany
Topic: transforming growth factor beta receptors

Top Publications

  1. Rotzer D, Roth M, Lutz M, Lindemann D, Sebald W, Knaus P. Type III TGF-beta receptor-independent signalling of TGF-beta2 via TbetaRII-B, an alternatively spliced TGF-beta type II receptor. EMBO J. 2001;20:480-90 pubmed
    ..The expression of TbetaRII-B is restricted to cells originating from tissues such as bone where the isoform TGF-beta2 has a predominant role. This reflects the importance of this receptor in TGF-beta isoform-specific signalling. ..
  2. Kl ver N, Pfennig F, Pala I, Storch K, Schlieder M, Froschauer A, et al. Differential expression of anti-Müllerian hormone (amh) and anti-Müllerian hormone receptor type II (amhrII) in the teleost medaka. Dev Dyn. 2007;236:271-81 pubmed publisher
    ..Only the expression level of the Amh type II receptor gene was decreased noticeably in adult female gonads. These results suggest that medaka Amh and AmhrII are involved in gonad formation and maintenance in both sexes...
  3. Meyer Ter Vehn T, Grehn F, Schlunck G. Localization of TGF-beta type II receptor and ED-A fibronectin in normal conjunctiva and failed filtering blebs. Mol Vis. 2008;14:136-41 pubmed
    ..These data support the concept of targeting TGF-beta signaling to prevent scar formation after filtering glaucoma surgery. ..