Experts and Doctors on gene expression in Freiburg, Baden Württemberg, Germany


Locale: Freiburg, Baden Württemberg, Germany
Topic: gene expression

Top Publications

  1. Stahl A, Paschek L, Martin G, Feltgen N, Hansen L, Agostini H. Combinatory inhibition of VEGF and FGF2 is superior to solitary VEGF inhibition in an in vitro model of RPE-induced angiogenesis. Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. 2009;247:767-73 pubmed publisher
    ..RPE from CNV patients expresses angiogenic growth factors that act in part independently of VEGF. Targeted combinatory therapy can be superior to solitary anti-VEGF therapy. One possible candidate for combinatory therapy is FGF2. ..
  2. Temerinac S, Klippel S, Strunck E, Roder S, Lubbert M, Lange W, et al. Cloning of PRV-1, a novel member of the uPAR receptor superfamily, which is overexpressed in polycythemia rubra vera. Blood. 2000;95:2569-76 pubmed
    ..In addition, PRV-1 contains 2 cysteine-rich domains homologous to those found in the uPAR/Ly6/CD59/snake toxin-receptor superfamily. We therefore propose that PRV-1 represents a novel hematopoietic receptor. (Blood. 2000;95:2569-2576) ..
  3. Haidl I, Huber G, Eichmann K. An ADAM family member with expression in thymic epithelial cells and related tissues. Gene. 2002;283:163-70 pubmed
    ..Given its unique expression pattern and potential functions, murine ADAM28 may play a role in organogenesis and organ-specific functions such as thymic T cell development. ..
  4. Rehimi R, Khalida N, Yusuf F, Dai F, Morosan Puopolo G, Brand Saberi B. Stromal-derived factor-1 (SDF-1) expression during early chick development. Int J Dev Biol. 2008;52:87-92 pubmed
    ..The expression domains of SDF-1 reflect its role in somitic precursor migration and vessel formation in the limbs. ..
  5. Parsons J, Altmann F, Graf M, Stadlmann J, Reski R, Decker E. A gene responsible for prolyl-hydroxylation of moss-produced recombinant human erythropoietin. Sci Rep. 2013;3:3019 pubmed publisher
    ..Targeted ablation of this gene abolished undesired prolyl-hydroxylation of hEPO and thus paves the way for plant-made pharmaceuticals humanized via glyco-engineering in moss bioreactors. ..
  6. Wein M, Fretwurst T, Nahles S, Duttenhoefer F, Tomakidi P, Steinberg T, et al. Pilot investigation of the molecular discrimination of human osteoblasts from different bone entities. J Craniomaxillofac Surg. 2015;43:1487-93 pubmed publisher
  7. Reuter B, Venus A, Grudzenski S, Heiler P, Schad L, Staufenbiel M, et al. Statin Therapy and the Development of Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy--A Rodent in Vivo Approach. Int J Mol Sci. 2016;17: pubmed publisher
    ..A higher risk for bleeding complications was not observed. ..
  8. Steimle C, Lehmann U, Temerinac S, Goerttler P, Kreipe H, Meinhardt G, et al. Biomarker analysis in polycythemia vera under interferon-alpha treatment: clonality, EEC, PRV-1, and JAK2 V617F. Ann Hematol. 2007;86:239-44 pubmed
    ..Long-term follow-up of large patient cohorts is required to determine whether rIFNalpha treatment can cause complete molecular remissions in PV. ..
  9. Iwasaki Y, Kiga K, Kayo H, Fukuda Yuzawa Y, Weise J, Inada T, et al. Global microRNA elevation by inducible Exportin 5 regulates cell cycle entry. RNA. 2013;19:490-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data suggest that XPO5-mediated global miRNA elevation might be involved in a broad range of cellular events associated with cell cycle control. ..

More Information


  1. Bogeska R, Pahl H. Elevated nuclear factor erythroid-2 levels promote epo-independent erythroid maturation and recapitulate the hematopoietic stem cell and common myeloid progenitor expansion observed in polycythemia vera patients. Stem Cells Transl Med. 2013;2:112-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Silencing NF-E2 in PV patients reverted both aberrancies, demonstrating for the first time that NF-E2 overexpression is both required and sufficient for Epo independence and HSC/CMP expansion in PV. ..
  2. Schmal H, Pilz I, Mehlhorn A, Dovi Akue D, Kirchhoff C, Sudkamp N, et al. Expression of BMP-receptor type 1A correlates with progress of osteoarthritis in human knee joints with focal cartilage lesions. Cytotherapy. 2012;14:868-76 pubmed publisher
    ..05). These data support the role of BMPR-1A as an indicator of OA progression in human knees with circumscribed cartilage lesions. ..
  3. Muller K, Carstens A, Linkies A, Torres M, Leubner Metzger G. The NADPH-oxidase AtrbohB plays a role in Arabidopsis seed after-ripening. New Phytol. 2009;184:885-97 pubmed publisher
    ..Alternative splicing could be a general mechanism in after-ripening: by altered processing of stored pre-mRNAs seeds could react quickly to environmental changes. ..
  4. Jäger C, Hrenn A, Zwingmann J, Suter A, Merfort I. Phytomedicines prepared from Arnica flowers inhibit the transcription factors AP-1 and NF-kappaB and modulate the activity of MMP1 and MMP13 in human and bovine chondrocytes. Planta Med. 2009;75:1319-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Interestingly, sesquiterpene lactones present in the preparations were always more active than the pure compounds, demonstrating the advantage of using plant preparations. ..
  5. Ebnet K, Hausmann M, Lehmann Grube F, Mullbacher A, Kopf M, Lamers M, et al. Granzyme A-deficient mice retain potent cell-mediated cytotoxicity. EMBO J. 1995;14:4230-9 pubmed
    ..These results demonstrate that granzyme A does not play a primary role in cell-mediated cytotoxicity, as has been assumed previously. ..
  6. Scherzinger D, Al Babili S. In vitro characterization of a carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase from Nostoc sp. PCC 7120 reveals a novel cleavage pattern, cytosolic localization and induction by highlight. Mol Microbiol. 2008;69:231-44 pubmed publisher
    ..Incubation of the corresponding fraction with synthetic substrates revealed the activity of the native enzyme and confirmed its induction by highlight. ..
  7. Lebrecht D, Geist A, Ketelsen U, Haberstroh J, Setzer B, Walker U. Dexrazoxane prevents doxorubicin-induced long-term cardiotoxicity and protects myocardial mitochondria from genetic and functional lesions in rats. Br J Pharmacol. 2007;151:771-8 pubmed
    ..Dexrazoxane prevented doxorubicin induced late-onset cardiomyopathy and also protected the cardiac mitochondria from acquired ultrastructural, genetic and functional damage. ..
  8. Fiedler U, Scharpfenecker M, Koidl S, Hegen A, Grunow V, Schmidt J, et al. The Tie-2 ligand angiopoietin-2 is stored in and rapidly released upon stimulation from endothelial cell Weibel-Palade bodies. Blood. 2004;103:4150-6 pubmed
  9. Mall M, Gonska T, Thomas J, Hirtz S, Schreiber R, Kunzelmann K. Activation of ion secretion via proteinase-activated receptor-2 in human colon. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2002;282:G200-10 pubmed
  10. Uhlmann A, Ebel J. Molecular cloning and expression of 4-coumarate:coenzyme A ligase, an enzyme involved in the resistance response of soybean (Glycine max L.) against pathogen attack. Plant Physiol. 1993;102:1147-56 pubmed
  11. Gunther T, Struwe M, Aguzzi A, Schughart K. Open brain, a new mouse mutant with severe neural tube defects, shows altered gene expression patterns in the developing spinal cord. Development. 1994;120:3119-30 pubmed
    ..The implications of these findings are discussed in the context of dorsoventral patterning of the developing neural tube and compared with known mouse mutants exhibiting similar defects. ..
  12. Grugel S, Finkenzeller G, Weindel K, Barleon B, Marme D. Both v-Ha-Ras and v-Raf stimulate expression of the vascular endothelial growth factor in NIH 3T3 cells. J Biol Chem. 1995;270:25915-9 pubmed
    ..Biological activity of this VEGF protein was demonstrated by competition with binding of recombinant 125I-VEGF165 to human umbilical vein endothelial cells and by its ability to stimulate proliferation of these cells. ..
  13. Fedoryshyn M, Welle E, Bechthold A, Luzhetskyy A. Functional expression of the Cre recombinase in actinomycetes. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2008;78:1065-70 pubmed publisher
    ..lividans with 100% efficiency. Sequencing of the chromosomal DNA part showed that excision of the apramycin cassette by Cre recombinase was specific. ..
  14. Lauten M, Fernandez Munoz I, Gerdes K, von Neuhoff N, Welte K, Schlegelberger B, et al. Kinetics of the in vivo expression of glucocorticoid receptor splice variants during prednisone treatment in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2009;52:459-63 pubmed publisher
    ..Differential regulation of the cGR and its splice variants under glucocorticoid treatment rather than the expression level at diagnosis is associated with glucocorticoid response. ..
  15. Lindemeyer K, Leemhuis J, Löffler S, Grass N, Nörenberg W, Meyer D. Metabotropic glutamate receptors modulate the NMDA- and AMPA-induced gene expression in neocortical interneurons. Cereb Cortex. 2006;16:1662-77 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that mGluRIs regulate the glutamate-induced gene expression in neocortical interneurons in a physiologically relevant manner. ..
  16. Tempfer C, Schneeberger C, Huber J. Applications of polymorphisms and pharmacogenomics in obstetrics and gynecology. Pharmacogenomics. 2004;5:57-65 pubmed
    ..In summary, the available evidence points to a number of polymorphisms of a wide variety of genes as strong hereditary determinants of the susceptibility to benign and malignant gynecologic and obstetric conditions. ..
  17. Salat D, Liefke R, Wiedenmann J, Borggrefe T, Oswald F. ETO, but not leukemogenic fusion protein AML1/ETO, augments RBP-Jkappa/SHARP-mediated repression of notch target genes. Mol Cell Biol. 2008;28:3502-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, we propose that AML1/ETO can disturb the normal, repressive function of ETO at Notch target genes. This activating (or derepressing) effect of AML1/ETO may contribute to its oncogenic potential in myeloid leukemia. ..
  18. Bredel M, Scholtens D, Yadav A, Alvarez A, Renfrow J, Chandler J, et al. NFKBIA deletion in glioblastomas. N Engl J Med. 2011;364:627-37 pubmed publisher
    ..Deletion of NFKBIA has an effect that is similar to the effect of EGFR amplification in the pathogenesis of glioblastoma and is associated with comparatively short survival. ..
  19. Kortlüke C, Breese K, Gad on N, Labahn A, Drews G. Structure of the puf operon of the obligately aerobic, bacteriochlorophyll alpha-containing bacterium Roseobacter denitrificans OCh114 and its expression in a Rhodobacter capsulatus puf puc deletion mutant. J Bacteriol. 1997;179:5247-58 pubmed
    ..The transconjugants did not grow photosynthetically under anoxic conditions. ..
  20. Baudiß K, de Paula Vieira R, Cicko S, Ayata K, Hossfeld M, Ehrat N, et al. C1P Attenuates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Lung Injury by Preventing NF-κB Activation in Neutrophils. J Immunol. 2016;196:2319-26 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate C1P playing a role in dampening LPS-induced acute lung inflammation and suggest that C1P could be a valuable candidate for treatment of ALI. ..
  21. Stickeler E, Pils D, Klar M, Orlowsk Volk M, zur Hausen A, Jager M, et al. Basal-like molecular subtype and HER4 up-regulation and response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer. Oncol Rep. 2011;26:1037-45 pubmed publisher
    ..002) and in 23/25 (92%; P<0.001) patients, respectively. These preliminary data indicate that therapy-induced HER4 gene up-regulation may be associated with response to NAC with epirubicine, cyclophosphamide and docetaxel. ..
  22. Lampert F, Kütscher C, Stark G, Finkenzeller G. Overexpression of Hif-1α in Mesenchymal Stem Cells Affects Cell-Autonomous Angiogenic and Osteogenic Parameters. J Cell Biochem. 2016;117:760-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, Hif-1α overexpression may represent a therapeutic option to improve cellular functions of MSCs to treat critical sized bone defects. ..
  23. Dear T, Meier N, Hunn M, Boehm T. Gene structure, chromosomal localization, and expression pattern of Capn12, a new member of the calpain large subunit gene family. Genomics. 2000;68:152-60 pubmed
    ..4 cM. Refined mapping of Capn5, also previously localized to chromosome 7, indicated that it was not closely linked to Capn12, mapping tightly linked to a marker positioned at 48.5 cM. ..
  24. Bohnert J, Schuster S, Kern W, Karcz T, Olejarz A, Kaczor A, et al. Novel Piperazine Arylideneimidazolones Inhibit the AcrAB-TolC Pump in Escherichia coli and Simultaneously Act as Fluorescent Membrane Probes in a Combined Real-Time Influx and Efflux Assay. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2016;60:1974-83 pubmed publisher
    ..The EPIs BM-38 and BM-19 displayed the most rapid influx of all compounds, whereas BM-27, which did not act as an EPI, showed the slowest influx. ..
  25. Wallin J, Wilting J, Koseki H, Fritsch R, Christ B, Balling R. The role of Pax-1 in axial skeleton development. Development. 1994;120:1109-21 pubmed
    ..Our observations suggest that Pax-1 function is required for essential steps in ventral sclerotome differentiation, i.e. for the transition from the mesenchymal stage to the onset of chondrogenesis. ..
  26. Minguet S, Swamy M, Dopfer E, Dengler E, Alarcon B, Schamel W. The extracellular part of zeta is buried in the T cell antigen receptor complex. Immunol Lett. 2008;116:203-10 pubmed publisher
    ..However, prolonged stimulation with antigen permitted the access of the anti-HA antibody, thus suggesting that stimulation led to architectural changes in the TCR-CD3. ..
  27. Dürr J, Bücking H, Mult S, Wildhagen H, Palme K, Rennenberg H, et al. Seasonal and cell type specific expression of sulfate transporters in the phloem of Populus reveals tree specific characteristics for SO(4)(2-) storage and mobilization. Plant Mol Biol. 2010;72:499-517 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these findings indicate a transcriptional regulation of sulfate distribution in poplar trees. ..
  28. Larue L, Antos C, Butz S, Huber O, Delmas V, Dominis M, et al. A role for cadherins in tissue formation. Development. 1996;122:3185-94 pubmed
    ..These results provide the first evidence that specific cadherins directly stimulate differentiation into certain types of tissues. ..
  29. Krause R, Hemberger M, Himmelbauer H, Kalscheuer V, Fundele R. Identification and characterization of G90, a novel mouse RNA that lacks an extensive open reading frame. Gene. 1999;232:35-42 pubmed
    ..In situ hybridization analysis on sections of small and large intestine and testis showed that G90 transcripts are present only in post-mitotic cells. ..
  30. Adachi T, Schamel W, Kim K, Watanabe T, Becker B, Nielsen P, et al. The specificity of association of the IgD molecule with the accessory proteins BAP31/BAP29 lies in the IgD transmembrane sequence. EMBO J. 1996;15:1534-41 pubmed
    ..By a mutational analysis we have identified amino acids in the transmembrane sequence of the delta m chain that are critical for binding to BAP31/BAP29. A structural model of the BAPs and their potential functions are discussed. ..
  31. Reuter A, Soubies S, H rtle S, Schusser B, Kaspers B, Staeheli P, et al. Antiviral activity of lambda interferon in chickens. J Virol. 2014;88:2835-43 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data highlight fundamental similarities between the IFN-? systems of mammals and birds and suggest that type III IFN might play a role in defending mucosal surfaces against viral intruders in most if not all vertebrates...
  32. Raja E, Tzavlaki K, Vuilleumier R, Edlund K, Kahata K, Zieba A, et al. The protein kinase LKB1 negatively regulates bone morphogenetic protein receptor signaling. Oncotarget. 2016;7:1120-43 pubmed publisher
    ..This new mechanism of BMP receptor regulation by LKB1 has ramifications in physiological organogenesis and disease. ..
  33. Wiech T, Stein S, Lachenmaier V, Schmitt E, Schwarz Finsterle J, Wiech E, et al. Spatial allelic imbalance of BCL2 genes and chromosome 18 territories in nonneoplastic and neoplastic cervical squamous epithelium. Eur Biophys J. 2009;38:793-806 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest a functional relevance of unequal allelic BCL2 gene positioning and support the hypothesis that transcriptional BCL2 activation is associated with BCL2 relocation towards the nuclear periphery. ..
  34. Erhardt H, Steimle S, Muders V, Pohl T, Walter J, Friedrich T. Disruption of individual nuo-genes leads to the formation of partially assembled NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I) in Escherichia coli. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2012;1817:863-71 pubmed publisher
    ..The inactive population is missing cluster N2 and is tightly associated with the inducible lysine decarboxylase. This article is part of a Special Issue entitled: Biogenesis/Assembly of Respiratory Enzyme Complexes. ..
  35. Dahm K, Nielsen P, Muller A. Transcripts of Fliz1, a nuclear zinc finger protein, are expressed in discrete foci of the murine fetal liver. Genomics. 2001;73:194-202 pubmed
    ..Nuclear localization studies revealed that Fliz1 is targeted to the nucleus. Thus, Fliz1 is a newly identified nuclear protein expressed in hematopoietic progenitor cells of the developing fetal liver. ..
  36. Sommer A, Sass J. Expression of aspartoacylase (ASPA) and Canavan disease. Gene. 2012;505:206-10 pubmed publisher
    ..More information of ASPA localization in human organs and detailed characterization of mutations leading to a deficiency of ASPA can contribute to a better understanding of this inborn error of metabolism. ..
  37. Basters A, Ketscher L, Deuerling E, Arkona C, Rademann J, Knobeloch K, et al. High yield expression of catalytically active USP18 (UBP43) using a Trigger Factor fusion system. BMC Biotechnol. 2012;12:56 pubmed publisher
    ..The USP18 protein obtained here is suited to setup high-throughput small molecule inhibitor screens and forms the basis for detailed biochemical and structural characterization. ..
  38. Zi Z, Feng Z, Chapnick D, Dahl M, Deng D, Klipp E, et al. Quantitative analysis of transient and sustained transforming growth factor-? signaling dynamics. Mol Syst Biol. 2011;7:492 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that long-term switch-like signaling responses in the TGF-? pathway might be critical for cell fate determination. ..
  39. Kropec A, Sava I, Vonend C, Sakinc T, Grohmann E, Huebner J. Identification of SagA as a novel vaccine target for the prevention of Enterococcus faecium infections. Microbiology. 2011;157:3429-34 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that SagA could be used as a promising vaccine target to treat and/or prevent VRE bacteraemia...
  40. Eid R, Koseki H, Schughart K. Analysis of LacZ reporter genes in transgenic embryos suggests the presence of several cis-acting regulatory elements in the murine Hoxb-6 gene. Dev Dyn. 1993;196:205-16 pubmed
    ..These observations suggest that for some aspects of Hoxb-6 gene regulation the integrity of large genomic regions of the Hoxb cluster is required. ..
  41. Schwarz H, Schneider K, Ohnemus A, Lavric M, Kothlow S, Bauer S, et al. Chicken toll-like receptor 3 recognizes its cognate ligand when ectopically expressed in human cells. J Interferon Cytokine Res. 2007;27:97-101 pubmed
    ..However, human 293 cells expressing ChTLR3 strongly and specifically responded to polyI:C, demonstrating that this chicken receptor represents a true ortholog of mammalian TLR3. ..
  42. Dear T, Moller A, Boehm T. CAPN11: A calpain with high mRNA levels in testis and located on chromosome 6. Genomics. 1999;59:243-7 pubmed
    ..The discovery of this new calpain emphasizes the complexity of the calpain family, with members being distinguished on the basis of protease activity, calcium dependence, and tissue expression. ..
  43. Hobeika E, Thiemann S, Storch B, Jumaa H, Nielsen P, Pelanda R, et al. Testing gene function early in the B cell lineage in mb1-cre mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006;103:13789-94 pubmed
    ..The availability of a mouse line with efficient cre-mediated recombination at an early developmental stage in the B lineage provides an opportunity to study the role of various genes specifically in B cell development and function. ..
  44. Schlake T. Krox20, a novel candidate for the regulatory hierarchy that controls hair shaft bending. Mech Dev. 2006;123:641-8 pubmed
    ..Our data suggest Krox20 as a nodal point of FGF and IGF signalling pathways controlling Igfbp5 expression which is associated with hair shaft differentiation and may generate the periodicity of the zigzag hair. ..
  45. Jehle C, Herpfer I, Rauer M, Schwemmle M, Sauder C. Identification of differentially expressed genes in brains of newborn Borna disease virus-infected rats in the absence of inflammation. Arch Virol. 2003;148:45-63 pubmed
    ..Employing cultured infected hippocampus slices and infected genetically modified mice, we provide evidence, that the observed upregulation of beta2m expression is not triggered by IFN-gamma, but rather by IFN-alpha/beta...
  46. Pietrowski D, Keck C. Differential regulation of ANG2 and VEGF-A in human granulosa lutein cells by choriogonadotropin. Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes. 2004;112:208-14 pubmed
    ..These findings may add impact on the hypothesis of choriogonadotropin as a novel angiogenic factor. ..
  47. Gehlhaus M, Schmitt N, Volk B, Meyer R. Antiepileptic drugs affect neuronal androgen signaling via a cytochrome P450-dependent pathway. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2007;322:550-9 pubmed
    ..These findings point to an important and novel function of P450 in regulation of steroid hormones and their receptors in endocrine tissues such as liver and brain. ..
  48. Helmstädter M, Lüthy K, Gödel M, Simons M, Ashish -, Nihalani D, et al. Functional study of mammalian Neph proteins in Drosophila melanogaster. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e40300 pubmed publisher
    ..Hereby, we establish D. melanogaster as a genetic system to specifically model molecular Neph1 functions in vivo and identify a conserved amino acid motif linking Neph1 to Drosophila Kirre function. ..
  49. Zieger B, Tran H, Hainmann I, Wunderle D, Zgaga Griesz A, Blaser S, et al. Characterization and expression analysis of two human septin genes, PNUTL1 and PNUTL2. Gene. 2000;261:197-203 pubmed
    ..The characterization of PNUTL1 and PNUTL2 represents a fundamental step in completing the characterization of the entire family of human septin genes. ..
  50. Estelmann S, Ramos Vera W, Gad on N, Huber H, Berg I, Fuchs G. Carbon dioxide fixation in 'Archaeoglobus lithotrophicus': are there multiple autotrophic pathways?. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2011;319:65-72 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data indicate that the reductive acetyl-CoA pathway is the only functioning CO(2) fixation pathway in 'A. lithotrophicus'...
  51. Pechkovsky D, Prasse A, Kollert F, Engel K, Dentler J, Luttmann W, et al. Alternatively activated alveolar macrophages in pulmonary fibrosis-mediator production and intracellular signal transduction. Clin Immunol. 2010;137:89-101 pubmed publisher
  52. Sevenich L, Hagemann S, Stoeckle C, Tolosa E, Peters C, Reinheckel T. Expression of human cathepsin L or human cathepsin V in mouse thymus mediates positive selection of T helper cells in cathepsin L knock-out mice. Biochimie. 2010;92:1674-80 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that the functional differences of CTSL and CTSV in vivo are not mainly determined by their inherent biochemical properties, but rather by their tissue specific expression pattern. ..
  53. Tucker M, Roodbarkelari F, Truernit E, Adamski N, Hinze A, Lohmüller B, et al. Accession-specific modifiers act with ZWILLE/ARGONAUTE10 to maintain shoot meristem stem cells during embryogenesis in Arabidopsis. BMC Genomics. 2013;14:809 pubmed publisher
    ..Reduced SQN expression levels in Col-0 correlate with transposon insertions adjoining the transcriptional start site, which may contribute to stem cell maintenance in other ZLL-independent accessions. ..
  54. Korff T, Dandekar G, Pfaff D, Füller T, Goettsch W, Morawietz H, et al. Endothelial ephrinB2 is controlled by microenvironmental determinants and associates context-dependently with CD31. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2006;26:468-74 pubmed
    ..The data demonstrate that endothelial cell ephrinB2 expression is controlled by microenvironmental determinants rather than being an intrinsic endothelial cell differentiation marker. ..
  55. Minguet S, Swamy M, Schamel W. The short length of the extracellular domain of zeta is crucial for T cell antigen receptor function. Immunol Lett. 2008;116:195-202 pubmed publisher
    ..When this domain is enlarged, the resulting TCR-CD3 complex is distorted leading to a hyperactive phenotype and enhanced T cell activation. ..
  56. Dierks C, Beigi R, Guo G, Zirlik K, Stegert M, Manley P, et al. Expansion of Bcr-Abl-positive leukemic stem cells is dependent on Hedgehog pathway activation. Cancer Cell. 2008;14:238-49 pubmed publisher
    ..Pharmacological Smo inhibition reduced LSCs in vivo and enhanced time to relapse after end of treatment. Our results indicate that Smo inhibition might be an effective treatment strategy to reduce the LSC pool in CML. ..
  57. Northemann W, Berg H, Stahnke G, Walter M, Hunt N, Fenning S. Identification of an inhibitory element within the human 68-kDa (U1) ribonucleoprotein antigen. Protein Expr Purif. 1995;6:748-56 pubmed
    ..After excision of the inhibitory sequence X a dramatic increase in the production of recombinant human P68 antigen was observed. ..
  58. Herouy Y, May A, Pornschlegel G, Stetter C, Grenz H, Preissner K, et al. Lipodermatosclerosis is characterized by elevated expression and activation of matrix metalloproteinases: implications for venous ulcer formation. J Invest Dermatol. 1998;111:822-7 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, MMP-2 was imbalanced by locally reduced expression of TIMP-2 in the basement membrane zone of lesional skin. Our findings indicate lipodermatosclerosis to be characterized by elevated matrix turnover. ..
  59. Wang W, Schwemmers S, Hexner E, Pahl H. AML1 is overexpressed in patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms and mediates JAK2V617F-independent overexpression of NF-E2. Blood. 2010;116:254-66 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data identify NF-E2 as a novel AML1 target gene and delineate a role for aberrant AML1 expression in mediating elevated NF-E2 expression in MPN patients...
  60. Gathmann S, Rupprecht E, Schneider D. High level expression of a protein precursor for functional studies. J Biochem Mol Biol. 2006;39:717-21 pubmed
    ..coli signal peptidase, and protein processing was followed on Coomassie stained SDS polyacrylamide gels. We are optimistic that the presented method can be further developed and applied. ..
  61. Mall M, Wissner A, Schreiber R, Kuehr J, Seydewitz H, Brandis M, et al. Role of K(V)LQT1 in cyclic adenosine monophosphate-mediated Cl(-) secretion in human airway epithelia. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2000;23:283-9 pubmed
    ..Activation of K(V)LQT1 in CF airways in parallel with stimulation of residual CF transmembrane conductance regulator Cl(-) channel activity or alternative Cl(-) channels could help to circumvent the secretory defect. ..
  62. Dallner C, Woods A, Deller T, Kirsch M, Hofmann H. CNTF and CNTF receptor alpha are constitutively expressed by astrocytes in the mouse brain. Glia. 2002;37:374-8 pubmed
    ..The nonoverlapping locations of astrocytes expressing detectable levels of CNTF and CNTFRalpha, respectively, may be related to distinct postlesional functions of these two glial cell populations. ..
  63. Lescher B, Haenig B, Kispert A. sFRP-2 is a target of the Wnt-4 signaling pathway in the developing metanephric kidney. Dev Dyn. 1998;213:440-51 pubmed
  64. Meier N, Dear T, Boehm T. A novel serine protease overexpressed in the hair follicles of nude mice. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1999;258:374-8 pubmed
    ..Thus, BSSP is the first serine protease known to be expressed in the sebaceous gland. In nude mouse skin, this gene is overexpressed. ..
  65. Gassmann G, Jacobs E, Deutzmann R, Gobel U. Analysis of the Borrelia burgdorferi GeHo fla gene and antigenic characterization of its gene product. J Bacteriol. 1991;173:1452-9 pubmed
    ..However, immunoreactive oligopeptides clustered within the variable middle region (N-180 to I-260). This region could constitute a candidate antigen for more specific and sensitive serodiagnosis of Lyme borreliosis. ..
  66. Bläser S, Jersch K, Hainmann I, Wunderle D, Zgaga Griesz A, Busse A, et al. Human septin-septin interaction: CDCrel-1 partners with KIAA0202. FEBS Lett. 2002;519:169-72 pubmed
    ..Expression studies of the two human septins revealed a concomitant expression of both proteins in certain cells. ..
  67. Prasse A, Pechkovsky D, Toews G, Jungraithmayr W, Kollert F, Goldmann T, et al. A vicious circle of alveolar macrophages and fibroblasts perpetuates pulmonary fibrosis via CCL18. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2006;173:781-92 pubmed
    ..Our findings suggest that AMs from patients with pulmonary fibrosis disclose a phenotype of alternative activation and might be a part of a positive feedback loop with lung fibroblasts perpetuating fibrotic processes. ..
  68. Kuttner V, Mack C, Rigbolt K, Kern J, Schilling O, Busch H, et al. Global remodelling of cellular microenvironment due to loss of collagen VII. Mol Syst Biol. 2013;9:657 pubmed publisher
    ..The definition of the proteome of fibroblast microenvironment and its plasticity in health and disease identified novel disease mechanisms and potential targets of intervention. ..
  69. Nakajima C, Kulik A, Frotscher M, Herz J, Schafer M, Bock H, et al. Low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 (LRP1) modulates N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor-dependent intracellular signaling and NMDA-induced regulation of postsynaptic protein complexes. J Biol Chem. 2013;288:21909-23 pubmed publisher
    ..These results show a role of LRP1 in the regulation and turnover of synaptic proteins, which may contribute to the reduced dendritic branching and to the neurological phenotype observed in the absence of LRP1. ..
  70. Minguet S, Kläsener K, Schaffer A, Fiala G, Osteso Ibanez T, Raute K, et al. Caveolin-1-dependent nanoscale organization of the BCR regulates B cell tolerance. Nat Immunol. 2017;18:1150-1159 pubmed publisher
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