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  1. Timsit S, Bally Cuif L, Colman D, Zalc B. DM-20 mRNA is expressed during the embryonic development of the nervous system of the mouse. J Neurochem. 1992;58:1172-5 pubmed
  2. Bories J, Cayuela J, Loiseau P, Sigaux F. Expression of human recombination activating genes (RAG1 and RAG2) in neoplastic lymphoid cells: correlation with cell differentiation and antigen receptor expression. Blood. 1991;78:2053-61 pubmed
    ..These findings are also of interest in the delineation of potential regulatory factors acting on RAG transcription and in the understanding of the mechanisms of specific chromosomal abnormalities occurring in immature lymphoid cells. ..
  3. Giros B, Martres M, Pilon C, Sokoloff P, Schwartz J. Shorter variants of the D3 dopamine receptor produced through various patterns of alternative splicing. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1991;176:1584-92 pubmed
    ..The functional significance and possible role of these shorter variants of the dopamine D3 receptor in cell signalling remain to be established. ..
  4. Verpy E, Couture Tosi E, Eldering E, Lopez Trascasa M, Spath P, Meo T, et al. Crucial residues in the carboxy-terminal end of C1 inhibitor revealed by pathogenic mutants impaired in secretion or function. J Clin Invest. 1995;95:350-9 pubmed
    ..These data point to a key role of certain residues in the conserved COOH-terminal region of serpins in determining the protein foldings compatible with transport and proper exposure of the reactive site loop. ..
  5. Chassin D, Benifla J, Delattre C, Fernandez H, Ginisty D, Janneau J, et al. Identification of genes overexpressed in tumors through preferential expression screening in trophoblasts. Cancer Res. 1994;54:5217-23 pubmed
    ..This approach could provide a general targeted method for the identification of genes overexpressed in various neoplastic cell types. ..
  6. Georgescu M, Balanant J, Ozden S, Crainic R. Random selection: a model for poliovirus infection of the central nervous system. J Gen Virol. 1997;78 ( Pt 8):1819-28 pubmed
    ..Extrapolated to humans, this selection pattern might explain the occurrence of CNS infections with less neurotropic viruses derived from an extraneural pool containing also highly neurotropic viruses. ..
  7. Baulande S, Lasnier F, Lucas M, Pairault J. Adiponutrin, a transmembrane protein corresponding to a novel dietary- and obesity-linked mRNA specifically expressed in the adipose lineage. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:33336-44 pubmed
    ..This leads us to suggest that adiponutrin could be involved in vesicular targeting and protein transport restricted to the adipocyte function. ..
  8. Menotti J, Cassinat B, Sarfati C, Liguory O, Derouin F, Molina J. Development of a real-time PCR assay for quantitative detection of Encephalitozoon intestinalis DNA. J Clin Microbiol. 2003;41:1410-3 pubmed
    ..intestinalis DNA in blood and serum. We conclude that real-time PCR is a valuable tool for quantitation of E. intestinalis burden in clinical specimens...
  9. Binh M, Sastre Garau X, Guillou L, De Pinieux G, Terrier P, Lagace R, et al. MDM2 and CDK4 immunostainings are useful adjuncts in diagnosing well-differentiated and dedifferentiated liposarcoma subtypes: a comparative analysis of 559 soft tissue neoplasms with genetic data. Am J Surg Pathol. 2005;29:1340-7 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, MDM2 and CDK4 immunostainings, which correlate with gene amplification, are helpful adjuncts to differentiate ALT-WDLPS from benign adipose tumors and to separate DDLPS from poorly differentiated sarcomas. ..

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  1. Breton J, Bart Delabesse E, Biligui S, Carbone A, Seiller X, Okome Nkoumou M, et al. New highly divergent rRNA sequence among biodiverse genotypes of Enterocytozoon bieneusi strains isolated from humans in Gabon and Cameroon. J Clin Microbiol. 2007;45:2580-9 pubmed
    ..Phylogenetic analysis of the new genotype CAF4, identified in both HIV-negative and HIV-positive subjects, indicates that it represents a highly divergent strain...
  2. El Helali N, Giovangrandi Y, Guyot K, Chevet K, Gutmann L, Durand Zaleski I. Cost and effectiveness of intrapartum group B streptococcus polymerase chain reaction screening for term deliveries. Obstet Gynecol. 2012;119:822-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Polymerase chain reaction intrapartum screening strategy was cost-neutral when compared with the 2009 antenatal lower vagina culture screening, with a significant decrease in early-onset GBS disease. ..
  3. Taly V, Pekin D, Benhaim L, Kotsopoulos S, Le Corre D, Li X, et al. Multiplex picodroplet digital PCR to detect KRAS mutations in circulating DNA from the plasma of colorectal cancer patients. Clin Chem. 2013;59:1722-31 pubmed publisher
    ..This work demonstrates the clinical utility of multiplex dPCR to screen for multiple mutations simultaneously with a sensitivity sufficient to detect mutations in circulating DNA obtained by noninvasive blood collection. ..
  4. Fsihi H, Vincent V, Cole S. Homing events in the gyrA gene of some mycobacteria. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1996;93:3410-5 pubmed
  5. Simmler M, Heard E, Rougeulle C, Cruaud C, Weissenbach J, Avner P. Localization and expression analysis of a novel conserved brain expressed transcript, Brx/BRX, lying within the Xic/XIC candidate region. Mamm Genome. 1997;8:760-6 pubmed
    ..BRX is a new potential candidate for one of the X-linked mental retardation syndromes mapped within the pericentromeric region of the human X Chromosome (Chr). ..
  6. Goussard S, Sougakoff W, Mabilat C, Bauernfeind A, Courvalin P. An IS1-like element is responsible for high-level synthesis of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase TEM-6 in Enterobacteriaceae. J Gen Microbiol. 1991;137:2681-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The element appeared to be widespread and was detected in strains producing TEM-6 or other TEM variants...
  7. Delattre O, Zucman J, Melot T, Garau X, Zucker J, Lenoir G, et al. The Ewing family of tumors--a subgroup of small-round-cell tumors defined by specific chimeric transcripts. N Engl J Med. 1994;331:294-9 pubmed
    ..This approach can be applied to small specimens obtained by fine-needle biopsies. ..
  8. Honor N, Cole S. Streptomycin resistance in mycobacteria. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 1994;38:238-42 pubmed
    ..avium, M. gordonae, and M. szulgai, that are naturally resistant to streptomycin. This suggests that permeability barriers may be responsible for the resistance to the antibiotic...
  9. Zucman Rossi J, Legoix P, Thomas G. Identification of new members of the Gas2 and Ras families in the 22q12 chromosome region. Genomics. 1996;38:247-54 pubmed
    ..Although no mutation was observed in a small set of meningiomas and schwannomas, alteration of these new genes should now be searched in other tumors with frequent allelic losses on chromosome 22 not associated with NF2 mutation. ..
  10. Steffen P, Goyard S, Ullmann A. The Bordetella pertussis sigma subunit of RNA polymerase confers enhanced expression of fha in Escherichia coli. Mol Microbiol. 1997;23:945-54 pubmed
    ..coli UQ285 strains carrying the B. pertussis bvg locus. We discuss the implications of these results on the mechanisms involved in the activation of virulence-associated promoters...
  11. Kirszenbaum M, Djoulah S, Hors J, Le Gall I, de Oliveira E, Prost S, et al. HLA-G gene polymorphism segregation within CEPH reference families. Hum Immunol. 1997;53:140-7 pubmed
    ..Only one of the mutations observed was found to be nonsynonymous indicating low polymorphism of the HLA-G molecule. ..
  12. Poyart C, Quesne G, Coulon S, Berche P, Trieu Cuot P. Identification of streptococci to species level by sequencing the gene encoding the manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase. J Clin Microbiol. 1998;36:41-7 pubmed
    ..We propose this method for the characterization of strains that cannot be assigned to a species on the basis of their conventional phenotypic reactions...
  13. Regina A, Koman A, Piciotti M, el Hafny B, Center M, Bergmann R, et al. Mrp1 multidrug resistance-associated protein and P-glycoprotein expression in rat brain microvessel endothelial cells. J Neurochem. 1998;71:705-15 pubmed
    ..We suggest that in rat brain, Mrp1, unlike P-gp, is not predominantly expressed in the blood-brain barrier endothelial cells and that Mrp1 and the mdr1b P-gp isoform may be present in other cerebral cells. ..
  14. Schlegel L, Merad B, Rostane H, Broc V, Bouvet A. In vitro activity of midecamycin diacetate, a 16-membered macrolide, against Streptococcus pyogenes isolated in France, 1995-1999. Clin Microbiol Infect. 2001;7:362-6 pubmed
    ..Midecamycin diacetate is active against most S. pyogenes strains isolated in France and may represent an attractive alternative to the treatment of streptococcal infections due to resistant isolates with efflux of erythromycin. ..
  15. Gesina E, Blondeau B, Milet A, Le Nin I, Duchene B, Czernichow P, et al. Glucocorticoid signalling affects pancreatic development through both direct and indirect effects. Diabetologia. 2006;49:2939-47 pubmed
    ..GR does not appear necessary for early phases, but its accurate dosage is critical to modulate beta cell mass expansion at later fetal stages, presumably through direct effects. ..
  16. Ashley E, Pinoges L, Turyakira E, Dorsey G, Checchi F, Bukirwa H, et al. Different methodological approaches to the assessment of in vivo efficacy of three artemisinin-based combination antimalarial treatments for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in African children. Malar J. 2008;7:154 pubmed publisher
    ..Use of survival analysis is the most appropriate way to estimate failure rates with parasitological recurrence classified as treatment failure on the day it occurs. ..
  17. Achour A, Malet I, Deback C, Bonnafous P, Boutolleau D, Gautheret Dejean A, et al. Length variability of telomeric repeat sequences of human herpesvirus 6 DNA. J Virol Methods. 2009;159:127-30 pubmed publisher
    ..The PCR-based analysis of HHV-6 TRS has a limited sensitivity but is highly specific, which provides the opportunity to include it in the set of molecular tools dedicated to the study of HHV-6 epidemiology...
  18. Lucotte G, Mercier G, Dieterlen F, Yuasa I. A decreasing gradient of 374F allele frequencies in the skin pigmentation gene SLC45A2, from the north of West Europe to North Africa. Biochem Genet. 2010;48:26-33 pubmed publisher
    ..869). The results confirm that the distribution of the 374F allele may reflect the ultraviolet radiation level and can be associated with skin color variation in these regions. ..
  19. Bessaud M, Pelletier I, Blondel B, Delpeyroux F. A Rapid Method for Engineering Recombinant Polioviruses or Other Enteroviruses. Methods Mol Biol. 2016;1387:251-62 pubmed publisher
    ..This method permits the rapid recovery of modified viruses that can be subsequently amplified on adequate cell-lines. ..
  20. Rotig A, Parfait B, Heidet L, Dujardin G, Rustin P, Munnich A. Sequence and structure of the human OXA1L gene and its upstream elements. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1997;1361:6-10 pubmed
    ..The screening of OXA1L mutation in patients with multiple respiratory chain deficiency is now feasible. ..
  21. Reis A, Hani E, Beressi N, Robert J, Bresson J, Froguel P, et al. Allelic variation in exon 18 of the sulfonylurea receptor 1 (SUR1) gene, insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity in nondiabetic relatives of type 2 diabetic subjects. Diabetes Metab. 2002;28:209-15 pubmed
    ..Here we assess beta-cell function and insulin sensitivity in carriers of different genotypes at this locus...
  22. Laurendeau I, Ferrer M, Garrido D, D Haene N, Ciavarelli P, Basso A, et al. Gene expression profiling of ErbB receptors and ligands in human meningiomas. Cancer Invest. 2009;27:691-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Ligands EGF, TGFA, AREG, DTR, BTD were underexpressed and the neuregulins were overexpressed or underexpressed. A strong ErbB1-ErbB2 correlation was found. These data might be useful for gene therapy. ..
  23. Chaudru V, Lo M, Lesueur F, Marian C, Mohamdi H, Laud K, et al. Protective effect of copy number polymorphism of glutathione S-transferase T1 gene on melanoma risk in presence of CDKN2A mutations, MC1R variants and host-related phenotypes. Fam Cancer. 2009;8:371-7 pubmed publisher
    ..This study shows that even when a high-risk gene (CDKN2A) has been identified, multiple genetic modifiers influence melanoma risk. ..
  24. Liguory O, David F, Sarfati C, Schuitema A, Hartskeerl R, Derouin F, et al. Diagnosis of infections caused by Enterocytozoon bieneusi and Encephalitozoon intestinalis using polymerase chain reaction in stool specimens. AIDS. 1997;11:723-6 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that a PCR based assay using species-specific primers sets can be used successfully for microsporidian species differentiation from stool specimens, thus obviating the need for invasive biopsy procedures. ..
  25. Romand S, Wallon M, Franck J, Thulliez P, Peyron F, Dumon H. Prenatal diagnosis using polymerase chain reaction on amniotic fluid for congenital toxoplasmosis. Obstet Gynecol. 2001;97:296-300 pubmed
    ..To evaluate sensitivity, specificity, and predictive values of a prenatal amniotic fluid (AF) polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for diagnosis of congenital toxoplasmosis...
  26. Soria J, Morat L, Commo F, Dabit D, Perie S, Sabatier L, et al. Telomerase activation cooperates with inactivation of p16 in early head and neck tumorigenesis. Br J Cancer. 2001;84:504-11 pubmed
    ..3%). In conclusion, progression of disease is accompanied by a parallel and continuous increase in telomerase activity and alterations in cell cycle regulators (p16, cyclin D1), as proposed by in vitro models. ..
  27. Boulanger E, Agbalika F, Maarek O, Daniel M, Grollet L, Molina J, et al. A clinical, molecular and cytogenetic study of 12 cases of human herpesvirus 8 associated primary effusion lymphoma in HIV-infected patients. Hematol J. 2001;2:172-9 pubmed
  28. Valtat B, Dupuis C, Zenaty D, Singh Estivalet A, Tronche F, Breant B, et al. Genetic evidence of the programming of beta cell mass and function by glucocorticoids in mice. Diabetologia. 2011;54:350-9 pubmed publisher
    ..These results demonstrate the crucial role of excess fetal glucocorticoids and the importance of GR signalling in progenitor cells to programme beta cell mass and dysfunction. ..
  29. Sauvage V, Foulongne V, Cheval J, Ar Gouilh M, Pariente K, Dereure O, et al. Human polyomavirus related to African green monkey lymphotropic polyomavirus. Emerg Infect Dis. 2011;17:1364-70 pubmed publisher
    ..These results provide information on the viral ecology of human skin and raise new questions regarding the pathology of virus-associated skin disorders...
  30. Mabilat C, Lourençao Vital J, Goussard S, Courvalin P. A new example of physical linkage between Tn1 and Tn21: the antibiotic multiple-resistance region of plasmid pCFF04 encoding extended-spectrum beta-lactamase TEM-3. Mol Gen Genet. 1992;235:113-21 pubmed
    ..The presence of an integron can account for the various assortments of aminoglycoside resistance genes found associated with blaTEM-3. ..
  31. Cherif Zahar B, Bloy C, Le Van Kim C, Blanchard D, Bailly P, Hermand P, et al. Molecular cloning and protein structure of a human blood group Rh polypeptide. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1990;87:6243-7 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that the expression of the Rh gene(s) might be restricted to tissues or cell lines expressing erythroid characters. ..
  32. Fsihi H, Cole S. The Mycobacterium leprae genome: systematic sequence analysis identifies key catabolic enzymes, ATP-dependent transport systems and a novel polA locus associated with genomic variability. Mol Microbiol. 1995;16:909-19 pubmed
    ..leprae. This is the first evidence for genomic variability in the leprosy bacillus and might ultimately be useful for developing a molecular test capable of distinguishing between strains of M. leprae...
  33. Poyart C, Berche P, Trieu Cuot P. Characterization of superoxide dismutase genes from gram-positive bacteria by polymerase chain reaction using degenerate primers. FEMS Microbiol Lett. 1995;131:41-5 pubmed
    ..The method described in this study provides a means for easy recovery of sod genes and the construction of sod mutants of various Gram-positive pathogens...
  34. Lee W, Brey P. Isolation and characterization of the lysozyme-encoding gene from the silkworm Bombyx mori. Gene. 1995;161:199-203 pubmed
    ..This gene expression was up-regulated in fat body, hemocytes and cuticular epidermal tissue following the injection of Gram+ bacteria...
  35. DiSanto J, Bonnefoy J, Gauchat J, Fischer A, de Saint Basile G. CD40 ligand mutations in x-linked immunodeficiency with hyper-IgM. Nature. 1993;361:541-3 pubmed
    ..These genetic alterations with abnormal CD40L expression provide a molecular basis for immunoglobulin isotype switch defects observed in this immunodeficiency. ..
  36. Barrat F, Depetris D, Certain S, Mattei M, de Saint Basile G. Localization of the Rab escort protein-2 (REP2) and inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate 3-kinase (ITPKB) genes to mouse chromosome 1 by in situ hybridization and precision of the syntenic regions between mouse and human 1q42-q44. Genomics. 1997;43:111-3 pubmed
  37. Soufir N, Lacapere J, Bertrand G, Matichard E, Meziani R, Mirebeau D, et al. Germline mutations of the INK4a-ARF gene in patients with suspected genetic predisposition to melanoma. Br J Cancer. 2004;90:503-9 pubmed
    ..This study confirms that INK4a-ARF mutations are infrequent outside stringent familial criteria, and that germline INK4a-ARF deletions are rarely involved in genetic predisposition to melanoma. ..
  38. Mirlesse V, Duguy N, Cynober E, François Magny J, Daffos F. Alphafoetoprotein and acetylcholinesterase in amniotic fluid as a factor suggesting fetal skin and nerve lesions in a case of congenital varicella syndrome. Prenat Diagn. 2004;24:498-500 pubmed
    ..The frequency of maternofetal transmission is low. Ultrasound is the usual tool for prenatal survey of exposed fetuses. But many anomalies due to VZV infection are not accessible to ultrasound alone...
  39. Stevanin G, Durr A, Dussert C, Penet C, Brice A. Mutations in the FGF14 gene are not a major cause of spinocerebellar ataxia in Caucasians. Neurology. 2004;63:936 pubmed
  40. Chomont N, Hocini H, Gresenguet G, Brochier C, Bouhlal H, Andreoletti L, et al. Early archives of genetically-restricted proviral DNA in the female genital tract after heterosexual transmission of HIV-1. AIDS. 2007;21:153-62 pubmed
  41. Liu S, Bohl D, Blanchard S, Bacci J, Said G, Heard J. Combination of microsurgery and gene therapy for spinal dorsal root injury repair. Mol Ther. 2009;17:992-1002 pubmed publisher
    ..This combination treatment provides means to reduce disability due to somatosensory defects after brachial plexus injury. ..
  42. Pallier K, Houllier A, Le Corre D, Cazes A, Laurent Puig P, Blons H. No somatic genetic change in the paxillin gene in nonsmall-cell lung cancer. Mol Carcinog. 2009;48:581-5 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, we do not deny the possible involvement of PXN in cancer but our findings do not support a major role for PXN somatic changes in lung carcinogenesis. ..
  43. Avettand Fenoel V, Flandre P, Chaix M, Ghosn J, Delaugerre C, Raffi F, et al. Impact of 48 week lopinavir/ritonavir monotherapy on blood cell-associated HIV-1-DNA in the MONARK trial. J Antimicrob Chemother. 2010;65:1005-7 pubmed publisher
    ..This impact should be evaluated with other boosted protease inhibitor monotherapies. ..
  44. Raffoux E, Cras A, Recher C, Boelle P, de Labarthe A, Turlure P, et al. Phase 2 clinical trial of 5-azacitidine, valproic acid, and all-trans retinoic acid in patients with high-risk acute myeloid leukemia or myelodysplastic syndrome. Oncotarget. 2010;1:34-42 pubmed
    ..Epigenetic modulation deserves prospective comparisons to conventional care in patients with high-risk AML, at least in those presenting previously untreated disease and low blast count. ..
  45. Maillard P, Walic M, Meuleman P, Roohvand F, Huby T, Le Goff W, et al. Lipoprotein lipase inhibits hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection by blocking virus cell entry. PLoS ONE. 2011;6:e26637 pubmed publisher
    ..These mechanisms lead to immobilization of the virus at the cell surface. HCV-associated lipoproteins may therefore be a promising target for the development of new therapeutic approaches. ..
  46. Guerout A, Iqbal N, Mine N, Ducos Galand M, Van Melderen L, Mazel D. Characterization of the phd-doc and ccd toxin-antitoxin cassettes from Vibrio superintegrons. J Bacteriol. 2013;195:2270-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Based on these results, we discuss the possible biological functions of these TA systems in superintegrons...
  47. Depienne C, Bugiani M, Dupuits C, Galanaud D, Touitou V, Postma N, et al. Brain white matter oedema due to ClC-2 chloride channel deficiency: an observational analytical study. Lancet Neurol. 2013;12:659-68 pubmed publisher
  48. Ferroni A, Al Khoury H, Dana C, Quesne G, Berche P, Glorion C, et al. Prospective survey of acute osteoarticular infections in a French paediatric orthopedic surgery unit. Clin Microbiol Infect. 2013;19:822-8 pubmed publisher
    ..kingae turned out to be the first causative agent. The probabilistic treatment was active against the main bacteria responsible for paediatric OAI. ..
  49. Andriantsoanirina V, Fang F, Ariey F, Izri A, Foulet F, Botterel F, et al. Are humans the initial source of canine mange?. Parasit Vectors. 2016;9:177 pubmed publisher
    ..Phylogenetic relatedness may have an impact in terms of epidemiological control strategy. Our results and other recent studies suggest to re-evaluate the level of transmission between domestic dogs and humans. ..
  50. Plassart E, Reboul J, Rime C, Recan D, Millasseau P, Eymard B, et al. Mutations in the muscle sodium channel gene (SCN4A) in 13 French families with hyperkalemic periodic paralysis and paramyotonia congenita: phenotype to genotype correlations and demonstration of the predominance of two mutations. Eur J Hum Genet. 1994;2:110-24 pubmed
    ..Recurrent mutations of SCN4A may contribute to the predominance of these two mutations in the French population. ..
  51. Ombrouck C, Ciceron L, Desportes Livage I. Specific and rapid detection of Microsporidia in stool specimens from AIDS patients by PCR. Parasite. 1996;3:85-6 pubmed
    ..A new PCR assay is proposed for the rapid and specific detection of these parasites in stools. ..
  52. Arsene F, Kaminski P, Elmerich C. Modulation of NifA activity by PII in Azospirillum brasilense: evidence for a regulatory role of the NifA N-terminal domain. J Bacteriol. 1996;178:4830-8 pubmed
    ..We propose a model for the regulation of NifA activity in A. brasilense. ..
  53. Legoix P, Legrand M, Ollagnon E, Lenoir G, Thomas G, Zucman Rossi J. Characterisation of 16 polymorphic markers in the NF2 gene: application to hemizygosity detection. Hum Mutat. 1999;13:290-3 pubmed
    ..To facilitate the deletion screening, 16 polymorphic markers were identified in the NF2 genomic sequence enabling an hemizygosity test in familial studies. ..
  54. Delarbre C, Escriva H, Gallut C, Barriel V, Kourilsky P, Janvier P, et al. The complete nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial DNA of the agnathan Lampetra fluviatilis: bearings on the phylogeny of cyclostomes. Mol Biol Evol. 2000;17:519-29 pubmed
    ..The present data set does not allow the resolution of this three-taxon problem, and new kinds of data, such as nuclear DNA sequences, need to be collected. ..
  55. Ibanez P, Bonnet A, Débarges B, Lohmann E, Tison F, Pollak P, et al. Causal relation between alpha-synuclein gene duplication and familial Parkinson's disease. Lancet. 2004;364:1169-71 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that SNCA is more frequently associated with familial Parkinson's disease than previously thought, and that there is a clear dosage effect according to the number of supernumerary copies of this gene. ..
  56. Réglier Poupet H, Naas T, Carrër A, Cady A, Adam J, Fortineau N, et al. Performance of chromID ESBL, a chromogenic medium for detection of Enterobacteriaceae producing extended-spectrum beta-lactamases. J Med Microbiol. 2008;57:310-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Its chromogenic properties and its selectivity are particularly useful in specimens containing resident associated flora. ..
  57. Saint Ruf C, Ungewiss K, Groettrup M, Bruno L, Fehling H, von Boehmer H. Analysis and expression of a cloned pre-T cell receptor gene. Science. 1994;266:1208-12 pubmed
    ..Identification of the pT alpha gene represents an essential step in the structure-function analysis of the pre-TCR complex. ..
  58. Delassus S, Coutinho G, Saucier C, Darche S, Kourilsky P. Differential cytokine expression in maternal blood and placenta during murine gestation. J Immunol. 1994;152:2411-20 pubmed
    ..We discuss these results in the context of the placenta as a privileged immune site, where IL-4, being the main cytokine, may play a major regulatory role. ..
  59. Segues B, Veber P, Rabier D, Calvas P, Saudubray J, Gilbert Dussardier B, et al. A 3-base pair in-frame deletion in exon 8 (delGlu272/273) of the ornithine transcarbamylase gene in late-onset hyperammonemic coma. Hum Mutat. 1996;8:373-4 pubmed
  60. Viollet C, Bodenant C, Prunotto C, Roosterman D, Schaefer J, Meyerhof W, et al. Differential expression of multiple somatostatin receptors in the rat cerebellum during development. J Neurochem. 1997;68:2263-72 pubmed
    ..sst5 mRNA was undetectable. The results show the expression of four somatostatin receptor genes, but only three receptors (sst1, sst4, and mainly sst2) were detected as binding sites during cerebellar development. ..
  61. Picardeau M, Vincent V. Mycobacterial linear plasmids have an invertron-like structure related to other linear replicons in actinomycetes. Microbiology. 1998;144 ( Pt 7):1981-8 pubmed publisher
  62. Longuemaux S, Delomenie C, Gallou C, Mejean A, Vincent Viry M, Bouvier R, et al. Candidate genetic modifiers of individual susceptibility to renal cell carcinoma: a study of polymorphic human xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes. Cancer Res. 1999;59:2903-8 pubmed
    ..These positive findings suggest that interindividual variation in the metabolic pathways involved in the functionalization and detoxification of specific xenobiotics is an important susceptibility factor for RCC in Caucasians. ..
  63. Ray P, Harper J, Ao A, Taylor D, Winston R, Hughes M, et al. Successful preimplantation genetic diagnosis for sex Link Lesch--Nyhan Syndrome using specific diagnosis. Prenat Diagn. 1999;19:1237-41 pubmed
    ..Three PGD cycles were performed using this specific diagnostic test before a successful pregnancy was achieved resulting in the birth of a healthy unaffected baby girl...
  64. Klochendler Yeivin A, Fiette L, Barra J, Muchardt C, Babinet C, Yaniv M. The murine SNF5/INI1 chromatin remodeling factor is essential for embryonic development and tumor suppression. EMBO Rep. 2000;1:500-6 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, heterozygous mice develop nervous system and soft tissue sarcomas. In these tumors the wild-type allele was lost, providing further evidence that SNF5 functions as a tumor suppressor gene in certain cell types. ..
  65. Florent M, Katsahian S, Vekhoff A, Levy V, Rio B, Marie J, et al. Prospective evaluation of a polymerase chain reaction-ELISA targeted to Aspergillus fumigatus and Aspergillus flavus for the early diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis in patients with hematological malignancies. J Infect Dis. 2006;193:741-7 pubmed
    ..8%. In addition to serial screening for GM antigenemia and radiological surveillance, PCR-ELISA may improve the rates of early diagnosis of IA and the management of patients with hematological malignancies. ..
  66. Goldschmidt P, Degorge S, Saint Jean C, Yera H, Year H, Zekhnini F, et al. Resistance of Acanthamoeba to classic DNA extraction methods used for the diagnosis of corneal infections. Br J Ophthalmol. 2008;92:112-5 pubmed
    ..A significant increase in the detection rates is obtained by adding a ProtK treatment (10 min at 56 degrees C) before the commercial procedures. ProtK+MagNA Pure yielded the best results in 30 min, followed by ProtK+QIAmp (150 min). ..
  67. Cousin C, Bracquart D, Contrepas A, Corvol P, Muller L, Nguyen G. Soluble form of the (pro)renin receptor generated by intracellular cleavage by furin is secreted in plasma. Hypertension. 2009;53:1077-82 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, our results show that s(P)RR is generated intracellularly by furin cleavage, and that s(P)RR detected in plasma is able to bind renin. ..
  68. Diallo A, Ndam N, Moussiliou A, Dos Santos S, Ndonky A, Borderon M, et al. Asymptomatic carriage of plasmodium in urban Dakar: the risk of malaria should not be underestimated. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e31100 pubmed publisher
    ..PCR may be the best tool for measuring plasmodium prevalence in the context of low transmission. Environmental conditions play a major role in the heterogeneity of parasite prevalence within sites. ..
  69. Vignal A, London J, Rahuel C, Cartron J. Promoter sequence and chromosomal organization of the genes encoding glycophorins A, B and E. Gene. 1990;95:289-93 pubmed
    ..On the basis of these studies, a model of the gene organization is proposed to explain the rearrangements occurring in the variants. ..
  70. Boursaux Eude C, Saint Girons I, Zuerner R. IS1500, an IS3-like element from Leptospira interrogans. Microbiology. 1995;141 ( Pt 9):2165-73 pubmed
    ..interrogans serovars icterohaemorrhagiae and pomona showed insertions were only on the large chromosomal replicon. The location of some IS1500 insertions coincides with regions of the genome that have undergone large rearrangements. ..
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