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  1. Benlhassan Chahour K, Penit C, Dioszeghy V, Vasseur F, Janvier G, Riviere Y, et al. Kinetics of lymphocyte proliferation during primary immune response in macaques infected with pathogenic simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac251: preliminary report of the effect of early antiviral therapy. J Virol. 2003;77:12479-93 pubmed
    ..The results and conclusions in this study are based on experiments in a small numbers of animals and are thus preliminary. ..
  2. Bodaghi B, Goureau O, Zipeto D, Laurent L, Virelizier J, Michelson S. Role of IFN-gamma-induced indoleamine 2,3 dioxygenase and inducible nitric oxide synthase in the replication of human cytomegalovirus in retinal pigment epithelial cells. J Immunol. 1999;162:957-64 pubmed
    ..Thus, CMV infection blocks the inducible nitric oxide synthase pathway activated by IFN-gamma and IL-1beta, but cannot counteract the IFN-induced IDO pathway, which ultimately controls its replication in primary human RPE cells. ..
  3. Gayet A, Plaisance P, Bergmann J, Mouly S. Development of sarcoidosis following completion of treatment for hepatitis C with pegylated interferon-{alpha}2a and ribavirin: a case report and literature review. Clin Med Res. 2010;8:163-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Pathophysiological mechanisms involved in the development of antiviral therapy-induced sarcoidosis are discussed. ..
  4. Levi L, Gnädig N, Beaucourt S, McPherson M, Baron B, Arnold J, et al. Fidelity variants of RNA dependent RNA polymerases uncover an indirect, mutagenic activity of amiloride compounds. PLoS Pathog. 2010;6:e1001163 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results uncover a new antiviral approach based on mutagenesis. ..
  5. Perrier M, Desire N, Deback C, Agut H, Boutolleau D, Burrel S. Complementary assays for monitoring susceptibility of varicella-zoster virus resistance to antivirals. J Virol Methods. 2016;233:10-4 pubmed publisher
    ..In parallel, the impact of TK changes on ACV phosphorylation activity was examined using a nonradioactive in vitro enzymatic assay. ..
  6. Asselah T, Estrabaud E, Bieche I, Lapalus M, De Muynck S, Vidaud M, et al. Hepatitis C: viral and host factors associated with non-response to pegylated interferon plus ribavirin. Liver Int. 2010;30:1259-69 pubmed publisher
    ..The goal of this review is to present the mechanisms of non-response, to overcome it and to identify factors that can help to predict the response to anti-HCV therapy. ..
  7. Fauroux B. Special populations. Paediatr Respir Rev. 2009;10 Suppl 1:21-2 pubmed publisher
    ..Studies have demonstrated a significant reduction (approximately 50%) in the rate of RSV hospitalisation in high-risk infants treated with palivizumab during the RSV season. ..
  8. Mellon G, Stitou H, Aoun O, Tubiana R, Thibault V, Valantin M, et al. Lateral rectus muscle paralysis induced by ribavirin and pegylated interferon-α2a in a patient with HIV/HCV co-infection. J Infect Chemother. 2012;18:937-8 pubmed publisher
    ..Symptoms fully resolved with treatment interruption without any ophthalmological sequelae. This side effect is rare and has never been reported in a HIV-HCV co-infected patient. ..
  9. Beq S, Rozlan S, Pelletier S, Willems B, Bruneau J, Lelievre J, et al. Altered thymic function during interferon therapy in HCV-infected patients. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e34326 pubmed publisher
    ..Altogether, this study suggests the therapeutic potential of IL-7 in the maintenance of peripheral T-cell homeostasis in IFN?-treated patients. ..

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  1. Benoist G, Leruez Ville M, Magny J, Jacquemard F, Salomon L, Ville Y. Management of pregnancies with confirmed cytomegalovirus fetal infection. Fetal Diagn Ther. 2013;33:203-14 pubmed publisher
    ..This prenatal diagnosis is mainly performed when ultrasound abnormalities are observed. The purpose of this mini-review is to describe the management options when a fetus is known to be infected. ..
  2. Zeuzem S, Hézode C, Bronowicki J, Loustaud Ratti V, Gea F, Buti M, et al. Daclatasvir plus simeprevir with or without ribavirin for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 1 infection. J Hepatol. 2016;64:292-300 pubmed publisher
    ..Daclatasvir plus simeprevir, with or without ribavirin, was effective with a 12- or 24-week duration in genotype 1b-infected patients and was well tolerated. identifier: NCT01628692. ..
  3. Brouard C, Boussac Zarebska M, Silvain C, Durand J, de Lédinghen V, Pillonel J, et al. Rapid and large-scale implementation of HCV treatment advances in France, 2007-2015. BMC Infect Dis. 2017;17:784 pubmed publisher
    ..Successive advances in HCV treatment have been rapidly and widely implemented in France. With the announcement of universal access to DAAs in mid-2016 and price reductions, access to 2nd-wave DAAs is expected to expand even more. ..
  4. Sene D, Touitou V, Bodaghi B, Saadoun D, Perlemuter G, Cassoux N, et al. Intraocular complications of IFN-alpha and ribavirin therapy in patients with chronic viral hepatitis C. World J Gastroenterol. 2007;13:3137-40 pubmed
    ..Rare as they are, such severe ophthalmological complications require a close follow-up of HCV-infected patients under IFN-alpha treatment with ophthalmological monitoring if any ocular manifestation occurs. ..
  5. Oksenhendler E. HIV-associated multicentric Castleman disease. Curr Opin HIV AIDS. 2009;4:16-21 pubmed
  6. Saadoun D, Resche Rigon M, Sene D, Terrier B, Karras A, Perard L, et al. Rituximab plus Peg-interferon-alpha/ribavirin compared with Peg-interferon-alpha/ribavirin in hepatitis C-related mixed cryoglobulinemia. Blood. 2010;116:326-34; quiz 504-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings indicate that rituximab combined with Peg-IFN-alpha/ribavirin is well tolerated and more effective than Peg-IFN-alpha/ribavirin in HCV-MC. ..
  7. Arends J, Lieveld F, Boeijen L, de Kanter C, van Erpecum K, Salmon D, et al. Natural history and treatment of HCV/HIV coinfection: Is it time to change paradigms?. J Hepatol. 2015;63:1254-62 pubmed publisher
    ..Additional importance of therapy is directed to drug-drug interactions and the impact of HCV reinfection, as well as the possibility of transmitted drug resistance. ..
  8. Cousien A, Leclerc P, Morissette C, Bruneau J, Roy Ã, Tran V, et al. The need for treatment scale-up to impact HCV transmission in people who inject drugs in Montréal, Canada: a modelling study. BMC Infect Dis. 2017;17:162 pubmed publisher
    ..A substantial treatment scale-up, regardless of fibrosis level, is necessary. While improving the rest of the cascade of care is necessary to optimize a TasP strategy and control the HCV epidemic, a treatment scale-up is first needed. ..
  9. Denis J, Chouraqui P, Karpouzas I, Hoang Xuan T, Pouliquen Y. [Treatment of superficial herpes simplex keratitis with vidarabine (Vira A): multicenter study of 100 cases]. J Fr Ophtalmol. 1990;13:143-50 pubmed
    ..Tolerance to Vira A ointment is good. Indications of Ara-A during ocular herpes are superficial keratitis, especially those resistant to IDU or, from experimental data, to ACV, and their prevention by a possible long term treatment...
  10. Boulanger E, Agbalika F, Maarek O, Daniel M, Grollet L, Molina J, et al. A clinical, molecular and cytogenetic study of 12 cases of human herpesvirus 8 associated primary effusion lymphoma in HIV-infected patients. Hematol J. 2001;2:172-9 pubmed
  11. Dhote R, Simon J, Papo T, Detournay B, Sailler L, Andre M, et al. Reactive hemophagocytic syndrome in adult systemic disease: report of twenty-six cases and literature review. Arthritis Rheum. 2003;49:633-9 pubmed
    ..In contrast, when RHS is present concomitantly with an active infection, immunosuppressive therapy needs to be lowered and antibiotic therapy should be instituted. ..
  12. Gozlan J, Lacombe K, Gault E, Raguin G, Girard P. Complete cure of HBV-HDV co-infection after 24weeks of combination therapy with pegylated interferon and ribavirin in a patient co-infected with HBV/HCV/HDV/HIV. J Hepatol. 2009;50:432-4 pubmed publisher
    ..An unexpected and extensive HDV replication was observed in this patient after HBs Ag had cleared from the serum, which was followed by a stable halt in HDV replication. Implications of this unusual observation will be discussed. ..
  13. Ancel D, Amiot X, Chaslin Ferbus D, Hagege I, Garioud A, Girot R, et al. Treatment of chronic hepatitis C in sickle cell disease and thalassaemic patients with interferon and ribavirin. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2009;21:726-9 pubmed publisher
    ..No earlier study of excellent haematological tolerance among SCD patients under ribavirin has been reported to date. The results of this study suggest that full dose ribavirin could be used from the start of treatment in SCD patients. ..
  14. Agut H. Deciphering the clinical impact of acute human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) infections. J Clin Virol. 2011;52:164-71 pubmed publisher
    ..This emphasizes the need for controlled studies addressing both the clinical impact and therapy of HHV-6 AIs. ..
  15. Pol S, Ghalib R, Rustgi V, Martorell C, Everson G, Tatum H, et al. Daclatasvir for previously untreated chronic hepatitis C genotype-1 infection: a randomised, parallel-group, double-blind, placebo-controlled, dose-finding, phase 2a trial. Lancet Infect Dis. 2012;12:671-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings support the further development of regimens containing 60 mg daclatasvir for the treatment of chronic genotype-1 HCV infection. Bristol-Myers Squibb. ..
  16. Poynard T, Bruix J, Schiff E, Diago M, Berg T, Moreno Otero R, et al. Improved inflammatory activity with peginterferon alfa-2b maintenance therapy in non-cirrhotic prior non-responders: a randomized study. J Hepatol. 2013;58:452-9 pubmed publisher
    ..5 years. Both FibroTest and ActiTest were significantly improved during maintenance therapy. ..
  17. Gasnault J, Taoufik Y. [New trends in progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy]. Rev Neurol (Paris). 2006;162:43-56 pubmed
    ..New trends in the understanding of the cellular immune response against the JC virus have direct implications for patient management and may lead to develop future strategy of immunotherapies for PML. ..
  18. Gabison E, Alfonsi N, Doan S, Racine L, Sultan G, Baudouin C, et al. Archipelago keratitis: a clinical variant of recurrent herpetic keratitis?. Ophthalmology. 2007;114:2000-5 pubmed
    ..Archipelago keratitis may be a new clinical variant of herpetic keratitis, reflecting herpetic dissemination from the limbus to the center of the cornea. ..
  19. Jouanguy E, Zhang S, Chapgier A, Sancho Shimizu V, Puel A, Picard C, et al. Human primary immunodeficiencies of type I interferons. Biochimie. 2007;89:878-83 pubmed
    ..These novel inherited disorders strongly suggest that type I IFN-mediated immunity is essential for protection against natural infections caused by several viruses in humans. ..
  20. Descamps V, Landry J, Frances C, Marinho E, Ratziu V, Chosidow O. Facial cosmetic filler injections as possible target for systemic sarcoidosis in patients treated with interferon for chronic hepatitis C: two cases. Dermatology. 2008;217:81-4 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose to perform a test for a hepatitis C virus infection before injecting a dermal filler and to inform the patient of this risk in case of a hepatitis C infection that could necessitate an interferon treatment. ..
  21. Guillevin L, Pagnoux C. [Treatment of systemic vasculitides]. Rev Prat. 2008;58:541-4 pubmed
    ..The treatment duration of non-infectious vasculitides is typically 18 to 24 months. The improvement in prognosis is due to the treatment as well as to anti-infectious prophylaxis and careful management of potential complications. ..
  22. Blanchon T, Geffrier F, Turbelin C, Daviaud I, Laouénan C, Duval X, et al. Use of neuraminidase inhibitors in primary health care during pandemic and seasonal influenza between 2009 and 2013. Antivir Ther. 2015;20:753-61 pubmed publisher
  23. Poizot Martin I, Bellissant E, Garraffo R, Colson P, Piroth L, Solas C, et al. Addition of boceprevir to PEG-interferon/ribavirin in HIV-HCV-Genotype-1-coinfected, treatment-experienced patients: efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetics data from the ANRS HC27 study. HIV Clin Trials. 2016;17:63-71 pubmed publisher
    ..Scarce data exist on the efficacy and safety of the PEGylated-interferon/ribavirin/boceprevir regimen in HIV/HCV-coinfected patients who failed to respond to PEGylated-interferon/ribavirin treatment...
  24. Papeix C, Dumurgier J, Milea D, Pierrot D. [Complete ophthalmoplegia complicating ophthalmic herpes zoster]. Rev Neurol (Paris). 2005;161:590-2 pubmed
    ..MRI showed an associated ipsilateral temporal meningioma with cavernous sinus extension. We discuss the possible responsibility of these two conditions in the ocular motor signs. ..
  25. Medeiros R, Rameix Welti M, Lorin V, Ribaud P, Manuguerra J, Socie G, et al. Failure of zanamivir therapy for pneumonia in a bone-marrow transplant recipient infected by a zanamivir-sensitive influenza A (H1N1) virus. Antivir Ther. 2007;12:571-6 pubmed
    ..Subsequent oral treatment with oseltamivir allowed complete recovery. Poor bioavailability of zanamivir in the peripheral lungs might have been limiting treatment efficacy in such an immunocompromised patient. ..
  26. Delaugerre C, Chaix M, Blanche S, Warszawski J, Cornet D, Dollfus C, et al. Perinatal acquisition of drug-resistant HIV-1 infection: mechanisms and long-term outcome. Retrovirology. 2009;6:85 pubmed publisher
    ..In most cases (75%), drug resistance was archived in the cellular reservoir and persisted during infancy, with or without antiretroviral treatment. This finding stresses the need for effective antiretroviral treatment of pregnant women. ..
  27. Topalis D, Pradère U, Roy V, Caillat C, Azzouzi A, Broggi J, et al. Novel antiviral C5-substituted pyrimidine acyclic nucleoside phosphonates selected as human thymidylate kinase substrates. J Med Chem. 2011;54:222-32 pubmed publisher
    ..19 ?M), in contrast to the corresponding inactive (Z) derivatives. Thus, their antiviral activity correlates with their ability to act as thymidylate kinase substrates. ..
  28. Rozenberg F, Deback C, Agut H. Herpes simplex encephalitis : from virus to therapy. Infect Disord Drug Targets. 2011;11:235-50 pubmed
    ..Nevertheless the identification and development of novel therapeutic strategies against HSV appears to be a non dispensable objective for future research in virology. ..
  29. Sabatte J, Faigle W, Ceballos A, Morelle W, Rodríguez Rodrígues C, Remes Lenicov F, et al. Semen clusterin is a novel DC-SIGN ligand. J Immunol. 2011;187:5299-309 pubmed publisher
  30. Berdugo M, Larsen I, Abadie C, Deloche C, Kowalczuk L, Touchard E, et al. Ocular distribution, spectrum of activity, and in vivo viral neutralization of a fully humanized anti-herpes simplex virus IgG Fab fragment following topical application. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2012;56:1390-402 pubmed publisher
    ..It is well tolerated and does not alter reepithelialization. Further studies to improve the antiviral effect are needed for AC-8 to be considered for therapeutic use. ..
  31. Pascale A, Serfaty L. Triple therapy with first generation HCV protease inhibitors: lead-in or no lead-in phase?. J Hepatol. 2013;58:391-4 pubmed publisher
  32. Servais S, Dumontier N, Biard L, Schnepf N, Resche Rigon M, Peffault de Latour R, et al. Response to antiviral therapy in haematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients with cytomegalovirus (CMV) reactivation according to the donor CMV serological status. Clin Microbiol Infect. 2016;22:289.e1-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Virological drug-resistance remained rare. ..
  33. Andouard D, Mazeron M, Ligat G, Couvreux A, Pouteil Noble C, Cahen R, et al. Contrasting effect of new HCMV pUL54 mutations on antiviral drug susceptibility: Benefits and limits of 3D analysis. Antiviral Res. 2016;129:115-119 pubmed publisher
    ..However, 3D homology model analysis has limits and phenotypic characterization using BAC-HCMV is still essential to measure the role of unknown mutations. ..
  34. Ndow G, Gore M, Shimakawa Y, Suso P, Jatta A, Tamba S, et al. Hepatitis B testing and treatment in HIV patients in The Gambia-Compliance with international guidelines and clinical outcomes. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0179025 pubmed publisher
    ..However, the excellent uptake of HBV screening and linkage to care in our study suggests feasible improvements. ..
  35. Terrier B, Saadoun D, Sene D, Sellam J, Perard L, Coppere B, et al. Efficacy and tolerability of rituximab with or without PEGylated interferon alfa-2b plus ribavirin in severe hepatitis C virus-related vasculitis: a long-term followup study of thirty-two patients. Arthritis Rheum. 2009;60:2531-40 pubmed publisher
    ..Relapses were consistently associated with the absence of virologic control. The clinical and immunologic efficacy of rituximab after repeated infusion appeared to be the same as that observed after induction therapy. ..
  36. Cacoub P, Costedoat Chalumeau N, Lidove O, Alric L. Cryoglobulinemia vasculitis. Curr Opin Rheumatol. 2002;14:29-35 pubmed
  37. Abel L, Plancoulaine S, Jouanguy E, Zhang S, Mahfoufi N, Nicolas N, et al. Age-dependent Mendelian predisposition to herpes simplex virus type 1 encephalitis in childhood. J Pediatr. 2010;157:623-9, 629.e1 pubmed publisher
    ..There likely is incomplete penetrance, however, which may reflect, at least in part, the impact of age at the time of HSV-1 infection. ..
  38. Poynard T, Ngo Y, Munteanu M, Thabut D, Massard J, Moussalli J, et al. Biomarkers of liver injury for hepatitis clinical trials: a meta-analysis of longitudinal studies. Antivir Ther. 2010;15:617-31 pubmed publisher
    ..The same concordance was observed for FibroScan but with a possible overestimation of the fibrosis regression during the first weeks of treatment. ..
  39. Vallet Pichard A, Fontaine H, Mallet V, Pol S. Viral hepatitis in solid organ transplantation other than liver. J Hepatol. 2011;55:474-82 pubmed publisher
    ..Organ transplantations other than kidney (cardiac or pulmonary transplantations) involve the same diagnosis and therapeutic issues. ..
  40. Bricout F, Moraillon A, Sonntag P, Hoerner P, Blackwelder W, Plotkin S. Virus-inhibiting surgical glove to reduce the risk of infection by enveloped viruses. J Med Virol. 2003;69:538-45 pubmed
    ..In vivo tests with FIV and HSV in cats and mice, respectively, found smaller percentage reductions in infection than the in vitro tests but confirmed the virucidal effect of the gloves. ..
  41. Coriat R, Podevin P. Fulminant autoimmune hepatitis after successful interferon treatment in an HIV-HCV co-infected patient. Int J STD AIDS. 2008;19:208-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Diagnosis was assessed according to the international AIH scoring system, including liver biopsy and confirmed by positive response to steroid challenge. ..
  42. Mallet V, Nicand E, Sultanik P, Chakvetadze C, Tesse S, Thervet E, et al. Brief communication: case reports of ribavirin treatment for chronic hepatitis E. Ann Intern Med. 2010;153:85-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the relatively short follow-up, the achievement of HEV eradication could not be claimed. Ribavirin is a potentially effective treatment of HEV infection and should be evaluated in patients with chronic HEV infection. None. ..
  43. Kilic S, Puel A, Casanova J. Orf Infection in a Patient with Stat1 Gain-of-Function. J Clin Immunol. 2015;35:80-3 pubmed publisher
    ..This is the first patient with severe orf in the context of a well-defined genetically identified PID: CMC and inborn error of IL-17 immunity due to a GOF STAT1 mutation. ..
  44. d Arondel C, Munteanu M, Moussalli J, Thibault V, Naveau S, Simon A, et al. A prospective assessment of an 'a la carte' regimen of PEG-interferon alpha2b and ribavirin combination in patients with chronic hepatitis C using biochemical markers. J Viral Hepat. 2006;13:182-9 pubmed
    ..It achieves a 73% SVR and a significant decrease in fibrosis and activity as estimated by biochemical markers. ..
  45. Landau D, Rosenzwajg M, Saadoun D, Trebeden Negre H, Klatzmann D, Cacoub P. Correlation of clinical and virologic responses to antiviral treatment and regulatory T cell evolution in patients with hepatitis C virus-induced mixed cryoglobulinemia vasculitis. Arthritis Rheum. 2008;58:2897-907 pubmed publisher
  46. Casrouge A, Decalf J, Ahloulay M, Lababidi C, Mansour H, Vallet Pichard A, et al. Evidence for an antagonist form of the chemokine CXCL10 in patients chronically infected with HCV. J Clin Invest. 2011;121:308-17 pubmed publisher
    ..These data offer what we believe to be the first evidence for CXCL10 antagonism in human disease and identify a possible factor contributing to the inability of patients to clear HCV. ..
  47. Legoff J, Rousset D, Abou Jaoudé G, Scemla A, Ribaud P, Mercier Delarue S, et al. I223R mutation in influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 neuraminidase confers reduced susceptibility to oseltamivir and zanamivir and enhanced resistance with H275Y. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e37095 pubmed publisher
    ..Concomitant emergence of the I223R and H275Y mutations under oseltamivir treatment underlines the importance of close monitoring of treated patients especially those immunocompromised. ..
  48. Bienvenu B, Martinez F, Devergie A, Rybojad M, Rivet J, Bellenger P, et al. Topical use of cidofovir induced acute renal failure. Transplantation. 2002;73:661-2 pubmed
    ..We describe for the first time acute renal failure after topical cidofovir in an immunosuppressed patient with prior renal insufficiency. This method of administration should be avoided on abraded skin and should be carefully monitored. ..
  49. Izzedine H, Launay Vacher V, Isnard Bagnis C, Deray G. Drug-induced Fanconi's syndrome. Am J Kidney Dis. 2003;41:292-309 pubmed
    ..Acquired renal tubular defects resulting in FS also have been described in association with many exogenous agents, whether administered or accidentally ingested. This review concentrates on drug-induced FS...
  50. Dacheux L, Delmas O, Bourhy H. Human rabies encephalitis prevention and treatment: progress since Pasteur's discovery. Infect Disord Drug Targets. 2011;11:251-99 pubmed
    ..Finally, an analysis of the various antiviral compounds tested in rabies in vitro, in animal models or in humans is presented, focusing in particular on potential new strategies. ..
  51. Bucher J, Boelle P, Hubert D, Lebourgeois M, Stremler N, Durieu I, et al. Lessons from a French collaborative case-control study in cystic fibrosis patients during the 2009 A/H1N1 influenza pandemy. BMC Infect Dis. 2016;16:55 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results do not demonstrate any change in sputum colonization nor significant lung disease progression after pandemic A/H1N1 influenza. Clinical registration number: NCT01499914. ..
  52. Wang H, Xu R, Shi Y, Si L, Jiao P, Fan Z, et al. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel L-ascorbic acid-conjugated pentacyclic triterpene derivatives as potential influenza virus entry inhibitors. Eur J Med Chem. 2016;110:376-88 pubmed publisher
    ..Collectively, these results suggested that l-ascorbic acid-conjugated pentacyclic triterpenes were promising anti-influenza entry inhibitors, and HA protein associated with viral entry was a promising drug target. ..
  53. Gordien E, Rosmorduc O, Peltekian C, Garreau F, Brechot C, Kremsdorf D. Inhibition of hepatitis B virus replication by the interferon-inducible MxA protein. J Virol. 2001;75:2684-91 pubmed
    ..Our results show an antiviral effect of MxA protein on a DNA virus for the first time. MxA protein acts, at least in part, by inhibiting the nucleocytoplasmic export of viral mRNA via the PRE sequence. ..
  54. Chau Tran T, Cassoux N, Bodaghi B, Lehoang P. Successful treatment with combination of systemic antiviral drugs and intravitreal ganciclovir injections in the management of severe necrotizing herpetic retinitis. Ocul Immunol Inflamm. 2003;11:141-4 pubmed
    ..To report the use of intravenous (IV) antiviral agents and intravitreal ganciclovir injections in three immunocompetent patients with severe acute retinal necrosis (ARN)...
  55. Morel C, Metge F, Roman S, Scheer S, Larricart P, Monin C, et al. [Acute retinal necrosis: clinical presentation, treatment, and prognosis in a series of 22 patients]. J Fr Ophtalmol. 2004;27:7-13 pubmed
    ..To evaluate the clinical outcome and medical management in a series of patients diagnosed with acute retinal necrosis...
  56. Megarbane B, Résière D, Ferrand J, Raskine L, Vahedi K, Baud F. Difficulties in assessing cytomegalovirus-associated gastric perforation in an HIV-infected patient. BMC Infect Dis. 2005;5:28 pubmed
    ..CMV may be responsible for gastric perforations, with difficulties in assessing the diagnosis. Early diagnosis based on cautious endoscopy and histopathologic examination is needed to make a favorable outcome possible. ..
  57. de Schryver I, Rozenberg F, Cassoux N, Michelson S, Kestelyn P, LeHoang P, et al. Diagnosis and treatment of cytomegalovirus iridocyclitis without retinal necrosis. Br J Ophthalmol. 2006;90:852-5 pubmed
    ..To describe the diagnostic and therapeutic management of cytomegalovirus (CMV) anterior uveitis unassociated with retinal necrosis in immunocompetent patients...
  58. Servais A, Lechat P, Zahr N, Urien S, Aymard G, Jaudon M, et al. [Tubular transporters OAT1 and MRP2 and clearance of adefovir]. Nephrol Ther. 2005;1:296-300 pubmed
    ..Additional pharmacological inhibition of transporters decreased renal clearance, which may reflect inhibition of compensating transport mechanisms activated when MRP2 is lacking. ..
  59. Males S, Gad R, Esmat G, Abobakr H, Anwar M, Rekacewicz C, et al. Serum alpha-foetoprotein level predicts treatment outcome in chronic hepatitis C. Antivir Ther. 2007;12:797-803 pubmed
    ..If confirmed with genotypes other than 4, these findings would suggest adding serum AFP to the list of factors predictive of treatment response. ..
  60. Brehin A, Casademont I, Frenkiel M, Julier C, Sakuntabhai A, Despres P. The large form of human 2',5'-Oligoadenylate Synthetase (OAS3) exerts antiviral effect against Chikungunya virus. Virology. 2009;384:216-22 pubmed publisher
    ..HeLa cells expressing the truncated form of OAS3 were less resistant to CHIKV infection, raising the question on the involvement of OAS3 genetic polymorphism in human susceptibility to alphavirus infection. ..
  61. Poynard T, Colombo M, Bruix J, Schiff E, Terg R, Flamm S, et al. Peginterferon alfa-2b and ribavirin: effective in patients with hepatitis C who failed interferon alfa/ribavirin therapy. Gastroenterology. 2009;136:1618-28.e2 pubmed publisher
    ..Peginterferon alfa-2b plus weight-based ribavirin is effective and safe in patients who failed interferon alfa/ribavirin therapy. Genotype, baseline viral load, and fibrosis stage were predictors of response. ..
  62. Auvynet C, Topalis D, Caillat C, Munier Lehmann H, Seclaman E, Balzarini J, et al. Phosphorylation of dGMP analogs by vaccinia virus TMP kinase and human GMP kinase. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2009;388:6-11 pubmed publisher
    ..These results also provide new insights regarding dGMP analog reaction with human GMP kinase and their slow recycling by salvage pathway nucleotide kinases...
  63. Beuneu H, Deguine J, Breart B, Mandelboim O, Di Santo J, Bousso P. Dynamic behavior of NK cells during activation in lymph nodes. Blood. 2009;114:3227-34 pubmed publisher
    ..That NK cells become activated while remaining motile may constitute an efficient strategy for sampling local concentrations of cytokines around DCs in secondary lymphoid tissues. ..
  64. Charpentier C, Roquebert B, Delelis O, Larrouy L, Matheron S, Tubiana R, et al. Hot spots of integrase genotypic changes leading to HIV-2 resistance to raltegravir. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2011;55:1293-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, despite a 40% difference in integrase genes between HIV-1 and HIV-2, the genetic pathways leading to raltegravir resistance are similar. ..
  65. Lucas Hourani M, Dauzonne D, Jorda P, Cousin G, Lupan A, Helynck O, et al. Inhibition of pyrimidine biosynthesis pathway suppresses viral growth through innate immunity. PLoS Pathog. 2013;9:e1003678 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, the antiviral property of pyrimidine biosynthesis inhibitors is not a direct consequence of pyrimidine deprivation on the virus machinery, but rather involves the induction of cellular immune response. ..
  66. Abdelnabi R, Morais A, Leyssen P, Imbert I, Beaucourt S, Blanc H, et al. Understanding the Mechanism of the Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Activity of Favipiravir (T-705): Key Role of the F1 Motif of the Viral Polymerase. J Virol. 2017;91: pubmed publisher
  67. Mouly S, Aymard G, Diquet B, Caulin C, Bergmann J. Oral ganciclovir systemic exposure is enhanced in HIV-infected patients with diarrhea and weight loss. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2000;24:344-51 pubmed
    ..To determine whether diarrhea and intestinal malabsorption during HIV infection alter oral ganciclovir systemic exposure...
  68. Raschilas F, Wolff M, Delatour F, Chaffaut C, de Broucker T, Chevret S, et al. Outcome of and prognostic factors for herpes simplex encephalitis in adult patients: results of a multicenter study. Clin Infect Dis. 2002;35:254-60 pubmed
    ..Early administration of antiviral therapy is the only parameter that can be modified to improve the prognosis of patients with HSE...
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