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Locale: Rennes, Brittany, France
Topic: algorithms

Top Publications

  1. Kinnunen E, Mosorin M, Perrotti A, Ruggieri V, Svenarud P, Dalén M, et al. Validation of a New Classification Method of Postoperative Complications in Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Surgery. J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth. 2016;30:330-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The E-CABG postoperative complication classification seems to be a promising tool for stratifying the severity and prognostic impact of postoperative complications in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. ..
  2. Mucherino A, Lavor C, Liberti L. Exploiting symmetry properties of the discretizable molecular distance geometry problem. J Bioinform Comput Biol. 2012;10:1242009 pubmed publisher
    ..Computational experiments on artificial and protein instances are presented. ..
  3. Michel D. Conformational selection or induced fit? New insights from old principles. Biochimie. 2016;128-129:48-54 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, when induced fit and conformational selection coexist and allow kinetic cooperativity, the net flux emerging in the linkage cycle necessarily corresponds to the induced fit path. ..
  4. Rosier A, Mabo P, Temal L, Van Hille P, Dameron O, Deléger L, et al. Personalized and automated remote monitoring of atrial fibrillation. Europace. 2016;18:347-52 pubmed publisher
    ..The system was able to automatically classify the importance of 1783 AF alerts in 60 patients, which resulted in an 84% reduction in notification workload, while preserving patient safety. ..
  5. Emily M, Talvas A, Delamarche C. MetAmyl: a METa-predictor for AMYLoid proteins. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e79722 pubmed publisher
    ..We further show that MetAmyl is efficient to highlight the effect of point mutations involved in human amyloidosis, so we suggest this program should be a useful complementary tool for the diagnosis of these diseases. ..
  6. Peterlongo P, Noé L, Lavenier D, Nguyen V, Kucherov G, Giraud M. Optimal neighborhood indexing for protein similarity search. BMC Bioinformatics. 2008;9:534 pubmed publisher
    ..Such an index can be used in any study involving large protein data. Moreover, rectangular substitution score matrices and their associated statistical parameters can have applications in any study involving an alphabet reduction. ..
  7. Coirier V, Lescoat A, Fournet M, Cazalets C, Coiffier G, Jouneau S, et al. [Screening for pulmonary arterial hypertension in patients with systemic sclerosis: Comparison of DETECT algorithm to decisions of a multidisciplinary team, in a competence centre]. Rev Med Interne. 2017;38:502-507 pubmed publisher
    ..The DETECT algorithm is able to efficiently detect all PAH patients finally diagnosed by our multidisciplinary team. However, it increases by 3 the number of RHC that should be performed. ..
  8. Gruel J, Leborgne M, LeMeur N, Theret N. Simple Shared Motifs (SSM) in conserved region of promoters: a new approach to identify co-regulation patterns. BMC Bioinformatics. 2011;12:365 pubmed publisher
    ..Using unbiased clustering of genes, Simple Shared Motifs analysis constitutes an original contribution to provide a clearer definition of expression networks. ..
  9. Maillet N, Lemaitre C, Chikhi R, Lavenier D, Peterlongo P. Compareads: comparing huge metagenomic experiments. BMC Bioinformatics. 2012;13 Suppl 19:S10 pubmed publisher
    ..Using a new data structure, Compareads is a practical solution for comparing de novo huge metagenomic samples. Compareads is released under the CeCILL license and can be freely downloaded from ..

More Information


  1. Treguier C, Chapuis M, Branger B, Bruneau B, Grellier A, Chouklati K, et al. Pubo-femoral distance: an easy sonographic screening test to avoid late diagnosis of developmental dysplasia of the hip. Eur Radiol. 2013;23:836-44 pubmed publisher
    ..To propose an easy and reproducible sonographic screening test able to avoid late presentation of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH)...
  2. Le Corvec M, Jezequel C, Monbet V, Fatih N, Charpentier F, Tariel H, et al. Mid-infrared spectroscopy of serum, a promising non-invasive method to assess prognosis in patients with ascites and cirrhosis. PLoS ONE. 2017;12:e0185997 pubmed publisher
    ..Here we present the accuracy of a MIR-FEWS based predictive model for the prognosis of 6 months survival in patients with ascites and cirrhosis...
  3. Sczyrba A, Hofmann P, Belmann P, Koslicki D, Janssen S, Dröge J, et al. Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation-a benchmark of metagenomics software. Nat Methods. 2017;14:1063-1071 pubmed publisher
    ..The CAMI results highlight current challenges but also provide a roadmap for software selection to answer specific research questions...
  4. Fonteneau L, Le Meur N, Cohen Akenine A, Pessel C, Brouard C, Delon F, et al. [The use of administrative health databases in infectious disease epidemiology and public health]. Rev Epidemiol Sante Publique. 2017;65 Suppl 4:S174-S182 pubmed publisher
    ..However, incoming users need to be assisted. Thus, the workgroup will contribute to a reasonable use of AHD and support future developments. ..
  5. Bartolomei F, Lagarde S, Wendling F, McGonigal A, Jirsa V, Guye M, et al. Defining epileptogenic networks: Contribution of SEEG and signal analysis. Epilepsia. 2017;58:1131-1147 pubmed publisher
    ..The epileptogenic network concept is a key factor in identifying the anatomic distribution of the epileptogenic process, which is particularly important in the context of epilepsy surgery. ..
  6. Roussel P, Pujol Rey A, Arzur C. [Methologic contribution to blood transfusion materials surveillance]. Transfus Clin Biol. 2001;8:359-73 pubmed
    ..This is done in a chronological order with successively description of the incident, the assessment of the impact, the management of the associated risk, the periodical review of incidents and management of matters in dispute. ..
  7. Peterlongo P, Chikhi R. Mapsembler, targeted and micro assembly of large NGS datasets on a desktop computer. BMC Bioinformatics. 2012;13:48 pubmed publisher
    ..As indexing is localized, the memory footprint of Mapsembler is negligible. Mapsembler is released under the CeCILL license and can be freely downloaded from ..
  8. Derrien T, Estellé J, Marco Sola S, Knowles D, Raineri E, Guigo R, et al. Fast computation and applications of genome mappability. PLoS ONE. 2012;7:e30377 pubmed publisher
    ..The GEM mappability program belongs to the GEM (GEnome Multitool) suite of programs, which can be freely downloaded for any use from its website ( ..
  9. Raoult H, Petr J, Bannier E, Stamm A, Gauvrit J, Barillot C, et al. Arterial spin labeling for motor activation mapping at 3T with a 32-channel coil: reproducibility and spatial accuracy in comparison with BOLD fMRI. Neuroimage. 2011;58:157-67 pubmed publisher
    ..8%) than BOLD fMRI while maintaining high sensitivity (90.7%). The high intra-individual reproducibility and spatial accuracy of fASL revealed in the present study will subsequently be applied to pathological subjects. ..
  10. Blum Y, Le Mignon G, Lagarrigue S, Causeur D. A factor model to analyze heterogeneity in gene expression. BMC Bioinformatics. 2010;11:368 pubmed publisher
    ..As biological information and technological biases are identified in what was before simply considered as statistical noise, analyzing heterogeneity in gene expression yields a new point of view on transcriptomic data. ..
  11. Guziolowski C, Bourde A, Moreews F, Siegel A. BioQuali Cytoscape plugin: analysing the global consistency of regulatory networks. BMC Genomics. 2009;10:244 pubmed publisher
    ..As a main feature, the plugin guides further investigation regarding a system by highlighting regions in the network that are not accurately described and merit specific study. ..
  12. Veber P, Guziolowski C, Le Borgne M, Radulescu O, Siegel A. Inferring the role of transcription factors in regulatory networks. BMC Bioinformatics. 2008;9:228 pubmed publisher
    ..This is a key practical asset compared to statistical methods for network reconstruction. We demonstrate that our approach is able to provide accurate predictions, even when the network is incomplete and the data is noisy. ..
  13. Sevin E, Barloy Hubler F. RASTA-Bacteria: a web-based tool for identifying toxin-antitoxin loci in prokaryotes. Genome Biol. 2007;8:R155 pubmed
    ..The tool successfully confirmed all reported TA systems, and spotted new putative loci upon screening of sequenced genomes. RASTA-Bacteria is publicly available at ..