Experts and Doctors on proton translocating atpases in Bordeaux, Aquitaine Limousin Poitou Charentes, France


Locale: Bordeaux, Aquitaine Limousin Poitou Charentes, France
Topic: proton translocating atpases

Top Publications

  1. Michon T, Galante M, Velours J. NH2-terminal sequence of the isolated yeast ATP synthase subunit 6 reveals post-translational cleavage. Eur J Biochem. 1988;172:621-5 pubmed
    ..Thus, mature subunit 6 contains 249 amino acid residues and displays a molecular mass of 27943 Da. ..
  2. Spannagel C, Vaillier J, Arselin G, Graves P, Velours J. The subunit f of mitochondrial yeast ATP synthase--characterization of the protein and disruption of the structural gene ATP17. Eur J Biochem. 1997;247:1111-7 pubmed
    ..The null mutant mitochondria were devoid of oligomycin-sensitive ATPase, but still contained an active F1, while the subunits f, 6 and 8 were absent. ..
  3. Vaillier J, Arselin G, Graves P, Camougrand N, Velours J. Isolation of supernumerary yeast ATP synthase subunits e and i. Characterization of subunit i and disruption of its structural gene ATP18. J Biol Chem. 1999;274:543-8 pubmed
  4. Paumard P, Vaillier J, Napias C, Arselin G, Brethes D, Graves P, et al. Environmental study of subunit i, a F(o) component of the yeast ATP synthase. Biochemistry. 2000;39:4199-205 pubmed
  5. Lefebvre Legendre L, Vaillier J, Benabdelhak H, Velours J, Slonimski P, di Rago J. Identification of a nuclear gene (FMC1) required for the assembly/stability of yeast mitochondrial F(1)-ATPase in heat stress conditions. J Biol Chem. 2001;276:6789-96 pubmed
    ..However, unlike Atp12p and Atp11p, Fmc1p is not required in normal growth conditions (28--30 degrees C). We propose that Fmc1p is required for the proper folding/stability or functioning of Atp12p in heat stress conditions. ..
  6. Bustos D, Velours J. The modification of the conserved GXXXG motif of the membrane-spanning segment of subunit g destabilizes the supramolecular species of yeast ATP synthase. J Biol Chem. 2005;280:29004-10 pubmed