Experts and Doctors on skin abnormalities in Switzerland


Locale: Switzerland
Topic: skin abnormalities

Top Publications

  1. Willenberg T, Baumgartner I. Vascular birthmarks. Vasa. 2008;37:5-17 pubmed
    ..Beside conservative treatment strategies, use of laser, sclerotherapy, interventional embolization and surgical treatment are possible management options. Patients should receive multidisciplinary care in qualified vascular centres. ..
  2. Wankell M, Munz B, Hübner G, Hans W, Wolf E, Goppelt A, et al. Impaired wound healing in transgenic mice overexpressing the activin antagonist follistatin in the epidermis. EMBO J. 2001;20:5361-72 pubmed
    ..The wounds, however, finally healed, and the resulting scar area was smaller than in control animals. These results implicate an important function of endogenous activin in the control of wound repair and scar formation. ..
  3. Leyvraz C, Charles R, Rubera I, Guitard M, Rotman S, Breiden B, et al. The epidermal barrier function is dependent on the serine protease CAP1/Prss8. J Cell Biol. 2005;170:487-96 pubmed
    ..This study shows that CAP1/Prss8 expression in the epidermis is crucial for the epidermal permeability barrier and is, thereby, indispensable for postnatal survival. ..
  4. Itin P, Eich G, Fistarol S. Missing creases of distal finger joints as a diagnostic clue of nail-patella syndrome. Dermatology. 2006;213:153-5 pubmed
    ..With increasing costs in the health care system, it is important to recognize diseases by specific clinical findings which are often as predictive and precise as expensive technical investigations...
  5. Brodbeck M, Yousif Q, Diener P, Zweier M, Gruenert J. The Buschke-Ollendorff syndrome: a case report of simultaneous osteo-cutaneous malformations in the hand. BMC Res Notes. 2016;9:294 pubmed publisher
    ..A correct diagnosis of Buschke-Ollendorff syndrome is necessary to spare patients from expensive investigations and to provide reassurance about the benign nature of the disease. ..