Experts and Doctors on reoviridae in Argentina


Locale: Argentina
Topic: reoviridae

Top Publications

  1. Dist fano A, Conci L, Mu oz Hidalgo M, Guzm n F, Hopp H, del Vas M. Sequence and phylogenetic analysis of genome segments S1, S2, S3 and S6 of Mal de Río Cuarto virus, a newly accepted Fijivirus species. Virus Res. 2003;92:113-21 pubmed
    ..5 and 44.8%. The analysis of the reported sequences allowed a phylogenetic comparison of MRCV with other reovirus and supported its taxonomic status within the genus...
  2. Maroniche G, Mongelli V, Peralta A, Dist fano A, Llauger G, Taboga O, et al. Functional and biochemical properties of Mal de Río Cuarto virus (Fijivirus, Reoviridae) P9-1 viroplasm protein show further similarities to animal reovirus counterparts. Virus Res. 2010;152:96-103 pubmed publisher
    ..This extensive functional and biochemical characterization of MRCV P9-1 revealed further similarities between plant and animal reovirus viroplasm proteins...
  3. Maroniche G, Sagadín M, Mongelli V, Truol G, del Vas M. Reference gene selection for gene expression studies using RT-qPCR in virus-infected planthoppers. Virol J. 2011;8:308 pubmed publisher
    ..In order to normalize the resulting quantitative data, reference genes with constant expression during the experimental procedures are needed...
  4. Dist fano A, Conci L, Mu oz Hidalgo M, Guzm n F, Hopp H, del Vas M. Sequence analysis of genome segments S4 and S8 of Mal de Río Cuarto virus (MRCV): evidence that the virus should be a separate Fijivirus species. Arch Virol. 2002;147:1699-709 pubmed publisher
    ..We discussed the evolutionary relationships of MRCV to other Reoviridae, and based on phylogenetic analysis we proposed that although MRCV is related to MRDV, it could be regarded as a new species of the Fijivirus genus...
  5. Dist fano A, Hopp H, del Vas M. Sequence analysis of genome segments S5 and S10 of Mal de Rio Cuarto virus (Fijivirus, Reoviridae). Arch Virol. 2005;150:1241-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The protein coded by MRCV S10 had identity levels of 72.4% and 21.7% to the major outer capsid proteins of fijiviruses RBSDV S10 and NLRV S8...
  6. Maroniche G, Mongelli V, Llauger G, Alfonso V, Taboga O, del Vas M. In vivo subcellular localization of Mal de Río Cuarto virus (MRCV) non-structural proteins in insect cells reveals their putative functions. Virology. 2012;430:81-9 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, P9-2 was N-glycosylated and located at the plasma membrane in association with filopodia-like protrusions containing actin, suggesting a possible role in virus cell-to-cell movement and spread. ..