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  1. Dominguez Salazar E, Portillo W, Baum M, Bakker J, Paredes R. Effect of prenatal androgen receptor antagonist or aromatase inhibitor on sexual behavior, partner preference and neuronal Fos responses to estrous female odors in the rat accessory olfactory system. Physiol Behav. 2002;75:337-46 pubmed
  2. Cornejo Cortés M, Sanchez Torres C, Vázquez Chagoyán J, Suárez Gómez H, Garrido Fariña G, Meraz Ríos M. Rat embryo quality and production efficiency are dependent on gonadotrophin dose in superovulatory treatments. Lab Anim. 2006;40:87-95 pubmed
    ..We are performing further studies with rES-like cells produced with the present methodology to evaluate if they are able to participate in the production of germ-line chimeras. ..
  3. Perez Garcia G, Gonzalez Espinosa C, Meneses A. An mRNA expression analysis of stimulation and blockade of 5-HT7 receptors during memory consolidation. Behav Brain Res. 2006;169:83-92 pubmed
    ..Finally, pharmacological stimulation of 5-HT7 receptors reversed scopolamine- or dizocilpine-induced amnesia and receptor down-regulation. ..
  4. Leon Chavez B, Aguilar Alonso P, Gonzalez Barrios J, Eguibar J, Ugarte A, Brambila E, et al. Increased nitric oxide levels and nitric oxide synthase isoform expression in the cerebellum of the taiep rat during its severe demyelination stage. Brain Res. 2006;1121:221-30 pubmed
    ..The enhanced levels of NO, NOS proteins, mRNAs, and NOS immunoreactivities in glial cells and microglia strongly suggest glial activation together with the professional immune cells can aggravate the demyelination of aged taiep rats. ..
  5. Saqui Salces M, Neri Gomez T, Gamboa Dominguez A, Ruiz Palacios G, Camacho Arroyo I. Estrogen and progesterone receptor isoforms expression in the stomach of Mongolian gerbils. World J Gastroenterol. 2008;14:5701-6 pubmed
    ..The presence of ER-alpha and PR isoforms in gerbils stomach suggests that E2 and P4 actions in this organ are in part mediated by their nuclear receptors. ..
  6. Bitzer Quintero O, Dávalos Marín A, Ortiz G, Meza A, Torres Mendoza B, Robles R, et al. Antioxidant activity of tryptophan in rats under experimental endotoxic shock. Biomed Pharmacother. 2010;64:77-81 pubmed publisher
    ..The LPS+MLT group showed a smaller serum concentration (98%) of IFN-gamma than the LPS group. Statistically significant differences were not observed among the animals of the LPS+TRP and the LPS groups. ..
  7. Cámara Lemarroy C, Guzmán de la Garza F, Alarcón Galván G, Cordero Pérez P, Munoz Espinosa L, Fernández Garza N. Effects of thalidomide and pentoxyphylline over local and remote organ injury after intestinal ischemia/reperfusion. Transplant Proc. 2010;42:1624-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Both drugs protected the intestine, lungs, and liver against intestinal I/R injury, probably by inhibition of TNF-alpha and lipid peroxidation. However, combination treatment showed small, additive effects. ..
  8. Sitges M, Sanchez Tafolla B, Chiu L, Aldana B, Guarneros A. Vinpocetine inhibits glutamate release induced by the convulsive agent 4-aminopyridine more potently than several antiepileptic drugs. Epilepsy Res. 2011;96:257-66 pubmed publisher
  9. Ramírez Cisneros M, Rios M, Deciga Campos M, Aguilar Guadarrama A. Phytochemical study and anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic and free radical scavenger evaluations of Krameria pauciflora methanol extract. Molecules. 2012;17:861-72 pubmed publisher
    ..pauciflora as an anti-inflammatory because it exhibits a similar effect to indomethacin. However, its antidiabetic effect is not completely clear, although it could be useful for preventing diabetic complications. ..

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  1. Garza López E, Sandoval A, González Ramírez R, Gandini M, van den Maagdenberg A, De Waard M, et al. Familial hemiplegic migraine type 1 mutations W1684R and V1696I alter G protein-mediated regulation of Ca(V)2.1 voltage-gated calcium channels. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2012;1822:1238-46 pubmed publisher
    ..These biophysical studies may shed new light on the pathophysiology underlying FHM-1. ..
  2. Barrera Chimal J, Pérez Villalva R, Rodríguez Romo R, Reyna J, Uribe N, Gamba G, et al. Spironolactone prevents chronic kidney disease caused by ischemic acute kidney injury. Kidney Int. 2013;83:93-103 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, spironolactone may be a promising treatment for the prevention of AKI-induced CKD. ..
  3. Barrera D, Maldonado P, Medina Campos O, Hernandez Pando R, Ibarra Rubio M, Pedraza Chaverri J, et al. HO-1 induction attenuates renal damage and oxidative stress induced by K2Cr2O7. Free Radic Biol Med. 2003;34:1390-8 pubmed
    ..Our data suggest that HO-1 overexpression induced by SnCl(2) is responsible for the attenuation of renal damage and oxidative stress induced by K(2)Cr(2)O(7)...
  4. Martínez Lorenzana G, Jiménez J, Condés Lara M. Interamygdaloid connection of basolateral nucleus through the anterior commissure in the rat. Neurosci Lett. 2004;366:154-7 pubmed
    ..These results indicate that the basolateral nucleus projects through the anterior commissure to the homologous amygdaloid nucleus in the contralateral hemisphere. ..
  5. Aleman G, Ortiz V, Langley E, Tovar A, Torres N. Regulation by glucagon of the rat histidase gene promoter in cultured rat hepatocytes and human hepatoblastoma cells. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2005;289:E172-9 pubmed
    ..9-fold), forskolin (0.9-fold), PMA (2.0-fold), and dexamethasone (2.9-fold). This evidence supports that the Hal gene is turned on by glucocorticoids and by glucagon either via PKC or PKA, but prefers the PKA pathway. ..
  6. Baños G, Medina Campos O, Maldonado P, Zamora J, Perez I, Pavón N, et al. Antioxidant enzymes in hypertensive and hypertriglyceridemic rats: effect of gender. Clin Exp Hypertens. 2005;27:45-57 pubmed
    ..Activities of CAT and GPX tended to be higher in male animals. A larger number of significant changes in enzyme activities associated with gender appears in HTG than in controls, which indicates the harmful effect of the treatment. ..
  7. Ambriz Tututi M, Velázquez Zamora D, Urquiza Marín H, Granados Soto V. Analysis of the mechanism underlying the peripheral antinociceptive action of sildenafil in the formalin test. Eur J Pharmacol. 2005;512:121-7 pubmed
    ..Results suggest that sildenafil produces its local peripheral antinociceptive effect via activation of the cyclic GMP-PKG-K+ channel pathway. ..
  8. Carvajal K, El Hafidi M, Marin Hernandez A, Moreno Sanchez R. Structural and functional changes in heart mitochondria from sucrose-fed hypertriglyceridemic rats. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2005;1709:231-9 pubmed
    ..This situation brought about uncoupling between the site of ATP production and the site of ATP consumption (contractile machinery), in spite of compensatory increase in mitochondrial oxidative capacity and membrane potential generation. ..
  9. Vasquez C, Navarro Polanco R, Hernandez G, Ruiz J, Guerra D, Baltazar L, et al. Cannabinoids and dopamine receptors' action on calcium current in rat neurons. Can J Neurol Sci. 2005;32:529-37 pubmed
  10. Montero S, Cadenas J, Lemus M, Roces de Alvarez Buylla E, Alvarez Buylla R. Nitric oxide in brain glucose retention after carotid body receptors stimulation with cyanide in rats. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2006;580:293-300; discussion 351-9 pubmed
  11. Eguiluz Ordoñez R, Sánchez C, Venegas A, Figueroa Granados V, Hernandez Pando R. Effects of hyperbaric oxygen on peripheral nerves. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2006;118:350-7; discussion 358-9 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that functional recovery in transected peripheral nerves may be improved and accelerated by hyperbaric oxygenation following microsurgical repair. ..
  12. Sanchez Lozada L, Tapia E, López Molina R, Nepomuceno T, Soto V, Avila Casado C, et al. Effects of acute and chronic L-arginine treatment in experimental hyperuricemia. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2007;292:F1238-44 pubmed
    ..On the other hand, chronic l-Arg preserved arteriolar structures probably mediated by the antiproliferative effect of NO on vascular smooth muscle cells. ..
  13. Anguiano B, Aranda N, Delgado G, Aceves C. Epididymis expresses the highest 5'-deiodinase activity in the male reproductive system: kinetic characterization, distribution, and hormonal regulation. Endocrinology. 2008;149:4209-17 pubmed publisher
    ..Further studies are necessary to analyze the possible physiological relevance of 5'-D in the male reproductive system. ..
  14. Estrada Camarena E, Rivera N, Berlanga C, Fernandez Guasti A. Reduction in the latency of action of antidepressants by 17 beta-estradiol in the forced swimming test. Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2008;201:351-60 pubmed publisher
    ..E(2) clearly reduced the latency to the onset of action for these ADs in the FST. These results represent an interesting therapeutic strategy for the treatment of depression in perimenopausal women. ..
  15. Jaramillo Juárez F, Rodríguez Vázquez M, Rincón Sánchez A, Consolación Martínez M, Ortiz G, Llamas J, et al. Acute renal failure induced by carbon tetrachloride in rats with hepatic cirrhosis. Ann Hepatol. 2008;7:331-8 pubmed
  16. Phillips Farfán B, Fernandez Guasti A. Endocrine, neural and pharmacological aspects of sexual satiety in male rats. Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2009;33:442-55 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggest that changes in steroid receptors, possibly triggered by modifications in neurotransmitters, underlie at least partly the inhibition of copulatory behavior characteristic of rat sexual satiety...
  17. Anton B, Salazar A, Flores A, Matus M, Marin R, Hernandez J, et al. Vaccines against morphine/heroin and its use as effective medication for preventing relapse to opiate addictive behaviors. Hum Vaccin. 2009;5:214-29 pubmed
  18. Camacho F, Portillo W, Quintero Enríquez O, Paredes R. Reward value of intromissions and morphine in male rats evaluated by conditioned place preference. Physiol Behav. 2009;98:602-7 pubmed publisher
    ..None of the groups changed their originally preferred compartment suggesting that morphine and one ejaculation have the same reward value in male rats. ..
  19. Cruz Soto M, Cosio G, Jeziorski M, Vargas Barroso V, Aguilar M, Cárabez A, et al. Cathepsin D is the primary protease for the generation of adenohypophyseal vasoinhibins: cleavage occurs within the prolactin secretory granules. Endocrinology. 2009;150:5446-54 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings show that cathepsin D is the main protease responsible for the generation of adenohypophyseal vasoinhibins and that its action can take place within the secretory granules of lactotrophs. ..
  20. Diaz A, De Jesús L, Mendieta L, Calvillo M, Espinosa B, Zenteno E, et al. The amyloid-beta25-35 injection into the CA1 region of the neonatal rat hippocampus impairs the long-term memory because of an increase of nitric oxide. Neurosci Lett. 2010;468:151-5 pubmed publisher
    ..This finding is a novel result about the role of Abeta(25-35) during the neonatal stage that enhances the NO production, which appears to impair the spatial memory in adult rats. ..
  21. Carro Juarez M, Rodríguez Manzo G. Participation of endogenous opioids in the inhibition of the spinal generator for ejaculation in rats. J Sex Med. 2009;6:3045-55 pubmed
    ..Together, these evidences support the notion that endogenous opioids modulate the activity of the spinal generator for ejaculation by exerting an inhibitory influence. ..
  22. Ruiz Ramírez A, Chávez Salgado M, Peñeda Flores J, Zapata E, Masso F, El Hafidi M. High-sucrose diet increases ROS generation, FFA accumulation, UCP2 level, and proton leak in liver mitochondria. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2011;301:E1198-207 pubmed publisher
    ..However, in whole liver these adaptive mechanisms of the mitochondria were inefficient at counteracting redox imbalances and inhibiting oxidative stress outside of the mitochondria. ..
  23. Tapia E, Sanchez Lozada L, Soto V, Manrique A, Ortiz Vega K, Santamaría J, et al. Sildenafil treatment prevents glomerular hypertension and hyperfiltration in rats with renal ablation. Kidney Blood Press Res. 2012;35:273-80 pubmed publisher
    ..Beneficial effects of sildenafil in the remnant kidney are associated with a reduction in the arteriolar remodeling, renal inflammatory changes and prevention of changes in the glomerular microcirculation. ..
  24. Prado Uribe M, Soto Abraham M, Mora Villalpando C, Gallardo J, Bonilla E, Avila M, et al. Role of thyroid hormones and mir-208 in myocardial remodeling in 5/6 nephrectomized rats. Arch Med Res. 2013;44:616-22 pubmed publisher
  25. Gordillo Bastidas D, Oceguera Contreras E, Salazar Montes A, Gonzalez Cuevas J, Hernández Ortega L, Armendariz Borunda J. Nrf2 and Snail-1 in the prevention of experimental liver fibrosis by caffeine. World J Gastroenterol. 2013;19:9020-33 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results suggest that CFA inhibits the transcriptional factor Snail-1, down-regulating profibrogenic genes, and activates Nrf2 inducing antioxidant enzymes system, preventing inflammation and fibrosis. ..
  26. Vargas Villarreal J, Mata Cárdenas B, Gonzalez Salazar F, Lozano Garza H, Cortés Gutiérrez E, Palaclos Corona R, et al. Trichomonas vaginalis: identification of a phospholipase A-dependent hemolytic activity in a vesicular subcellular fraction. J Parasitol. 2003;89:105-12 pubmed
    ..Vesicles, vacuoles, and hydrogenosomes were rich in P30. Trichomonas vaginalis has a hemolytic PLA, which could be involved in its cytopathogenic mechanism. ..
  27. Torres Escalante J, Barral J, Ibarra Villa M, Pérez Burgos A, Góngora Alfaro J, Pineda J. 5-HT1A, 5-HT2, and GABAB receptors interact to modulate neurotransmitter release probability in layer 2/3 somatosensory rat cortex as evaluated by the paired pulse protocol. J Neurosci Res. 2004;78:268-78 pubmed
    ..When the effect of GABA(B) receptor activation is maximal, however, the influence of 5-HT changes to the opposite direction, inhibiting PP facilitation (increasing glutamate release) through activation of 5-HT(2) receptors. ..
  28. Perusquía M, Navarrete E. Evidence that 17alpha-estradiol is biologically active in the uterine tissue: antiuterotonic and antiuterotrophic action. Reprod Biol Endocrinol. 2005;3:30 pubmed
    ..The overall data document a nongenomic relaxing action and a novel antiestrogenic action of 17alpha-estradiol, which are relevant in estrogen-mediated uterine physiology. ..
  29. Soto Cid A, Hernández Kelly L, Hernandez M, Manzo J, Gonzalez Mejia M, Zepeda R, et al. Signal transducers and activators of transcription 1 and 3 in prostate: effect of sexual activity. Life Sci. 2006;79:919-24 pubmed
  30. Garcia Garcia E, Rosales C. Nuclear factor activation by FcgammaR in human peripheral blood neutrophils detected by a novel flow cytometry-based method. J Immunol Methods. 2007;320:104-18 pubmed
    ..The broad applicability and versatility of this flow cytometry-based method position it as a fast and reliable alternative to traditional methods for analyzing activation of transcription factors in a variety of cell types. ..
  31. Martínez Lorenzana G, Espinosa López L, Carranza M, Aramburo C, Paz Tres C, Rojas Piloni G, et al. PVN electrical stimulation prolongs withdrawal latencies and releases oxytocin in cerebrospinal fluid, plasma, and spinal cord tissue in intact and neuropathic rats. Pain. 2008;140:265-73 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest the participation of an endogenous analgesia system mediated by OT. ..
  32. González Flores O, Etgen A, Komisaruk B, Gómora Arrati P, Macias Jimenez A, Lima Hernández F, et al. Antagonists of the protein kinase A and mitogen-activated protein kinase systems and of the progestin receptor block the ability of vaginocervical/flank-perineal stimulation to induce female rat sexual behaviour. J Neuroendocrinol. 2008;20:1361-7 pubmed publisher
  33. Perez Torres I, Roque P, El Hafidi M, Diaz Diaz E, Baños G. Association of renal damage and oxidative stress in a rat model of metabolic syndrome. Influence of gender. Free Radic Res. 2009;43:761-71 pubmed publisher
    ..Ovariectomy decreased the protection against oxidative stress in females; the opposite occurred in castrated males. ..
  34. Coronel I, Arellano Mendoza M, del Valle Mondragon L, Vargas Robles H, Castorena Torres F, Romo E, et al. L-arginine and antioxidant diet supplementation partially restores nitric oxide-dependent regulation of phenylephrine renal vasoconstriction in diabetics rats. J Ren Nutr. 2010;20:158-68 pubmed publisher
    ..We propose that the combination of an antioxidant and L-arginine as diet supplements could prevent the increased vascular response to phenylephrine in diabetic animals...
  35. García Juárez M, Beyer C, Soto Sánchez A, Domínguez Ordoñez R, Gómora Arrati P, Lima Hernández F, et al. Leptin facilitates lordosis behavior through GnRH-1 and progestin receptors in estrogen-primed rats. Neuropeptides. 2011;45:63-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The results suggest that leptin stimulates lordosis by releasing GnRH, which in turn activates GnRH-1 and progestin receptors. The physiological role of leptin in the control of estrous behavior remains to be determined...
  36. Reynoso Camacho R, Gonzalez Jasso E, Ferriz Martinez R, Villalon Corona B, Loarca Pina G, Salgado L, et al. Dietary supplementation of lutein reduces colon carcinogenesis in DMH-treated rats by modulating K-ras, PKB, and ?-catenin proteins. Nutr Cancer. 2011;63:39-45 pubmed publisher
    ..This study demonstrates the chemoprotective effect of lutein against colon cancer by modulating the proliferative activity of K-ras, PKB, and ?-catenin proteins. ..
  37. Archundia I, de Roodt A, Ramos Cerrillo B, Chippaux J, Olguín Pérez L, Alagon A, et al. Neutralization of Vipera and Macrovipera venoms by two experimental polyvalent antisera: a study of paraspecificity. Toxicon. 2011;57:1049-56 pubmed publisher
    ..This information may be of use to clinicians charged with the treatment of Vipera or Macrovipera envenomations with non-specific antivenoms. ..
  38. Ramiro Cortés Y, Guemez Gamboa A, Moran J. Reactive oxygen species participate in the p38-mediated apoptosis induced by potassium deprivation and staurosporine in cerebellar granule neurons. Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 2011;43:1373-82 pubmed publisher
    ..These data indicate that apoptosis induced by both K5 and staurosporine is dependent on p38 activation, which is mediated by ROS. In addition, p38 activation by staurosporine induces a further production of ROS through NOX activation. ..
  39. Estrada Camarena E, López Rubalcava C, Hernandez Aragon A, Mejía Mauries S, Picazo O. Long-term ovariectomy modulates the antidepressant-like action of estrogens, but not of antidepressants. J Psychopharmacol. 2011;25:1365-77 pubmed publisher
  40. Bernaldez J, Román González S, Martinez O, Jiménez S, Vivas O, Arenas I, et al. A Conus regularis conotoxin with a novel eight-cysteine framework inhibits CaV2.2 channels and displays an anti-nociceptive activity. Mar Drugs. 2013;11:1188-202 pubmed publisher
    ..Also, the toxin shows an anti-nociceptive effect in a formalin chronic pain test. However, the low affinity for CaV2.2 suggests that the primary target of the peptide could be different from that of ?-MVIIA. ..
  41. Noriega Cisneros R, Cortés Rojo C, Manzo Avalos S, Clemente Guerrero M, Calderón Cortés E, Salgado Garciglia R, et al. Mitochondrial response to oxidative and nitrosative stress in early stages of diabetes. Mitochondrion. 2013;13:835-40 pubmed publisher
    ..These results also suggest a need for novel therapeutic targets to prevent the neurological consequences of diabetes. ..
  42. Silva Platas C, Guerrero Beltrán C, Carrancá M, Castillo E, Bernal Ramírez J, Oropeza Almazán Y, et al. Antineoplastic copper coordinated complexes (Casiopeinas) uncouple oxidative phosphorylation and induce mitochondrial permeability transition in cardiac mitochondria and cardiomyocytes. J Bioenerg Biomembr. 2016;48:43-54 pubmed publisher
  43. Rubio Osornio M, Orozco Ibarra M, Diaz Ruiz A, Brambila E, Boll M, Monroy Noyola A, et al. Copper sulfate pretreatment prevents mitochondrial electron transport chain damage and apoptosis against MPP+-induced neurotoxicity. Chem Biol Interact. 2017;271:1-8 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study provided evidence that copper pretreatment reduced MPP+-induced apoptotic damage, probably through direct action on copper-dependent proteins or indirectly on proteins in the apoptotic pathway. ..
  44. Pinon M, Racotta I, Ortiz Butron R, Racotta R. Catecholamines in paraganglia associated with the hepatic branch of the vagus nerve: effects of 6-hydroxydopamine and reserpine. J Auton Nerv Syst. 1999;75:131-5 pubmed
    ..Paraganglia associated with the hepatic branch of the vagus nerve contain also E. The presence of perihepatic sources of extra-adrenal CA, and more specifically E, could be of physiological significance...
  45. Lemus A, Zaga V, Santillan R, Garcia G, Grillasca I, Damian Matsumura P, et al. The oestrogenic effects of gestodene, a potent contraceptive progestin, are mediated by its A-ring reduced metabolites. J Endocrinol. 2000;165:693-702 pubmed
  46. Reyes S, Rembao D, Sotelo J. The antimalarials quinacrine and chloroquine potentiate the transplacental carcinogenic effect of ethylnitrosourea on ependymal cells. Brain Tumor Pathol. 2001;18:83-7 pubmed
    ..Moreover, the antimalarials studied seem to promote the carcinogenic effects of ethylnitrosourea on ependymal cells. ..
  47. Ruiz V, Ordóñez R, Berumen J, Ramirez R, Uhal B, Becerril C, et al. Unbalanced collagenases/TIMP-1 expression and epithelial apoptosis in experimental lung fibrosis. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2003;285:L1026-36 pubmed
    ..Resistant animals behave as controls. These findings suggest that an imbalance between collagenases and TIMPs, excessive gelatinolytic activity, and epithelial apoptosis participate in the fibrotic response in this experimental model. ..
  48. Ramirez Apan A, Pérez Castorena A, De Vivar A. Anti-inflammatory constituents of Mortonia greggii Gray. Z Naturforsch C. 2004;59:237-43 pubmed
    ..The edema inhibition capacity of retusine (8) could be related to a reduction of the prostaglandin production. The agarofuran derivative 10 is an NO inhibitor whose activity is probably not involved in the synthesis of prostaglandins...
  49. Garcia Solis P, Alfaro Y, Anguiano B, Delgado G, Guzman R, Nandi S, et al. Inhibition of N-methyl-N-nitrosourea-induced mammary carcinogenesis by molecular iodine (I2) but not by iodide (I-) treatment Evidence that I2 prevents cancer promotion. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2005;236:49-57 pubmed
    ..In conclusion continuous I2 treatment has a potent antineoplastic effect on the progression of mammary cancer and its effect may be related to a decrease in the oxidative cell environment. ..
  50. Zazueta C, Franco M, Correa F, García N, Santamaría J, Martínez Abundis E, et al. Hypothyroidism provides resistance to kidney mitochondria against the injury induced by renal ischemia-reperfusion. Life Sci. 2007;80:1252-8 pubmed
    ..It is proposed that the protection is conferred by the low content of cardiolipin found in the inner membrane. This phospholipid is required to switch adenine nucleotide translocase from specific carrier to a non-specific pore. ..
  51. Fernández Martínez E, Díaz Espinoza R, Villavicencio Nieto M, Pérez Escandón B, Perez Hernandez N, Macias A, et al. Preliminary phytochemical and biological study of Cirsium ehrenbergii. Proc West Pharmacol Soc. 2007;50:162-4 pubmed
    ..The hexane extract was biologically more effective than the methanol extract. The traditional use of C. ehrenbergii as a medicinal plant may be supported by pharmacological actions. ..
  52. Larriva Sahd J. The accessory olfactory bulb in the adult rat: a cytological study of its cell types, neuropil, neuronal modules, and interactions with the main olfactory system. J Comp Neurol. 2008;510:309-50 pubmed publisher
    ..Because IGCs are a well-known source of modulatory inputs to LPCs, both MACs and INBs represent a site of convergence of the MOB with the AOB...
  53. Rios R, Zarazúa S, Santoyo M, Sepulveda Saavedra J, Romero Diaz V, Jimenez V, et al. Decreased nitric oxide markers and morphological changes in the brain of arsenic-exposed rats. Toxicology. 2009;261:68-75 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that arsenic targets the central nitrergic system and disturbs brain structural organization at low exposure levels. ..
  54. Quintanar J, Salinas E, Gonzalez R. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor in spinal cord neurons of embryos and adult rats. Neurosci Lett. 2009;461:21-4 pubmed publisher
    ..These results raise the possibility that GnRH may play other roles independently from its participation in reproductive function. ..
  55. Guzmán De La Garza F, Cámara Lemarroy C, Ballesteros Elizondo R, Alarcón Galván G, Cordero Pérez P, Fernández Garza N. Ketamine and the myenteric plexus in intestinal ischemia/reperfusion injury. Dig Dis Sci. 2010;55:1878-85 pubmed publisher
    ..However, this procedure abolished ketamine's protective effects. Ketamine seems to require an intact enteric nervous system to exert its protective action. ..
  56. Carreón Rodríguez A, Charli J, Pérez Martínez L. T3 differentially regulates TRH expression in developing hypothalamic neurons in vitro. Brain Res. 2009;1305:20-30 pubmed publisher
    ..TRalpha1 expression coincided chronologically with that of TRH in the rat hypothalamus in vivo. Maturation of TRH expression in the hypothalamus may involve T3 acting through TRalpha1. ..
  57. Quintanar Stephano A, Abarca Rojano E, Jarillo Luna R, Rivera Aguilar V, Ventura Juárez J, Berczi I, et al. Hypophysectomy and neurointermediate pituitary lobectomy decrease humoral immune responses to T-independent and T-dependent antigens. J Physiol Biochem. 2010;66:7-13 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that hormones of the anterior and posterior pituitary play their own role in the regulation of humoral immune responses. ..
  58. Carrisoza Gaytán R, Salvador C, Satlin L, Liu W, Zavilowitz B, Bobadilla N, et al. Potassium secretion by voltage-gated potassium channel Kv1.3 in the rat kidney. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2010;299:F255-64 pubmed publisher
    ..0 +/- 1.6 pmol x min(-1.) mm(-1). Our data provide the first evidence that Kv1.3 channels participate in K(+) secretion and that apical membrane localization of Kv1.3 is enhanced in the intercalated cells by dietary K(+) loading. ..
  59. Rocha González H, Blaisdell López E, Granados Soto V, Navarrete A. Antinociceptive effect of 7-hydroxy-3,4-dihydrocadalin isolated from Heterotheca inuloides: role of peripheral 5-HT? serotonergic receptors. Eur J Pharmacol. 2010;649:154-60 pubmed publisher
  60. Luna Munguia H, Meneses A, Peña Ortega F, Gaona A, Rocha L. Effects of hippocampal high-frequency electrical stimulation in memory formation and their association with amino acid tissue content and release in normal rats. Hippocampus. 2012;22:98-105 pubmed publisher
    ..These data further provide experimental support for the concept that hippocampus may be a promising target for focal stimulation to treat intractable seizures in humans. ..
  61. Franco M, Bautista R, Tapia E, Soto V, Santamaría J, Osorio H, et al. Contribution of renal purinergic receptors to renal vasoconstriction in angiotensin II-induced hypertensive rats. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2011;300:F1301-9 pubmed publisher
  62. Lopez Lopez J, Moral Sanz J, Frazziano G, Gomez Villalobos M, Moreno L, Menendez C, et al. Type 1 diabetes-induced hyper-responsiveness to 5-hydroxytryptamine in rat pulmonary arteries via oxidative stress and induction of cyclooxygenase-2. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2011;338:400-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results further strengthen the link between diabetes and pulmonary arterial hypertension. ..
  63. Vergara Castañeda H, Guevara González R, Ramos Gomez M, Reynoso Camacho R, Guzmán Maldonado H, Feregrino Pérez A, et al. Non-digestible fraction of cooked bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivar Bayo Madero suppresses colonic aberrant crypt foci in azoxymethane-induced rats. Food Funct. 2010;1:294-300 pubmed publisher
    ..These results indicate that CB and NDF from Bayo Madero provide direct chemoprotection against early stage of azoxymethane (AOM)-induced colon cancer in rats...
  64. Quintanar Stephano A, Organista Esparza A, Chavira Ramírez R, Kovacs K, Berczi I. Effects of neurointermediate pituitary lobectomy and desmopressin on acute experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in Lewis rats. Neuroimmunomodulation. 2012;19:148-57 pubmed publisher
    ..NIL decreased the cell-mediated immune response, while DP in NIL animals restored the immune response. AVP is directly involved in the maintenance of immune competence. ..
  65. Velázquez Zamora D, Garcia Segura L, Gonzalez Burgos I. Effects of selective estrogen receptor modulators on allocentric working memory performance and on dendritic spines in medial prefrontal cortex pyramidal neurons of ovariectomized rats. Horm Behav. 2012;61:512-7 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings suggest that estradiol, tamoxifen and raloxifene improve prefrontal cortex-related cognitive performance and modulate prefrontal cortex morphology in ovariectomized rats. ..
  66. López Huerta V, Blanco Hernández E, Bargas J, Galarraga E. Presynaptic modulation by somatostatin in the rat neostriatum is altered in a model of parkinsonism. J Neurophysiol. 2012;108:1032-43 pubmed publisher
    ..It may underlie a homeostatic mechanism trying to compensate for the excitability imbalance between direct and indirect basal ganglia pathways found during parkinsonism. ..
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