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  1. Cipolla A, Cordeviola J, Terzolo H, Combessies G, Bardon J, Ramon N, et al. Campylobacter fetus diagnosis: direct immunofluorescence comparing chicken IgY and rabbit IgG conjugates. ALTEX. 2001;18:165-70 pubmed
    ..fetus. IgY had less background due to unspecific fluorescence than IgG. IgY is a cheap, bloodless and very productive method. IgY can replace mammal immunoglobulins for C. fetus diagnosis. ..
  2. Issoglio F, Carrizo M, Romero J, Curtino J. Mechanisms of monomeric and dimeric glycogenin autoglucosylation. J Biol Chem. 2012;287:1955-61 pubmed publisher
    ..The full glucopolymerization capacity of monomeric glycogenin indicates that the enzyme is able to synthesize the glycogen primer without the need for prior dimerization. ..
  3. Ventrice E, Martí Sistac O, Gonzalvo R, Villagra A, Lopez Aguilar J, Blanch L. [Molecular and biophysical mechanisms and modulation of ventilator-induced lung injury]. Med Intensiva. 2007;31:73-82 pubmed
    ..Knowledge of the mechanisms involved in VILI is definitive for a better approach to this condition. ..
  4. Laborde E, Vanzulli S, Beigier Bompadre M, Isturiz M, Ruggiero R, Fourcade M, et al. Immune complexes inhibit differentiation, maturation, and function of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells. J Immunol. 2007;179:673-81 pubmed
    ..Therefore, the altered maturation of DC induced by IC may be involved in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases. ..
  5. Acosta D, Soprano L, Ferrero M, Landoni M, Esteva M, Couto A, et al. A striking common O-linked N-acetylglucosaminyl moiety between cruzipain and myosin. Parasite Immunol. 2011;33:363-70 pubmed publisher
  6. Otero P, Portela D, Brinkyer J, Tarragona L, Zaccagnini A, Fuensalida S, et al. Use of electrical stimulation to monitor lumbosacral epidural and intrathecal needle placement in rabbits. Am J Vet Res. 2012;73:1137-41 pubmed publisher
  7. González G, Wilensky L, Cassaglia P, Morales C, Gelpi R. Early administration of Enalapril prevents diastolic dysfunction and ventricular remodeling in rabbits with myocardial infarction. Cardiovasc Pathol. 2016;25:208-13 pubmed publisher
    ..In summary, chronic early administration of Enal to rabbits with experimental MI has a favorable effect on ventricular remodeling and diastolic function by reducing MCSA and fibrosis, without affecting the wound healing. ..
  8. Luengo Gimeno F, Lavigne V, Gatto S, Croxatto J, Correa L, Gallo J. Advances in corneal stem-cell transplantation in rabbits with severe ocular alkali burns. J Cataract Refract Surg. 2007;33:1958-65 pubmed
    ..Photocoagulation of neovessel ingrowth was effective over the 1-year follow-up. Results may facilitate the application of this technique in patients. ..
  9. Mahler E, Sepulveda P, Jeannequin O, Liegeard P, Gounon P, Wallukat G, et al. A monoclonal antibody against the immunodominant epitope of the ribosomal P2beta protein of Trypanosoma cruzi interacts with the human beta 1-adrenergic receptor. Eur J Immunol. 2001;31:2210-6 pubmed

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  1. Tuchscherr L, Buzzola F, Alvarez L, Lee J, Sordelli D. Antibodies to capsular polysaccharide and clumping factor A prevent mastitis and the emergence of unencapsulated and small-colony variants of Staphylococcus aureus in mice. Infect Immun. 2008;76:5738-44 pubmed publisher
    ..A vaccine formulation comprising CP conjugates plus a surface-associated protein adhesin may be more effective than either antigen alone for prevention of S. aureus infections. ..
  2. Montalbetti N, Fischbarg J. Frequency spectrum of transepithelial potential difference reveals transport-related oscillations. Biophys J. 2009;97:1530-7 pubmed publisher
  3. Donato M, D Annunzio V, Berg G, Gonzalez G, Schreier L, Morales C, et al. Ischemic postconditioning reduces infarct size by activation of A1 receptors and K+(ATP) channels in both normal and hypercholesterolemic rabbits. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 2007;49:287-92 pubmed
    ..05], in hypercholesterolemic animals). Both DPCPX and glybenclamide abolished the effect reached by Postcon. Thus, Postcon reduces infarct size in normal and hypercholesterolemic animals through the activation of A1 and K+(ATP) channels. ..
  4. Hozbor F, Ledesma A, Manes J, Ríos G, Kaiser G, Cano A, et al. Improve intra-uterine insemination in rabbits using ultra-high temperature skim milk as extender to keep semen at room temperature. Andrologia. 2016;48:231-4 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that UHT skim milk would be a good extender for improved intra-uterine insemination in rabbits and to keep sperm cells for several hours at room temperature. ..
  5. Valdez L, Zaobornyj T, Bombicino S, Iglesias D, Boveris A, Donato M, et al. Complex I syndrome in myocardial stunning and the effect of adenosine. Free Radic Biol Med. 2011;51:1203-12 pubmed publisher
    ..quot; The beneficial effect of adenosine could be attributed to a better regulation of intracellular cardiomyocyte Ca(2+) concentration. ..
  6. Carcaboso A, Bramuglia G, Chantada G, Fandino A, Chiappetta D, de Davila M, et al. Topotecan vitreous levels after periocular or intravenous delivery in rabbits: an alternative for retinoblastoma chemotherapy. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2007;48:3761-7 pubmed
    ..Transscleral entry in vivo was constrained by rapid clearance from the administration site. ..
  7. Smitsaart E, Zanelli M, Rivera I, Fondevila N, Compaired D, Maradei E, et al. Assessment using ELISA of the herd immunity levels induced in cattle by foot-and-mouth disease oil vaccines. Prev Vet Med. 1998;33:283-96 pubmed
    ..Its use in the evaluation of commercial batches of FMD vaccine is discussed. ..
  8. Coulombie F, Damonte E, Coto C. [Effect of the host cells in the crossed neutralization reactions between Junín and Tacaribe viruses ]. Rev Argent Microbiol. 1984;16:159-64 pubmed
    ..These results suggest that during the process of budding, viruses recruit cellular antigens which enhance the immune response.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS) ..
  9. Castillo F, Cano F, Maloberti P, Castilla R, Neuman I, Poderoso C, et al. Tyrosine phosphates act on steroidogenesis through the activation of arachidonic acid release. Endocr Res. 2004;30:623-7 pubmed
    ..Moreover, this effect was mimicked by cAMP and partially reduced by a tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor. We propose that ACTH regulates ACS4 protein levels through a PKA-dependent mechanism that could involve also PTP activity. ..
  10. Delhon G, González M, Murcia P. Susceptibility of sensory neurons to apoptosis following infection by bovine herpesvirus type 1. J Gen Virol. 2002;83:2257-67 pubmed
    ..Furthermore, whereas DNA fragmentation was common in infiltrating cells, it was very rare and sporadic in neurons. Therefore, mechanisms in the TG should exist to prevent neuronal apoptosis upon BHV-1 infection. ..
  11. Uttaro A, Ugalde R. A chromosomal cluster of genes encoding ADP-glucose synthetase, glycogen synthase and phosphoglucomutase in Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Gene. 1994;150:117-22 pubmed
    ..J. Bacteriol 174 (1992) 191-199]. An A. tumefaciens pgm::Tn5 mutant retains Pmm activity. ..
  12. Ottaviani J, Actis Goretta L, Villordo J, Fraga C. Procyanidin structure defines the extent and specificity of angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibition. Biochimie. 2006;88:359-65 pubmed
    ..ACE inhibition by procyanidins in vivo might provide a mechanism to explain the benefits of flavonoid consumption on cardiovascular diseases. ..
  13. Fernandez G, Lopez M, Gomez S, Ramos M, Bentancor L, Fernandez Brando R, et al. Relevance of neutrophils in the murine model of haemolytic uraemic syndrome: mechanisms involved in Shiga toxin type 2-induced neutrophilia. Clin Exp Immunol. 2006;146:76-84 pubmed
    ..In conclusion, PMN are essential in the pathogenesis of HUS and neutrophilia is not merely an epiphenomenon, but contributes to Stx2-damaging mechanism by potentiating Stx2 toxicity. ..
  14. Fernandez T, Cerdá Zolezzi P, Risco E, Martino V, Lopez P, Clavin M, et al. Immunomodulating properties of Argentine plants with ethnomedicinal use. Phytomedicine. 2002;9:546-52 pubmed
    ..sellowianus (IC50 11.2 and 17.3 microg/ml respectively). Besides, 2 extracts (13%), dichloromethane extract of E. arnottianum and aqueous extract of P. sellowianus, showed moderate inhibition on AP. ..
  15. Radrizzani M, Brocardo M, Gonzalez Solveyra C, Bianchini M, Reyes G, Cafferata E, et al. Development of monoclonal oligobodies and chemically synthesized oligobodies. Medicina (B Aires). 2000;60 Suppl 2:55-60 pubmed
    ..In addition, a confocal microscopy is shown that was obtained using an oligobody made by chemical synthesis using an oligonucleotide synthesizer, being this the first "synthetic antibody" reported. ..
  16. Chiappe De Cingolani G, Ennis I, Morgan P, Alvarez B, Casey J, Camilión de Hurtado M. Involvement of AE3 isoform of Na(+)-independent Cl(-)/HCO(3)(-) exchanger in myocardial pH(i) recovery from intracellular alkalization. Life Sci. 2006;78:3018-26 pubmed
    ..These data support the key role of the AE3 isoform in myocardial pH(i) recovery from alkaline loads and also in the stimulatory effect of ET-1 on AE activity. To a lesser extent, it may also contribute to the effect of MgATP on pH(i). ..
  17. Greco M, Pardo A, Ludemann V, Martino P, Pose G. Mycoflora and natural incidence of selected mycotoxins in rabbit and Chinchilla feeds. ScientificWorldJournal. 2012;2012:956056 pubmed publisher
    ..Cooccurrence of mycotoxins was observed in 100% of the samples analyzed. Exposure to multiple mycotoxins was thus demonstrated for these animals...
  18. Zanuzzi C, Barbeito C, Ortiz M, Lozza F, Fontana P, Portiansky E, et al. Glycoconjugate histochemistry in the small and large intestine of normal and Solanum glaucophyllum-intoxicated rabbits. Res Vet Sci. 2010;89:214-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Some of these changes were reverted in the possibly recovered group. Vitamin D could be a new regulator factor of the intestinal glycosylation process...
  19. Guidobaldi H, Teves M, Uñates D, Giojalas L. Sperm transport and retention at the fertilization site is orchestrated by a chemical guidance and oviduct movement. Reproduction. 2012;143:587-96 pubmed publisher
    ..A working model is proposed to explain how these two mechanisms may operate to transport spermatozoa to the fertilization site, probably as an evolutionary adaptation to maximize the chance of fertilizing an egg. ..
  20. Saravia M, Zapata G, Ferraiolo P, Racca L, Berra A. Anti-VEGF monoclonal antibody-induced regression of corneal neovascularization and inflammation in a rabbit model of herpetic stromal keratitis. Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. 2009;247:1409-16 pubmed publisher
    ..To determine the efficacy of bevacizumab (Avastin), an anti-VEGF monoclonal antibody, administrated via subconjunctival injection as a corneal anti-angiogenic treatment...
  21. Sanchez G, Takara D, Alonso G. Local anesthetics inhibit Ca-ATPase in masticatory muscles. J Dent Res. 2010;89:372-7 pubmed publisher
  22. Donato M, Buchholz B, Rodriguez M, Perez V, Inserte J, Garcia Dorado D, et al. Role of the parasympathetic nervous system in cardioprotection by remote hindlimb ischaemic preconditioning. Exp Physiol. 2013;98:425-34 pubmed publisher
  23. Cóceres V, Alonso A, Alomar M, Corvi M. Rabbit antibodies against Toxoplasma Hsp20 are able to reduce parasite invasion and gliding motility in Toxoplasma gondii and parasite invasion in Neospora caninum. Exp Parasitol. 2012;132:274-81 pubmed publisher
    ..23% and 54.7%, respectively. This anti-serum also reduced T. gondii gliding 48.7%. Together, all this data support a role for Hsp20 in parasite invasion and gliding motility...
  24. Sánchez G, Di Croce D, Casadoumecq A, Richard S, Takara D. Characterization of the sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca-ATPase from rabbit temporalis muscle. Arch Oral Biol. 2012;57:1429-37 pubmed publisher
    ..The aim of this work was to isolate the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) Ca-ATPase from rabbit temporalis muscle and to determine the optimal conditions for calcium transport and enzymatic activity...
  25. Villoldo G, Loresi M, Giudice C, Damia O, Moldes J, Debadiola F, et al. Histologic changes after urethroplasty using small intestinal submucosa unseeded with cells in rabbits with injured urethra. Urology. 2013;81:1380.e1-5 pubmed publisher
    ..To determine whether small intestine submucosa has the same regenerative capacity when urethroplasty is performed in injured urethras...
  26. Dalghi M, Fernández M, Ferreira Gomes M, Mangialavori I, Malchiodi E, Strehler E, et al. Plasma membrane calcium ATPase activity is regulated by actin oligomers through direct interaction. J Biol Chem. 2013;288:23380-93 pubmed publisher
    ..The functional interaction between actin oligomers and PMCA represents a novel regulatory pathway by which the cortical actin cytoskeleton participates in the regulation of cytosolic Ca(2+) homeostasis. ..
  27. Milei J, Ferreira R, Grana D, Beigelman R, Cirillo R. Beneficial effects of cloricromene in ischemic reperfused myocardium. Cardiology. 1994;84:284-91 pubmed
    ..A significant reduction of the necrotic area was also observed in the Clo group by postmortem examination. ..
  28. Atta E, Lima C, Dias D, Clé D, Bonduel M, Sciuccati G, et al. Predictors of early mortality after rabbit antithymocyte globulin as first-line treatment in severe aplastic anemia. Ann Hematol. 2017;96:1907-1914 pubmed publisher
  29. Palma S, Tartara L, Quinteros D, Allemandi D, Longhi M, Granero G. An efficient ternary complex of acetazolamide with HP-ss-CD and TEA for topical ocular administration. J Control Release. 2009;138:24-31 pubmed publisher
    ..Our formulations were considered practically non-irritant. These results indicate that the ternary system ACZ-HP-ss-CD-TEA might be a useful tool for formulating aqueous ACZ eye drop solutions. ..
  30. Berra M, Galperin G, Boscaro G, Zarate J, Tau J, Chiaradia P, et al. Treatment of Acanthamoeba keratitis by corneal cross-linking. Cornea. 2013;32:174-8 pubmed publisher
    ..07); this difference was statistically significant (P = 0.001). Treatment of Acanthamoeba keratitis by corneal CXL (riboflavin/ultraviolet A) did not prove effective in decreasing the intensity and severity of Acanthamoeba keratitis. ..
  31. Parma Y, Chacana P, Roge A, Kahl A, Cangelosi A, Geoghegan P, et al. Antibodies anti-Shiga toxin 2 B subunit from chicken egg yolk: isolation, purification and neutralization efficacy. Toxicon. 2011;58:380-8 pubmed publisher
    ..IgY technology could be an useful tool for research, diagnosis and therapy of EHEC infection...
  32. Sánchez Riera A, Daud A, Gallo A, Genta S, Aybar M, Sanchez S. Antibacterial activity of lactose-binding lectins from Bufo arenarum skin. Biocell. 2003;27:37-46 pubmed
    ..The antibacterial activity of these lectins may provide an effective defense against invading microbes in the amphibian Bufo arenarum...
  33. Milei J, Vazquez A, Boveris A, Llesuy S, Molina H, Storino R, et al. The role of prenylamine in the prevention of adriamycin-induced cardiotoxicity. A review of experimental and clinical findings. J Int Med Res. 1988;16:19-30 pubmed
    ..The mechanisms of adriamycin-related cardiotoxicity, the effects of prenylamine and the benefit from combined treatment are discussed...
  34. Mosca S, Gelpi R, Borelli R, Cingolani H. The effects of hypocapnic alkalosis on the myocardial contractility of isovolumic perfused rabbit hearts. Arch Int Physiol Biochim Biophys. 1993;101:179-83 pubmed
    ..The lack of blockade of this mechanical recovery in spite of the intervention performed suggests a mechanism other than the exchangers as the cause of the biphasic changes...
  35. Gallina F, Gerez De Burgos N, Burgos C, Coronel C, Blanco A. The lactate/pyruvate shuttle in spermatozoa: operation in vitro. Arch Biochem Biophys. 1994;308:515-9 pubmed
    ..The operation of the shuttle would oxidize cytosolic NADH produced during aerobic glycolysis (or fructolysis) in spermatozoa of those species having an efficient lactate carrier in mitochondria. ..
  36. Bianchi T, Aviles G, Sabattini M. Biological characteristics of an enzootic subtype of western equine encephalomyelitis virus from Argentina. Acta Virol. 1997;41:13-20 pubmed
    ..This study provides tools for the differentiation of WEE complex viruses and strains in the future ecological work on WEE in South America...
  37. Bigi F, Espitia C, Alito A, Zumarraga M, Romano M, Cravero S, et al. A novel 27 kDa lipoprotein antigen from Mycobacterium bovis. Microbiology. 1997;143 ( Pt 11):3599-605 pubmed publisher
    ..bovis/M. tuberculosis has been identified. The results presented here and elsewhere suggest that mycobacterial lipoproteins should be considered in the design of new recombinant vaccines and diagnostic methods...
  38. Takara D, Sanchez G, Alonso G. Effect of carticaine on the sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-dependent adenosine triphosphatase. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol. 2000;362:497-503 pubmed
    ..Our results suggest that the diffusion of the local anesthetic into muscle fibers might trigger undesired effects such as sustained contraction of the masticatory muscles. ..
  39. Sánchez G, Casadoumecq A, Alonso G, Takara D. Inhibitory effect of lidocaine on the sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+-dependent atpase from temporalis muscle. Acta Odontol Latinoam. 2010;23:92-8 pubmed
  40. Zanuzzi C, Fontana P, Barbeito C, Portiansky E, Gimeno E. Paneth cells: histochemical and morphometric study in control and Solanum glaucophyllum intoxicated rabbits. Eur J Histochem. 2008;52:93-100 pubmed
    ..A time and dose-dependent increase in the size and number of Paneth cells was found in both intoxicated groups. We suggest that the changes described in these cells may be directly or indirectly induced by S. glaucophyllum intoxication...
  41. Digiani M, Carreno R, Durette Desset M. A new heligmonellid (Nematoda) from Sylvilagus floridanus (Leporidae) in Costa Rica, with some comments on species of Paraheligmonella Durette-Desset, 1971. J Parasitol. 2009;95:673-7 pubmed publisher
    ..short and nearly straight) and by the synlophe at the ovejector level (ridge no. 1' hypertrophied and remaining ridges reduced vs. ventral ridges hypertrophied and dorso-lateral ridges reduced)...
  42. Carcaboso A, Chiappetta D, Opezzo J, Hocht C, Fandino A, Croxatto J, et al. Episcleral implants for topotecan delivery to the posterior segment of the eye. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2010;51:2126-34 pubmed publisher
  43. Goyeneche R, Primomo C, Lambert N, Miscione H. Correction of bone angular deformities: experimental analysis of staples versus 8-plate. J Pediatr Orthop. 2009;29:736-40 pubmed publisher
    ..The correction is faster using a staple and that is the reason why we prefer its usage in patients with little remnant growth. ..
  44. Goñi S, Borio C, Romano F, Rota R, Pilloff M, Iserte J, et al. Expression and purification of Z protein from Junín virus. J Biomed Biotechnol. 2010;2010:970491 pubmed publisher
    ..A bioinformatic analysis was made where Z was subdivided into three domains. The data presented contributes methodologies for Z recombinant production and provides the basis for the development of new experiments to test its function...
  45. Valera A, Pidone C, Massone A, Quiroga M, Riganti J, Corva S, et al. A simple method of infecting rabbits with Bovine herpesvirus 1 and 5. J Virol Methods. 2008;150:77-9 pubmed publisher
    ..It may be also suitable for experimental infection with other respiratory viruses in this animal model...
  46. Milei J, Ferreira R, Grana D, Cirillo R, Llesuy S, Prosdocimi M. Effects of cloricromene on ischemia-reperfusion myocardial damage in the rabbit. Cardiology. 1992;81:89-99 pubmed
    ..These results illustrate clearly the protective effect of cloricromene during damage induced by ischemia and reperfusion in the rabbit. ..
  47. Sánchez G, Di Croce D, Richard S, Takara D. Effect of articaine on calcium transport in sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes isolated from medial pterygoid muscle. Acta Odontol Latinoam. 2012;25:34-9 pubmed
  48. Feresin G, Tapia A, Gutierrez R A, Delporte C, Backhouse Erazo N, Schmeda Hirschmann G. Free radical scavengers, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of Acaena magellanica. J Pharm Pharmacol. 2002;54:835-44 pubmed
    ..The saponins tormentic acid 28-O-beta-D-galactopyranoside and 28-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside were isolated from the polar extract. The structures were determined by spectroscopic methods. ..
  49. Buitrago E, Del Sole M, Torbidoni A, Fandino A, Asprea M, Croxatto J, et al. Ocular and systemic toxicity of intravitreal topotecan in rabbits for potential treatment of retinoblastoma. Exp Eye Res. 2013;108:103-9 pubmed publisher
    ..5 ?g of topotecan are also safe to the rabbit eye, lactone topotecan vitreous concentrations were potentially active only after 5 h of the administration. We postulate promising translation to clinics for retinoblastoma treatment. ..
  50. Galperin G, Berra M, Tau J, Boscaro G, Zarate J, Berra A. Treatment of fungal keratitis from Fusarium infection by corneal cross-linking. Cornea. 2012;31:176-80 pubmed publisher
    ..To evaluate the efficacy of corneal cross-linking (CXL) (riboflavin-UV-A) as a simple therapy in Fusarium keratitis...
  51. Zanuzzi C, Nishida F, Portiansky E, Fontana P, Gimeno E, Barbeito C. Effects of Solanum glaucophyllum toxicity on cell proliferation and apoptosis in the small and large intestine of rabbits. Res Vet Sci. 2012;93:336-42 pubmed publisher
    ..Most of the alterations were partially recovered. The possible involvement in these changes of the hypervitaminosis D-like state induced by S. glaucophyllum is discussed...
  52. Donato M, D Annunzio V, Buchholz B, Miksztowicz V, Carrión C, Valdez L, et al. Role of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in the cardioprotective effect of ischaemic postconditioning. Exp Physiol. 2010;95:274-81 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results strongly suggest that ischaemic postconditioning may exert part of its cardioprotective effects through the inhibition of MMP-2 activity. ..
  53. Ferrero M, Heins A, Soprano L, Acosta D, Esteva M, Jacobs T, et al. Involvement of sulfates from cruzipain, a major antigen of Trypanosoma cruzi, in the interaction with immunomodulatory molecule Siglec-E. Med Microbiol Immunol. 2016;205:21-35 pubmed publisher